Just here to help mods by providing feedback, to ask help on the forums when I encounter issues and to enjoy the modding community. Maybe I'll actually start modding some day too.

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kazarr Mar 27 2015, 3:49pm says:

Hey, so what do you mean with "squad technology" and what ind of improved tech buildings did you have in mind?

+1 vote   mod: Generals The Improver
kazarr Oct 7 2014, 12:32pm says:

Not gonna lie, you guys have made HUGE improvements over time. It must've been a long and difficult road, but things have never looked better.I wonder how the gameplay will evolve though, as it is inherently clunky and heavy, though that last part is not a bad thing.

+1 vote   article: Son of Nor VIDEO Dev Diary #100 - Past & Future
kazarr Jul 9 2014, 7:44am says:

This is a topic of hot debate in a lot of RTS forums. I am almost always in favour of more units, but only conditionally.
Those conditions being:

-New units must fill some niche for their faction that was not filled previously. This niche may be as simple as "mobile heavy firepower" for instance, or as specific as "mobile heavy firepower that stands up to unit X in the mid-game that would otherwise counter all mobile heavy firepower type units at this point in the game."
In either case, the unit brings novel strategic use with it, but however...

-New units may not be *too* similar to existing units. Some people may disagree with me here and I encourage them to tell me why they do, but in my personal experience a unit is most fun when it is special and not quite like anything else seen in the game. Giving a unit a unique method of attack like tesla troopers, prism tanks, chrono troopers, desolators etc. helps a lot. Consider unique methods of defence too, like assault tanks with small-scale force fields that when activated drain the power bar.

-New units shouldn't upset the game balance. This one speaks for itself and you guys have proven yourself more than competent at handling this aspect considering how difficult it is.

I realize that you are limited to an extent by the capabilities of the engine, but with Ares your options have broadened and there is a lot of room for creativity. To say "no" to more units would be to stifle that creativity. Perhaps if you have concerns about there being too many units, you can make new units be campaign-exclusive?
Either way, take your time on the decision and take your time with the mod, and keep delivering quality content like you do!

+12 votes   media: More units?
kazarr Sep 25 2013, 7:36am says:

How do you convert 2-dimensional Red Alert 2 models to 3-dimensional Generals models? Do you just make new models using the 2-D art as reference material? Because if you do, that's impressive, it looks just like the RA2 model.

+2 votes   media: Soviet Nuclear Power Plant
kazarr Sep 25 2013, 7:32am replied:

I recognise the exact model from Warcraft 3 to be precise.

+1 vote   media: Germ - Engineer of Bacterian
kazarr Aug 15 2013, 11:53am says:

Good to see that NoD and GDI still buy their harvesters from the same manufacturer, like in the olden golden days of Tiberian Sun. XD

+10 votes   media: NoD Harverster
kazarr Aug 15 2013, 11:09am says:

Drawing from Dark Heresy, eh? Excellent idea! Approved thousandfold.

+5 votes   media: The Lady of the Voids
kazarr Aug 4 2013, 6:24am says:

Superweapon General's defences have nothing on this. Though I somehow feel like she'd be something of a hard counter to the Continental Defence Subdivision, thanks to the mass use of superweapons and powerful bombers.
Good thing this is a complete conversion. :P

+1 vote   article: Border Patrol
kazarr Jul 12 2013, 7:37pm says:

So nuclear missles have green radiation and a new explosion FX now?

+1 vote   media: WuKong I told you don't throw garbage!
kazarr Jul 6 2013, 7:36pm says:

I adore what's there so far. The two energies colliding, causing a thunderous sound is immediately reminiscent of the conflict between NOD and GDI, a symbology that is supported by how the blast fades to reveal their logos up against each other.

+3 votes   media: WIP Intro Test
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 11:09am says:

Modding is a slow process man. I've done some minor modding work in the past too, nothing major, not much coding just a few basic unit additions, and even that took me ages.
Because of how much time and concentration modding takes, it's easy to get bogged down by other things that are also important. That's fine. Take your time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

+3 votes   article: Slow Progress
kazarr Jun 16 2013, 9:48pm says:

You're an industrious one, aren't you? For a one-man team you're very quick to respond to bugs and issues.
I think the community will much appreciate your hard work. :)

+4 votes   article: Information and known problems
kazarr May 31 2013, 9:15pm says:

Downloading now! Let's see what this baby's got. :D

+3 votes   article: Blog 15 - Release
kazarr May 24 2013, 1:20pm says:

Just deserts for the traitor AI. In the name of Kane!

+2 votes   media: Nod ownage against Cabal
kazarr May 16 2013, 6:23am says:

Really great effects considering the engine they're used in. I also must say I really like the choice of music. :)

+1 vote   media: Superb LightningStorm
kazarr May 8 2013, 12:07pm replied:

That's the internet for you, I'm afraid. Braindead people accusing other people of stealing their favorite developer's work without any evidence at all will always exist. -_-

+3 votes   media: WEA EMP Turret
kazarr May 8 2013, 10:20am replied:

I know that in Deep Impact's storyline the heavy focus on defence is a natural consequence of the situation for Europe. I just find it interesting that people so often include such an element in the European faction is all.
I guess the fortresses and trenches left throughout history, and the slow battles of attrition won centimeter by bloody centimeter really leave a deep impression on people. Pretty neat theme to keep to.

Anyway, thanks, that's really all I wanted to talk about. I'm very glad the subject could in the end be discussed in a polite and civil manner and I apologize for drawing a comparision to start the topic. I was unaware that it was such a sore spot.

+2 votes   media: WEA EMP Turret
kazarr May 8 2013, 6:19am replied:

To clarify: What I find so interesting about that both the European factions from different mods that I mentioned share a similar playstyle is that apparently there's something about Europe that makes people instantly link their military forces to a defensive style. I thought that was pecullier, being myself from Europe and knowing that nowadays our military works nothing like that.
Not to say that I don't like the defensive style European factions. In the contrary, I love them. Just thought it was curious and worth commenting on. Didn't exactly expect the mod author to go bonkers and rage against a bunch of people just because of that.

+3 votes   media: WEA EMP Turret
kazarr May 8 2013, 5:57am replied:

Don't get your panties in a twist now, I was only making the comparision because I find it interesting that people from what I've seen tend to make the European faction into a more defense-oriented one than the rest. I'm not sure how remarking that would in any way offend you.

And I know turtling was not invented by RotR. I'm crazy, not stupid. Easy mistake to make.

I realize it must be frustrating to have your work compared to other peoples' work just because of a few similarities so often. But what's so horrible about that? I'm not accusing anyone of plagurism or anything stupid like that, I just through it was noteworthy that both those European factions share a similar vision in what they should play like.

+7 votes   media: WEA EMP Turret
kazarr May 8 2013, 4:04am says:

WEA is very similar to RotR's ECA in their approach, aren't they? So many defensive structures and units with defensive abilities.

+1 vote   media: WEA EMP Turret
kazarr May 2 2013, 6:01pm replied:

The issue with the dust could perhaps be circumvented through a filtration system, through the filter would of course itself be rather vulnerable, not to mention that this would severely impact the performance of the turbine given that it hampers air intake quite a lot. Still, worth considering. I'm sure the clever and fanatically driven minds of Nod's scientists can come up with something along those lines or something better still to protect the fragile and vulnerable turbine.

+3 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
kazarr May 1 2013, 4:21pm says:

Dat low angle screenshot/extremely short pants combo.

0 votes   media: Facebook Photos Pre Release
kazarr Apr 29 2013, 7:23am replied:

Agreed. They should be heavily armored, but the facility itself is unstable due to the severely overclocked generators, so anything that "punctures the armor" and "hits the inner structure" should do increased damage. This can be perfectly represented by low HP and high armor. :)

+2 votes   article: Techlevel 1 Buildings
kazarr Apr 27 2013, 7:10am replied:

It does however provide 4 times the amount of power that any other powerplant produces for less than 2.5 times the cost and only a slight size increase.

+1 vote   article: Techlevel 1 Buildings
kazarr Apr 1 2013, 11:01am says:

April fools or not...I actually kind of want this car to just flash by during a time-travel mission. Just as a reference.

+41 votes   media: Allied Time Machine
kazarr Mar 19 2013, 7:46am says:

In b4 Arnold "Governator" Schwarzenegger jokes.

Anyway, awesome! This new mode should definitely improve the game and increase it's longevity by leaps and bounds.

+2 votes   media: Primal Carnage "Get to the Chopper" Launch Trailer
kazarr Mar 11 2013, 3:28am says:

Hell yeah, I'm loving this one. It has so much personality.

+2 votes   media: Skeletons
kazarr Mar 5 2013, 3:10pm says:

Playing 1.1.0 one last time then. Once more stomping people wit hthe pirate ship, for old time's sake. :P

+3 votes   download: CEP 1.2.0
kazarr Feb 18 2013, 7:51am says:

Absolutely amazing! Like everything in the mod, it looks better than what the core game offers!

+7 votes   article: Twisted Insurrection Cinematics: The First Glance
kazarr Jul 22 2012, 8:30am says:

I'm kind of a good voice actor if you're looking for a voice for a bloodthirsty warrior or someone with a mildly British accent. However my microphone isn't the best, so it might take some effort or a new microphone to get some good audio, which may take time. Just as warning.

My scripting SUCKS and I only know Python, so although I do know a little bit of scripting I doubt I'll be very useful to the mod in that regard.

I'm a rather decent writer who has been known to handle war scenarios pretty well, especially if they have a fantasy, steampunk or sci-fi twist. :)

I'm also willing to test the mod for any bugs or imbalances it may have.

So there, that's the things I could possibly do for the mod. I have Summer Vacation right now, so for the coming weeks I'll have plenty of time.

+1 vote   article: CEP Wants you!
kazarr Mar 21 2012, 4:35pm says:

Awesome! Maybe I can get a new comp before the new CEP release, so I can get PAraworld installed in preparation of this. :)

+1 vote   media: Project Icewaste
kazarr Mar 18 2012, 9:43am says:

New missions? Awesome. :D

+1 vote   media: New Mission: Seeking Ada
kazarr Mar 3 2012, 6:44am says:

Question: what is the advantage of server-side-scripts for the experience of the player? I'm curious what exactly it is and how it will help.
(If it gets technical: I've had some basic training on programming, specifically Python coding. I might understand.)

+3 votes   download: CEP 1.0.1
kazarr Nov 25 2011, 12:25pm says:

Her special use of marukai sounds interesting...can't wait to see that.

+3 votes   media: Thor ingame
kazarr May 9 2011, 12:52pm says:

Nice work!

+1 vote   media: Bullfrog sitdown animation
kazarr May 3 2011, 6:18am says:

Preference to this one over the other one, without a doubt.

+1 vote   media: Map concepts
kazarr Mar 1 2011, 6:53pm replied:

Deduce that people are speechless. ;)

+2 votes   media: SEASMOD 3.5 gameplay by -exo-
kazarr Dec 31 2010, 7:35am says:

Crysis mods are often graphically very beautiful, which I'm a fan of. Buuuuuut...my computer can't nearly handle Crysis. If it could, I'd have Crysis, and if I'd have Crysis, I download this mod because it looks interesting from the lower trailer.

+1 vote   article: [Release] Mission III - Crystal end
kazarr Nov 27 2010, 5:39pm replied:

I recently wiped and re-installed all my files and haven't downloaded any mods since then, so it's clean.
I set it to compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME. Now it tells me that I need to insert the right CD. Maybe this is because I have The First Decade?

+2 votes   article: C&C Red Alert 2: Reborn 2.0
kazarr Nov 27 2010, 9:33am says:

It looks really cool, but no success in making it work yet. When I start it, the program just shuts itself down before anything happens.

+3 votes   article: C&C Red Alert 2: Reborn 2.0
kazarr Aug 22 2010, 6:08am says:

This + Obelisks = epic defence.

+3 votes   media: NOD pyramid of light
kazarr Jul 21 2010, 5:14am says:

Custom campaign all the way! You guys have done great work so far, and adding a custom campaign would be the cherry on top!

+4 votes   article: Original Campaign or Custom Campaign
kazarr Jul 9 2010, 5:12pm replied:

No, he's referring to his own username, which is Kornelord. The title of the picture seemingly has no relevance to the picture itself.

+1 vote   media: Wargear boxes
kazarr Jun 22 2010, 1:52am says:

Sweet! I had feared the mod to be dead, but this definitely proves you're alive and still trying hard!

+1 vote   media: Nurgle Terminators.
kazarr May 15 2010, 4:58am says:

Sounds good! Question before I download it: has this release already been translated to English?

+1 vote   article: SEASMOD 3.5.0
kazarr May 5 2010, 3:03pm says:

And now they're Japanese.

+2 votes   media: Skins :)
kazarr May 3 2010, 1:35pm says:

Hey, I know the guy who made this. He's on DeviantART. Did he use the creative commons license or give you elaborate permission to use this?

+1 vote   media: Na'Vi Warrior
kazarr May 1 2010, 2:57am says:

This one has the right proportions, I'd go with using this one's head/body ratio.

+1 vote   media: orks
kazarr Apr 18 2010, 9:05am replied:

NP, my pleasure. :). I seem to be experiencing a bug though. The list of mods doesn't refresh anymore when I'm on Mod DB. When I try looking up mods, even ones I'm watching and still get updates from, the search tells me they don't exist! Can you help me?

+1 vote   member: kazarr
kazarr Apr 10 2010, 5:38am says:

Interesting. Where can I find this CEP? I'd love to finally have the SEASmod working.

+1 vote   article: Few words about SEASMOD 3.5
kazarr Mar 7 2010, 4:30am says:

Looks interesting...I can't wait to see what this turns into. Tracking ASAP.

+1 vote   mod: Path of Ascension
kazarr Feb 3 2010, 8:28am says:

Brilliant how the Mad Dok quickly changes his mind upon the mentioning of 'humiez'.

+2 votes   mod: Tau Vs. Orks 2
kazarr Feb 29 2012, 6:42am says:

I'm a Dutch male who speaks fluent English, can control several accents if need be, and has a week of vacation right now to spend recording...but my microphone sucks. :(
Sorry guys.
Though to be honest, I've come to speak English so fluently I now sound Brittish whenever I speak English anyway. >_<

+2 votes   article: Voice Talent - NOW HIRING!
kazarr Feb 23 2012, 6:51pm says:

Will it be on the same scale in-game as shown in the concept art? That would be incredible.

+2 votes   media: Soviet MCB Crab
kazarr Feb 5 2012, 5:24am says:

I LIKE. Can't wait to see what this'll turn into...

+1 vote   article: WFTO Development Update - Fashionably Late
kazarr Jan 31 2012, 10:36am says:

Bwhaha, turns out that in hindsight it was an excellent idea to post it elsewhere than MegaUpload too!

+1 vote   download: DoW40K:FoK 3.6 - Release Candidate 4530
kazarr Jan 25 2012, 1:50pm says:

Same as everyone else.

+2 votes   media: choose your style !!
kazarr Jan 9 2012, 11:27am says:

I knew you guys would be back! Great stuff, can't wait. :)

+2 votes   article: Welcome Back General!
kazarr Dec 27 2011, 6:00am says:

Awesome! I'll try this out when I get someone else to install this mod...

+1 vote   article: Contra's Co-op map Beta Release
kazarr Dec 23 2011, 9:06am replied:

Look like it, judging by the typical melta nozzles being present.

+4 votes   media: Guess what this is. >_> :D
kazarr Dec 7 2011, 9:07am says:

I'm still not entirely sure what this mod is getting at...but I do know it LOOKS AWESOME.

+2 votes   media: East of HuangPu Crisis
kazarr Dec 2 2011, 7:49am says:

I LOVE these....Always been a heavy fan and user of the Soviet tesla arsenal!

+1 vote   media: "Shock Therapy" Doctrine
kazarr Nov 28 2011, 4:23pm says:

Nproject seems....almost finished. I was wondering, once it's done, will Recolonize be resumed?

+1 vote   mod: NProject Mod
kazarr Nov 25 2011, 12:24pm says:

Once this is done, I'm going to Chaos-fanboy all over it, and then elaborately thank you guys.

+1 vote   media: Daemon prince wip
kazarr Nov 22 2011, 4:42pm says:

I myself would be more of a fan of battle-damaged. Or maybe only make models that just stood up from being killed have battle damage? I bet that would involve some difficult coding though.

+1 vote   media: Necron update
kazarr Nov 3 2011, 4:52pm says:

My comp got it's secondary CPU removed. It somehow got frakked. Result: no Paraworld for me until I get a new computer. Once I DO have that new computer though, I'll be very interested in finding out more about this CEP thing. Will it contain more than just SEASmod? The new name makes it sound like it'll contain all of the best things the community have made for Paraworld.

+2 votes   media: SEAS Turret Bunker
kazarr Sep 7 2011, 5:51pm says:


+2 votes   media: Snow blizzard
kazarr Aug 14 2011, 7:43pm says:

I hope that everything related to Blizzard spontaneously combusts. I'm afraid that as it stands though, the only things that'll be exploding are their overfilled coffers, and the overloaded WoW servers.
Oh well. I'll have to be satisfied with simply boycotting Diablo 3.

+1 vote   article: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
kazarr Aug 11 2011, 6:43am says:

Oh the humanity!

+3 votes   media: Silo Ready
kazarr Aug 6 2011, 9:07am says:

Wishing you luck!

+2 votes   article: Where EC is right now.
kazarr Aug 5 2011, 8:25am says:

Saw this coming. Shame, it looked awesome. Oh well, nothing to be done about it right now.

+2 votes   article: Last will
kazarr Jun 27 2011, 2:40am says:

Great to see the mod still alive and kicking! I still have Paraworld installed just because of it. :D
Can't wait until the next release.

+2 votes   article: SEASMOD progress Siege Units
kazarr Jun 21 2011, 8:31am says:

Primal Carnage: Close Combat Evolved. :D
This is the human class for me.

+1 vote   media: Pyro Render
kazarr Jun 19 2011, 3:24pm says:


+3 votes   media: mobile stealth generator [wip] poll
kazarr Jun 9 2011, 4:07am says:

"Now, I know everyone has a lot of hats at Valve" Did he just integrate a TF2 reference into that question?

+1 vote   article: Podcast 17 - Gabe Newell Interview
kazarr Jun 8 2011, 5:23am says:

Looking very cool, but he needs more support for those things. Possibly something akin to the experimental exoskeleton that's been made a while ago.
On that note, with two launchers, this guy needs to be pretty expensive!

+1 vote   media: Alliance Rocket defender
kazarr Jun 7 2011, 3:11pm says:

Sweet blood effects. Getting very realistic here. Now all it needs is open wounds, dismemberment, decapitations, disembowelment and so on! :D
And yes, I'm just saying this to annoy the people who can't stand blood. :p
Seriously though, great work!

+2 votes   article: New Overgrowth a134 video devlog
kazarr Jun 7 2011, 11:29am replied:

It looks appropriate to me. The Alliance has very sleek, modern-looking designs as opposed to the clunky experimental look of all the Soviet advanced units.
Alliance units are in fact very high-tech, but it's more subtle. Smaller, more efficient, less blatant. Also less awesome, if you ask me, but they do seem to match the Soviets in terms of technology. It's just the the Soviets are not nearly as conservative in their designs.

+6 votes   media: Alliance Paramedic
kazarr Sep 4 2014, 3:09pm says:

I see an "I" symbol at the bottom of every icon. I wonder, does this mean that to get the info you have to actually press the I button while hovering over the icon or the unit? If so, that would be the best of both worlds, allowing for detailed information to be given without it taking up the whole screen like this normally.

+2 votes   media: New unit quickinfo
kazarr Jul 26 2014, 4:20pm says:

Awesome, that'll be great!

+2 votes   media: Custom sidebar and voice for Cabal & The Forgotten
kazarr Jul 20 2014, 4:33am replied:

"One way trip!"

+4 votes   media: Demo Truck Variants
kazarr Jul 15 2014, 5:45am says:

The wait is almost over. Now we rise from the shadows and the unseen depths to spread the word...Kane lives!

+2 votes   media: 4 Days Remaining...
kazarr Jun 11 2014, 7:07am says:


+3 votes   media: Plague Marine Armour Update
kazarr Sep 21 2013, 7:27am says:

Freind or foe? This looks like something interesting for NOD to find an ally in. One that they're not sure they can trust, and a sinister one, but thematically it works well.

+8 votes   media: Promotional Sketch: Tiberium Crawler
kazarr Aug 24 2013, 10:33am replied:

Some Ultimate Apocalypse mod fans seem to be accusing the ZMS mod of stealing assets and content from other mods. A lot of the models in this mod DO seem to have featured in other mods before, but as far as I'm aware they aren't stolen, simply used with permission.
You'll have to wait for a definitive answer from ZMS though, I don't know the fine points of it.

+2 votes   article: ZMS Mod 0.00.04 Common Test
kazarr Aug 6 2013, 4:47pm says:

That grate is quite possibly the best thing about it.

+5 votes   media: Russian Helipad
kazarr Jul 24 2013, 2:33pm says:

VERY good model, but needs a bit of polish to blend it all together I think. Still, definitely an extremely worthy addition to the warriors of Khorne!

+5 votes   media: Khorne Berserker (updated model)
kazarr Jul 21 2013, 6:43am says:

There were people having technical difficulties with MEC? Hard to imagine, in my experience it's the most polished C&C mod out there.

+4 votes   article: Technical Support FAQ
kazarr Jul 16 2013, 8:50am replied:

Love it! GDI are going to be terrified of the sight.

+1 vote   media: Nod R.D.A. render
kazarr Jul 16 2013, 5:34am says:

That looks like some mean high-tech artillery. What does it fire like?

+3 votes   media: Nod R.D.A. render
kazarr Jul 15 2013, 7:55am says:

Might be interesting. It all depends on how the platforming mechanics and the shooter mechanics will interact.

+2 votes   article: Iron Soul gets Gameplay Reveal
kazarr Jul 15 2013, 6:54am says:

So what does this tank do, besides looking cool?

+4 votes   media: Striker Tank
kazarr Jul 8 2013, 6:59am says:

10/10, gets you high on adrenaline, so much action! :P
In all seriousness though, it's good to see that the resource collection for the WEA is up and running. Resource collection is an important part of any C&C game and mod, after all. (Unless it's Tiberium Twilight, but let's not talk about that title...)

+3 votes   media: DI Ingame Presentation
kazarr Jun 16 2013, 9:45pm says:

That's just amazing. Will ion storms ever occur?

+1 vote   media: 2.26 Internal Beta Test
kazarr Jun 8 2013, 6:11pm says:

Infiltrating a radar sounds like it would be SUPER useful. Better build walls around my radar from now on.

+4 votes   media: Infiltrated Barracks
kazarr May 31 2013, 6:28am says:

I don't even have Fallout NV for PC. I just clicked the "track mod" button one day because I was curious whether or not this project would even hit an open beta stage.
I am beyond astounished that it has. Going to link this page to all of my friends who do have Fallout NV for PC.

+10 votes   article: [Fallout: Project Brazil] RELEASED! BETA 1.0.0
kazarr May 3 2013, 9:35pm says:

This looks so high-res it might as well be for Renegade 2 or something. Awesome!

+14 votes   media: M-31 Pitbull texture update (not finished)
kazarr Mar 19 2013, 7:52am says:

This will put some hurt on the Allies' units. As in, ALL of their units, besides air units. Unless a tesla plane is in the works, which would be insanity. I'm a fan of insanity though.

+2 votes   media: New soviet tesla trooper concept art
kazarr Mar 5 2013, 2:32pm replied:

It kind of depends on what's provided. I once won a match by just spamming dilophosaurus nests and smoke towers. I was all over the map but nobody could see me, and I had a free respawning guard force. The sheer hilarity value was amazing, as enemy forces faced all sorts of trouble wading through tides of dilophosaurus and eventually getting bogged down and killed with zero effort on my part. I could just build a small elite force and a few ninjas a poke at the enemy base with guerillia strikes now and then until buildings started to crumble and no expansions were safe to use because of dilophosaurus infestations reinforced by small, invisible patrols.
Funny example of a special strategy that requires non-standard units. It also actually worked, for some weird reason. I couldn't stop laughing.

+1 vote   article: CEP 1.2.0 out soon!
kazarr Feb 22 2013, 7:39pm says:

Oh my...look at this delightful little monstrosity. We shall coax a few of these from the Warp, definitely. Let them wreak their havoc upon the material realm.

+6 votes   media: Doomed One (Lesser Daemon of Malice)
kazarr Feb 19 2013, 8:30am replied:

He does. Malice is known for this. ;P

+6 votes   media: No Data \ Information Classified
kazarr Feb 17 2013, 7:36am says:

Wait what...Sons of Malice? Could it be that the fifth Chaos God is making an appearance?

+4 votes   media: No Data \ Information Classified
kazarr Feb 2 2013, 6:59pm says:

I don't care either way, the Amazon Temple never even produced any units for me. It just healed stuff and had no training/building menu. Might've been a bug.

On the subject of a single hero providing multiple extra units and an extra structure though, I actually kind of like that. It would mean that a player's choice of heroes would very significantly alter his tech and playstyle. But it would only work if every hero would do that, and I can't see that being pulled off. The amount of extra content and balancing of that content that would be required would be insane.

+1 vote   article: CEP 1.2.0 out soon!
kazarr Aug 8 2012, 8:41am says:

Something tells me the Soviet AI for this level is a bit overpowered.

+7 votes   media: Oops.
kazarr Aug 8 2012, 8:40am says:

Does that even EXIST in 40K lore? Well if it doesn't, it should.

+3 votes   media: Dark Prophecy MOD
kazarr Aug 2 2012, 3:31pm replied:

Is there any other way to communicate? Skype? Email? DeviantART? I have bad experience with Xfire, it runs really badly on this computer for some reason.

+1 vote   article: CEP Wants you!
kazarr Mar 27 2012, 5:25pm says:

....what.....what IS that? It looks amazing...

+1 vote   media: Project Icewaste #2
kazarr Feb 2 2011, 8:19am says:

Very good mod, love the steampunk-ish SEAS.

+1 vote   article: SEASMOD 3.6 OUT!
kazarr Dec 19 2010, 5:50am says:

Alright! Rock on guys!

+1 vote   article: Top 100
kazarr Dec 3 2010, 8:16pm says:

....and now I am torn. I want to vote for CNC Fallout, but I also want to vote for communism....

+4 votes   article: We want YOU to vote!
kazarr Nov 24 2010, 2:26pm says:

The models need a little more detail, but I'm loving them so far! The designs are great, and the Tesla Coil looks magnificent.

+3 votes   media: Media #3
kazarr Sep 11 2010, 4:51am says:

Cool! When the texturing for the rocket pods is finished it'll look awesome! Are you guys going to add some sort of glow effect to the laser cannons?

+1 vote   media: nod avatar mk3
kazarr Aug 21 2010, 6:31am says:

I love how you used a civil war as an excuse for the fact that the UAN will be the only playable faction. It's brilliant! I'm eager to see just how well exactly it will work out. ^^

+4 votes   article: The UAN are coming..
kazarr Aug 20 2010, 2:02pm says:

I'm not so sure about the voice acting on Technician Vladov, or that one some of the units. But I must say, the Behemoth sounds and looks awesome!

+2 votes   media: UAN Beta Tralier
kazarr Aug 14 2010, 8:38am replied:

No offense, but they are developing units that will actually look a lot better than Soulstorms. They are completely overhauling the old Dark Eldar concept used by Soulstorm, to replace it with a more accurate and fun one.
For instance, if you're a tabletop player this will be great new for you. Or if you just actually like Warhammer 40K.

+5 votes   media: Talos
kazarr Jun 14 2010, 6:42am says:

Sweet. Can't wait!

+2 votes   article: 0.5: A taste of what's to come
kazarr Jun 1 2010, 7:33am says:

Still waiting patiently.

+1 vote   article: OGaM Will Possibly Make a Return Soon!
kazarr May 9 2010, 3:39pm says:

It looks cool, but what the heck is it? I don't even understand what this mod adds exactly. What factions are involved and what are they from?

+1 vote   media: Release Model of Bacterian BigCore
kazarr May 3 2010, 11:44am says:

Crawlers, the only good thing about C&C 4. I just hope they won't entirely replace the buildings as much as become a construction yard for a faction's second tech tree, unlockable only through making a crawler. That'd be great.

+1 vote   media: GDI CRAWLER CONCEPT ART
kazarr Feb 7 2010, 4:05pm says:

Holy damn!

+1 vote   media: Khorne Dreadnought
kazarr Feb 6 2010, 5:55am says:

All I can do is draw decently. It's unlikely you'll need any more of that skill at all, so I'm sorry, can't offer anything.

+1 vote   article: European Conflict is Recruiting!
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