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kazarr Jul 24 2013, 2:33pm says:

VERY good model, but needs a bit of polish to blend it all together I think. Still, definitely an extremely worthy addition to the warriors of Khorne!

+5 votes   media: Khorne Berserker (updated model)
kazarr Jul 21 2013, 6:43am says:

There were people having technical difficulties with MEC? Hard to imagine, in my experience it's the most polished C&C mod out there.

+4 votes   news: Technical Support FAQ
kazarr Jul 16 2013, 8:50am replied:

Love it! GDI are going to be terrified of the sight.

+1 vote   media: Nod R.D.A. render
kazarr Jul 16 2013, 5:34am says:

That looks like some mean high-tech artillery. What does it fire like?

+3 votes   media: Nod R.D.A. render
kazarr Jul 15 2013, 7:55am says:

Might be interesting. It all depends on how the platforming mechanics and the shooter mechanics will interact.

+2 votes   news: Iron Soul gets Gameplay Reveal
kazarr Jul 15 2013, 6:54am says:

So what does this tank do, besides looking cool?

+4 votes   media: Striker Tank
kazarr Jul 12 2013, 7:37pm says:

So nuclear missles have green radiation and a new explosion FX now?

+1 vote   media: WuKong I told you don't throw garbage!
kazarr Jul 12 2013, 7:35pm says:

Oh man, can't wait to see the transformation animation.

+3 votes   media: Ragnarok - Finally in game!
kazarr Jul 12 2013, 7:34pm says:

It's extra satisfying to run over people in a spiky tank.

+2 votes   media: Sentinel Tank with Warden Missile Pods
kazarr Jul 8 2013, 6:59am says:

10/10, gets you high on adrenaline, so much action! :P
In all seriousness though, it's good to see that the resource collection for the WEA is up and running. Resource collection is an important part of any C&C game and mod, after all. (Unless it's Tiberium Twilight, but let's not talk about that title...)

+4 votes   media: DI Ingame Presentation
kazarr Jul 6 2013, 7:36pm says:

I adore what's there so far. The two energies colliding, causing a thunderous sound is immediately reminiscent of the conflict between NOD and GDI, a symbology that is supported by how the blast fades to reveal their logos up against each other.

+3 votes   media: WIP Intro Test
kazarr Jul 5 2013, 5:50pm says:

Well, so much for Allied air superiority. I think it's time to arm some nukes, comrades. LOTS of nukes. I have a feeling we might need them...

+8 votes   media: Irkalla Rises
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 1:27pm says:

Interesting. I'm not sure if Epsilon needed even more anti air, but they were kind of lacking in cheap, early anti armor. This infantry seems to cover that weakness. I wonder how that will affect gameplay.

+1 vote   media: Epsilon Archer
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 11:09am says:

Modding is a slow process man. I've done some minor modding work in the past too, nothing major, not much coding just a few basic unit additions, and even that took me ages.
Because of how much time and concentration modding takes, it's easy to get bogged down by other things that are also important. That's fine. Take your time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

+3 votes   news: Slow Progress
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 11:04am says:

What are the advantages of the NeoAxis engine over the RA3 Sage engine and vice versa? I'm not familliar with the NeoAxis engine.

+1 vote   news: Summer Update
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 11:00am says:

Looks a lot more badass than it actually is in-game, unless the unit's stats get changed.

+1 vote   media: USA Cyborg
kazarr Jun 30 2013, 4:38pm says:

Wouldn't railguns entirely change the role of this unit? It's an artillery unit, and railguns are fast, direct anti-armor cannons.
Might still be a good idea if you could re-fit them individually though. Replace your artillery with some heavy anti-armor firepower in a pinch if needed. That might work. Either way, the choice it up to you, the mod author.

+7 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
kazarr Jun 16 2013, 9:48pm says:

You're an industrious one, aren't you? For a one-man team you're very quick to respond to bugs and issues.
I think the community will much appreciate your hard work. :)

+4 votes   news: Information and known problems
kazarr Jun 16 2013, 9:45pm says:

That's just amazing. Will ion storms ever occur?

+1 vote   media: 2.26 Internal Beta Test
kazarr Jun 8 2013, 6:11pm says:

Infiltrating a radar sounds like it would be SUPER useful. Better build walls around my radar from now on.

+4 votes   media: Infiltrated Barracks
kazarr Jun 7 2013, 4:32am says:

I'd go for the last option. You could support this monster with some anti-infantry and AA and Kane's your uncle.
Not quite a Baneblade, but definitely a scary amount of firepower.

+1 vote   media: Forgotten super unit
kazarr Jun 4 2013, 11:48am says:

NanoShizzleWhizzleTM. XD

+3 votes   news: WEA Logistics
kazarr May 31 2013, 9:15pm says:

Downloading now! Let's see what this baby's got. :D

+3 votes   news: Blog 15 - Release
kazarr May 31 2013, 6:28am says:

I don't even have Fallout NV for PC. I just clicked the "track mod" button one day because I was curious whether or not this project would even hit an open beta stage.
I am beyond astounished that it has. Going to link this page to all of my friends who do have Fallout NV for PC.

+10 votes   news: [Fallout: Project Brazil] RELEASED! BETA 1.0.0
kazarr May 28 2013, 8:14am says:

Also known as "The Last Thing You'll Ever Hear". In part because it horribly murders you, but also in part because the few survivors of Noise Baneblade attacks are permanently deaf.

+1 vote   media: Noise Baneblade
kazarr May 24 2013, 1:20pm says:

Just deserts for the traitor AI. In the name of Kane!

+2 votes   media: Nod ownage against Cabal
kazarr May 16 2013, 2:46pm says:

Texturing during the unpacking is a bit weird. But the animation itself is AMAZING.

+1 vote   media: Allied MCV buildup animation
kazarr May 16 2013, 6:23am says:

Really great effects considering the engine they're used in. I also must say I really like the choice of music. :)

+1 vote   media: Superb LightningStorm
kazarr May 8 2013, 12:07pm replied:

That's the internet for you, I'm afraid. Braindead people accusing other people of stealing their favorite developer's work without any evidence at all will always exist. -_-

+3 votes   media: WEA EMP Turret
kazarr May 8 2013, 10:20am replied:

I know that in Deep Impact's storyline the heavy focus on defence is a natural consequence of the situation for Europe. I just find it interesting that people so often include such an element in the European faction is all.
I guess the fortresses and trenches left throughout history, and the slow battles of attrition won centimeter by bloody centimeter really leave a deep impression on people. Pretty neat theme to keep to.

Anyway, thanks, that's really all I wanted to talk about. I'm very glad the subject could in the end be discussed in a polite and civil manner and I apologize for drawing a comparision to start the topic. I was unaware that it was such a sore spot.

+2 votes   media: WEA EMP Turret
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