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bloodnest Nov 16 2013 says:

We're waiting, strive on!

+3 votes   mod: Global Operations Remake Mod
bloodnest Sep 29 2013 replied:

Thank you for understanding :D

+1 vote   mod: The Dark Secret 4
bloodnest Sep 25 2013 replied:

I don't think it works that way, this game is based upon Global Operations. From what I remembered it was non from what you said, I think it was more of an injection (hold left click and aim) style of healing that is done by a medic.

+1 vote   media: New Medkit
bloodnest Sep 25 2013 says:

I think the comment I made caused a bit of confusion, I was replying to Code Black NL I think at the time when he started to flame the author of stealing.

+1 vote   mod: The Dark Secret 4
bloodnest Jun 25 2013 buried:


How about you stfu. You are extremely retarded. The mod isn't even finished and you're being a pussy. He did ask permission and besides he downloaded on the old garrysmod site. I thought the mod community should help one another, having at least a thread of respect and maturity, rather than flaming on a moddb page. Be mature and grow up, you're latest screen is childish as hell.

-5 votes   mod: The Dark Secret 4
bloodnest Jun 19 2013 says:

Sorry but the voice acting is terribly bad and laughable. It's like the guy speaking in the teaser/trailer is speaking through a webcam.

0 votes   mod: The Forgotten Ones
bloodnest May 13 2013 says:

I believe in you guys. Still supporting after a year or so, been waiting for a Global Operations based game/mod for like forever. You guys can do it, just endure everything and remember people like me will support you guys.

+3 votes   mod: Global Operations Remake Mod
bloodnest Mar 25 2013 replied:

You went full retard man, never go full retard.

+3 votes   mod: Empires
bloodnest Dec 17 2012 says:

Some troll rated this 1 lol

+2 votes   mod: Black Mesa: Uplink
bloodnest Dec 16 2012 says:

Good luck on the project mate. This along with "Fall up" will take the first person puzzler to a whole new level and I guess both the talents involved should be recognized by Valve for that matter. I really crave these types of games that have logic behind them.

+3 votes   mod: Vectronic
bloodnest Nov 30 2012 replied:

At least we get a release date lol

+2 votes   mod: Zombie Colony
bloodnest Nov 26 2012 says:

Any news dude? Seems inactive for awhile. Hoping you can deliver with a stellar experience or at least info regarding the current state of the mod.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Colony
bloodnest Sep 5 2012 says:

**** YEAH!! No more "when it's done" ******** and now we get a release date :D

+8 votes   mod: Black Mesa
bloodnest Sep 2 2012 says:

Looks like a cool mod, I thought it would be just flat out resource collecting and possibly have a seemingly pointless linear objective like in l4d/l4d2. Guess you proved me wrong on that end, on the most part I can tell the game's hud and everything around it is bare-bones but I just want to point out on the headless zombies because they look cool and the funny way survivors vault over objects.

I hope in the more later parts of the mod, you could make tools with resources you have and them being put into the inventory and those tools could possibly increase the rate of which resources are harvested (ie. I noticed fuel is harvested by (1) per .5 seconds I think, and if you have maybe a piece of garden tubing you could potentially increase that rate to maybe 2-3 and so on depending on some kind of item hierarchy which also increase the effectiveness but also could cost more resources [Garden Tubing - 2 Fuel Harvest - 5 Scrap -- Fuel Pump {something like that} - 3 Fuel Harvest - 10 scrap,1 Fuel])Also maybe you could make some kind of workbench where in you could upgrade weapons (doesn't need to be visually) by the numbers through consuming a number of resources (ie. If you want to upgrade to SMG I you would possibly have to need maybe 5 Fuel and 15 Scrap). Those are just some things that came into my mind and I hope you make a good final product. Good luck man! [PS. Hope I get to be a beta tester :D]

+4 votes   mod: Zombie Colony
bloodnest Mar 25 2012 replied:

Your comment disgusts me.... -.-

-2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
bloodnest Mar 23 2012 replied:

From my perspective this is how it works:

All the players are infected but not zombies.Players are tasked to do *I* think a win mission but must also maintain at a pace that beats the timer getting pills or else they turn in to zombies or die (Idk if you can transform into a zombie).

+3 votes   mod: Carriers
bloodnest Mar 22 2012 replied:

Lol who even added negative karma to this comment

+1 vote   mod: Ground Complex
bloodnest Mar 14 2012 replied:

I disagree.The US were more effective at air rather than at the ground and from the look of this mod I think you can't have air support.

Also the AK47 was much more superior towards the M16 at this time because of the harsh terrain and how it copes to it.

+4 votes   mod: Fall of Saigon
bloodnest Mar 4 2012 replied:

You can do a console cheat . Just google commands

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
bloodnest Feb 22 2012 says:

Trying to win
Asian pride you know whos J-lin
Im another nerd
I wont lie even people cant even pick me out of my own herd
But its even harder to even write these rhyming words
when your so excited that you disabled your own nervous cords
Just give me a few likes
That would go a long way in hikes
But to be honest I got em weak knees
So Im writing this poem now because I noticed keys dont grow on trees
I gotta earn it
avoiding the trolls who spit
The love for the game it's just insane
I suffer visual physical pain
I know its gonna rain
If I dont win my hopes and dreams would just be run over by a train
Know this that my addiction could be compared to crack
It may sound wack
so Ill just compare it to being like weed
Just that my eyes wont bleed
Remember a few likes
goes a long way with hikes
I gotta go back in time to kill Kyle Reese
Now I gotta go peace

+1 vote   news: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Key Contest
bloodnest Feb 12 2012 replied:

I didn't understand one word you said.

+7 votes   mod: Modular Therapy
bloodnest Feb 8 2012 says:

2 days left then we'll be party rocking!!!

0 votes   mod: WWI Source
bloodnest Feb 6 2012 says:


+3 votes   mod: BATTLEWARS
bloodnest Feb 6 2012 says:

How about limiting the members needed with just :

Texture Artist
Sound Engineer

Isn't that too hard?

Also isn't this project too big.Lasers,Hover Cars and other futuristic stuff don't come cheap and easy,it could take an estimated 2-5 years.

+3 votes   mod: SPACE of 2319
bloodnest Jan 25 2012 says:

The mod is shaping nicely and is almost now a game from my P.O.V.There are some things that would be a nice fit.

1.Heroes with special auras - Alyx(Command;Gives 15% attack Speedto neaby infantry),Eli(Tech Genius;Passively fixes nearby vehicles),Breen(Ruthless Leadership;Nearby Stalkers work 30% faster),Mossman(Stolen Tech;All Allies nearby gain 5% more damage)

*didn't include freeman because that would be way O.P :D

2.Special End-Game Buildings - The Citadel(Increases Production of all Buildings around it by 50%),White Forest(Missile Silo;Launches a silo that has a ton of damage and range)

3.Random Supply Boxes - The maps could include random events where supply boxes can fall around the map,the location will be notified to you via pre-made voice or minimap.These supply boxes include well supplies but also has a chance of unlocking random armory upgrades.

Explanation of 1 and 2 - As from my standpoint the combine has an epic arsenal of weapons early on,so why not make the rebels extremely powerful with their end-game dependence on the missile silo.As the combine's late game structure will only increase building production to counter act the rebel's efforts making it a bit balanced of some sort.

+3 votes   mod: Lambda Wars
bloodnest Jan 22 2012 says:

Please in the next update can you improve network optimization so it won't
have jerky movements if i have a ping of 300,also the map's in some maps you can see through the terrain when you stand near the edge of a map.

+1 vote   mod: WWI Source
bloodnest Jan 22 2012 replied:

They're gonna make a remake.Look it up on indiedb it might spark your interest a bit more,as for the message given I could say everyone has their own opinion no matter the circumstances a person will always have a different set of mind towards subjects.I myself deem this game to not be worthy of calling this a GAME but instead a interactive movie like that PS3 game i forgotten.

+1 vote   mod: Dear Esther
bloodnest Jan 21 2012 says:

No comments for about a month and a quarter weird,but anyways the game seems to intrigue me.I love the effort added into it and I hope it would compete with alchemilla.Good luck.

+3 votes   mod: The Dark Secret 4
bloodnest Jan 19 2012 replied:

Ok for whoever who gave a karma rating all your base are belong to us! BITCHES :D

+3 votes   mod: Umbrella Corporation
bloodnest Jan 19 2012 replied:

*double post*

+2 votes   mod: Umbrella Corporation
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