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Update: Winners have been announced! Congrats to all the winners!

Posted by Henley on Feb 23rd, 2012

Hello Modders and Modies. As you know yesterday I hinted at being able to win yourself access to the newest CS:GO beta and today is the day you find out how. This is going to be a fairly simple contest to give 15 keys to our community, the other 5 keys will be given out to the some of the more active people within ModDB (as judged by staff).

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To enter all you need to do is impress the staff by writing a simple limerick, poem or short story about why you should be in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta and if that is too difficult counter-strike in general will also suffice. Post your entries in the comment section below. You can enter as many times as you like, and the most creative and original entries (extra points for funny entries) will win. You have two days to enter, and winners will be notified by personal message on ModDB. If you do not claim the reward within a day we will just give it too another entrant. Take note, if you submit your entries in any other way we will ignore it so don't bother.

Best of luck!


We have our winners! Check your inbox soon for your beta key.

Here is a gamer named Manatee
Who had only one last plee
He can't aim for shit
and constantly rage quits
But all he wants is one key

ModDB: This kinda sums up my experiences with counter-strike over the years.

The keys are few,
The crew is wise,
A contest of English,
The noobs demise.
To play Global Offense,
With a free beta key,
Would be so intense,
Where else, but ModDB.

ModDB: Love it, especially how you rhymed ModDB with something.

people who play CS try for headshots
some people may claim they use aimbots
nothing is sadderwhen people cry "hacker!"
when people just like to play a lot

ModDB: I am sure it was all just skill! Like your mad rhymes.

Awpers, Awpers, everywhere
Will they see me?
I don't care
In B tunnels?
At long A?
Well placed frag grenade,
And they ragdoll away

ModDB: AWPers more like no-skillers... HA. I'm funny.

Open the door
Get on the floor
Please give me a key because I'm poor

ModDB: Lets hope this funds your archaeology event.

Bullets ablazing
Newbies a hating
Aim bot Aim bot they cry
but I'm just amazing

The sniper they fear
A scoping i steer
as the bullet leaves the chamber
Not a head is left near

ModDB: I dunno about you guys but twinnuke's new album is hella-tight!

roses are red
violets are blue
i hope this will have a proper promod

ModDB: You and me both sister!

For the first time on ModDB,
The Devs tried to make a fool of me,
Wasting my time,
To come up with rhymes,
Just for a damn beta key.

ModDB: I'm sorry alright... I just wanted to be with the cool kids.

A key to this game, I desire
And proof of this fact, you require?
With one single move
My fervor I'll prove
By lighting my crotch hair on fire!

ModDB: I am afraid to ask for pictures to confirm this, but I love your commitment!

24/7 born and raised
on dust 2 is where i spent
most of my days
poppin' off headshots
no scopin' these fools
gettin' called haxxor
like it's preschool
when a couple of t's
who are up to no good
started causing trouble
down in packaged goods
got in one little knife fight
and the admin got scared
says you going to csgo beta
you belong in there

ModDB: Shit just got real....

In 2000 it first began,
To four different games it would span,
With great mods and fun,It became number one,
The Counter Strike franchise change man.
One of these glad men was I,
Who, for Counter Strike: GO, would die,
But without a beta key,
No GO for me :(,
I'll make sure that key is all mine.

ModDB: You sir are a poet for the ages!!!

My girlfriend cried "You must come to bed!"
"Quit CS and I'll give you great head!"
I cried "Dear I can't yet!"
"I really must plant this!"
Guess I'll have to whack it instead!

ModDB: I was tempted to not pick this one, I cannot deny it is clever though!


"Invalid CD Key", Steam?
I swear! I´ve got it from ModDb!
Was it a dream?
Where is my CS:GO beta key!!?

Well, I still need my fix!
So what will it be?
It´s back to 1.6...Or wait for Half-life Three?

Damn it.

ModDB: Wait! The first key I sent you didn't work? I'm sorry here is another...


Registered today
Now im itching to play
Saw this contest
That sparked my interest
Oh to kill again
On my steam engine
Missing the thrills
Of a Counter strike kill
To fill this void
you have been employed
Now all I seeis this beta key...

ModDB: Welcome to the family of mad rhymes and modders! Have a key...


Twas the night before the beta,
And all through the map,
Not a CT was stirring,
Except John J. Fap,

When the terrorists rushed in,
Weapons held high,
John J. pulled a pin,
And watched them fly,

With one terrorist left,
And no where to run,
John J. said,"Now ain't this fun?"

His weapon a blazing,
The terrorist's balls they were grazing,

In the end he saved the day,
Old John J.,
So wake up CTs,
Don't be AFK.

ModDB: Don't you be AFK accepting this key!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all those who entered. So many entries!

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fxfighter Feb 20 2012 buried:


There was once a gamer called fx
Who wanted to be shootem dem heads
He submitted for a key
But got an arrow in the knee
So now he plays mario instead

-22 votes     reply to comment
DeathVice Feb 21 2012 buried:


Deathvice wants the key.
The key is all he needs.
If he doesn't receive the key.
His wang will surely bleed.

-12 votes     reply to comment
aidas2 Feb 21 2012 buried:


Been playing cs since 2003, can't remember actualy since it's been so long :P Must.get.key.

-25 votes     reply to comment
notaclevername Feb 22 2012 buried:


4 DeathVice's => why so much down vote? I thought that was hilarious! hahaha

-7 votes     reply to comment
Falconet Feb 22 2012 buried:


Exactly why it was down voted.
Disloyal competition

-6 votes     reply to comment
joku760 Feb 22 2012 replied:

other people who want to win votes down the other comments and think nobody will read them

+2 votes     reply to comment
DeathVice Feb 22 2012 replied:

Yes, Sadly enough I get all negatives...
But not my other comment :)

-3 votes     reply to comment
DeathVice Feb 22 2012 replied:

Yes, Sadly enough I get the negatives... :/

-3 votes     reply to comment
Sgt Feb 23 2012 replied:

+1! lol just to be nice.

-1 votes     reply to comment
Shonskta Feb 21 2012 buried:


There once was a CT called Brian
Who found his CT friend dyin
He asked his friend why
and then started to cry
for he was gettin eaten by a lion

-17 votes     reply to comment
GuyOnAManatee Feb 21 2012 buried:


Here is a gamer named Manatee
Who had only one last plee
He can't aim for ****
and constantly rage quits
But all he wants is one key

-16 votes     reply to comment
Seaal Feb 21 2012 buried:


Seaal likes Counter-Strike
Atleast he likes Global Offensive
He loves seeing hidden things
That's why he wants a key
Global Offensive looks so fun
He would stay on the com for a year
playing his divine

-34 votes     reply to comment
architectts Feb 21 2012 replied:

There was NO rhyming in that limerick, lol.

+7 votes     reply to comment
ZaliaS Feb 21 2012 replied:

Lol, the guy tried to make a Haiku

+3 votes     reply to comment
Lucífer Feb 21 2012 replied:

Poems do not have to rhyme, but for lack of rhyme a fair amount of imagery is necessary which is something this guys poem lacks.

Haiku's even in free-verse have a pattern, this guy's poem does not have a pattern.

+5 votes     reply to comment
-)ACE(- Feb 21 2012 replied:

I don't care it made me laugh so much haha

-4 votes     reply to comment
kCchief207 Feb 21 2012 buried:


Their was once a great chief
He ate a lot of beef
So give me the key
Or I'll eat you

-15 votes     reply to comment
jackson3113 Feb 21 2012 buried:


A simple modder called Jackson,
was not often accused of hax'n.
Loves every moment of CSS and 1.6
despite his newb ways, he's got a few tricks.
many times p0wned, not considered a pr0
but still desperately wants to play GO!

-10 votes     reply to comment
Lucífer Feb 21 2012 says:

After seven years here,
I have caused many a tear,
I am no more deserving of this key,
Than those above me,
My username is an irony,
The irony being a half-truth,
But true evil lies with honesty,
So think about what I've said just now,
I am not a humble person.

+32 votes     reply to comment
Exavile Feb 22 2012 replied:

Hah somebody give this guy a key!

+8 votes     reply to comment
DeathVice Jul 10 2012 replied:

Welp. Atleast the man tried.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gamer_Goo321 Feb 21 2012 buried:


There was a Small Player named Gee
Who Often Moaned and Pee
He Saw THis Post
And Instanly gave out a Boast
And Said Give Counter Strike Over To Mee

xD That came out of the top of my head

-15 votes     reply to comment
Fisting Feb 21 2012 says:

Terrorists are Red
CTs are blue
Give me a key
or I'll fist you

+80 votes     reply to comment
ChuckNrs Feb 23 2012 replied:

-2 votes     reply to comment
BlueSunsleader Feb 21 2012 buried:


Counter Strike...

A head shot; sign of skill or luck, but even the mighty are brought low
by the prayers of the rookie hidden in a dark corner. A weapon dropped, clattering to the ground; a fleeting attempt to acquire a new means to which one may bring down destruction upon another. A loud curse, spewing of racial hate, the muting of another voice of decent. A grenade thrown, a flash seen by the blind, a bang herd by the death. Bomb planted, in haste poorly hidden; buried under a barrel. A search begins. Time tics, A or B? The bomb calls; beeping in hopes of being found. defuse attempts. A bar rises for the victorious. a knife to the back a game lost...

A knife....

Who brings a knife to a F%$#^&* gun fight!?!

-13 votes     reply to comment
RonaattoriFIN Feb 21 2012 replied:


+5 votes     reply to comment
DeathVice Feb 21 2012 says:

So a Ct and an Arctic terrorist walk into a bar and the Ct orders up a few brewsky's.
While sitting, the Ct asks, " hey, why do the T's always camp the hosties all the time in Office?"
The Arctic Terrorist looks at him surprised, "Dude, It's cold outside."

+30 votes     reply to comment
Falconet Feb 22 2012 replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
DeathVice Jul 10 2012 replied:

Hell yeah didn't get downvoted.

+2 votes     reply to comment
cLonker Feb 21 2012 buried:


I would like a beta key
so I don't spend my weekends trying to ski
because I pwn noobs
with my ninjastic moves
I pwn with the AWP
you think I'm cleaning up kids with a mop
If you see me on dust2
better get on my team, or you'll be a loser too.

-15 votes     reply to comment
ninjadave Feb 21 2012 says:

I feel kind of weird trying to out rhyme someone on a Mod site.

+6 votes     reply to comment
Knucklehe4d Feb 21 2012 says:

There once was a CT named Sam
He'd frag while chewing on spam
He'd visualize the win
When pulling the pin
Getting the ace when he hears the final KABLAAAM

+3 votes     reply to comment
Feudal Feb 21 2012 says:

This is my plea,
For the rare beta key,
There is no other game,
That can keep this beast tame,
No cod, console, or battlefield 3,
Will be enough to satisfy me,
I miss the days of competitive cs,
How much more must I digress,
For granting this man a beta key,
Will truly make you a King to me!

+10 votes     reply to comment
_S_E_R_G_ Feb 22 2012 replied:

nice one!

+1 vote     reply to comment
kurrijari Feb 21 2012 buried:


It all started when I was 14,
The year was 2001 and I was a teen,
Friends at school introduced me to Counter-Strike,
After playing for hours I said "This I like!",

From that day on has CS been in my heart,
I love it like Homer loves Bart,
Words cannot express my lust,
When I am playing de_dust,

De_dust2,Me and AWP,
A look through the doors and a kill is a gua-ran-tee
I rush to the bomb site and plant,
Fallen comrades giving me the chant,
All the pressure is now on me,
Headshots left and right, forcing the enemy to gg,

That was just one of my memories,
That I have gathered playing this masterpiece,
Only those who have played CS can share the feeling,
It's like an RPG and the magic spell Healing

-11 votes     reply to comment
POORBOY13 Feb 21 2012 buried:


A simple gamer
An unattainable game
Murderous suspense

-11 votes     reply to comment
RoyaleBeast Feb 21 2012 buried:


My sex ed teacher taught me a valuable lesson for times like this. She told me and the rest of my class "Always remember, Women do not have penises.". That is the reason I feel that I should have this beta key, to make sure that her dream lives on.

-13 votes     reply to comment
leetalex Feb 21 2012 buried:


Terrorists are Red
CTs are blue
Give me a key
and I'll love you

-19 votes     reply to comment
cLick88 Feb 21 2012 says:

I deserve a key
no matter what map I never flee
I can make kids rage
because they cant handle the pressure on stage
m4, ak, or AWP
any rush you try will be stopped
you can smoke and flash
and I'll pull my knife out and slash.

-3 votes     reply to comment
Gamer_Goo321 Feb 21 2012 buried:


I Like The Counter Strike Beta
Counter Strike Beta for me
I'd like it forever
I'd like it For Free
A Little Pwning Each day Is a healthy for me

I Like The Counter Strike Beta
Counter Strike Beta for meeeeeeeeeee

-10 votes     reply to comment
zadbag Feb 21 2012 buried:


Do you like shooting noobs in the head!?
Do you like running through smoke and not seeing anything!?
Do you like getting constantly blinded by flash-bangs!?
are you reading this in "his" voice!?
Well then I got a product for you!
Introducing the "IWantACounterSstirkeGlobalOffensiveBetaKey"
But wait There's more!
I'll throw in "Zadbag's counter-strike greatest hits" absolutely Free!
Featuring hits like "I almost defused the bomb" and #1 seller "rush B"!
So act now!!!

-12 votes     reply to comment
Gamer_Goo321 Feb 21 2012 says:

This is gonna be the biggest Unlike fest in the history of ModdB xD

+38 votes     reply to comment
DeathVice Feb 21 2012 replied:

Heck yeah I've seen comments go from +3 to -2 in one refresh XD

+18 votes     reply to comment
Gamer_Goo321 Feb 21 2012 replied:

It's now a 1 up ya Contest lol

0 votes     reply to comment
m4x0r Feb 21 2012 replied:

This is a great example of why the infinite voting system does not always work.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Gamer_Goo321 Feb 21 2012 replied:

Desperate People Go For Desperate Messures to Get The Offencive in ths Global Strike, for counter Strike.

But Yeah I see where ya Coming from

+5 votes     reply to comment
GlassPirate Feb 21 2012 buried:


I just gave everyone a point, I play fair, bitches. :D

-5 votes     reply to comment
Gamer_Goo321 Feb 21 2012 replied:


0 votes     reply to comment
iTz.JJ Feb 21 2012 replied:

This Wall is no longer safe
Dislikes left, Right and Center.

I guess friends would stab each other for the beta key.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gamer_Goo321 Feb 21 2012 replied:

The Era Of Buried Comments is Now

+3 votes     reply to comment
GlassPirate Feb 22 2012 replied:

I don't get the point (pun), to be honest, the moderators would obviously be able to deduce that the comments are being buried simply to make someone else look better. It's not like they can't view buried comments, or like it'll affect their judgement. XD

+1 vote     reply to comment
influenced Feb 22 2012 replied:

Like Gamer and iTz.JJ said people will kill their friends to get a key. So I guess they would try getting rid of their oppositions posts by trying to bury them hahaha.
This would have been fun to write a comment but I already have the beta xD

+3 votes     reply to comment
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