1946. Mankind has just suffered one of the most brutal wars it ever faced. While the rest of the world is still rebuilding, a scientist of unmatched genius by the name of Albert Einstein decides to act. With a device he was engineering at a secret research center in Trinity, New Mexico, he travels back in time to kill the person who he sees as the root of all misery: Adolf Hitler. He catches up with Hitler in 1926 and disposes of him without thoroughly considering the consequences, as time will soon tell.

It's now the 1950s. World War II never happened -- at least, not yet. Germany remains a peace-loving country with close ties to other European nations, now facing increased tensions with Russia under Josef Stalin's rule. In order to realize the glorious Marxist dream he has envisioned, Stalin mobilizes the forces of the USSR. His goal? The conquest of Europe. The nations under threat form the Alliance that seeks to put an end to this madman's nightmare before he can see to its completion. The Great World War II has begun.

  • Steamroll over Europe with the high-powered arsenal of the Soviets or repel the invasion with the technological superiority and cunning of the Allied Forces in a team-based FPS inspired by Westwood Studios' hit real-time strategy game, C&C Red Alert.
  • Wage warfare on the land and in air with units ranging from Mammoth Tanks and Chinooks to Phase Tanks and Longbows.
  • Pacifist? Repair your base as an Engineer, support the war effort as a Medic or Mechanic, or infiltrate the enemy stronghold and steal intelligence or assets with Spies and Thieves.
  • Classic C&C economy management comes into play, giving players the choice on what character classes and military hardware they want to bring to the fight. Early infantry skirmishes give way to full combined-arms conflict, with high-tech war vehicles including the stealthy Phase Tank, nuclear Demolition Truck, and high-voltage Tesla Tank!

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:allied: Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update :soviet:

Hello everyone - apologies for being almost completely absent the past few months save for answering one or two forum/IRC queries, but I kind of needed a break. Have a Christmas present for your patience!

- Pushwall


  • Wrecked Medium Tank prop has been redone completely by @Ice using the Delta Medium Tank as a base.
  • Fixed some unwrapping issues with the wrecked Light Tank prop. (again by Ice)
  • Some minor improvements to the Wrecked Heavy Tank prop and texture. (again by Ice)
  • Updated to a much newer scripts build; now we can debug crashdumps again.
  • Bots driving vehicles on the server now actually show their turret rotation properly to clients, so they will no longer appear to fire a projectile in a completely different direction from you and still hit you. I only just learned about this script-fix less than a day before the patch was meant to go live so I haven't been able to do anything with it yet; for the time being it'll make Camos Canyon bot matches less awkward, but you can expect to see bot functionality added to a few more of the less-complicated maps in future.


Grenadier.gif Grenadier

  • Projectile velocity up (50 -> 60m/s)

Medic.gif Medic

  • Self-healing now starts after 5 seconds instead of 1.
  • Health down (100 -> 90)
  • MP5 ROF down (12.5 -> 11.25)

pt_al_officer.png Captain/Kapitan

  • M60/PKM damage to MCTless buildings down by 6.25% (0.2 -> 0.1875)
  • M60/PKM damage to base defenses down by 16.67% (0.15 -> 0.125)

Portable Stinger (misc. event weapon)

  • Range down (180 -> 135m)
  • Reload time down (2.5 -> 2s)
  • Projectile damage down (120 -> 70)
  • Splash damage down (30 -> 25)
  • Splash radius down (14 -> 12m)
  • Projectile velocity down (200 -> 50m/s)

Rifle_Soldier.gif Rifle Soldier

  • M16/AK-47 damage to MCTless buildings down by 6.25% (0.16 -> 0.15)
  • M16/AK-47 damage to base defenses down by 7.4% (0.135 -> 0.125)

Spy.gif Spy

  • Fixed oversight where he could establish radar relays while his own Radar Dome was still up, which caused his dome to stop working after the relay's timer expired.

pt_al_sniper.png Sniper

  • Fixed rendering issue with Allied Sniper where his bandolier glowed in the dark, so he should be harder to spot now.
  • Added snow camo variant for both teams courtesy of Ice; click the gold arrow on the purchase icon to switch what camo you're buying.

Volkov.gif Volkov

  • Anti-tank cannon range down (90 -> 85m)


Ranger.gif Ranger

  • Damage to MCTless buildings and base defenses down by 6.25% (0.2 -> 0.1875)

Tesla_Tank.gif Tesla Tank

  • Fixed alt camera being too high - it was sharing the Mammoth Tank's alt camera which got moved up when the Mammoth was resized.


Refinery.gif Refinery

  • Improved collision on the rails in the stairwell.

War_Factory.gif War Factory

  • Construction magnet doesn't block camera movement anymore.

Soviet_Missile_Silo.gif Missile Silo

  • Launch animation is slightly redone to be less silly from the basement view; the missile smoke doesn't clip through the wall of the basement quite so much, and a new missile will not materialise right in front of onlookers' eyes.




  • Brought back from the dead!
  • Map has been shrunk slightly.
  • Bases are now backed up against the map borders.
  • The spring on the central hill is now a much more defensible position to infantry, surrounded by rocks/vehicle wrecks/bunkers that prevent vehicle access. To compensate, the hill is not quite as heavily forested as before, so compared to Gamma it shouldn't be as painful to move vehicles around the edges if you control the area.
  • The corner hills are now much steeper than before, and are only accessible from certain ramps.
  • Added 3 neutral Supply Truck spawn points.
  • Tech Level set to 2.
  • New Delta jukebox: Depth Charge (initial track just like in Gamma), Creeping Upon, Re-Con, We Will Stop Them
  • Added a Missile Silo, an Ore Silo (as usual), and an extra Service Depot. Less defenses in total, but since the bases are assailable from less angles than before and the walls are a little more helpful than before, bases are still pretty well defended.
  • Somewhere there is a fidget spinner new neutral building to explore, courtesy of @CMDBob, with a randomly spawning crate that can be of great use to you. Whereas KOTG's crate focuses primarily on weapons, NBNW's crate focuses primarily on defense and reclassing - it's not recommended to pick one up if you're comfortable with your current class. It can even give you some infantry units from higher tech levels or from the other team, or maybe even something beyond all that!


  • Crate now spawns every 90-150 seconds (like the new NBNW crate) instead of a fixed 120.
  • Crate can no longer give radar invisibility or medic kits.
  • Crate can now give limited M16s, AK-47s, Shock Rifles and Colt .45s.
  • Crate now has a 1/4 chance of changing you to a Captain or Rocket Soldier (or the Soviet equivalent). This will reset your inventory, making it much less likely for crate abuse to turn a character into a walking arsenal, but at least you still have a useful field class.


  • More destructible hedgehogs have been added, this time to the bridges. Now you need to clear them if you want vehicles to attack at all.
  • Added concrete walls to the east of the north Soviet silo to make assaulting it from the bridge more difficult initially.
  • Soviet WF construction death zone no longer pokes slightly out of one of the sides of the construction pad.
  • Bots can't buy vehicles anymore - they wouldn't know how to handle the hedgehog blockades anyway.
  • Bots can't buy Tanya or Volkov anymore - they shouldn't be available to them due to tech level.
  • Moved the silos around:
    • Soviet north silo is now moved outside the map border fence. You can still repair it from this position, but it's harder to do so while under attack as the area from which your tool can reach it is fairly limited. Most importantly it is now much more protected from almost-b2b arty fire.
    • Soviet south silo is now slightly further from the WF, on the other side of the drainage grate. Some cones have been removed to make it still feasible to mine.
    • Allied south silo is moved all the way back to the war factory, so it can't be attacked from behind the bridge anymore.
    • Allied north silo is moved back slightly, giving attackers from the hospital/restaurant side a better angle of attack against it.


  • Removed a barrel that was clipping through a concrete wall.
  • Sandstorm particles no longer move in the opposite direction of the Barracks flags.


  • Added a vehicle blocker to the upper tunnel so Rangers can't get in.


  • Fixed a bit of the castle wall filler mesh that was poking out into the real world.


  • The lower-elevated parts of the map have been heavily deforested; the large forest between the Allied base and the river has been turned into more water (bringing it a bit closer to the actual Red Alert version of Zama), and the large forest between the Soviet base and the village has been turned into a rocky valley. minipatch:


  • Server no longer crashes if a C4 or clearing charge gets attached to terrain.


Neutral Technology Centre

  • Fixed floating snow on top of the rooftop entrance.
  • Added vehicle blockers to the exterior walls, to stop vehicles from getting flipped over by them since they're slanted.



  • The waypoint system has been implemented to allow bots to attack the enemy base from up to 5 different directions, since the removal of vehicles means we don't have to worry about them trying to go down the infantry-only routes.


  • Fixed a very obviously floating rock.
C&C Saga Interview

C&C Saga Interview

News 1 comment

Recently we were approached for an interview for our friends at German C&C Saga. Available in English and German!

APB Changelog

APB Changelog


In which the "old style" Grenadier is given a new lease on life, mid-tier infantry eat their Wheaties, and the Medic is cut down to size AGAIN.

APB Changelog

APB Changelog

News 2 comments

Medic and Volkov cut down to size, Sergeants more suited for center-mass shots, new building props, two more bot-friendly maps, and Militant Force! What...

APB Changelog

APB Changelog

News 2 comments

The infantry overhaul we tested before has been refined and introduced to the game for real - as well as a few map updates!

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W3D Hub Launcher

W3D Hub Launcher

Installer Tool 12 comments

The W3D Hub launcher is your one stop shop for your W3D gaming needs, providing game downloads and automatic updates, an integrated server browser, centralised...



Full Version 2 comments

ATTENTION: This download is obsolete, and APB will no longer be distributed on this platform. Use the w3dhub Launcher to download APB.

APB Texture Pack v.2.0

APB Texture Pack v.2.0

A Patch Beyond Texture Pack Demo 2 comments

This is a demo of my mad texture pack.

LevelEdit Path

LevelEdit Path

SDK 1 comment

A simple utility that allows you to easily re-route your LevelEdit application to point to a new game source folder, without the hassle of using regedit.

Mapping & Mod SDK v2 - RA:APB Gamma

Mapping & Mod SDK v2 - RA:APB Gamma


Updated for RA:APB 2.1.2 content. Art source files, mapping tools, compile/decompile utilities, and documentation to get you started on creating your...

Obsolete - v 2.1.2 Mac Full Client - RA:APB Gamma

Obsolete - v 2.1.2 Mac Full Client - RA:APB Gamma

Full Version

(Obsolete) For Mac gamers, this is the RA:APB 2.1.2 full game client Wineskin. Thanks for Darklord42 once again for preparing this special wrapper for...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,774)

Hey Guys, i follow you since the start of your journey with this mod and enjoyed APB and TSR many many many hours :D i am also exited for your other upcoming mods RA2AR, Dune, ECW and Imperial Age.

Is it possible that your team create a Tiberian Dawn Mod as a side project, if you're done with the other mods? Sure, Renegade tries to convert TA into the FPS but many design aspects are different between these two games (meaning TA and Renegade). I see in the BHP forums that one guy tries to build one but stopped after a few weeks. It would be possible to use the old Renegade Sole Survivor Mod and APB as a base for it, many units from TD and RA1 are quite similiar.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
One_Winged_Angel Creator

Hey man, sorry for the late reply! Thanks for your kind words!

The possibility of a Tiberian Dawn mod has been thought of a few times, but the fact is that we don't have enough staff members to fire up another project. We have a wealth of tutorials in our forums if you or someone you know wanted to try and have a go though!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks for the Info! Since i've started 3D Modeling for DB Xenoverse Mods, i'm just a 3D Polygon starter and no pro yet.

Can you answer me a few other questions?
When will the W3D Wiki back online?

And how about the status of the missing units and buildings.

They would be:

- Chrono Tank ( i know, a prototype is available on the 1st April Lunar Map) - when the tank comes into the game what happend with the phase tank?
- Cruiser (so far i know, there is no model for the unit yet?)
- Helicarrier? it was a cut unit from RA1
- Tech Center
- Camo Pillbox
- Chronosphere (i guess i hear'd that the chronosphere comes into the game when the coding for the RA2AR Version is ready?)

- MiG (since the yak and the plane mechanic is in the game, i guess it would be only a matter of time?)
- Attack Dogs (including Chitzkoi)
- Kennel (obvious for the Doggys)
- Iron Curtain (same like the Chronosphere)
- Tech Center

- Advanced Power Plant (i'm not sure it's already in the game)
- Any Powers like sonar pulse, Para Troopers/Bombs, Spyplane? (Sure a few like Spy P. would have no point to be in the game but asking about is just for the record)

Oh and any chance of mission-based MP Maps come back in the future? I like the old mission map where your team must save a MCY

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pushwall Creator

Advanced Power Plant existed in the past, but it was removed because it was just a power plant that took up more space - and with bases gaining some additional prop cover and more buildings such as extra service depots and potential future buildings like the very chronosphere/iron curtain you mentioned, the regular power plant takes up enough room as it is.

Chrono Tank isn't far off from being done, I'm just hoping for some better warping mechanics (the warping on the Lunar map isn't very faithful to the original) and a more complete texture. It's planned to be a pure tank destroyer that performs poorly against buildings/infantry, so that already sets it reasonably apart from the Phase Tank which needs to take extreme care against vehicles but decimates buildings and infantry in optimal circumstances.

Camo pillbox, well, you know exactly where it's going to be after the first time you deal with it because it's not even remotely as heavily masked as a gap generator, so what's the point? It works in the RTS because you can choose where to build it.

Chronosphere has a model but the Iron Curtain doesn't (only a destroyed prop version). It wouldn't be fair for us to add one team's superweapon to the game without the other. So until the Iron Curtain has a model, the Chronosphere will continue to be a mere prop - you may have seen it sitting around on a few maps.

Helicarrier - no model - and it would be boring for whoever's playing as one. At least in a mobile gap generator you can crush people and you have to watch your positioning at all times, a helicarrier would just sit still out of enemy reach watching all the action and not taking any part in it. This is part of why we made it so you can deploy the MRJ and leave it to go do more interesting things with your infantry, but if you're in the middle of the ocean in a helicarrier, where would your infantry go when you "deploy"?

Tech centres: none of the current maps have room to spare to add these. And they'd be another structure of dubious purpose (it would probably just increase your tech level by 1 or something?) and I really want to dial back the number of structures that don't directly produce units/powers/income, not add more.

I kinda want Sonar Pulse to be a thing but currently rendering issues make it easy enough to spot submarines as it is. Parabombs are just a nuke that doesn't oneshot buildings and has no Allied equivalent, and being attached to the same building as paratroopers, wouldn't Soviets just have way too many powers compared to the Allies? Paratroopers may be plausible with the new bot logic, or even as a way for player infantry to "teleport" to the front lines, but if it's the latter I'd make that something both teams can do.

Attack Dogs (and by extension, kennels) would be of dubious use in the current game. Spies are easy enough for normal players to detect and nowhere near powerful enough to demand a hard counter, and half of the Soviet infantry are already specced towards CQC.

MiG and Cruiser are things that may get implemented if we ever have models for them. And right now, we don't.

Those co-op mission maps didn't even manage to be fun for very long because it didn't take long before everyone got used to the map and then every single "match" on a particular map would always play out in exactly the same way because you're playing against a predictable AI instead of other players that have more than 1 strategy. Which is probably why the people who made those maps had to make a new one every couple of weeks and retire some of the older ones - to keep them fresh. Simply put, it's not worth the effort.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks for the reply! Sad to hear for the A.PP and the Tech Centers. It would be fit for maps with big bases and many defenses. But you have a point here clearly. Tech Centers would be for advanced units and the non-superweapon powers i guess, and you lose it when the TC is destroyed.

I see, you want the CTank balanced, in the original game, he wrecks entire buildings. But yeah i guess your idea is the best choice.

I imagine a big sea map (bigger than pacific threat) with naval yard/sub pen and helipad for cruisers and heli carriers, to use it. But yeah, also you have a point here. The Problem is, that if you sell a naval unit or going out you fall into the ocean. If that is not the case you could as driver deploy it and get own helicopter for fight. also the unit in his usage is pretty op so it should only 1-2 at the time on the map, same for cruisers.

about camo pillboxes. i'm not sure from a programmer perspective, but would it be possible to set a randomized field where the camo pillbox can appear, so the camo pillbox has no fixed point on the map? or spots where the players build camo boxes once per match (if they got destroyed, building/purchase is not available anymore)i guess i read at some point in the old BHP Forum, also the idea of more armor was discussed for it.

Chronosphere/Iron Curtain. Ok sure, it would be only fair if both factions get their second-strong superweapons at the same time.

Paratroops/Bombs - yeah i guess both factions should have these. would be a flag (like for the a-bomb) neccesary? i've seen in the generals-renegade mod "scud storm" a mechanic where you can fly around as super weapon beacon on the map and choose your target.

you could use dogs on a map where the soviets don't have so much high advanced infantery and the soviets don't have minelayers on the map. there can dogs a good infantery counterpart

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pushwall Creator

The problem with allowing players to fly around as a "cursor" for a superweapon is that it allows them to freely scout out the entire map and enemy positions both without retaliation and without the enemy knowing. So that's an option I'd like to avoid; they would almost certainly be marked by flares like the a-bomb.

Having RA-esque building destroyer chronotanks would not be very well balanced. Allies already have a fairly easy time of decimating Soviet buildings if they can muster up a phase tank rush and the Soviets have lost their defenses and don't have enough manpower at home, particularly Tesla Tanks which can actually detect phases on radar. Imagine how much easier that'd be with a unit that can't be damaged or detected while in transit, moves faster than a phase while in transit (and that's just with the Lunar slow-warp - imagine if they could instantly teleport across the map!), and is more durable than a phase. Right now their damage to buildings is only as much as a ranger, so a CT rush could be a threat to bases if left alone, but it wouldn't be as reliable as something else like phase or light tanks that can get the job done much faster and have an easier time of crushing or sniping any engineers that pop out of the woodwork.

As for dogs, even on the lowest tech levels Soviets have access to flamethrowers, starshinas, kapitans and grenadiers. All of their "advanced" infantry are anti-tank. We could move flamers up to make room for T1 dogs - they'd definitely be just as good of a counter to the ever-annoying medic - but then that's another unit of incredibly niche purpose that other units can do comparably well while also doing other things, and I think the sniper alone is ramming the quota on those. It'd make no sense for it to be able to damage enemy buildings for instance. In any case, the only dog model we have hanging around is the AR team's, and even if I had permission I'd rather not use theirs until the game has a public release.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Okay sure, that would be also a abuse of this concept.

And if we change the smaller powers to a binocular with you can mark a certain spot of the map (a convoi as example) and you can bomb them with parabombs or troopers?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pushwall Creator

The binocs logic is fairly flawed, it just doesn't matter that much right now because they're currently resigned only to creating a radar marker which you can then remake almost immediately if you do it wrong, and not using a limited-use power. If you're not on completely open ground and not aiming at completely open ground, the radar marker "launched" by the binocs has a tendency to slam into the nearest piece of cover instead of the distant point you're aiming at. That would be pretty terrible for parabombs and such.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

oh okay, the only thing that comes in my mind is, that you have a signal flare that can you throw like a c4, but throw in a range like a grenade or so to compensate the weaker effect of the damage (and shorter time to happen).

What comes me in mind is how the spy plane can work. it can be for soviets the same function as the spy has on allies side, it shows the units on the battlefield that the allies has (to be nerf it, except of spies, underground units such like in tunnels, an stolen submarines = only surface units and only 1-2 times per match or a ridicilous price to use it)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this still popular? I want to get it just for the purpose of online gameplay, the mod looks really nice but my internet service is crap (so a pretty slow download but connecting to renegade servers are pretty decent). I don't want to get it just to see no one plays it anymore.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
One_Winged_Angel Creator

There are usually games running on Friday nights and at the weekend. We also have maps with bots on that you can play too. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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i haven't even played it yet, but i still give 10!

Mar 14 2011 by KBraid

Red Alert: A Path Beyond
Red Alert: A Path Beyond First Person Shooter

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