Join the ModDB Crew for more news and discussion, this week we discuss Indie game pricing, and hidden themes in game design.

Posted by Henley on Apr 7th, 2009

The beginning of April means one thing. April fools, as tradition goes mod teams create some really great jokes... And some not so good ones as well. Join the ModDB Crew for more news and discussion, this week we discuss Indie game pricing, and hidden themes in game design.




So that's it for this week modders, but don't fear we will be back next week with more mods and goss for you all to enjoy! Don't forget to send your modding/gaming questions to and we will answer the questions on the show!

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Robots! Apr 7 2009 says:

SMALL TANKS FTW! great cast guys!

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Robots! Apr 7 2009 replied:

Yes i posted wwwaaayyy too early. but the fact remains, awesome cast. i DO deserve an achievement. though, i liked the live episode.

speaking of which, that was a llllooonnggg while ago.

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Robots! Apr 7 2009 replied:

and i would LOVE to see another one. oh ****. tripple comment. sorry.

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MtM0201 Apr 7 2009 says:

lol yea, nice modcast ;)

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jstoner Apr 7 2009 says:

i like the longer episodes, gives me something to listen to while i model. podcast 17's live stream was ok, but i could only see williams stream, and they had major audio issues at the start.

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Samuk Apr 7 2009 says:

Nice guys,

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QuadX Apr 8 2009 says:

Favorite April 1st prank (from the interweb): Konami's f-ing awesome trailer with Colonel Campbell. (Yes it was really obvious it was fake, but the presentation and the time they took to make this elaborate cut scene was great) I'm surprised no one talked about it in this modcast.

And Henley, I noticed you mentioned the ostrich prank, that was funny as hell. I bet that if PETA heard about it they'd have a field day.

Oh yeah and the description of Shotgun Sunrise was funny. :)

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R0b Apr 8 2009 says:

Nice modcast and thanks for mentioning Raindrop. A preview version isn't anywhere near completion though, so you have to be patient for a while ;)

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Dunkelschwamm Apr 8 2009 says:

I remember Pipe Dreams :D

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Robots! Apr 8 2009 replied:

that sounds funny in a certain context

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SirBaron Apr 8 2009 says:

X32I never switched between engines.

The original X32I was canned because it was just me on my own doing the whole mod, there was no team outside of the voice actors.

X32I redemption is a spin-off and the reason I haven't gone back to the original X32I is because due to the lack of interest from modders I ended up hating my own mod project due to how much work was involved.

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SirBaron Apr 8 2009 says:

Also I'd like to state that I work on the game LightSpire: Fortunes Web too, so the fact I was working on X32I on my OWN, and having to work on LightSpire, you can see why X32I died.

Here's a video response to the modcast. ¬¬ Which pretty much explains what happened. If you're unsure to the details of things or why things happened, you can always send me a mail, I may be busy but I'm not ignorant.

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Henley Author
Henley Apr 8 2009 replied:

The reason I stated that you guys where switching between engines was because of this profile which was created by you. It has the same name, different engine and the profile is made by you. You want people to know this information but all your news posts about this information is deleted. So please let me know how we can talk about stuff when the information isnt available.

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SirBaron Apr 8 2009 says:

My main gripe was with the fact that people assume there is a team, when there isn't. I agree with the point about using the X32I name all the time is going to get confusing, however these are spin-off's.

I mean to quote "they flip-flop between engines it really doesn't benefit mod teams with the public perception of the mod"

I'd agree but these are not the same projects. X32I and X32I Redemption, and the one you linked to are all spin-off's they all use different assets however all revolve around one "universe".

There is no "mod-team" switching around engines, this is me with different projects.

I'm not ****** I'm just trying to clarify that X32I and X32I Redemption ARE not the same mod, and the reason X32I died was because it became too much work.

My reply to comment doesn't seem to reply to the comment ¬¬

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Rigelblast Apr 8 2009 says:

Great Modcast. I think this episode was pretty long and had lots of profound discussions about very wide range of matters.

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AshtonAndersen Apr 9 2009 says:

What about Lightspire.. "Fantasy Evolved" Shirts =)

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KindredPhantom Apr 13 2009 says:

Modcast live. Hell yeah! :P

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