When Galaxy's Collide (WGC). This will be a huge mod based off the Sci-Fi Series eveyone see's and loves so much. So come on and add us, chat a bit, and watch as our team put together this mod for your enjoyment.

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Y'know I just never got that much into this series. Great vid though. Oh well, back to playing SGEAW.

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-IllusiveMan- Author

well, these series were quite good and new thing, it did have awsome space battles and overall space theme, i just hoped that it will not get too much negative and survive. But people whined and we lost SG all together :/ Every SG was unique, SG-1 is the start of all, SGA talked about gatebuilders and past, the Atlantis and so on. SGU was a step towards awsomness at space lol :)
But heh, we fans try to keep stargate alive, i know i will lol.

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Hey, you have a good point. I think I will give it another try since its on Netflix now. I sorta fell in love with the whole SG1 thing back when Richard Dean Anderson was on it (in the bonuses to the dvds it talks about how he would go off script and be extemporaneous, lol). It would have been great if SGU would have continued, because it would have kept the 'universe' alive.

Now, you and the Pegasus crew are doing a great job keeping it alive for us!

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-IllusiveMan- Author

Yeh that is what we try to do, and well, Gate survives as long as there are fans like you, me and rest of us out there.

I have all the SG series on DVD and i look them over and over sometimes and still never get enaugh of em:) And i agree with you on SG-1, R.D Anderson is cool person and great actor, i like everything he play's in, from SG to MacGuyver and so on :) When SGU ended i kinda felt like big part of my life has ended since i basically grew up on SG. Now i have moved to other Sci-fi series, but nothing good so far. Well, i like the new show called Terra Nova, it is interresting as well :).

But they ended SGU on the place where someone MIGHT pick it up with ease (Like start, they arrive in new Galaxy and so on, good place to start).

Also there is an facebook page where some people will start making Animated SGU 3'rd season, they are already making models of characters and most of Destiny is finished. Anyways, we will see what happens lol.

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