Passion and Serenity are one.
I gain power by understanding both.
In the chaos of their battle, I bring order.
I am a shadow, darkness born from light.
The Force is united within me.

At the start of Jedi involvement in the Mandalorian Wars the Jedi Council knew that the cost of life to the Jedi would be inconceivable. Kreia came to the council with a plan, she would bring a youngling to Revan as his padawan in the hopes that Revan would back out of the war to protect and train his padawan. This plan would prove to be a failure to the Jedi when the boy proved to be a skilled fighter and fast rising commander who would become known to the Mandalorians as Drake the Dragon of Althir after using the force to enslave and attack with a Krayt Dragon that was deployed by the Mandalorian Commander Jax to defeat a Republic Strike Team. The two commanders would become rivals, meeting on the battlefield many times.

Drake would go on to win many battles against the Mandalorians before meeting a bounty hunter named Kyra who was a product of a forbidden union of a Sith Apprentice and Jedi Padawan. She would spark Drake's curiosity in deeper understanding the Force and the pointless schism of Dark and Light.

At the Battle of Malachor V, Drake's Commandos would utterly defeat a battalion of Mandalorians under the command of Jax and decide to save his rival from the Mass Shadow Generator. Jax pledged him forces to Drake instead of following his bothers in exile after the Mandalorian Surrender.

After Revan's return as a Sith Lord, Drake and Revan devised a plan in which Drake would create an faction to take the place of the Order of Sith Lords after the defeat of the Republic and defend against the coming True Sith Empire of Dromund Kaas. The Order of Sith Knights was born, a faction of Sith devoted to peace, honor and the protection of the galaxy who was also willing to do whatever needed to be done to preserve that peace. Drake and Kyra with an apprentice each made up the Order while there were also the Knight-Troopers who were the republic trooper and the Knight-Crusaders who were all loyal to Drake. These forces along, with their new flagship the Immortal, made up the Order of Sith Knights.

Those dreams would be shattered when Malak betrayed Revan and seemingly killed his master. Enraged, Drake and his Knights attacked the Star Forge with the hope of taking over the Empire and resuming Revan's plan. The attack allowed the Knights to download the encrypted data of the Infinite Empire but Drake was gravely wounded by Malak who was empowered by fallen Jedi. The Knights fled the station with heavy damage to the Immortal and Drake nearly dead.

The Knights were driven from Sith Space and escaped the Republic. They used Rakatan tech within their ship to enter a form of suspended animation while their last ally Darth Treya hid their location from the force until they could rise again and fulfill their role in the galaxy and unite the Force.

Four millennia later a pirate captain named Fang would be fleeing from the CIS flagship Invisible Hand in an asteroid field after freeing slaves from the Separatist only to discover and awaken the crew of the Immortal.

Awakened, the Sith Knights returned to Lehon only to find the ruined remains of the Star Forge. Now without a perpose, the Knights acknowledging the threat of the Two Sith Order and their Confederacy, began a campaign of guerrilla attacks on the CIS which quickly gained the attention of the Jedi. General Skywalker and the 501st were tasked with locating who was attacking the Seps and get their aid with in an attack on Pamment, this led to a joint campaign against the CIS which started the friendship between Anakin and Drake and ended in Drake gravely wounding and capturing Dooku.

After the battle Anakin returned to Coruscant with the Knights to meet with the Council. Supreme Chancellor Palatine was there to welcome the heroes of Pammant and invite Drake to a private meeting before the council. In the sealed Senate Chambers, Drake revealed he had ripped the identity of the Dark Lord from Dooku's mind before he was able to escape and was about to reveal it to the Jedi. Sidious commanded Drake, as the Dark Lord of the Sith, to kill the other Knights along with Dooku and become his apprentice. At the same time, Kyra was standing in the Jedi Council Chambers with playing the live conversation to the members. Palpatine was soon captured by the Jedi.

In a few short days many things happened. Dooku was freed from the Immortal and Palaptine was freed from the Jedi Temple by his personal assassin Crimson, Padme Amedala was voted as the new Supreme Chancellor, and lastly, The Senate gave the Knights rights within the Republic as both a member government in control of the Horuset System and the Order of Sith Knights were grated powers to command Republic Forces with equal status as the Jedi.
Plagued by rebellions within the CIS along with the betrayal of Dooku, Sidious builds the Assassination and Command Droid Omega to reform the Confederacy and restore the Rule of Two.

In the wake of Palpatine's betrayal coming to light, members of both the CIS and Republic left becoming Free Systems. These systems would be prey to the CIS and sanctioned by the Republic. The Black Fang Pirate leader Fang - who had discovered the Knights - joined several Free Systems to oppose the CIS and Republic. Fang used connections to the Hutts and Black Sun to stop their fighting and used friendships with bounty hunters to make them work together. This new union would join with the Death Watch to free Mandalore from Sidious's assassin Crimson who had been subjugating them since he slew Dutchess Satine as Darth Maul months prior. This would spark a many systems to rally with Fang and become the Black Alliance of Free Systems.

With the Republic and Jedi focused on the war with the CIS, Drake and the Sith Knights begin rebuilding Old Sith Space. Studying the now decrypted archives of the Infinite Empire, Recovering the remains of the Star Forge and using the now much larger Infinite Engine unearthed on Dromund Kaas to build a new Star Forge and resume their mission to bring Order and Unity to the Force.

Thank You

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Cabur'Kal-Type Heavy Cruiser - WIP 1 Update - Removal of Justice-class/Alliance stuff Recusant + New CIS Bridges
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5 comments by Emperorniko on Nov 28th, 2014

Short yet long-awaited Update.

Sorry everyone but i simply give up on trying to fix land combat before the end of the year. There is so much that needs to be done to get it playable in the way i want it. The coming release will have the broken land skirmish but land has been blocked from GC. You can play the Land Skirmish and see just how much work it still needs.

Now i'd like some hero ideas for Omega's Faction to help catch up to the Alliance and Knights' heroes. After that and filling the galaxy with minor hostiles there will be nothing left to do beside minor balancing/bug fixes.

Current Omega Heroes
Darth Sidious
Crimson (Darth Maul Post-Mandalore)

Rouge CIS (So you don't name them)
Count Dooku
Nute Gunray
General Greivous
Admiral Trench

Any help here would be appreciated as i really don't know much of the CIS's most evil people. And for the questions as to why so many have broken from the CIS. The larger CIS doesnt accept Palpatine as their leader and to keep power Count Dooku acted like he was betrayed as well. He now leads the CIS loyalists while Omega and Crimson are loyal to their master.
There is another Hero i have not listed who is the new apprentice of Sidious who i have yet to fully invent but will be patched in with the CIS Star Destroyer i am remaking.

I'd say expect a release by next weekend if all goes well.

Thanks everyone!

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Unit Hotfix

Unit Hotfix

Dec 7, 2014 Patch 3 comments

This fixes the issue where some Alliance units were not showing up in GC. please place the data folder in the Knights_Of_The_Old_Empire1 folder. For those...

Knights of the Old Empire 1 - Knights V1.0

Knights of the Old Empire 1 - Knights V1.0

Dec 6, 2014 Full Version 28 comments

Finally after 2 years of working on this and with the aid of Jeroenimo of Old Republic at War/Empire at War Re and the Yuuzhan Vong at War teami can say...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 421)
Guest Mar 15 2015, 12:58pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Emperorniko Creator
Emperorniko Mar 15 2015, 2:25pm replied: +1 vote   reply to comment
Meyerm Mar 12 2015, 3:12pm says:

What's with GC? You got the 3 playable factions, and then a whole lot of abandoned planets and planets held by CIS, republic, and unaffiliated forces, all hostile and AI controlled.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Emperorniko Creator
Emperorniko Mar 12 2015, 7:07pm replied:

Those are the Free Systems or simply ones there to fill the map.

The CIS sees Sidious and Omega as traitors and have such labeled them Rebels. The CIS is in a sense fractured between Sidious/Omega and Dooku/Grievous.

Corellia, Mon Calamari, Rendili and Kuat are a few of the systems who have their own strong Defense Fleets and have become neutral systems after the ousting of Palapatine as a traitor leading both sides of the clone wars and thus see both the Republic and CIS as failed and also have a large enough defense force to not need to join with the Black Alliance. This includes Rothana who is owned by KDY.

Also i needed forces to stop the Player and AI from just taking every system from the start for free and rushing eachother. Yes there are several empty ones that i haven't placed units on due to not really having anything to put there for those governments.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Meyerm Mar 12 2015, 10:16pm replied:

So the republic/"sith" knights have been exiled together to former sith systems like Dromund and Korriban.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Emperorniko Creator
Emperorniko Mar 12 2015, 11:28pm replied:


The plan when i was going to write this story is that after the awakening of the Knight they join with Anakin on a few nearby missions before meeting with the Senate and Jedi Council. Drake then ousts Palapatine as Sidious which forces the Jedi to interfere in the Senate and put forward Padme as the new Supreme Chancellor to stabilize the distrust of the Republic.

Padme, as a reward for their service to the Republic and friendship with herself and husband, Gives the Order of Sith Knights full control of Korriban, Control of a Sector Fleet and the same privileges as the Jedi. (But they spread to the other Sith Systems and Lehon aswell) The Republic is still where it was but many systems have left, same with the Confederacy.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Meyerm Mar 12 2015, 11:47pm replied:

There's no republic though. Coruscant is ownerless and the only npc factions I found were the CIS and neutral planetary forces.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Emperorniko Creator
Emperorniko Mar 13 2015, 12:10am replied:

No i didnt add in the Reps cause if you play as the Knights you shouldn't be fighting them. It's there now just to add more planets to the core worlds for that choke point.

It will be removed along with Kamino in the reconfigure.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Meyerm Mar 5 2015, 1:58am says:

Just to clarify, there's the republic with jedi and "sith knights" fighting together, the CIS which Sidious now publicly leads, and black alliance is just a collection of cartels, pirates, and other third parties?

+1 vote     reply to comment
NIKI87 Feb 26 2015, 5:19pm says:

Why is the Ground Production button inactive? Is there no ground combat in this mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Emperorniko Creator
Emperorniko Feb 27 2015, 10:13pm replied:

No land. tried to do it but couldn't force myself to like it.
The only time i play land and actually enjoy it in this game is if i play the mod Halo: Campaign Commander and that's it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MrPerson Mar 1 2015, 12:50pm replied:

I thought at one point you were using basic reskin units from other mods and just just replacing vanilla units with them or something, like I remember some old screenshots of mandalorian and sith troopers, or was that another mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Emperorniko Creator
Emperorniko Mar 1 2015, 1:49pm replied:

Those were actually models free released a long time ago. i believe they were ripped from KOTOR and made to work with EAW. I had land scirmish playable at one time but it was basic and boring and i couldnt get it how i wanted it without a modeler who could make some more infantry for me.

I lost interest since i don't like land combat in this game.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MrPerson Mar 2 2015, 12:29pm replied:

I understand, I actually find land combat rather enjoyable, but I see why a lot of people don't. Kind of sad though, no Old republic mods I know of have ground combat :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
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