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(changes to TES TW 1.2)
- Settlements, both cities and castles, now can be upgraded.
- Added a new faction - Kingdom of Valenwood. There are also some other new factions, which are not availible for singleplayer use yet.
- Added 2 new religions - The Green Pact (for Valenwood), and Yokudan Pantheon (for redguards). Changed religion of ashlander tribes to deadric cults.
- Added about 1500 new (sur)names and about 250 custom portraits (for ESO characters mostly)
- Changed plenty of faction leaders/heirs prefixes, priest titles, settlement names, ...
Recruitment- based on religion, rebalanced recuitment system, and unit stats (especially unit costs and upkeeps). Added few new units (Sandguard Cavalry and Dagi-raht mages). Made generals recruitable for all factions.
- Added new buildings, such as for example temples for new religions, knight orders chapters etc
- Many map tweaks - adding ports, changing borders, economical improvements, lowered levels of most of settlements, as they now can be upgraded, etc

- Increased AI and difficulty, via various scripts and other changes.
- Decreased movement ranges.
- Improved triggers for guilds
- Changes in music.
- And more...

New traits:
Ratial traits - All major races of Tamriel are in game via traits. Effects of these traits might be slightly changing player's strategy for some factions
Birthsign traits - Every new character is randomly born into certain star constellation, giving him small bonuses.
Religion traits - Characters with high piety might become dedicated followers of one of the gods, giving them small bonuses.
Khajiit traits - Many traits from khajiit culture has been added, as well as khajiit name suffixes.
Faction leader traits - These traits usually have two levels. The first, basis level is granted when a character becomes faction leader. The second level might be obtained if a faction leader unites the entire province/becomes more powerful. Example - Grandmaster of House Hlaalu/King of Morrowind.
Vampires, Werewolves - Vampyrism and Lycanthropy are now imgame. Your generals might get bitten...
- And many more...

New Ancillaries :
Governor ancillaries
- Governor ancillaries for most of settlements. Titles are not the same for each faction. For example if a nord becomes lord of Anvil, he is called jarl, while an altmer would become canonreeve.
Special ancillaries - For various special military units/guilds/orders (for example the companions, dragonguard, etc)
Character Ancillaries - For important characters, such as Sotha-Sil, Molag Bal, Hero of Kvatch, etc
And many more...

Custom campaigns:

Many new custom campaigns have been added. Changes to the main campaign have been been made as well.

I. Black Drake - 2E 542

II. Three Banners War - 2E 582

III. Main Campaign - 3E 427

IV. Oblivion Crisis - 3E 433

V. The Great War - 4E 171

VI. White-Gold Concordat - 4E 175

VII. Stormcloak Rebellion - 4E 201

Future plans
- Include many more lore traits, ancillaries and mechanics, such as mages/fighters guild. Feel free to share your ideas!
- Improve and use Iliac custom map, as well as Vvardenfell map.
- Voice Overhaul
- New custom campaigns - Varen's Rebellion and campaigns from septim era. Also campaigns using the new maps.
- Few more factions - Kingdom of Sharnhelm, second faction for Skyrim (thus Skyrim would be divided into eastern and western part), second faction for The Empire (could be used as Colovian Estates, various rebels and civil wars, etc), and perhaps some more.
Improving the current content. Especially balancing unit abilites in battles, as there is still many things to improve.
- Many more balancing and tweaking of all kinds

Current Team
Jadli - Team leader
K'Sharra The Conqueror - Most of the new traits and ancillaries, map tweaking, new units, ...
rafmc1989 - New units, voice overhaul, ...
Tasunke - Unit balancing

kmart - New units
Asbjorn Ironside - New units

Socrates1984 - Some custom portraits and other various graphical additions
Dawnbreaker - Writting descriptions (for older version) and lore advisor

Voice Actors

We are recruting more, so let us know if you are interested!

The Elder Scrolls: Total War
Bethesda Games
Zenimax Online Studio
The Elder Scrolls Wiki
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

Gigantus - New radar map. Help in many other matters
Macrath - The File allowing me to use custom campaign in hotseats
Carnage752 - Some files in previous versions
Hegemony Submod - Few banners

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The Elder Scrolls Hotseats


"As a solo player, you had it easy. You blitzed the AI. You turtled against the AI. You conquered your computer opponents in every conceivable fashion. When endless stacks marched against you, you directed your forces on the battlefield and personally left the ground littered with enemy corpses. You came, you played, you conquered.

Now, a new challenge awaits you.

Enter a world of chaos and intrigue, of wonder and death. Only the clever among you will survive here, in this tumultuous land where every decision could lead to glorious victory…or utter destruction. It is not enough to be a great tactician. You must learn every aspect of military strategy, from the grandest of concepts to the minutest of details. Armies must be moved wisely, agents trained and deployed, diplomacy carefully cultivated. Your economy must be a golden industry, driving your empire to impossible heights. Through it all, you test your mettle against living, breathing humans, opponents with their own dreams and ambitions. Do you hold to honor and expect your allies to do the same? Or are you a knife in the dark, plunging into the backs of those who least expect it?

The choices are yours. All you need to do is join. Join a Hotseat Campaign. Experience Total War at its most breathtaking, and embrace the intricacies which capture men’s souls…or drive them mad.

Your destiny awaits you. Do you have the courage to claim it?"

text by joerock22

The Elder Scrolls has quickly became one of the most popular mods used in hotseats. There are many interesting TES hotseats projects going on, dont hesitate to participate if you are interested!

If you wish to play TES hotseats, post here or contact me. Ill help you to get started and find a suitable spot.

All hotseats are hosted here.

Custom Campaigns - Black Drake

Custom Campaigns - Black Drake


This scenario takes place in 2E 542, during conquests of Emperor Durorach The Black Drake.

Custom Campaigns - Three Banners War

Custom Campaigns - Three Banners War


This scenario is an adaptation of the event of Elder Scrolls Online, taking place in 2E 582

Custom Campaigns - Oblivion Crisis

Custom Campaigns - Oblivion Crisis


This scenario takes place during so called Oblivion Crisis, in 3E 433. This is the only scenario that lets players control Hordes of Oblivion.

Custom Campaigns - The Great War

Custom Campaigns - The Great War


This scenario takes places shortly after the beginning of The Great War in 4E 175, when forces of The Aldmeri Dominion has already archieved first victories...

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Unofficial Patch for TES TW - Version 1.31

Unofficial Patch for TES TW - Version 1.31

Patch 12 comments

Version 1.3 + Hotfix 1.31. Both versions are merged, so you need to download only one file.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 27)

Can I see a custom campaign called a gathering of heroes? I can explain it a bit more in detail here so if you don't wish to read you don't have to.
A gathering of heroes is going to be every hero of each respecting faction. For example you can have the Hero of Kvatch for the Empire and the Nerevarine for the kingdom of Morrowind. You'll unite each of the provinces and make every country a solid country. I can give examples for names such as the kingdom of Skyrim, the kingdom of Morrowind, the kingdom of Daggerfall ect. When I mean heroes I mean powerful people who fought for their country in their respective eras.

The catch of the gathering of heroes is that it's basically no set time, no canon, just a battle of which country can unite all of tamriel using the best their country ever produced over the three different eras.

It's like seeing the gathering of heroes from Dynasty Warriors. Where they added all the generals and lords and ladies into one single scenario and they fought for the unification of China.
I just think this kinda campaign would just add more hours to the game and make it fun.
I just love the idea of using the hero of Kvatch to battle against the last Dragonborn from the kingdom of Skyrim to die fighting the Nerevarine.

It's just a small idea and you can further discuss it with me in the comments section and tell me what I did wrong. I know wayyy too much about Elder Scrolls lore seeing as I've played every single game from Bethesda and it's just the idea of the gathering of heroes that really wants me to try it out in Medieval 2's engine since I love Total war.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nice idea indeed...

Yes, some special models for the various TES heros with unique abilities and a good scripting quest-system and it can be shaped...

we'll keep it in mind! ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jadli Creator

Thanks for suggestion.

Once there will be a day, when I run out with real lore events for the game, I might start doing things like this. But that is definitely very far from thia day....

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I have problems with the 1.31patch. I followed the guide but i don't see differences.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jadli Creator

Were you asked to overwrite old files? You must do that... If it didnt, it means you extracted it to wrong folder. The_Elder_Scrolls must come to .../Medieval II Total War/mods, not into .../Medieval II Total War/mods/The_Elder_Scrolls.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yes I've overwrite..but it didn't work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jadli Creator

Is this your only TES folder? If you had more, the launcher would be always launching only the folder called The_Elder_Scrolls, not the the patched one.
If thats not the case, then probably try reinstalling...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I've tried to I will try to reinstall TES TW too

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Guys I had a playthrough as the Stormcloaks in the Campaign created by you guys and I think West Skyrim should have the High Queen Elisif should be the leader of her own faction. Her name could be Elisif the fair, as just in Skyrim. I believe she should have her own faction because when I'm fighting with the Empire and I'm beating them, The Aldmeri Dominion would declare war on the Empire, alongside some other factions as well and it's just a land grab from there. I think creating a seperate faction for West Skyrim should be good. Also once I united Skyrim under the Stormcloaks, there wasn't an event to name me High King of all of Skyrim. You should make that an event and also make it to where his stat isn't just "King of west skyrim".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Thanks for the suggestions...

In terms of new factions we are quite limited (due to the 30 + slaves) and since we plan a few newer custom campaigns (as said, one with an Akaviri faction possibly), a lot of new factions cannot be, but WSkyrim is already in store.
Custom scenarios in any case require revisitation and editing, so we may displace units and factions differently in future...

Whereas, yep, the High King with scripted events, ancillaries and traits needs to be there to reproduce the lore, essentially, but as Jadli said they are already in.

Step by step the custom scenarios will be fully polished as it's due :)

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Jadli Creator

The separate faction actually already exists, it was however not ready to be used in 1.31 yet. It will be used in singleplayer in the next version for sure, used for example in The Stormcloak Rebellion, as well as almost all other scenarios. Well, the trait "king of eastern skyrim" is updated to High King, once you control all of Skyrim.

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