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- 5 new fully playable factions - Kingdom of Evermore, Kingdom of Sharnhelm, Hold of Haafingar, Kingdom of Cyrodiil, Council of Thalmor
- 4 New unplayable factions - Clans of The Reach (horde faction), Akaviri Invaders, Maormer Invaders and Dungeon faction. The Reachmen are always a starting faction, while the Maormer/Akaviri may later invade

- 2 originally unplayable factions are now playable (in some scenarios ) - Worm Cult (The Undead) and Daedric Realms.
- One of the most essential features of this version are lore guilds, missions and dungeons. You can read about them further below.

- 3 couples of shadow factions - Empire/Cyrodiil, Summerset/Thalmor and Eastmarch/Haafingar. Shadow mechanics mean, that characters may revolt from one faction to the other based on loyalty and leader's authorities and also that the faction may emerge throughout the game.
- Ovehauled AI (using Skynet AI now) and difficulty system. The AI get different bonus based on what difficulty you pick. Garisson script is included only for H and VH difficulty.
- Many custom campagns across 3 eras, see below.
- Overhauled factions relations
- New events and invasions (Akaviri/Maormer/...). Several factions can now go horde when they loose all settlements (Orsinium, Ashlanders, Reachmen, Undead, ...)
- Many new units and and especially many reskins. Especially for bretons, nords, imperials and altmers due to the new factions (see the previews)
- New Custom stratmap (settlement/ports/...) models for many cultures.
- New audio, music, IU, animations, banners, battlefield models, skies, water, etc
- Overhauled menu, new logo

- Fixed mages projectiles.
- Added a new religions - Yokudan Pantheon (for redguards), Akaviri, Maormer, The Eight (unused in this version), .... Changed religion of ashlander tribes to deadric cults.
- Added about 1500 new (sur)names and about 250 custom portraits (for ESO characters mostly)
- Changed many of faction leaders/heirs prefixes, priest titles, settlement names, ...
- Fortresses can be upgraded
- Many map changes - Overhauled terrain in many regions, such as Wrothgar or Blackmarsh adding ports, changing borders, economical improvements, lowered levels of most of settlements, as they now can be upgraded, etc

- Fixed/improved shapes of most of Vvardenfell islands.
- Balancing campaigns - Added/removed/changes many scripts. Changed starting balance of all factions (buildings, traits, ....),...

- Many new descriptions of all kinds...
- Changed movement ranges.
- And more...

Guilds, missions and dungeons
- Overhauled the missions system... Removed the vanilla ones and most the new ones are availible only through various lore guilds (there is now cca 12 guilds).
- Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Necromancers Guild availible to all fations. Then there is also many specific to various religions, cultures or factions
- There are many dungeons all over the map (I recommend turing character labels on, so you can see their names on the map) and they use custom dungeon battlefields and are occupied by dungeon fation.
- You receive dungeon quests from Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, with possibly great rewards. You can aslo take dungeons on your own (without a mission) with little generic reward (artifacts) but I highly recommend to rather wait for the missions.
- Other guilds of course also have many unique missions of their own.
- You can read about the guilds, missions and dungeon in much greater depth HERE (or in worse formating on moddb)

Recruitment, units and buildings
- Recruitment based on religion - You need to convert foreign settlements before you can recruit new units there.
- Massively rebalanced unit stats (especially unit costs and upkeeps) and recruitment trees (upgrading military buildings is necessary to get elite units, etc)
- Unit additions - New factons. Then also for The Undead, Dunmer, Redguards, Orsimer. Few more variants of siege crews. Readded some units removed by TES TW. Made generals recruitable for all factions.
- All units now can be recruited.
- There are many AoR units (unique to some regions) so make sure to check bulding browser in your regions to see (will include a list of AOR units later). Most of mercenary armies from TES TW you actually also need to upgrade your barracks in the relevant settlements to get them.
- Added several new buildings, such as temples, knight chapters, etc
- Spies, assassins and Fighters/Mages Guild units, slaves, a few undead, can be recruited from guild buildings (thus, you need to accumulate guild points to build them)

Traits and Ancillaries Overhaul
Ratial traits - All major races of Tamriel are in game via traits. Effects of these traits might be slightly changing player's strategy for some factions
Alchemy potions - are availible as dungeon Mages Guild rewards. In the hotfix I will enable crafting.
Birthsign traits - Every new character is randomly born into certain star constellation, giving him small bonuses.
Religion traits - Characters with high piety might become dedicated followers of one of the gods, giving them small bonuses.
Khajiit traits - Many traits from khajiit culture has been added, as well as khajiit name suffixes.
Faction leader traits - These traits usually have two levels. The first, basis level is granted when a character becomes faction leader. The second level might be obtained if a faction leader unites the entire province/becomes more powerful. Example - Grandmaster of House Hlaalu/King of Morrowind.
Vampires, Werewolves - Vampyrism and Lycanthropy is now imgame. Your generals might get bitten...
Governor ancillaries
- Governor ancillaries for most of settlements. Titles are not the same for each faction. For example if a nord becomes lord of Anvil, he is called jarl, while an altmer would become canonreeve.
Special ancillaries - For various special military units/guilds/orders (for example the companions, dragonguard, etc)
Character Ancillaries - For important characters, such as Sotha-Sil, Molag Bal, Hero of Kvatch, etc
And many more...

Features - 2.0.1.

(incuded in 2.0.2.)
- Implemented Alchemy System. Generals with relevant traits are able to collect ingredients and craft potions. Potions give mostly battle bonus, and after a time they are removed. As the character makes more potions, he improves his skill and is able to craft more powerful potions. There is about 30 potions divided into three main trees - health, magicka and stamina.

- Implemented Army Supply Costs Script (from SSHIP) - You have to pay realistic additional upkeep for armies in enemy lands and especially when besieging settlements, based on military and logistics skill of your generals. Along with it, also implemented military and administrative education. You can educate young generals in settlements. (only with Very Hard difficulty). Along with longer sieges, this should be a proper challenge!

- Joining Vampires Script - If your Faction Leader becomes a vampire, you will have an option to lead all vampire clans to conquer Tamriel (Volkihar script semi included). There is also similar script for necromancers from the FINAL version.

- Implemented (again) Red Year, Khanaten Flu and various other (generic) disasters, most importantly plagues and volcanoes. And from the FINAL version, the Dragon Raids.

- Sadras units can now be recruited in the 4th era by dunmers in southern Morrowind.

- Mages Guild and Penitus Oculatus units added.

- Improved AI - The potential of the new Skynet AI is now fully unleashed, in the previous version they were slowed down by the dungeons, which was now resolved by player controlled Dungeon Region.

- Balancing in unit stats across the board - Weaker Mages and Archers, increased prices and upkeep for higher tier units. Slightly strenghtened the orsimer roster. Slightly increased morale for all units.

- Sadras units can now be recruited in the 4th era by dunmers in southern Morrowind. As well as Stormcloack units for Eastmarch.

- Mages Guild and Penitus Oculatus units added.

- Significantly decreased population growths, religion conversion and slightly unit replenishment rates

- Slightly optimized performance (less lagging when moving generals, etc) by improving some scripts, as well as turn times.

- Improved starting economies, balance and general stats

- Shadowing between the shadow factions (altmers, imperials and nords) now works properly and to both sides, and all the 6 factions are re-emergent. Increased chances of rebellions. Be careful whom do you entrust to lead your armies!

- Divided Alchemy Academia and Mages Barracks into two separate trees. You need Mages guild in order to build Mages Barracks.

- Made the major scripts hotseats compatible - dungeons, missions named forts and supply script.

Current Difficulty Settings

(each difficulty includes the one above it)

Easy - AI receives only a small bonus to income

Normal - AI Turn 1 Auto-expansion, income bonus

Hard - Garrisson Script, Last Stand Script (when an AI faction is almost dead, it may receive an elite army), income bonus

Very Hard - Army Supply Script, an additional starting AI army, income bonus

Independebly on a selected difficulty, all AI factions receives various minor trade, law, recruitment and population growth bonuses

Features - 2.0.2

Expanded Necromancy

20210327123720 1

Necromancers can now raise executed enemies after every battle via mercenary window. You are also able to turn turn your characters to necromancers with a small chance when they in a settlements with a necromancer guild. Once you potetionally accept Mannimarco Event, those chances grow up significantly.

Expanded Vampirism

Added an ability to send characters to Volkihar (once you take it) to purposely turn them vampires, including your faction leaders. Hence, this way you would be able to the Vampire Event faster. Also increased "random" chances of being infected by Vampirism (when fighting vampire generals, etc).

- For both, added more consequental trait triggers - If you accept either above, necromancers/vampires will be more loyal, while the other generals will be less loyal.

Alchemy Improved

- Improved alchemy triggers in a way, that is easier to get crafting started. On the first levels of Alchemy trait you can gather only ingredients that you can use, hence it is easier to know which ones you can use

Forts as Minor Settlements

20210326170414 1

- Ashlanders can recruit units in their camps (permanent forts), therefore the forts can now serve as "minor" settlements.

Missions and Guilds

Dungeons contracts targets will now not be that far away (via decreasing movement points of assassins)

- Enabled several missions that were not working in the previous version - Primarily capture and convert type of missions and more Dark Brotherhood missions

- Increased rewards for missions significantly, implemented a new type of reward based on your income. The Factional Guilds are not a bit harder to get

Units and Balance

- Added Royal Chosen while keeping the original reskinned Heavy Altmer tier, hence the altmer roster is expanded. The Royal Chosen are availible to Summerset Kingdom, however if Council of Thalmor destroys them, they are allowed to recruit them as well.

- Re-added The Thegns.

- Increased movement pace of several infantry based factions - primarily the orsimer and argonians.

- Added many more availible armor upgrades - the orsimer are only faction able to upgrade armors for all their units fully

- Various other balancing - stats, prices, attributes, availiblity

Turns Times Optimization and Stability

- Reworked large portion of the scripts to shorten turn times and increase stability

- Garrison Script replaced with one that is much more optimized. The AI reinformences appear once you choose to "maintain siege".

- Added an option to download the mod with and without Engine Overhaul Project Tool (EOP) as for many people it doesnt seem to be compatible.


- Fixed Akaviri and Maormeri invasions, their forces should now be actively invading.

- Blackmarsh can now turn horde when they loose all settlements (as well as Orsinium, Reacchmen, Ashlanders and The Undead from previous versions)

- Campaign AI improved further, the Battle AI reverted back to Germanicus.

- The King and Crusader Event expanded to Forebears, Colovia and Thalmor.

- Custom bodyguards should now work properly.

- Morale for AI slightl even more increased, as well as their recruitment priority.

- Fixed the bug in custom battle select, there were some vanilla locations.

- Added missing descriptions for new units (credits to Jorven Greshnar).

- Added The Prophet to The Three Banners War (using the new model from TES TW 2.0.2). Implemented some other minor things from the main mod that I left out last time, such as Silt Striders trade resource.

- Replaced "Dont loose me!" portrait with "Dont lose me!" :D

Custom Campaigns:
You can read in much greater depth HERE (will add in 3rd/4th era soon), or in worse formating on moddb articles
- Each campagn is unique towards others, in many areas - campaign dificulty/lenght, starting positions, developement, events and so on.

2E 542 - Black Drake

2E 582 - Three Banners War

3E 427 - Main Campaign

3E 433 - Oblivion Crisis


4E 172 - Great War

4E 175 - White-Gold Concordat

4E 201 - Stormcloak Rebellion

Changes to official 2.0 TES TW
Almost all features of the official 2.0 included, except - their recruitment and unit balance system (overhauled), changes to events - you can no longer obtain Mannimarco (as you can play the undead faction instead now). Dawnguard script moved to the 2nd and 4th era campaigns, Harkon script not availible , you can usually play as him as Undead faction usually. You can no longer choose whether Oblivion Crisis happens (and of course, the invasion was improved, so its no longer that imbalanced). Garisson script moved to H and VH difficulty and made it less intense. No military reform, you can now upgrade fortresses to citadels. Fighters guild turned to actual guilds. Replaced governor ancs with our ones. Removed/didnt use some other ancillaries (=replaced with our variants), added triggers to armor/weapon/shield/banner ancs. Added more ports, changed some borders, and really lot of smaller things naturally....

AWARD - The First Place in Modding Awards 2016, category Mods/Submods!

If you like the mod, follow and rate us here on moddb!

Check out our forum at TWC


You can also join our official TES discord!

You can check out campaign and battle previews from Rampaned as well!

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Version 2.0.4. of the Unofficial Patch for the Elder Scrolls has been released!

moddb sig

Thanks to Engine Overhaul Project, it includes many new features, impossible before in Medieval 2. You can download it HERE. You can also find the most recent changelog in the thread. In this article I mainly aim to give a general overview/preview of the mod, as there has been many little releases recently, so it might not be obvious at first glance, what are the main features of the mod.

Overview of the Mod Features - Preview

The mod enhances gaming experience of the original The Elder Scrolls:Total War mod in many ways, either by overhauling the original content, but mainly by adding brand new content.

Factions and Campaigns

- The mod adds 5 fully fleshed out new factions (Kingdom of Evermore, Kingdom of Sharnhelm, Hold of Haafingar, Kingdom of Cyrodiil, Council of Thalmor) and 4 unplayable factions (Clans of The Reach, Akaviri Invaders, Maormer Invaders and Dungeon faction), while many of the original factions were largely redesigned or repurposed. Some faction are emergent, horde or shadowing.

- The mod also adds several new campaigns in Second, Third and Fourth Era, allowing a player to experience many events from Elder Scrolls lore. The campaigns are however not just different starting positions, but also provide different events and campaign style (undeveloped vs developed, ...).

- The campaign map was redesigned at some locations, and some new locations were added, such as the Daedric Planes, where you can traval via Oblivion gates. Some parts of the map also differ across the span of the campaigns.

Coldharbour, Daedric plane of Molag Bal

Some redesigned parts of the map

- The AI, recruitment, difficulty completely overhauled

Units and Models

- Dozens of new units added, as well as even more reskins for the original units (to create more factional variants mostly), such as dragons. Various other models added, including custom settlements.

Evermore units and new units for orsimer

Sharnhelm Highlanders

Imperial reskinsValenwood vs Cyrodiil

Haafingar and Eastmarch reskins

Summerset Kingdom reskins

Fighters Guild reskins

Breton reskins

Mages Guild new units

Improved battle effects

Ayleid Guardians

Dragon vs dovahkiin

and many more...

Lore Guilds, Missions and Dungeons

- the Medieval vanilla system of guilds and missions was completey redesigned, all generic missions and guilds were removed, and now all factions use splendid amount of lore guilds and mission, such as quests from Dunmer Slavers or Knight Orders!

- Lot of modding research went into this, and for example it is now possible to view your standing with each guild in your settlements, which was entirely impossible in Medieval 2 before!

- Many dungeons were added into game, for players to explore, find artifacts and receive rewards from some of the guilds! The dungeons also use detailed custom strat and battle models of its own.

Events and other lore features

- Huge amount of lore traits and ancillaries added into the game, as well as mechanics and scripts tied to it. Apart from all the artifacts, racial or brithsign traits, your characters can for example also be infected with vampirism or lycantrophy (by fighting vampires, werewolves, undead and alike). And if for example your faction leader becomes a vampire, you can choose to create a vampire kingdon in Tamriel, rallying all the vampire clans to you, as well being able to access the vampire roster... but your relations with other factions would naturally suffer... There is also similar event for joining the Worm Cult, once you build up the Cult of Black Worm guild to max level... afterwards you receive army from Mannimarco, and you will be allowed to access the undead roster as well...

- Alchemy crafting is now possible (thanks to Engine Overhaul Project), there many ingredients and potions. Furthermore, the bonuses the potions provide scale with your character's alchemy skill.

- Oblivion Gate travel is possible as well, thanks to Engine Overhaul Project

- If you are a necromancer, you can raise the executed enemies after battle as undead!

- Some vanilla natural disasters were repurposed for lore purposes, such as Dragon Raids

- Ashlanders camps (fors) now serve as minor settlements,where you can recruit units

- and many more interesting features. To see the full changelog, see the 2.0 version release article or the Guide to the features of the mod.

If you like the mod follow and rate us!

You can also join our official TES discord!

Unofficial Patch 2.0.3. HOTFIX Features Changelog

Unofficial Patch 2.0.3. HOTFIX Features Changelog


New hotfix 2.0.3 for the mod has been released, bringing major fixes for The Elder Scrolls: Total War Unofficial Patch.

Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. HOTFIX Features Changelog

Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. HOTFIX Features Changelog


New hotfix for the mod has been released, bringing major fixes for Unofficial Patch 2.0.2.

Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. Features Changelog

Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. Features Changelog


New version of the mod has been released, bringing major features once again and upgrading to the official 2.0.2. version of TES. This version doesnt...

Unofficial Patch 2.0.1. for TES RELEASED - Features Changelog

Unofficial Patch 2.0.1. for TES RELEASED - Features Changelog

News 6 comments

Patch 2.0.1 has been released. In order to be able to launch the mod, you need the previous 2.0 FINAL version as well as the base official TES TW 2.0...

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Unofficial Patch 2.0.5. HOTFIX for TES:TW

Unofficial Patch 2.0.5. HOTFIX for TES:TW

Patch 27 comments

New hotfix for the mod has been released! This hotfix requires the previous version, and it naturally also requires the vanilla TES TW mod. To read install...

Unofficial Patch 2.0.4. FULL for TES:TW

Unofficial Patch 2.0.4. FULL for TES:TW

Full Version 98 comments

New full version of the mod has been released, apart from various bugfixes, this version mainly includes an upgrade to new version to new version of Engine...

Unofficial Patch 2.0.3. for TES:TW - HOTFIX (OUTDATED)

Unofficial Patch 2.0.3. for TES:TW - HOTFIX (OUTDATED)

Patch 31 comments

REUPLOADED on the 22nd November WITH NEW FIXES New hotfix 2.0.3 of the mod has been released, bringing major fixes to the official 2.0.2. version of Unofficial...

Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. for TES:TW - HOTFIX (OUTDATED)

Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. for TES:TW - HOTFIX (OUTDATED)

Patch 15 comments

New version of the mod has been released, bringing major fixes to the official 2.0.2. version of Unofficial Patch. This hotfix by default doesnt include...

Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. for TES:TW (OUTDATED)

Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. for TES:TW (OUTDATED)

Full Version 42 comments

New version of the mod has been released, bringing major features once again and upgrading to the official 2.0.2. version of TES. This version is FULL...

Unofficial Patch 2.0.1. for TES:TW (OUTDATED)

Unofficial Patch 2.0.1. for TES:TW (OUTDATED)

Patch 17 comments

Patch 2.0.1 has been released. In order to be able to launch the mod, you need the previous 2.0 FINAL version as well as the base TES TW 2.0 + 2.0.1...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 940)

Not sure what happened. Years ago this mod worked fine. Now, on any campaign, it crashes after turn 5-10 unexpectedly, even with the 4gb patch on the medieval.exe file. I also tried it on the launcher. The mod is broken.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jadli Creator

There are definitely some issues with optimization, that are difficult to solve, as they only happen to some players.

Anyway, you can partly solve this, but following the anti crash tips under install instructions... Specifically, setting the compability in the .exes may significantly help, as well as running as an admin... let me know if it helped for you. The 4GB patch is just a pre requisite to play the mod in the first place (cant launch without it), its doesnt fix memory related crashes

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello there, i just have a question regarding hotseat campaigns ive noticed you have in the septim campaign the ability to turn off autoresolve battles at the start of the campaign. When i want to play any other hotseat campaign tho this option does not exist, is there a possibility to make it that you can fight in battles in other hotseat campaigns?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Jadli Creator

Yea, this is a bit annoying. I was trying to add it, but the menu moding is quite confusing to me , so I gave up on it at some point. (I was mainly happy that I was able to add the option or custom campaign hotseats).

Nonetheless, fear not. You can simply preset these settings in The_Elder_Scrolls.cfg (the same folder as launcher), but setting autoresolve_battle = 0. In fact, there are more settings that you may be interested in... see

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Did you make it to where the inprials have their shield walls again? Kinda weird they dont

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jadli Creator

Hmm Im pretty sure some units have, but I will add on my lost to add more

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Love the mod, great job!

Just wondering if anyone else also has a problem with the Siege AI regarding multilayered castles like fortresses? The AI does not move (or only moves 1 unit) unless I make sure the innermost gate is open and then they just try to move that way instead of taking walls and engaging in fights.

Have seen this recently at the Bangkorai Garrison, so haven't tested it extensively but the AI, simply can't take the place unless i actively surrender it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jadli Creator

Hmm I remember this is issue in many mods, not sure if I can do much about it... its due to AI used in the mod ,and there are not many choices for battle AI out there, only Skynet and Germanicus afaik

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Also, any chance that the hyper generic ESO armors will start being phased out? :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Jadli Creator

Well, not sure where my texture guy ended up at, so not sure :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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