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Unofficial Patch 1.41 for The Elder Scrolls: Total War


(a very short version. See the download for more info)
- Custom stratmap (settlement/ports/...) models for each race.
- New audio, music, IU, animations, battlefield models, skies, water, etc
- New banners for several new factions. New mod logo.
- Added a new religion - Yokudan Pantheon (for redguards). Changed religion of ashlander tribes to deadric cults.
- Added about 1500 new (sur)names and about 250 custom portraits (for ESO characters mostly)
- Changed many of faction leaders/heirs prefixes, priest titles, settlement names, ...
- Fortresses can be upgraded
- Many map tweaks - adding ports, changing borders, economical improvements, lowered levels of most of settlements, as they now can be upgraded, et
- Balancing campaigns - Added/removed/changes many scripts. Changed starting balance of all factions (buildings, traits, ....),...
- Decreased movement ranges.
- And more...

Recruitment, units and buildings
- Recruitment based on religion - You need to convert foreign settlements before you can hire there new units.
- Massivel rebalanced unit stats (especially unit costs and upkeeps) and recruitment trees (upgrading military buildings is necessary to get elite units, etc)
- Unit additions - For The Undead, Dunmer, Redguards, Orsimer. Few more variants of siege crews. Readded some units removed by 1.4. . Made generals recruitable for all factions.
- All units now can be recruited.
- Tasunke's Esperitus Sancti mage improvement included.
- List of AoR units:

List of AoR units (not mercenaries) and where to find them:
unit - region - faction
(Dismounted) Knights of The Dragon - Daggerfall/Glenpoint - Daggerfall/Wayrest
Knights of The Rose - Wayrest/Firebrand Keep/Gauvadon - Daggerfall/Wayrest
Abibon-gorah Knights - Abibon-gorah - Clans of Crowned and Forebears
Winterhold mages - Winterhold - Skyrim
Akavir Tsaeci - Imperial City - Empire (Second Era)
Arcane Archmages - Imperial City - Empire
Blades - Cloud Ruler Temple - Empire (Third Era and The Great War)
Wood orc archers - North-western Valenwood - Kigdom of Orsinium
Orcrest Warriors/Archers/Spearmen/Marauders - Orcrest - Kingdom of Orsinium
Skaal Warriors and Hunters - Solstheim - Northern Factions
Dawnguard - Fullhelm Fort/Fort Dawnguard - Northern Factions (Second and Fourth Era)
Lillmoth fishermen - Lillmoth - Tribes of Black Marsh
Ebonheart Guard - Ebonheart city and castle - Empire/Hlaalu
Buoyant armigers - Ald'ruhn/Ghostgate/Molag Mar - Redoran/Tribunal
Hands of Almalexia - Vivec city/Mournhold - Tribunal
Thanes - Skyrim - Skyrim
Necrom Ordinators - Necrom - Tribunal
Imperial Legion Company units - Skyrim/Morrowind/Black Marsh - Empire
Silstriders - Morrowind - All morrowind factions
Crystal Tower Wizards - Cloudrest - Aldmeri Dominion
Firsthold Wizards/Masters of Age - Firsthold - Aldmeri Dominion
Alinor Wizards - Alinor - Aldmeri Dominion
Psijics - Alinor/Imperial City - Aldmeri Dominion
Telvanni Wizards/Masters of Mage - Telvanni lands - Telvanni
Knights of Iron - Leyaviin/Totambu/Guavadon/Camlorn/Sunkeep/Antiphyllos - Nine Divines factions and redguards
Knights of The Lily - Anvil/Markarth/Morkul Stronghold/Farrun/Northpoint/Taneth - Nine Divines factions and redguards
Knights of The Circle - Cheydinhall/Daggerfall/Sentinel/Kozanset/Hallin's Stand/Skaven - Nine Divines factions and redguards
Knight Mentors - Anticler/Wayrest/Abibon-gorah/Skingrad - Nine Divines factions and redguards
Crusaders - Sharnhelm/Ravenwatch Castle/Dvinnen/Rihad/Gilane/Kozanset/Vulnim/Falinesti/Gideon/Lillmoth/Chorrol/Windhelm/Solitude - Nine Divines factions and redguards
Knights of The Nine - Kvatch - Empire (Third Era)
Knights of Horn - Dukfron/Lainlyn - Clan of Forebears
Knights of True Horn - Clan of Crowns lands (Third Era)
Knights of Candle/Moon - Sentinel - Clan of Forebears
Bosmer units - Valenwood - Aldmeri Dominion
If Anequina/Pelletine controls all of Elsweyr, they can hire few units of the other faction in the starting settlements of the faction
Several dagoth units - Ashlands - Dagoth
Wood Sench Riders - Elsweyr - Valenwood
Volkihar Units - Volkihar Castle - The Undead (or northern factions in some scenarios)
Desert Riders/Sench - Elsweyr - Anequina
Blackwod Guild Units - Blackwood - Empire/Elsweyr/Argonians
The Companions - Whiterrun - Skyrim
Wildhunt - Valenwood Event - Bosmer/Altmer

- Added several new buildings, such as temples, knight chapters, etc
- Spies, assassins and Fighters Guild units can be recruited from guild buildings (thus, you need to accumulate guild points to build them)

Traits and Ancillaries Overhaul
Ratial traits - All major races of Tamriel are in game via traits. Effects of these traits might be slightly changing player's strategy for some factions
Birthsign traits - Every new character is randomly born into certain star constellation, giving him small bonuses.
Religion traits - Characters with high piety might become dedicated followers of one of the gods, giving them small bonuses.
Khajiit traits - Many traits from khajiit culture has been added, as well as khajiit name suffixes.
Faction leader traits - These traits usually have two levels. The first, basis level is granted when a character becomes faction leader. The second level might be obtained if a faction leader unites the entire province/becomes more powerful. Example - Grandmaster of House Hlaalu/King of Morrowind.
Vampires, Werewolves - Vampyrism and Lycanthropy is now imgame. Your generals might get bitten...
Governor ancillaries - Governor ancillaries for most of settlements. Titles are not the same for each faction. For example if a nord becomes lord of Anvil, he is called jarl, while an altmer would become canonreeve.
Special ancillaries - For various special military units/guilds/orders (for example the companions, dragonguard, etc)
Character Ancillaries - For important characters, such as Sotha-Sil, Molag Bal, Hero of Kvatch, etc
And many more...

Custom Campaigns

See the articles for more details

Future plans
- Include many more lore traits, ancillaries and mechanics, such as mages guild. Feel free to share your ideas!
- Improve and use Iliac custom map, samely as Vvardenfell map. Possibly more custom campaigns in distant future
- Improve Voice Overhaul
- New custom campaigns - Varen's Rebellion and campaigns from septim era. Also campaigns using the new maps.
- Few more factions - Kingdom of Sharnhelm, Western Skyrim (Solitude), second faction for The Empire (could be used as Colovian Estates, various rebels and civil wars, etc), and perhaps some more. Some are already in game, but not availible in singleplayer yet
Improving the current content. Especially balancing unit abilites in battles, as there is still many things to improve.
- More units, both new custom and map models.
- Many more balancing and tweaking of all kinds

Current Team
Jadli -
Team leader
K'Sharra The Conqueror -
Most of the new traits and ancillaries, map tweaking, new units, and several other things.
rafmc1989 -
New models, textures, animations, units, sounds and literally few GBs of other things
Tasunke -
mages balance, voice overhaul

Former Team (or members helping out time from time)

Gigantus - Installer and other bugfixing for 1.41. Helping me with modding issues almost daily

Lifthrasir - New menu and mod logos
- Polishing texts, removing all vannilla references.

ArBo - Map editing
- Help with transferring 1.31 contents into 1.41. Providing a constructive critic.
- Some custom portraits and other various graphical additions
- Writting descriptions (for older version) and lore advisor
Asbjorn Ironside
- Testing
- New unit models

The Original TES developer team
Bethesda Games
Zenimax Online Studio
The Elder Scrolls Wiki
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

Divide And Conquer - Base for redguard settlement models (retextured)
Europa Barbarorum II - Base for redguard, elven, men and argonian ports (retextured)
okiir - Some banner designs
Macrath - The File allowing me to use custom campaign in hotseats
Carnage752 - Some files in previous versions
Hegemony Submod - Few banners

Unit and custom settlements creators, voice actors, or anythone else, really

Visis our TWC thread!

big moddb screen

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The Elder Scrolls Hotseats


"As a solo player, you had it easy. You blitzed the AI. You turtled against the AI. You conquered your computer opponents in every conceivable fashion. When endless stacks marched against you, you directed your forces on the battlefield and personally left the ground littered with enemy corpses. You came, you played, you conquered.

Now, a new challenge awaits you.

Enter a world of chaos and intrigue, of wonder and death. Only the clever among you will survive here, in this tumultuous land where every decision could lead to glorious victory…or utter destruction. It is not enough to be a great tactician. You must learn every aspect of military strategy, from the grandest of concepts to the minutest of details. Armies must be moved wisely, agents trained and deployed, diplomacy carefully cultivated. Your economy must be a golden industry, driving your empire to impossible heights. Through it all, you test your mettle against living, breathing humans, opponents with their own dreams and ambitions. Do you hold to honor and expect your allies to do the same? Or are you a knife in the dark, plunging into the backs of those who least expect it?

The choices are yours. All you need to do is join. Join a Hotseat Campaign. Experience Total War at its most breathtaking, and embrace the intricacies which capture men’s souls…or drive them mad.

Your destiny awaits you. Do you have the courage to claim it?"

text by joerock22

The Elder Scrolls has quickly became one of the most popular mods used in hotseats. There are many interesting TES hotseats projects going on, dont hesitate to participate if you are interested!

If you wish to play TES hotseats, post here or contact me. Ill help you to get started and find a suitable spot.

All hotseats are hosted HERE.

Custom Campaigns - Black Drake

Custom Campaigns - Black Drake


This scenario takes place in 2E 542, during conquests of Emperor Durorach The Black Drake.

Custom Campaigns - Three Banners War

Custom Campaigns - Three Banners War


This scenario is an adaptation of the event of Elder Scrolls Online, taking place in 2E 582

Custom Campaigns - Oblivion Crisis

Custom Campaigns - Oblivion Crisis


This scenario takes place during so called Oblivion Crisis, in 3E 433. This is the only scenario that lets players control Hordes of Oblivion.

Custom Campaigns - The Great War

Custom Campaigns - The Great War


This scenario takes places shortly after the beginning of The Great War in 4E 175, when forces of The Aldmeri Dominion has already archieved first victories...

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Unofficial Patch 1.42 for TES:TW - HOTFIX

Unofficial Patch 1.42 for TES:TW - HOTFIX

Patch 18 comments

A hotfix solving issues of the previous version, such as incorrect voices for some factions.

Unofficial Patch 1.41 for TES:TW (FINAL VERSION)

Unofficial Patch 1.41 for TES:TW (FINAL VERSION)

Patch 25 comments

Final version of Unofficial Patch 1.41, including the hotfix, upgrading features of 1.31 on the new version from the devs. Includes an installer. Read...

Unofficial Patch 1.41 for TES:TW (BETA - OBSOLETE)

Unofficial Patch 1.41 for TES:TW (BETA - OBSOLETE)

Full Version 17 comments

Unofficial Patch 1.41, upgrading features of 1.31 on the new version from the devs. Read the description below...

Unofficial Patch 1.31 for TES:TW (OBSOLETE)

Unofficial Patch 1.31 for TES:TW (OBSOLETE)

Patch 19 comments

Version 1.3 + Hotfix 1.31. Both versions are merged, so you need to download only one file.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 263)

when installing this, it seems to crash 30 secs after i load up the campaign. can someone make a video how to install it, cause maybe i did something wrong.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, i have been playing this mod for quite a while now and it's really good. I just had one question is there a way to play custom campaign in multiplayer hotseat. I remember on older version having an option in multiplayer to hotseat custom campaign but since 1.4 it's not there.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey The game works almost fine its just whenever I load the campaign map wether its finishing a battle, loading a save game or starting a new campaign. It takes 3-5 minutes to load. Which is alot of time. Do you have any idea what could be causing this? I really admire the work this patch does to the game but its almost unplayable unless I want to autoresolve everything because of how long that singular loading screen is.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Jadli Creator

We have too many custom map (settlement) models, which is causing this. It happens whenever you load on the main map. However, how long the delay is depends on your PC a bit. Its about 30 secs to me for example. Try reducing your graphic setting, running the game in windowed helps too.

You can also solve it by deleting all settlement models, if you go to /data/models_strat/residences

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you that helped now it takes under a minute for it to load. Now i dont know if this is a mechanic or not but for some reason when I am sieging a settlement over the course of a few turns sometimes the garrison randomly gets a significant amount of reenforcements inside of the sieged city ( Usually around double the current garrison ) This happens sometimes during the end turn screen when it reaches that faction's turn. It is just confusing because I have had several attempts at starving out settlements but then magically troops spawn in the settlement ( Also the soldiers that were already there have the damage from the siege but the freshly spawned troops dont on the turn they appear ) and sally forth.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Jadli Creator

Its the garrison script, similar as to one for example in Third Age Total War

Reply Good karma+1 vote

None of my campaigns are working i installed it exactly like it says to twice but it is craching and reverts back to medieval two

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Asbjorn_Ironside Creator

Check your files. You may have two files within the The_Elder_Scrolls file named The_Elder_Scrolls as well. Just drag them to desktop and drag their contents into your TESTW mod folder. Should work then.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Is it just me or does the Stormcloak Civil War custom campaign not work? It's always missing the campaign description and says year one for year.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Jadli Creator

Try reinstalling, it all should be working

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ah, thanks. It appears I figured out my problem...I tried editing the descr_strat file to add family to Titus Mede. In your older patches this worked fine I was able to put in three Mede sons with no problems. This time around I -had- to back up the file because even editing the file to it's original text causes the campaign to break.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Yeah, any changes done to descr_strat makes the custom campaign unplayable. Was this done on purpose?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Jadli Creator

They are completely editable. You are just making some error on your way, causing this issue. Even a smallest error in coding can cause it, especially if you are playing around with family trees

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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