The Tyranid Mod is an ongoing additional race modification for the original Dawn of War series, based on the Tyranid army from the Warhammer 40k tabletop game.

Tyranids are an intergalactic predator race which moves in hivefleets from world to world, devouring all living things and natural resources they can; leaving behind nothing but a barren rock, devoid even of atmosphere.  Seemingly without individuals, Tyranids have a single hivemind that spans billions of their genetically-engineered combat organisms. Faceless and implacable, the Tyranid race is unrelenting and unstoppable.  And their origins remain a complete mystery.

Although now already featured in Dawn of War 2, the Tyranid Mod Team is still hard at work trying to bring the Tyranids to Soulstorm (and if we can, Dark Crusade as well).

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Unit booklet sneak peek Hive Tyrant 0.5b2 Universal Build Options - Pic 3
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13 comments by zahaqiel on Jan 30th, 2014

Hey folks,

So I've been given a list of most of the 0.5b3 updates from Miros and I thought I'd give you a little inside look at what's going on.  This list isn't everything, but it constitutes the majority of what will be the 0.5b3 change list (less the Gargoyles, since they won't be an in-game unit until 0.6).

Things marked with a "" have been completed and/or implemented for testing, things with a "(?)" are things we are considering or need further discussion about their implementation.


  1. Hive Tyrant:
    - Re-animate
    - Center synapse marker
    - Sync kills/deaths
  2. Warriors: Sync kills/deaths
  3. Carnifex: Make missing animations
  4. Trygon: Burrow animation/FX
  5. Gaunts: Create Termagant/Spinegaunt fusion for generic "Gaunt" unit
  6. Buildings:
    - Complete animations
    - "Debris" texture
  7. Fix cover markers


  1. Hive Tyrant: Fix selection volume
  2. Broodlord: Reduce selection circle (?)
  3. Biovore: Fix incorrect projectile FX
  4. Carnifex: Fix incorrect FX
  5. Gargoyles: Weapon FX 
  6. Lictors: Add decap animation
  7. Buildings: Death & low-health FX
  8. Footfall FX
  9. Unify weapon FX
  10. Blood FX
  11. Add sounds


  1. Hollow's suggestions:
    - Research time and cost changes (?)
    - Sight range changes
  2. Biovores: Weapon upgrade reduction (?)
  3. Bioplasma (clickable ability):
    - Carnifex (?)
    - Warriors
  4. Genestealers:
    - Upgrade armour on heavy armour research
    - Correct squad names
  5. Race compatibility SCAR code
  6. Zoanthrope: Change Toxic Miasma range(?)
  7. Hive Tyrant:
    - Added Leech Essence ability
    - Remove Catalyst from Tyrant (?)
    - Change Toxic Miasma range(?)
    - Change weapon requirements
  8. Reclamation Pools: Removed Toxic Miasma
  9. Rippers: Reduced FX to equate to 3 rippers
  10. Reclamation Pool: Generator-like lights
  11. Sporemines: Spawn FX
  12. Broodlord: Hypnotic Gaze ability
  13. MaSS/WoN: Redesigned as research
  14. Tiering unit squad cap bug fix


  1. Gargoyles: Fix eye texture
  2. Icons:
    - Fix white border and redesign some
    - Square ability icons (?)

As you can see, there are a lot of changes and new content going into 0.5b3 - and this is just Miros' workload.  After these are all completed we still have bug and balance testing and fixes and retesting, and then we ship it to you guys.

Also not included on this list are the new models in the works from Ministry and Heretec (who recently volunteered from the RelicNews forum to help us out) for 0.6.  I'm not going to spoiler you on what those are, but new units are in the works.

So still a lot going on, and of course all our staff are doing this in their spare time - so unfortunately, as always, I can't give you guys a release date until we get to the "a few days off" stage.  It is coming though!

0.5b2 FAQ:

So we seem to be getting the same three questions over and over from new people downloading 0.5b2.  To save time, here they are in short form, with their relevant answers:

Why don't I have a builder?!
Click the button at the centre-top of the UI bar across the bottom.

Why does my build menu go away when I select a unit?!  Why doesn't it come back when I de-select that unit?!
Because selecting a unit de-selects the hivefleet - exactly the same as when you click a unit that isn't your builder, you won't have your builder selected.

Why is the AI not doing anything?!
Have you installed the CPU player patch yet?

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Tyranid Mod v0.5b2 for Soulstorm

Tyranid Mod v0.5b2 for Soulstorm

Sep 22, 2012 Full Version 203 comments

Please be sure to update your Objective Points mod (see below) -- 0.5 beta 2: The second 0.5 series beta release for Soulstorm. If you have 0.5b1 installed...

Tyranid Mod v0.5b1 for Soulstorm

Tyranid Mod v0.5b1 for Soulstorm

Dec 9, 2011 Full Version 17 comments

0.5 beta 1: The first 0.5 series beta release for Soulstorm EDIT: Note that this has a bugfix you will need to perform to get the most out of 0.5b1

Tyranid Mod v0.45-SS

Tyranid Mod v0.45-SS

Jul 26, 2008 Full Version 44 comments

Latest Tyranid Mod release for Soulstorm - updated from the 0.45 Dark Crusade release. Includes new Soulstorm AI and flyer interaction update (no, that...

Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC Multiplay Fix

Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC Multiplay Fix

Jul 7, 2008 Patch 4 comments

This is a patch that fixes two bugs with the 0.45-DC release - the "Incompatible Game Active" multiplay bug, which prevents people from being able to...

Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC

Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC

Jul 3, 2008 Full Version 21 comments

Latest Tyranid Mod release for Dark Crusade. Includes graphical and gameplay updates - and no longer contains any non-Tyranid models.

Tyranid Mod v0.401

Tyranid Mod v0.401

Mar 11, 2007 Patch 27 comments

Tyranids 401 Release -------------------- Bug fixes - The mod manager now works properly EVERY time. - The heroes mod now works properly with the tyranid...

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fuggles2k Sep 30 2014, 5:37am says:

UA appears to have a gargoyle, is that yours? Any chance of an updated tick list?

+1 vote     reply to comment
zahaqiel Sep 30 2014, 6:06am replied:

I will answer that with two observations:
- UA requires the Tyranid Mod
- Gargoyle animations were never on the 0.5b3 checklist, but updating some of their FX was

+1 vote     reply to comment
Artaros13 Sep 26 2014, 4:08pm says:

I am sincerely sorry if I had offended anyone with my previous comment. I was just blinded by rage. You guys are actually doing a fantastic job even thought i'm not a fan of the tyranids.

And I wanted to know who began the project and who were the old team members and what led the developement team where it is today. And is there actually a way to contact the old team members ?

+2 votes     reply to comment
zahaqiel Sep 29 2014, 12:26pm replied:

It's been about 9-10 years since we started. The original team was lead by a guy who went by the username |-|ive Tyrant and another guy who went by Lord Azrael and our original coder was Gwalchavad. We've had three or four hosting changes since those days, so I'm not sure we have contact details for them anymore. They all kinda faded out of the mod scene after they left us.

I've been with the team since a few months after it started (they had just released 0.2 at the time, which had all of two models in it - rippers and genestealers). Originally I was just a random forumite who acted as a fluff researcher to assist with decision making and keeping the mod in-line with the setting, and I happened have a bad habit of memorising all the decisions the team made which wound out assisting them so that way they didn't need to keep rehashing the same old conversations.

There were a few other key members at the time - Stryer (the original modeller), Kaveman and Robskib (the two main animators), El Perro (our coder after Gwalchavad left), and -X- (who did most of our pre-modelling design work for the aesthetics). We've put up most of -X-'s original sketches on our website for posterity because it was some really awesome work.

Stryer eventually had some creative differences with the mod team leads, he left to make the Splinterfleet mod which was a different take on the Nids. Stryer's leaving was the original reason we instituted an agreement on how the model assets would be handled - because he owned his work and was using it to advance his own career in 3D modelling, we had to put in place an agreement on how models would be used and who would have authority to work with them. That became a thing we did for all our modelling staff, as we kinda made clear late last year when certain people tried to do certain things with them without permission.

+2 votes     reply to comment
zahaqiel Sep 29 2014, 12:26pm replied:

Around the same time Stryer left or maybe a bit after (it's been a long time, the order is a bit hazy), Kaveman and Robskib took over leadership when the original leads left with me doing the main gameplay design work as an extension of my fluff research I'd already been doing for the team.

Eventually those two left because they got old enough to get into uni, leaving me in charge since I'd been keeping on top of all the design decisions the whole way through and I'd been the one supplying most of the design decision options for the team to discuss under Robskib and Kaveman. El Perro left a bit after - he kinda just disappeared one day. Took us a few months to get Miros (our current coder and animator and FX-maker), but he was a god-send - he could code pretty much anything I could come up with to design, which meant a lot of the stuff we had put on hold suddenly could be put in the game.

There are a bunch of people I've left out - they're mentioned in our credits (Typhus22, Jay_Ray and Ministry, our other modellers, Warlord Kentax on sound - and a bunch of other random sound contributors, who would appear, do some work and then mysteriously vanish and become uncontactable) which probably need a bit of updating. To be honest, the mod has lived through about four editions of Tyranids in the tabletop game so there's been a lot of things to influence our decisions.

From the original team onwards though, we really wanted Tyranids not to operate like other races. A lot of our design was around cultivating certain playstyle attitudes - territory should be defended by units only, no turrets, players should want to be spamming as many units as possible, etc. Those were the kinds of goals we've been chasing the whole way through and I'm hoping that we've captured the feel of a race that wants to do nothing more than throw billions of creatures at their enemies until there's nothing left to eat.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Artaros13 Sep 29 2014, 1:02pm replied:

Thank you kindly for your response, the fact is I wanted to thank
everyone for their hardwork on this mod personnally this is why I have asked for their contacts.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Artaros13 Sep 30 2014, 12:10pm replied:

I haven't been truely honest with you. If I have asked for the contacts it was to help GrOrc have the permissions he needs to publish his work again, I think that his mod doesn't deserve to die for such an idiotic reason, he has put 5 long years working alone on it because he loved Dawn of war and wanted to share his talent with the community. Even if what he did was bad, he didn't meant to offend anyone really. He just wanted to improve his mod so that anyone could have fun with it. Is it a bad thing ? Zahaqiel I know that you are a smart person, even you can see he didn't do it for the sake of stealing or by disrespect for the work of your team. GrOrc also wants to forget this incident, he is ready to share with you the files he had modified to fit in to his mod if they can be of any help in your work, he is also ready to work with you on your current project, all he ask in return is the ability to publish his mod that contain your mod assets.

Please, for the sake of the Titanium Wars mod community. Read this message and respond to it.

Artaros13 fan of the titanium wars mod

+2 votes     reply to comment
Artaros13 Sep 30 2014, 12:29pm replied:

This the only way I have thought of to make the two of you finally get along. The actual situation is just unbearable for the fans of the Titanium Wars mod.

If you have any interest in this exchange could you give me a link to your e-mail address so that GrOrc can give you the assets in all privacy ?

+2 votes     reply to comment
fuggles2k Sep 22 2014, 3:32am says:

Happy 10 years my friends! Hope to see new 'nid stuff soon. This must be one of the older mods now - keep it up.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Deuce_Savage Sep 20 2014, 3:54pm says:

Tyranid Humor...

+3 votes     reply to comment
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