The Tyranid Mod is an ongoing additional race modification for the original Dawn of War series, based on the Tyranid army from the Warhammer 40k tabletop game.

Tyranids are an intergalactic predator race which moves in hivefleets from world to world, devouring all living things and natural resources they can; leaving behind nothing but a barren rock, devoid even of atmosphere. Seemingly without individuals, Tyranids have a single hivemind that spans billions of their genetically-engineered combat organisms. Faceless and implacable, the Tyranid race is unrelenting and unstoppable. And their origins remain a complete mystery.

Although now already featured in Dawn of War 2, the Tyranid Mod Team is still hard at work trying to bring the Tyranids to Soulstorm (and if we can, Dark Crusade as well).

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Hey folks,

So I've been given a list of most of the 0.5b3 updates from Miros and I thought I'd give you a little inside look at what's going on. This list isn't everything, but it constitutes the majority of what will be the 0.5b3 change list (less the Gargoyles, since they won't be an in-game unit until 0.6).

Things marked with a "" have been completed and/or implemented for testing, things with a "(?)" are things we are considering or need further discussion about their implementation.


  1. Hive Tyrant:
    - Re-animate
    - Center synapse marker
    - Sync kills/deaths
  2. Warriors: Sync kills/deaths
  3. Carnifex: Make missing animations
  4. Trygon: Burrow animation/FX
  5. Gaunts: Create Termagant/Spinegaunt fusion for generic "Gaunt" unit
  6. Buildings:
    - Complete animations
    - "Debris" texture
  7. Fix cover markers


  1. Hive Tyrant: Fix selection volume
  2. Broodlord: Reduce selection circle (?)
  3. Biovore: Fix incorrect projectile FX
  4. Carnifex: Fix incorrect FX
  5. Gargoyles: Weapon FX
  6. Lictors: Add decap animation
  7. Buildings: Death & low-health FX
  8. Footfall FX
  9. Unify weapon FX
  10. Blood FX
  11. Add sounds


  1. Hollow's suggestions:
    - Research time and cost changes (?)
    - Sight range changes
  2. Biovores: Weapon upgrade reduction (?)
  3. Bioplasma (clickable ability):
    - Carnifex (?)
    - Warriors
  4. Genestealers:
    - Upgrade armour on heavy armour research
    - Correct squad names
  5. Race compatibility SCAR code
  6. Zoanthrope: Change Toxic Miasma range(?)
  7. Hive Tyrant:
    - Added Leech Essence ability
    - Remove Catalyst from Tyrant (?)
    - Change Toxic Miasma range(?)
    - Change weapon requirements
  8. Reclamation Pools: Removed Toxic Miasma
  9. Rippers: Reduced FX to equate to 3 rippers
  10. Reclamation Pool: Generator-like lights
  11. Sporemines: Spawn FX
  12. Broodlord: Hypnotic Gaze ability
  13. MaSS/WoN: Redesigned as research
  14. Tiering unit squad cap bug fix


  1. Gargoyles: Fix eye texture
  2. Icons:
    - Fix white border and redesign some
    - Square ability icons (?)

As you can see, there are a lot of changes and new content going into 0.5b3 - and this is just Miros' workload. After these are all completed we still have bug and balance testing and fixes and retesting, and then we ship it to you guys.

Also not included on this list are the new models in the works from Ministry and Heretec (who recently volunteered from the RelicNews forum to help us out) for 0.6. I'm not going to spoiler you on what those are, but new units are in the works.

So still a lot going on, and of course all our staff are doing this in their spare time - so unfortunately, as always, I can't give you guys a release date until we get to the "a few days off" stage. It is coming though!

0.5b2 FAQ:

So we seem to be getting the same three questions over and over from new people downloading 0.5b2. To save time, here they are in short form, with their relevant answers:

Why don't I have a builder?!
Click the button at the centre-top of the UI bar across the bottom.

Why does my build menu go away when I select a unit?! Why doesn't it come back when I de-select that unit?!
Because selecting a unit de-selects the hivefleet - exactly the same as when you click a unit that isn't your builder, you won't have your builder selected.

Why is the AI not doing anything?!
Have you installed the CPU player patch yet?

More Tyraniduary...

More Tyraniduary...

1 year ago News 12 comments

Keeping the Tyranid love rolling, here are some fun ways to expand your Tyranid play in Dawn of War



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New GW releases soon! Rumour time and NidMod talk!

A Word on Ownership

A Word on Ownership

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Because four pages of comments is too many and I'm sick of repeating myself

0.5b3: The Developing

0.5b3: The Developing

2 years ago News 22 comments

A quick news item to say we're not dead, give a brief update on where we're going and sidetrack into the world of tabletop 40k news as well.

RSS feed Downloads
Tyranid Mod v0.5b2 for Soulstorm

Tyranid Mod v0.5b2 for Soulstorm

3 years ago Full Version 257 comments

Please be sure to update your Objective Points mod (see below) -- 0.5 beta 2: The second 0.5 series beta release for Soulstorm. If you have 0.5b1 installed...

Tyranid Mod v0.5b1 for Soulstorm

Tyranid Mod v0.5b1 for Soulstorm

4 years ago Full Version 18 comments

0.5 beta 1: The first 0.5 series beta release for Soulstorm EDIT: Note that this has a bugfix you will need to perform to get the most out of 0.5b1

Tyranid Mod v0.45-SS

Tyranid Mod v0.45-SS

7 years ago Full Version 44 comments

Latest Tyranid Mod release for Soulstorm - updated from the 0.45 Dark Crusade release. Includes new Soulstorm AI and flyer interaction update (no, that...

Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC Multiplay Fix

Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC Multiplay Fix

7 years ago Patch 4 comments

This is a patch that fixes two bugs with the 0.45-DC release - the "Incompatible Game Active" multiplay bug, which prevents people from being able to...

Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC

Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC

7 years ago Full Version 21 comments

Latest Tyranid Mod release for Dark Crusade. Includes graphical and gameplay updates - and no longer contains any non-Tyranid models.

Tyranid Mod v0.401

8 years ago Patch 27 comments

Tyranids 401 Release -------------------- Bug fixes - The mod manager now works properly EVERY time. - The heroes mod now works properly with the tyranid...

Post comment Comments  (60 - 70 of 4,136)
Pareality May 3 2015 says:

Any chance you guys could upload another AI patch? I mean the hotfix works, its better then it was. Regardless the AI is just so slow in comparison to other races (takes 15 - 20 minutes to hit tier 2). Surely after all this time you guys have some newer version of the AI you could give us no? something with a little more omph? I know that your still working on 0.5b3 and thats all fine and dandy but perhaps you could give us your current AI build for the time being assuming its backwards compatible with 0.5b2?

+1 vote     reply to comment
zahaqiel Creator
zahaqiel May 4 2015 replied:

There's an AI control panel in the Soulstorm/Tyranids/data/ai folder if you don't have a shortcut to it in your start menu. You can pretty easily customise how it works using it. :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Pareality May 4 2015 replied:

Yes I know about that. Problem is, as others have reported on various forums, including your own is that it literally does nothing. The AI just doesn't put up any fight with or without the hotfix or the AI control panel. Thats why I'm asking if your dev team has an updated version of the AI from 0.5b3 or some other internal build that you could upload and allow me and others to test with 0.5b2.

+2 votes     reply to comment
zahaqiel Creator
zahaqiel May 6 2015 replied:

The AI gets updated with each release, because the AI is specific to each release. I'm not even sure 0.5b3 AI would work on b2.

+1 vote   reply to comment
fuggles2k May 3 2015 replied:

I made one for funsies, but never heard any feedback on it from anywhere. If interested then it's at:

Although admittedly, would be better for the team to fix. Also made some new textures at:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pareality May 4 2015 replied:

Gave it a shot but didn't see any major differences man. I'll keep it on and continue to further test it but as of now its not doing much different. They may build a slight bit faster but it isnt by alot.

Textures are nice by the way, and appreciate the links.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pareality May 3 2015 replied:

I'll give it a shot man.

+1 vote     reply to comment
NĐQH2 Apr 26 2015 says:

Do you have a video to help to find a builder please ? I need it .Thank

+1 vote     reply to comment
zahaqiel Creator
zahaqiel May 4 2015 replied:

News post. FAQ. Already answered.

+1 vote   reply to comment
N!ght_H@unter Apr 21 2015 says:

I seem to get 'Sync Errors' in LAN every time me or my friend picks Tyranids. Is there any way to resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

+1 vote     reply to comment
zahaqiel Creator
zahaqiel May 4 2015 replied:

We don't have a solution unfortunately. It should be solved in 0.5b3 (which we think should be soon?), but we don't have a way of patching it for 0.5b2.

+2 votes   reply to comment
N!ght_H@unter May 11 2015 replied:

Thanks for the reply. Hope you have success in your endeavor.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Apr 11 2015 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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