Dawn of War: Professional (DoWPro) is a mod for the Dawn of War franchise that has been developed over many years, and is based on the Warhammer 40000 universe. The mod aims to enhance the multiplayer experience by incorporating intelligent gameplay design and balance with the exciting and spectacular game that is Dawn of War.

No longer will units become obsolete as you gain higher tech, and no longer will you have to spam a certain 'overpowered' unit in order to win.
In DoWpro strength through diversity is promoted, and with the return of the 'hard counter' system from the original Dawn of War game, DoWPro offers the player many different choices on their path to victory.

The latest version of DoWPro is for the third and last Dawn of War expansion: SoulStorm. Boasting ten completely unique races to choose from, DoWpro: SS offers a huge amount variety.

Key Features of the Mod:

- You can now use Wargear in multiplayer and skirmish games.
- The all-famous skirmish mod and the ever useful camera mod already included.
- Exciting and fun gameplay that differs greatly from SoulStorm in ways of how you research abilities and use your units.
- New graphics and visuals for every race.
- Sizeable community of its own, and can be played through the Steam Group or the Discord channel.
- New units for almost every race.
- You can easily switch between DoWpro and standard SoulStorm through the in-game 'Game Manager'.
- A complete and instructional set of manuals to let you know every aspect of the mod and the armies.


- For DoWpro: SS you need SoulStorm, patched to version 1.20. For Steam users it is required its very own latest version.

Be sure to check out Z15.invisionfree.com for more details.

Where to Get Support and Meet Players

If you have any technical issues, or are just looking for a couple of games. please join us on the Steam Group or in our Discord channel!

The Steam Group

We also set up a Discord Channel for the mod, check it out here - Discordapp.com


The DoWPro mod uses some material which belongs to some other mods. Some of them, are totally exclusive and cannot be taken out without the authorisation of the team leader of the mod that created the material which has been added. DoWPro mainly uses the following models from the following mods:

- Firestorm over Kronus.
- Purgation of Kaurava.
- Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod.
- Tyranid Mod fx.
- Tyranid Swarm mod by Gambit.

To be more specific. In the case of the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod, there has been an exclusive deal from both mod team leaders (that is, between Korbah, Friedric_P and KRMZ). If, by any circustamce you take any of these models or content from DoWPro, which belong to the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod you are not allowed to public it in your mod unless you have real authorisation from Friedric_P and KRMZ, the mod team leaders from the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas mod.

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So after April Fools day I think it is time to post something without giving anyone a heart attack or something.

Here is the link to the newest test version available - Dropbox.com



1 - Download the file from the link provided.

1a - If you have any previous DoWProTest folder in your main Soulstorm folder, delete it.

2 - Use either winrar or 7zip to extract the content of the .rar and place on your MAIN Dawn of War SoulStorm folder.

3 - Go to the game and in the Main Menu, select Game Manager and select DoWProTest3.63v6 and activate it.

4 - BAM! Congrats you did not fucked up, enjoy.



  • Fixed the Alaitoc Army color scheme not having the red jewelry.


  • Kasrkin: Double Time, March! ability fixed at last its availability on T2.


EXPERIMENTAL- Wyches: Increased ranged morale damage from 1 to 2 and increased reload time from 0.4 to 0.8. Decreased morale from 320 to 300.
EXPERIMENTAL- Hellions: Decreased HP from 350 to 325. Hellion Leader HP decreased from 450 to 425.
EXPERIMENTAL- Rekindle Rage: Ability now grants secondary armor for 7 seconds to the following units if they are targeted:

  • Mandrakes from inf_med to inf_heavy_low.
  • Warriors from inf_high to inf_heavy_med.
  • Wyches from inf_high to inf_heavy_low.
  • Hellions from inf_high to inf_heavy_med.

EXPERIMENTAL- Reaver Jetbikes: Decreased slightly the overall damage vs infantry types. Decreased from 100 to 90 the Blaster damage.


  • Seraphim: Increased initial squad loadout from 5 to 6. Increased HP from 290 to 295.
  • Imagifer: Readded as support unit for regular SoB squads. Increases the maximum health of the squad. Available after Holy Relyquary is built. Slightly changed her model.


  • Changed so now the total squad pop achiveable is 30 and vehicle pop is 16.
  • Synapse: No longer forces the player to reinforce broods. Player can reinforce at will.
  • HQ - Fixed the Synapse aura bug. The building grants melee leap to Hormagaunts and Lictor Alpha straight away.
  • Support Biomorphs: All of them cost 30 Req/Energy/Biomass each.
  • Biomass Pools: Changed so it now requires Brood Nest instead of Spore Chimney. Build time increased from 30 to 40 secs. Adds +3 Squad pop and +2 Vehicle pop. Increased Biomass resource gathering from 15% to 20%. Capped at 3 buildings, having +3 after a second HQ is built.
  • Brood Nest: Reduced Req cost from 180 to 160. Removed melee leap research.Toughtened Exoeskeleton Support Biomorph affects only Raveners and Warriors. Adrenal Glands and Reinforced Chitin affects only Termagaunts and Hormagaunts. Now building can hold up to 2 squads garrisoned, which can be Hormagaunts, Termagaunts, RipperSwarms and Spore Mines. Increases by +2 the squads of Hormagaunts, Termagaunts and Ripperswarms.
  • Capillary Tower: Adds +1 member to Genestealers, Raveners and Warriors. Made it so the player can build another one without needing to build a second HQ.
  • Genestealers: Increased hardcap from 3 to 4 squads. Able to increase squad to 4 out of 2 members now. Toggle Infiltration requires now at least a Listening Post built previously. Scything Talons decreased reload time in close combat from 1.5 to 1 secs ands accuracy from 75% to 65%; removed its Biomass cost. Increased movement speed from 17 to 19. Made it so they do not lose control whenever their morale is broken.
  • Ripperswarm: Decreased health from 105 to 65. Decreased reinforce Req cost from 20 to 10. Decreased sight range from 20 to 15. Removed Biomass reinforce cost.
  • Termagaunt: Health decreased from 145 to 120. Increased movement speed from 17 to 19. Increased initial member loadout from 4 to 5 members. Decreased accuracy from 40% to 30%. Decreased sight range from 25 to 20. Made it so whenever a Warrior brood is nearby any Termagant brood WITH their Synapse aura they gain +5 sight range.
  • Hormagaunt: Health decreased from 165 to 120. Decreased reload time from 1.2 to 1 secs. Decreased Req cost from 35 to 20. Increased initial member loadout from 4 to 5 members. Decreased accuracy from 40% to 30%. Decreased sight range from 25 to 20. Made it so whenever one of them die, nearby enemy units close to it will get small poison damage over time (deals extra damage if targets are inf_heavy_high and monster_med.) Scuttling Rampage ability is now Global ability. Made it so now they are able to Consume corpses. Made it so whenever the Lictor Alpha is nearby any Hormagaunt they gain +5 sight range thanks to the Alpha Lictor Synapse aura.
  • Spinegaunt: Removed from roster.
  • Spore Mines: Changed loadout from 1 to 3, changed cost accordingly. Changed damage values so they are close as a landmine. Increased sight range from 5 to 15. Removed keen sight. Decreased HP to 100.
  • Raveners: No longer require Capillary Tower. Reduced squad size from 5 to 4. Increased HP from 360 to 375. Increased accuracy in close combat from 65 to 75%. Decreased reload time in close combat from 1.5 to 1 secs. No longer able to decap points. Increased morale from 300 to 320. Acid Trap ability no longer requires Ravener research, instead they come straight away with it, increased ability cost from 20/20 to 40/30. Increased ranged morale damage from 2 to 6. Increased Mass from 20 to 24. Able to detect infiltration units in a radius of 12, can lose keen sight radius if morale is broken besides losing control.
  • Warriors: Increased sight range from 20 to 25. Increased HP from 450 to 475. Added 350 Morale and Synapse rules. Increased Devourer accuracy from 65 to 75%. Rending Claws available right after T1.5, removed its Biomass cost. Max loadout decreased from 6 to 4. Increased movement speed from 17 to 19. Increased Mass from 24 to 28. Made it so their Synapse aura appears ONLY when the Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord is fielded. Player is able to reinforce them at will without any Synaptic units nearby.
  • Hive Tyrant: Increased Synapse aura radius from 30 to 35, adds +2 Mass to nearby units. Increased movement speed from 15 to 19. Crushing Talons wargear now adds a speed penalty to the affected target. Leech Essence is no longer an ability, instead the Hive Tyrant has the Onslaught ability, which works as the Eldar Guide ability only that it improves speed, accuracy and FOTM of units nearby. Timed ability, requires T3 wargear just like Leech Essence used to be. Weapon wargear moved from HQ to Capillary Tower.
  • Lictor: Changed completely so now its the Lictor Alpha, Secondary Commander. Armor value, price and all that changed, requires a relic. Grants Synapse aura. Lictor research grants +150 HP. Pheromone Trail ability can also affect vehicles. Increased sight range from 25 to 30 and keen sight radius from 12 to 15. Decreased movement speed from 21 to 19.
  • Carnifex: Decreased accuracy from the Barbed Strangler from 80 to 75%. Decreased pop cost from 2 to 1. Increased Req cost from 160 to 320. Decreased HP from 3000 to 2700. Added Toxic Miasma and removed Bio-plasma ability.
  • Carnifex Screamer Killer: Decreased crushing claw reload time from 1.2 to 1 sec. Reworked so it now works vs vehicles instead of buildings besides infantry in general. Increased movement speed from 15 to 19. Decreased pop cost from 2 to 1. Increased Req cost from 180 to 340. Decreased HP from 3200 to 2900. Added Bio-plasma and removed Toxic Miasma ability.
  • Tyrant Guard: Reworked so its effective vs buildings instead of vehicles besides heavy infantry. Moved to HQ. Changed initial armor value from inf_heavy_high to vehicle_med. Removed squad pop cost so now it only requires 2 vehicle pop. Entrench gives him vehicle_med instead of vehicle_high. Available after T2. Increased movement speed from 15 to 19. Made it so whenever the Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord is fielded they gain 25 sight radius.
  • Biovore: Increased movement speed from 15 to 17. Removed Biomass cost for Acid Spores.
  • Zoanthrope: Increased Synapse Aura raidus from 30 to 35, adds +2 mass to nearby units around it. Warp Shield enables vehicle_high for Zoanthrope while its toggled.
  • Health research 1&2: Cost decreased from 120/80-150/100 to 100/60-120/80.
  • Ranged research 1&2: Added Carnifex Devourer so it can scale in damage.
  • Genestealer research: Changed cost from 75/75 to 80/60. Adds +20 Morale to Genestealers. No longer increases squad members and heavy weapon max.
  • Ravener research: Changed so it now grants melee poison attacks to Raveners and increases morale damage to their Devourers.
  • Warrior research 2: Now adds a +10% resistance bonus vs ranged attacks.
  • Added a new addon called Accelerated Metabolism. Increases the health of Hive Tyrant, Tyrant Guard and Swarmlord as well as increasing their regen rate. Located at Capillary Vein.
  • Spore Chinmey Addons: Decreased to 10 the Biomass cost on first addon - Synapse aura range increased from 30 to 35, now it grants +2 mass to friendly units nearby. First addon now grants armor change to the building instead of the second. Second addon decreased biomass cost from 60 to 20 and provides health regen to nearby squads instead of decreasing reinforce time. No longer provide Squad and Vehicle Cap bonus.
    Now, onto something else. People have asked me in private what needs to be done to make this a reality. I have been posted what I actually need and what in the following link - Docs.google.com

There, now feel free to rage at me all what you want :^)

3.63 - More Progress + a little something for you

3.63 - More Progress + a little something for you

News 5 comments

Things have been pretty much stalled for now, but here's something for ya. Reed below.



Other Tutorial

A summary of those questions which have been asked all the time in the mod development and now you have (most of them) asked!

3.62 - Final Changelog

3.62 - Final Changelog

News 3 comments

This is the full changelog you will find for 3.62, please read it carefully.

3.63 - Changelog

3.63 - Changelog

News 3 comments

So what are you gonna do when Hollow come for you. Okay bad song.

RSS Files
DoWPro:Soulstorm 3.62 Update

DoWPro:Soulstorm 3.62 Update

Patch 44 comments

New version for the mod, contains several bug fixes and tweaks on balance. In order to install it you must have PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED Dowpro 3.59.

DoWPro: Soulstorm 3.59

DoWPro: Soulstorm 3.59

Full Version 1 comment

New version for the mod, contains several bug fixes and tweaks on balance. In order to install it you must have only Dawn of War - SoulStorm PATCHED to...

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.41 Hotfix

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.41 Hotfix

Patch 3 comments

The 3.41 hotfix for DoWpro: Dark Crusade. This version requires Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 1.2 and DoWpro: DC 3.40 to run correctly. After installing...

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.40

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.40

Full Version 3 comments

The 3.40 full release version for DoWpro: Dark Crusade. This version requires Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 1.2 to run correctly.

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.66 Hotfix

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.66 Hotfix

Patch 1 comment

This is a Hotfix for DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60, after installed, you'll have the latest and final version of WApro.

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60

Full Version

This is the main installer for WApro (DoWpro for Winter Assault), version 1.60. Please be sure download the 1.66 hotfix as well, and install it after...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 664)

After 3 Mechanized Command, max size kasrkin squad reduce on 1 member.

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H0LL0W Creator

Kinda fixed, thank you.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
H0LL0W Creator

Hope you people see this, but grab it while its hot - Dropbox.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The Drobbox ling throws a 404 for me. You said you would update it but i can't see any other link.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
H0LL0W Creator

Better jump over the discord channel to check out the newest stuff fam.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

First turret with bolter in SoB HQ no fire. Fix pls.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
H0LL0W Creator

Will do.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Also there're beeping sounds when you're playing as or against IG.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
H0LL0W Creator

See if you can reinstall if the problem still persists.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I have reinstalled it few times but without success.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Yes, and it seems like it's not only when IG is presented in the match.

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