Dawn of War: Professional (DoWPro) is a mod for the Dawn of War franchise that has been developed over many years, and is based on the Warhammer 40000 universe. The mod aims to enhance the multiplayer experience by incorporating intelligent gameplay design and balance with the exciting and spectacular game that is Dawn of War.

No longer will units become obsolete as you gain higher tech, and no longer will you have to spam a certain 'overpowered' unit in order to win.
In DoWpro strength through diversity is promoted, and with the return of the 'hard counter' system from the original Dawn of War game, DoWPro offers the player many different choices on their path to victory.

The latest version of DoWPro is for the third and last Dawn of War expansion: SoulStorm. Boasting nine completely unique races to choose from, DoWpro: SS offers a huge amount variety.

Key Features of the Mod:

- You can now use Wargear in multiplayer and skirmish games.
- The all-famous skirmish mod and the ever useful camera mod already included.
- Exciting and fun gameplay that differs greatly from SoulStorm in ways of how you research abilities and use your units.
- New graphics and visuals for every race.
- Sizeable community of its own, and can be played through the Steam Group, Hamachi Server, or Direct-IP.
- New units for almost every race.
- You can easily switch between DoWpro and standard SoulStorm through the in-game 'Game Manager'.
- A complete and instructional set of manuals to let you know every aspect of the mod and the armies.


- For DoWpro: SS you need SoulStorm, patched to version 1.20. For Steam users it is required its very own latest version.

Be sure to check out Z15.invisionfree.com for more details.

Where to Get Support and Meet Players

If you have any technical issues, or are just looking for a couple of games. please join us on the IRC chat channel "#dowpro" on the "quakenet" server , either by using an IRC client such as MIRC, Chatzilla (a firefox plug in), or by using our webclient.

The Steam Group

It is also a great way to meet people (and players), just click in the tittle and join!.


The DoWPro mod uses some material which belongs to some other mods. Some of them, are totally exclusive and cannot be taken out without the authorisation of the team leader of the mod that created the material which has been added. DoWPro mainly uses the following models from the following mods:

- Firestorm over Kronus.
- Purgation of Kaurava.
- Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod.

To be more specific. In the case of the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod, there has been an exclusive deal from both mod team leaders (that is, between Korbah, Friedric_P and KRMZ). If, by any circustamce you take any of these models or content from DoWPro, which belong to the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod you are not allowed to public it in your mod unless you have real authorisation from Friedric_P and KRMZ, the mod team leaders from the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas mod.

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3.61 is already in the works; focusing on more fixes everyone hates and more quality of life changes that will not interfere with the overall metagame.

Here is the changelog so far, like always, it is a Work in Progress. It will be updated accordingly once I get more juicy stuff.


- More AI tweaks for the AI god.
- Some icons have been changed, specially the ones that specifically tells the player which Tier level are they entering.
- Changed the addon of LPs icon to specify their actual nature, which is an addon.
- Fixed the tooltips for all versions regarding the implementation of Cyrenes Temple map (for Steam users).


- ??????


- Fixed the Daemonic Pressence icon research which did have the same icon as the Daemon Prince Demonic Roar.

- ?????????????


- Decreased the time to enter Tiers from 35 to 30 secs.
- Decreased the build time for the Slave Chamber from 30 to 20 secs.
- Decreased the time for the LP Dark Lance from 30 to 15 secs.
- Decreased the time for the Gruesome Talisman and Slave Graveyard from 30 to 15 secs.
- Fixed the ranged attack range for Hellions and Whyches that affected negativelly the AI.
- Fixed the Haywire Bomb fx using the same one from the Eldar.

- Regular SoB Storm Bolter squads now are affected by Blessed Ammunition instead of Optics research.
- Fixed a bug that made the Retributor squad not scale their Heavy Bolters nor their Multimelta with the Optics research.
- Decreased the time for the Holy Icon from 30 to 15 secs.
- Added 3 new addons for the HQ - Heavy Bolter Turrets Left and Right and Sensor Array.
- Martyrs Gift research removed. Tier 3 adds the effect.
- Heavy Weapon Research removed. All SoB tacs and Seraphims gain +1 Heavy Weapon after Tier 2 and Tier 3 researches.
- Repentia: Commanders can no longer be attached to them. Zealot charge moved to T3.
- Moved the Canoness wargear to the Pristine Sanctuary. Basic wargear moved to infantry building.
- Repressor Tank removed from Vehicle Building.
- Hospitaller: Lay of Hands adds a ranged resitance. Moved from HQ to infantry building. Now gains Leadership Aura.
- Adeptus Arbites: All benefits they gain from other researches have been moved into a new single research - Adeptus Arbites Veterancy Research. Available from the HQ on T2. No longer have access to Phosphor Grenades. Added Adeptus Arbites with Grenade Launcher.

Wanna help with the AI and give some feedback.? - Download this test version.! (NOTE - Requires 3.60 to be previously installed) - Dropbox.com

Finally, onto another thing I have been asked since the age of times:

When will Tyranids be added into the mod.?

Hard to say right now, the Tyranid mod team is undergoing through a whole overhaul of their units and everything. I have asked more than a year ago about the possibility to include the army. Their response was "not right now, maybe later". Which pretty much says that I will have be patient and wait for their new version so I can come up with the topic again. I am not going to pull the asshole card.

3.60 - Final Changelog

3.60 - Final Changelog

4 months ago News 4 comments

This is what you are going to find in the NEXT (yes, next - not final) version for the mod.

Wanna help with the AI?. Get in here!.

Wanna help with the AI?. Get in here!.

5 months ago News 5 comments

Oh my, more news and progress. Want us to help with the AI?. This is your chance!.

News and whatnot.

News and whatnot.

6 months ago News 2 comments

After some time absent here are some news, please do read it carefully.

3.60 Update Progress and Changelog

3.60 Update Progress and Changelog

1 year ago News 5 comments

Some refreshing news regarding the last version for the mod.

RSS feed Downloads
DoWPro: SoulStorm 3.60 Update

DoWPro: SoulStorm 3.60 Update

4 months ago Patch 9 comments

New version for the mod, contains several bug fixes and tweaks on balance. In order to install it you must have only Dawn of War - SoulStorm PATCHED to...

DoWPro: SoulStorm 3.59

DoWPro: SoulStorm 3.59

4 years ago Full Version 1 comment

New version for the mod, contains several bug fixes and tweaks on balance. In order to install it you must have only Dawn of War - SoulStorm PATCHED to...

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.41 Hotfix

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.41 Hotfix

7 years ago Patch 3 comments

The 3.41 hotfix for DoWpro: Dark Crusade. This version requires Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 1.2 and DoWpro: DC 3.40 to run correctly. After installing...

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.40

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.40

7 years ago Full Version 2 comments

The 3.40 full release version for DoWpro: Dark Crusade. This version requires Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 1.2 to run correctly.

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.66 Hotfix

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.66 Hotfix

8 years ago Patch 0 comments

This is a Hotfix for DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60, after installed, you'll have the latest and final version of WApro.

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60

8 years ago Full Version 0 comments

This is the main installer for WApro (DoWpro for Winter Assault), version 1.60. Please be sure download the 1.66 hotfix as well, and install it after...

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Flameroran77 Nov 5 2015 says:

So, for a shmuck like me that bought Gold edition and Winter assault, and can't afford Dark Crusade or Soulstorm, is there any way to get v1.66 to work for me? I'm guessing no, seeing as there's no need to support it, but... Just hoping there is.

+1 vote     reply to comment
H0LL0W Creator
H0LL0W Nov 5 2015 replied:

Look for the last patch available for Winter Assault (if your copy is retail - look over the patchesscrolls). If the copy is from Steam then just simply install 1.60 and then 1.66.

+1 vote   reply to comment
super71 Oct 22 2015 says:

Why do building take like 3 hits and explode ? This seems to be the most realistic dow mod yet besides this little issue. A single war boss can walk up and smack a stone turret placement 4 times and it explodes ?

Also would it be possible to show damage output for buildings for ig kinda similar to how units show damage output ? Also maybe give ig another add-on to their buildings that part is very unique to your mod and i really love it. Keep up the good work hell of a good job so far.

+1 vote     reply to comment
super71 Oct 22 2015 replied:

Yeah orks wrek **** with no vehicles required, slugga boys do like double the damage of ig units and only cost 20 more, they also have higher hp. This mod needs rebalanced.

+1 vote     reply to comment
quaerendo Oct 11 2015 says:

Guys, I must say I love your mod very much, but there is one issue...Tau are broken. Their sight range is sh*t in comparison even with Orks. ORKS! And no research can fix this. Orks shooting infantry units easily outrange pathfinders that used to be very good scouts with a decent sight range. They're supposed to be good range fighters, amirite? Why did you do that to them? :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
H0LL0W Creator
H0LL0W Oct 11 2015 replied:

You playing against the AI...?.

+1 vote   reply to comment
quaerendo Oct 12 2015 replied:

Um, yes, why?

+1 vote     reply to comment
H0LL0W Creator
H0LL0W Oct 12 2015 replied:

Here are some facts to you:

- Tau havent been changed balance-wise. They are still top notch with range, which for instance their basic sight range is 27 compared to the average Ork range which is 20.

- Fire Warriors have their accuracy at 0.7, which is very high compared to other basic infantry squads. The average Ork accuracy is 0.4.

- Tau are meant to mix your units to effectively deny the opponent, so its always good to have at least one squad of Fire Warrior and Kroot (use cannibalize, always), then if you see Ard Boyz use Stealth Suits to deny him or for the rest just use Vespid.

- The main armor Fire Warriors (to say an example)is inf_heavy_high, which is exactly Terminator-like armor, and thats a tell on how cool they are resisting damage.

- Protip: To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.

So you are doing something really really wrong at your end, probably focusing on one type of unit, perhaps.

+1 vote   reply to comment
quaerendo Oct 12 2015 replied:

It seems like I was misunderstood. I didn't tell that Tau suck at all, and if you thought that was my message - my apologies.
But still I can't understand how orks were able to shoot while standing out of my range sight. My fire warriors, pathfinders and commander stood near the point, in purpose of experiment I gave them all infantry upgrades, and then orks attacked. The problem is - their shooting units were standing out of my sight and they were able to shoot me - I had to push forward to get them off. Either they got a unit that has very large range sight, or their infantry has a range sight bigger that Tau have.
They had good sight range in vanilla. Playing them in DoWPro feels like i'm blind.
"- The main armor Fire Warriors (to say an example)is inf_heavy_high, which is exactly Terminator-like armor"
Adeptus Mechanicus and 1st companies of all spehs mehreens chapters cry tears of shame. Their precious tactical dreadnought armor isn't such an exclusive thing anymore :(
"- Protip: To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies."
No ****, Sherlock.

+1 vote     reply to comment
H0LL0W Creator
H0LL0W Oct 12 2015 replied:

Also, another thing to keep in mind (which I forgot, sorry).

The AI tends to weirdly shoot off-range and regardless of any tweaks it will do so with everything. Its one of the "gifts" Relic gave when to make the AI even more cheesy.

Thing that against another player it doesnt happen, really.

Another thing (this one is a correction). While Fire Warriors have inf_heavy_high as their primary armor, they also have inf_heavy_low. This translates on them very susceptible to Heavy Bolters and Plasma weaponry.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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