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Hello everybody. I apologize for the radio silence since December, I decided to take a break from modding so progression has stood still, somewhat. I also decided to (permanently) delete my Facebook account just before Xmas too, so there has been little to no activity on the Twisted Insurrection Facebook page as a result, however, it is still being updated and maintained by other staff members today so that's no longer a concern.

Today I would like to proudly announce that we are working on a new public update, Version 0.7 which will be ready towards the start of May (assuming we don't hit any unexpected delays). While it will not be as large an update as the 0.5 to 0.6 bridge was, this update will contain a large number of important changes and fixes with enough new content to merit a full release. The change-log thus far is as follows:

Added: New Track: Killing Fields [Frank Klepacki Remix]
Added: New Track: Tibby & Noddy
Added: New Track: In Flames
Added: Applied some new loading screen variants
Added: Logic for supporting custom map previews in Client
Added: Applied a hack that ignores multi-engineer for tech / capturable structures
Added: Applied a hack so that units can no longer gain veterancy from killing friendly units
Added: Applied a hack so that structures and units with Trainable=no no longer gain veterancy from crates
Added: Applied a hack so that aircraft can be repaired on all repair bays instead of just one
Added: Applied a hack to add new EMPImmune flag
Added: New Pebble LAT for Grass terrain
Added: New Dark Grass LAT for Grass terrain
Added: New Multiplayer map: [2] Big Little Lake
Added: New Multiplayer map: [2] Industrial Strength
Added: New Multiplayer map: [2] Siege Rush
Added: New Multiplayer map: [4] Mental Malice
Added: New Multiplayer map: [4] Offense Defense
Added: New Paved Roads Images
Added: New Paved Roads Slopes Images
Added: New Paved Roads Bits Images
Added: New Paved Roads Ends Images
Added: New Paved Roads Corners Images
Added: New Paved Roads Additions Images
Added: New Paved Roads Fix Images
Added: New Paved Roads Bridge Images
Added: New Airstrip Images
Added: New Landing Pads Images
Added: Updated Bridge Sprites to use new roads
Added: New Landing Craft Image
Fixed: Several bugs in the Client code, updated to latest version
Fixed: Removed several redundant tags from units in Rules.ini
Fixed: Air transports can no longer deploy on helipads
Fixed: Players cannot ready themselves with an invalid map anymore
Fixed: Repaired some UI issues with the Client
Fixed: SpriteFont crash when hovering over hosted games no longer happens
Fixed: GDI AI no longer uses the random missing cameo when construction yard is viewed in spectator mode
Fixed: Dawn harvesters no longer have unloading image glitch in Nod Mission 03 and GDI Mission 03 B
Fixed: Unloading harvesters can no longer be acquired via crates (oversight whilst adding new unloading entries in last update)
Fixed: Units no longer get stuck on chain link fence on Nod Mission 08: Zero Gravity
Fixed: Repair Bay uses correct image in abandoned base on Nod Mission 14: Compulsions
Fixed: Nod Incinerators no longer explode violently when Tiberium Resistant Infantry is checked
Fixed: Railgun Commandos no longer move faster whilst under fire
Fixed: Fixed a tiling error under a bridge on [6] Unrepent
Fixed: Changed terraintype on a few terrain tiles
Fixed: Added Trainable=no to several units without weapons
Fixed: Added missing deployment sound to Nod Radar
Fixed: Ban function once again works properly in client CNCNet menu
Fixed: Water wakes no longer show through ships
Fixed: Buildable Props now use BaseNormal=no
Fixed: Numerous AI fixes and changes
----- Rebalanced Hard GDI AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Hard Nod AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Medium GDI AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Medium Nod AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Easy GDI AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Easy Nod AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Fixed issue that several Easy AI triggers used secondary teams
Changed: Client music changed to Necrofunk [Menu Mix]
Changed: Reduced crate effect radius to 3 cells (was 5)
Changed: Increased range of Nod Hornet weaponry by 2
Changed: Re-wrote briefing for Twisted Dawn Nod Mission 05: Warthog Hunt
Changed: Improved opening relay hint triggers on Nod Mission 08: Zero Gravity
Changed: Removed Insignificant=yes from a bunch of units that used it (relic from years ago, no longer necessary)
Changed: CnCNet game list is now sorted
Changed: Venom Walkers are now immune to EMP Effects
Changed: Mammoth Walkers are now immune to EMP Effects
Changed: Talos Walkers are now immune to EMP Effects
Changed: Several mutations are now immune to EMP Effects
Changed: Demolition Drone and Core Reactor explosions effects wider area
Changed: Doomsday Renewed track renamed to Cataclysm

Alongside these changes, we aim to include more significant additions such as many more campaign missions (namely for GloboTech or the Twisted Dawn timeline), improve some older graphics, fix numerous bugs that have been reported, expand upon the soundtrack further and perhaps add some new units. We would also like to include a basic start to a new Snow/Arctic theater, as it has been a heavily requested feature over the many years of our development cycle. We have a good start already, so the groundwork has been laid out.

A big wall of text isn't exciting, I know, so here are a couple of new additions to the Twisted Insurrection OST for you to check out in the mean time. Expanding upon the more "atmospheric" and "twisted" part of our OST.

Thank you everybody for taking the time to read the news post. Once again I apologize profusely for the silence over the course of time, I can appreciate how frustrating it is when work on an update has suddenly just seemingly stopped, but in our case I assure you that hasn't happened, we just took a long break is all. We'll keep you posted on all new updates as they come. Take care!

Obligatory: Twisted Insurrection Will Never Die!

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Killing Fields [Frank Klepacki Remix]

Killing Fields [Frank Klepacki Remix]

News 15 comments

We are thrilled to announce that the man himself, Frank Klepacki, has once again contributed to our original soundtrack. Check it out!

Twisted Insurrection: Version 0.6.5 Released

Twisted Insurrection: Version 0.6.5 Released

News 10 comments

Since the release of 0.6, we've had some major improvements done to the mod and engine overall, check out the update for more information!

Twisted Insurrection 0.6 Has Been Released

Twisted Insurrection 0.6 Has Been Released

News 6 comments

We have released Twisted Insurrection 0.6 and Volume 6 of our original soundtrack featuring Frank Klepacki. Read the article for links and more information...

October Newscast

October Newscast

News 16 comments

Lots of work has been done this month in the graphical and mapping departments of Twisted Insurrection, check out the update for what has been happening...

RSS Files
Twisted Insurrection 0.6

Twisted Insurrection 0.6

Full Version 44 comments

Instructions: Download ZIP, Extract containing folder anywhere on your computer, run TI_Launcher.exe with Administrator privileges to set up and play.

Twisted Insurrection OST [Volume 6]

Twisted Insurrection OST [Volume 6]

Music 10 comments

The complete Twisted Insurrection Original Soundtrack in MP3 format.

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Greatest mod ever on TS,
Multiplayer crashes kill EVERYTHING
I really hope that Dev team will pay most of attention to fixing this core of problem.
Many players already said "screw this crashy game" and left to MO for good.

Good luck in development!
Best regards, some sneaky russian player

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

For DEV-Team:
Hi GUYS! I have few ideas for this perfect mod with perfect future(IMHO).Its absolutely your choice use them or not.
...And yes I have trouble with correct english writing but i understand eng_lang very good and I can understand almost all... So here my little ideas:
1.[CYC2] maybe AA weapon(with cost increasement) or maybe adding rocket cyborg?; Infector SHP change like on art images maybe and maybe antibuilding weapon like it was earlier?; SW's range increasement, especially IonCannon?; Flamethrowers and Diskthrowers deathweapon damage or range decrease(when they die in crowd of infantry DW makes many "dirt") and CoreReactor/Terrordrone DW range increase?; Maybe will be good if turn AI to auto-repair/sell player structures?
WIN10x64 in game pause menu very laggie.(idk how on x32)
2.IF ENGINE ALLOW IT( it will be really hard i know but its just ideas and its your choice remember?:D ):
-Maybe you can do Spies like in RA2? (it would be very cool);
-Maybe some SW's type expansion?
-Occupied buildings:D?
-LiquidTibDerricks or something like that:) (like oil derricks in RA2)
-Keyboard control for building placement.I mean when construction ready you can choose it by key(like in RA2 but not quite in RA2 :)) [But most likely in TS it is impossible cause very different interface and i dont need telling it to you *SADFACE*]
-And finally interface units/buildings sorting. I mean on structures table when you open all structures if you redeploy mcv all structures will be sorted...
e.g first all power sources, second barracks/refinery then war factory etc in lower position always base defences.
And on units table has the same feature with redeploying. But if there will be auto-sorting first infantry then tanks then aircraft and SW's... Gameplay will be much comfortable.

And another one: If you guys planing in the future localize your mod i can help you with Russian language(text localization), but if you point me, what voices(from what game) you use for every single unit then i can find these voices on RUS_lang and prepare them to use e.g clip them similiar as original voices and rename(clip because i heard some cliped voices from c&c3;). After all job i will send it to you guys and you will correct sound levels etc(or what you're doing with them). In global view i can turn all game on RUS_lang, except the EVA's(only pirate localization on russian lang)[BUT possible use c&c3; evas].
So if you will make a localization... Let me explain why the Russian language is important enough.
I'm not from Russia, but I am Russian, and when I moved to Russia, I noticed that the people here are not very smart(most are like vilagers), or rather their little and to learn english for them is not easily, especially pronunciation. Most Russian from Russia prefer their own language in the games(cause they simple cant understand almost all in game with the exception of the Main Menu). But for me the original LOC is best. What I mean by that? I wanted to say that if there are different-languages localizations, the popularity of mod should surely growths. Maybe I did not express myself as I wanted, but it should be clear enough what I mean.

And I'm sure there will be those who can help with localization into other languages.

It's all. Thanks. Good luck to you guys.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hello, it would be good to place your thoughts on the forums, that way it will not be lost that easly :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I donot attend formus, idk why) maybe..just unusually for me. If you want you can do it instead of me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Little buggie... i think)
Banshee Bomber buildlimit set to 3, but there are problems with the build-queue. I mean, you can place in the queue only 2 banshees and the third can only be built after those two will finish construction.
Ah and problems with sounds.
I.e. when there is a massive fight, a lot of units - jammed some sounds perhaps it is because of the sound levels (I do not understand in this), you probably have already noticed. So whether this will be fixed someday?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Veins reminds me of Flurry... TI OST is growing and it's nice. I like all these new tracks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I can happily,say that Globotech is awesome Tiberium series version of FutureTech of Red Alert series. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Tibby&Noddy; sound awesome Nod Crush remix. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Where is players? Why TIcncnet always empty?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Потому, что этот мод постоянно крашится на самом интересном месте.
И все валят из него.
Crashing is not nice.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Aro Creator

Sadly TI isn't incredibly active online. Activity comes and goes with releases, just need to establish our name further.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ErastusMercy Creator

We must Command the attention of players & along with those we've previously Twisted to our cause, ignite an Insurrection that Conquers CnCNet! Or you know whatever...

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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A really stunnning mod for the new graphical power alone. What the team had to do to make Tiberian Sun comply with these new effects, I don't even want to know, because it most likely has to involve human sacrifice. Cities look like what was promised before the release of TS by Westwood and the Tiberium lifeforms are as strange and varied as they should have been, even outdoing Firestorm's alien feeling. A few times I thought the units needed more balancing, but overall, every unit feels like it…

Jul 20 2011 by GrimSheeper


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Have you heard @FrankKlepacki's Killing Fields Remix yet? Youtu.be via @YouTube

Mar 23 2017

RT @ZeroBitsRBX: Just stumbled upon @FrankKlepacki's Killing Fields remix for TI. Outstanding quality, and it will make a wonderful addition to a great mod.

Mar 23 2017

Like music? If you haven't heard @speeder_mo's One Mission, you haven't lived. Check it out! Youtube.com

Mar 23 2017

- We have set up an official #Discord Server! Head on over here to join: Discordapp.com

Mar 23 2017

- More music, you'd better believe it. Youtu.be

Mar 21 2017

- A new addition to the Twisted Insurrection OST, this is Arming To Win. Youtu.be

Mar 19 2017

RT @FrankKlepacki: Had the pleasure of doing all Sound design, music, and voice over for Cursed Sanctum VR experience - now released! T.co

Mar 16 2017

- And one more, this is In Flames. Youtu.be

Mar 16 2017

- We're back once again, check out this new track from Swirekster, inspired by Nod Crush. Youtu.be

Mar 16 2017

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