Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe. There are over 50 modules that can be upgraded at any level, in any combination. Modules give combatants amazing abilities such as flying, teleporting, spawning minions, and shooting flechettes or energy balls.

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William was in Toronto searching for apartments so this week is just Thomas and Emanuel, not even a guest.

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Just Thomas and Emanuel this week as William is searching for apartments in Toronto. It made for an ok test of Mogulus I guess. William thought it was better to have this than nothing. He may have been wrong.

Extended Show Notes


  • 00:00:35 - Emanuel and Thomas (William is not going for colonic work; he was looking at apartments)

Podcast17 News

  • 00:02:30 - Streaming on Mogulus

Follow-up & Errata

  • 00:02:45 - Epic Talez

Emanuel Apology Section

  • 00:03:10 - Emanuel Apologises for something.

From the Mouth of Valve

  • 00:04:30 - Steam Comments
  • 00:05:20 - Half-Life Engine Beta Update
  • 00:05:50 - Left 4 Dead Survival Mode - 360 Version is free, Emanuel was wrong.

Portal Releases

  • 00:08:10 - Anyxius Chamber 4
  • 00:08:10+ Spiderbug2’s Test Chamber 2
  • 00:08:10+ Spiderbug2’s Test Chamber 1

Left 4 Dead Releases

  • 00:09:20 - Nothing


  • 00:11:30 - Unic Amped Test
  • 00:12:50 - Urban Wars
  • 00:14:00 - Strider Mountain Talk
  • 00:14:50 - MadWorld
  • 00:17:00 - Kleiners Adventures
  • 00:18:10 - The Bana
  • 00:21:10 - Let’s Phone William
  • 00:24:00 - Project 25
  • 00:29:00 - Dangerous World
  • 00:29:40 - Game to Player Communication
  • 00:30:40 - Fist Full of Frags Dedicated Server
  • 00:31:50 - Modular Combat

Media Blitz

  • 00:34:10 - Nightmare Chronicles
  • 00:35:10 - Action Half-Life 2 Chat
  • 00:36:10 - Pirates Vikings and Knights New Player Character
  • 00:37:10 - Ivans Secrets
  • 00:37:50 - Fragout Trailer + Media
  • 00:38:30 - Steam Card

Lets Talk to the Audience

  • 00:39:30 - What do you guys think makes a crappy map/mod?

Blast from the Past

  • 00:47:20 - Wanted for Half-Life 1

Question of the Week

  • 00:48:00 - Would people be interested in reviving old mods?
  • 00:54:00 - Wrap-up.

Download Links

Follow-up & Errata

From the Mouth of Valve

Portal Releases

The Release List

Media Blitz


First comment.Nice transmission :)
It was interesting!Rate 5/5

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Still have to listen to the 2nd half, but it's interesting to see how Emanuel and Thomas run the show lol

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Thanks for the mention, from the modular combat team!

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You know the guy he makes fun on the end of the podcast?
That's me.

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lol, the sad part is Epic TaleZ is getting more downloads than my main mod, Elements of War :/

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Wow! The kleiners adventures mod they talked about at 17 mins, is my friends mod! Im also making a kleiners adventures mod but its different! Too bad they didnt do mine :(

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