Version 1.91 Final:
KW Reloaded 1 91 FInal

Old Version 1.8:
KW Reloaded 1.8

Version 1.55 (Last version for KW content only):
KW Reloaded 1.55 Final

Old Version 1.71 (still popular):
KW Reloaded 1.71 Final

For source codes, art packs and other KW mods, go here:

For my new expansion mod, the page is opened:

Updated 11-24-2017 -- C&C3 Tacitus Revolution first open beta release is here:

Also please do not ask in the comments section whether the sub-faction AI to work in-game will be inputted because I will not answer it again. Ever since I asked CNCLabs team about it, one of the developers told me that only one faction can do it and that's the neutral faction (ie. The Forgotten). So out of 7 sub-factions from my mod as custom factions, I can only apply to one of them as an AI by re-using a neutral faction and cannot apply that to other multiple factions which I think it may be a restriction to C&C3 modding. I haven't tried applying the skirmish AI coding formula from Zero Hour to C&C3, but so far I haven't tried successfully to get a neutral faction AI working in-game as a custom faction since then.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls,

after several years of hard work, ideas and implementation through several pastime mods, the time is finally here. The first open beta release of this unofficial second expansion pack to C&C3, Tacitus Revolution. Although a bit rushed to make this release possible, there are a bunch of issues and errors. As of this release, only 13 factions are playable and there is no skirmish AI enabled for those sub-factions. There's also no new missions to play with at this time. So please enjoy this mod because it's going to get even more huge.

It is highly recommended that you must read the readme file before installing.

(A ModDB downloadable link will be uploaded if I have the time.)

Please report any issues through this forum topic (and NOT on the comments section of the mod) and I will try my best to fix them:

The system requirements are pretty much similar to the original C&C3, but due to an enormous amount of content added into the expansion modification, you may need something larger than that.
-- a 4GB tool to patch C&C3 to use more than 2GB of RAM:
-- at least a 64-bit OS (WinXP or higher) [32-bit OS not recommended due to possible out-of-memory crashes]
-- Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD dual-core 2.0 GHZ or higher
-- 4 GB RAM (8+ GB RAM recommended)
-- 128 3D VRAM video card (GeForce 200/Radeon HD 2000 series and higher recommended)
-- at least 6 GB hard drive space (that’s huge for a mod!)

1) If you cannot see the maps to be playable, you need Bibber's BIG extractor to extract the maps and put them into C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps (if you are in Windows 7/8/10/Vista) or C:\Documents & Settings\your user name\Application Data\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps. They must be in folders. This is a technical issue that will be worked out sometime in the future.
2) To run KW maps with KW textures, this ArtKW.big comes with those KW textures. Just put it in "Core\1.0" folder of your C&C3 directory and re-edit and rewrite the config.ini with the line "add-big ArtKW.big" without the quotes.
3) For unlocking all Intel Database entries and changed hotkeys ingame, an RAR file was included. You put them in "your user name" profile in C&C3 where this path lies within: C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\profiles. Same goes with hotkeys.ini.
4) For civilian assets, you can put WBData_1.1.big in "Core\1.0" folder of your C&C3 directory and re-edit and rewrite the config.ini with the line "add-big WBData_1.1.big" without the quotes. I wouldn't recommend running this mod with WBData_1.1.big in the skudef because C&C3 recognizes as another mod itself and not a combination of the two-in-one.

All changes made in previous versions in Kane's Wrath Reloaded will be mentioned in the PDF readme file. Those added changes have been carried over to this expansion mod. Versions 0.4 and under were never released publicly.

Beta version 0.5 changes
(Note that this is not a stable and balanced version yet.)
- LEGION, Special Recon Forces, Noble Air Force and Shield-98 factions mostly added with their units, structures, support powers, upgrades, unit abilities and eva voices. They are not finalized yet. Some fixes are done to those sub-factions.
- Russia faction partially added in with some of the buildable units such as Tesla Tank, Rhino Tank, Heavy Tank, Apoc Tank, Flak Tank, Phase Transport, Demo Truck and POW Truck. Harvester, MCV, Surveyor and all other GDI structures remain. Mig, Kirov Airship, Twinblade, Artillery Cannon and other unnamed units are not in the mod yet.
- Edited 25 music tracks in-game totaling over 600+ MB of data. Originally at 30 tracks but it may need the 4GB tool usage and may need a 64-bit PC to handle enough RAM to minimize out-of-memory crashes.
- Added five of my re-created RA3 maps converted from KW to this mod and including the new Unfair Advantage 3 map which was also created by myself. Unfortunately as of this release time, there are no sky textures for those maps yet.
- Kane is no longer buildable in skirmish, MP and SP missions.
- Not all art and sound assets are in the mod for some units.

Alpha version 0.4 changes
- LEGION, Special Recon Forces, Noble Air Force and Shield-98 factions added. They are not finalized yet despite having some same upgrades and support powers from their vanilla factions. Same goes to new units and structures. Shield-98 will be using all shielded units and defensive structures from Traveler-59. All Traveler-59 units which previously have shields are now removed.
- All sub-factions of GDI/NOD/Scrin which previously start with 5 tanks are no longer used because they don't work once you start a skirmish. Once again by default, all factions shall start with the Construction Yard or Drone Platform.
- All new units pertaining to those new factions are now added and replaced but not finalized yet, especially unit abilities.
- All preliminary new units for older factions are included but not finalized yet.
- Scrin Reaper is a new tier-4 mega walker unit for the Scrin and Reaper-17 only using the Cyborg Reaper as the model but much enlarged. The idea of the modified unit is inspired by the Mass Effect Trilogy.
- GAF Sidam is a new unit to replace the APC.
- GAF Orca Gunship is a new unit to replace the Orca Paladin.
- NAF Demon is a new unit to replace the Cobra.
- Cyborg Dinobot is a new unit buildable for LEGION.
- Steel Talons Gauss Titan (from C&C4) is a new tier-4 unit to replace Golan's version of the Titan Mk II.
- New other tier-4 units: GDI Sheppard Tank (from C&C4) GDI Flash Tank, ZOCOM Mirage Tank (re-adapted), GAF Plasma Tank, GDI Zone Lancer, NOD Enlightened
- NOD Elite Confessor Cabal will now be a tier-3 unit for all NOD factions.
- Added new Intel Database entries from KW and added new entries for new GDI, NOD and Scrin units pertaining to the expansion mod.
- Added remaining roads, rocks, shrubbery and ambient sounds from RA3 Uprising and C&C4. Added some ambient sounds from C&C Generals/Zero Hour.
- Removed power usage to all vehicles since no one liked it.
- All upgrades reduce their research time, but most of them are 90 seconds.
- All previous fixes done in KW Reloaded 1.9 are now applied to this expansion mod.

Alpha version 0.35 changes
- Steel Talons, ZOCOM, GAF, Reaper-17 and Traveler-59 factions are added with their own abilities, upgrades and support powers as it is from KW Reloaded.
- Experience veterancy levels are now added to all structures and units.
- Added new sky textures and skyboxes to a total of 31.
- Fixed all remaining maps not showing sky texturing correctly.
- The Main Menu/Skirmish Menu videos are changed for now until decided to be permanent.
- Camera zooming settings are now correct when zooming in or out of the battlefield, allowing vision of the sky.
- ZOCOM Ore Purifier is now buildable from Construction Yard.
- All factions will start out with five tanks at the start of skirmish/multiplayer mode.
- Structural changes to art asset paths have been modified for all KW/C&C4 and newer units and structures.
- Added tier-5 structures of GDI/NOD Command Centers and Scrin Control Node. All epic units are now tier-5 and some units are tweaked to become tier-4.

Alpha version 0.3 changes
- Vanilla factions are re-edited with their own abilities, upgrades and support powers as it is from KW Reloaded.
- KW content of civilian/neutral objects, roads and ambient sounds are added.
- Some maps are fixed to be shown in the skirmish and MP menus, but some maps aren't showing sky textures yet including Ruined Arena.
- Added GDI Flash Tank, Nod Repair Mine Layer and Scrin Destroyer Warship units. Some shaders/textures aren't working yet.
- Scrin Defiler is now available to be built from the Warp Sphere.
- Most locomotor data pertaining to a unit is put into that unit.
- Description upgrades that require a building for all units are removed from mod.str.

Pre-Alpha version 0.2 changes
- All Engineers can now capture neutral/enemy vehicle units only if they are immobile.
- BootupSequence changed for a random texture when loading campaign or custom missions.
- Added preliminary sky texturing for inbounding maps.
- New modified skirmish and possibly campaign mission maps are added for better zooming and sky texturing added via Freecam, but need to figure out how to handle size of geometry health bars as fixed without changing (needs 1200 zoom). Same goes to the Tutorial Xbox 360 map. This affects skirmish AI unless the maps are edited.

Pre-Alpha version 0.1 changes
- Most AptUIs have been modified to use the Scrin purple theme, including the main menu but temporarily had the ShellEarth and its objects in the main menu unaffected due to conflicts of modding the original main menu.
- Replaced the new modified Tacitical HUD in-game thanks to permission from DetroyT[RU] via the Omega Group.
- MP/skirmish startup rules changed for credits from 5000 to 100000.
- Added stats to all factional units and structures via mod.str.
- Added Chronoshaders by Chronosheep and shadow.fx from C&C4.
- New main menu and options music present including the credits.
- New C&C logo changed in the main menu but no transparency.
- New C&C splash logos changed before C&C3 is loaded.
- New EA logo video from C&C4 before the main menu.
- Replaced Main Menu video from the C&C3 A New Experience mod.
- Modified the ShellEarth object and textures with the purple theme.
- Temporarily set the INIs and Eurostyle URW font imported from KW Reloaded.

Beta version 0.6 preview changes (coming soon)
- The Forgotten faction is fully added with their units, structures, support powers, upgrades, unit abilities and eva voices.
- All sub-factions' remaining issues will be fixed including a work-around edit of the mod.str defines and sound effects.
- More experience veterancy levels are added to all other new structures and units.
- Most of the Intel Database entires added to GDI/NOD/Scrin sections are completed.
- All other new units have been inputted into their respective factions.
- Some units that previously do not have art formations shown are to be fixed.
- Yuriko Omega will be added into the mod and is not a buildable unit.
- Shogun Executioner will have its ultimate shockwave ability.
- Alma Prodigy is no longer buildable in skirmish, MP and SP missions.
- A few missions of the Tacitus Revolution campaign is to be included.

• Bibber for the C&C Asset Extractor tool and his extra C&C3 Mod SDK tools and for helping me making this mod with some great tips and info. Also thanks to JonWil for his CNC tools and for some special FAQs and tutorials.
• Madin for the Scrin Destroyer (via TerroR), all defensive structures, custom Scrin shields and all other public source code releases such as Light Tank, Nod Tiberium Silo, Missile Tank, MLRS, Sniper Drone, Quad Cannon, MLRS, Repair APC, SAM Site, Turret, Bunker and other unit/structure source codes.
• Carnius for the Manta, Banshee, Defiler and Assault Mothership extracted art files, and Helge129 for the Banshee weapon FX. (used with permission).
• Challenger13 (aka gdi_commando) for the Mastodon, Cyborg Reaper, Spartan, Mirage Tank and Kane source codes as well as C&C4 materials.
• Black_Drakon for some of the source codes from C&C Legacy mod including the C&C4 Firehawk, C&C4 Vertigo, Service Depot, Orca Bomber and the tracer gun fixes to Wolverine and Scrapbus. (used with permission)
• Jvmnck for making the complete C&C3 and RA3 definitions for WrathEd and for some modding help.
• Ravendark for the Tiberium destruction coding and for some modding help.
• Stygs for the Slingshot art files, Kodiak/Salamander source codes, other KW art packs, Predator Tank source code with rocket upgrade, maybe the HEAT attack ability and the inspiration of the improved Rally Flag Marker.
• Crystal Nova for the Chemical Warrior source code and to Black Drakon for the unit model, and for the working Overlord’s Wrath and the Ironback modified source code.
• Jason Zombolt for the GDI Carryall and Nod V-Ox transport art files.
• Golan for the Smoke Grenade ability and the customized Titan unit.
• Lauren (aka Megumi/Asuka/Ju-Jin) for the special FX shader and WrathEd tools and Lauren/Dibelius for the Patriot Missile Turret source code. (all used with permission)
• CrazyGDIFan123 for some of the amazing unofficial C&C3 1.10 and KW 1.03 balance changes, the KW patch 1.02+ changes and of course, the Engineer Capture Delay improved source code.
• ConnorSynth for the source coding help of the Nod Bunker, Tiberium Field and the building of the Lightning Spike defense from the Drone Platform.
• Kodaemon for the CNC3 and KW subtitles on HD FMVs.
• MOK999 for the Nod Basilisk unit.
• Rebelmoon for the Alphamod source code.
• Skull-4- for the Skullmod source code.
• Pimpuigi (aka Sexykick) for his remade KW skirmish maps. (used with permission)
• Predatore for some of his created C&C3/KW skirmish maps. (used with permission)
• Noodlesocks for two of her created C&C3/KW skirmish maps. (used with permission)
• One special modder for the Ion Storm support power. I cannot recall the name.
• Overmind for releasing the Termination mod source code for some materials. • CoreAngel and her team for releasing the Tiberium Birth and Kane’s Revenge mod source code for some materials including the custom unit crates.
• Special thanks to some of the modders giving me great feedback, help and suggestions.
• Special thanks to R. Schneider, Mr. Paul, and Eph-17 for providing great KW info. • And to the rest of the CNC modding community for helping me making this mod and previous ones.
• Special thanks to Egozi44 for helping me some things out (ie. main menu edit)
• Special thanks to the Red Alter modding team for releasing some of the Russia source code files.

Music Credits:
• Frank Klepacki for the C&C, UAW, End of Nations, Grey Goo and 8-Bit sound tracks, Bounce/Android Dreams music tracks, and other studio album tracks. (some used with permission) You can listen to most Frank Klepacki tracks at:
• GC-Three (aka NewMessageN00b) for the Devil March 1-4, Moving Out, Face the Enemy 3 and Radio 3 music tracks.
• Chicajo for the Bog 2004, Ascension and Scrin tracks.
• Michael McCann for the Icarus track used in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
• Tony Dickinson for the Hell March to the Apocalypse track.
• Jens Kiilstofte of Machinima for the Lock & Load track.

Welcome to the first ever update of this expansion mod

Welcome to the first ever update of this expansion mod


This is the first news update on the newly mod page.

Status of the C&C3; expansion mod update

Status of the C&C3; expansion mod update

News 6 comments

Well this wasn't supposed to happen until things had gotten out of hand, delaying the mod's release.

New Announcement for a New WIP Mod

New Announcement for a New WIP Mod

News 17 comments

It's here just for the 20th C&C anniversary and things are getting bigger than ever.

KW Reloaded Version 1.8 Final Release

KW Reloaded Version 1.8 Final Release

News 17 comments

One of the biggest C&C mods of all time is here for the holidays with a blast!

Add file RSS Files
KW Reloaded 1 91 FInal

KW Reloaded 1 91 FInal

Full Version 4 comments

One of the biggest C&C mods of all time is here once again for the final time.

KW Reloaded 1.8

KW Reloaded 1.8

Full Version 9 comments

This KW Reloaded 1.8 release contains two parts into one huge mod.

KW Reloaded 1.55 Final

KW Reloaded 1.55 Final

Full Version 9 comments

The very final release for KW players who wanted just KW playable content.

KW Reloaded 1.9 Final

KW Reloaded 1.9 Final

Full Version 7 comments

One of the biggest C&C mods of all time is here once again probably for the final time after several years.

C&C4 Art & Sound Pack

C&C4 Art & Sound Pack

Other 11 comments

This C&C4 Art & Sound Pack contains most of the C&C4 units and structures and it excludes most civilian, neutral and other assets. Shaders...

RA3 Uprising Art & Sound Pack

RA3 Uprising Art & Sound Pack

Other 2 comments

This RA3 Uprising Art & Sound Pack contains 13 units (plus the Shogun Executioner) for use with either the C&C3 Mod SDK and RA3 Mod SDK. This...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,185)

More BUGS then the SCRIN ARMY it's impossible to get further then 15 minutes into a Skirmish map! Shame as looks good too!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is it possible to implement global conquest game mode? I don't play multiplayer and it's my favorite game mode.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PurpleGaga27 Creator

No. C&C3; does not allow new game modes like that to be implemented.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I think the tiberium fields are too bright with white halo, and the tiberium crystals to bright too, but the halo is the most problem

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PurpleGaga27 Creator

I like the tiberium fields as it is for now.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

bots dont build or do something, except basic fractions gdi, nod, scrin.. can i do something to fix this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PurpleGaga27 Creator

It's not possible because C&C3; doesn't allow it unless another faction is active like civilian or neutral.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The mod works, but caused me a fatal error, which makes that the game can not work anymore whatever the launched mod.

If I click on "general browser", it will now crash before launch.

I can run the game only in the normal way, more with mods.

And I can not do anything about it. > <

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Issue resolved by deleting the last replay.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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