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KW Reloaded 1.8 (part one)

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KW Reloaded 1.8 (part two)

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KW Reloaded 1.55 Final

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For source codes, art packs and other KW mods, go here:

Updated 2-20-2015 -- KW Reloaded 1.55 released. New maps for this mod are cancelled and those will be transferred to another C&C3; mod.

The temporary download link for the Tsun custom mission maps (incomplete) are for C&C3;/KW mappers for use with any other C&C3; mod (i.e. Tiberium Essence, etc.):
(If you are from another country, you might not get to download this due to region restrictions.)

Also please do not ask in the comments section whether the sub-faction AI to work in-game will be inputted because I will not answer it again. Ever since I asked CNCLabs team about it, one of the developers told me that only one faction can do it and that's the neutral faction. So out of 7 sub-factions from my mod as custom factions, I can only apply to one of them as an AI by re-using a neutral faction and cannot apply that to other multiple factions which I think it may be a restriction to C&C3; modding. I haven't tried applying the skirmish AI coding formula from Zero Hour to C&C3;, but so far I haven't tried successfully to get a neutral faction AI working in-game as a custom faction since then.

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It's been 20 years since the first C&C game was released by the former Westwood Studios when the golden age of RTS had fundamentally started. After witnessing C&C's 20th anniversary, EA released Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge temporarily free as a promo in Origin's On The House. The demand is so huge for RA2/YR that EA shut down the download server to allow some cooldown time before it will come back out again. Unfortunately, EA has no announcement of a new C&C game rebooted and restarted in progress. How many times I have witnessed a huge C&C moment? Not much... until now, I have a new announcement to make.

After calling my last version of my KW Reloaded final, I am no longer attempting to fix leftover issues and add new skirmish maps for that mod because I don't have the time to fix, edit and release them as patches. They are so time-consuming and especially the modified RA3 Mod Studio for the C&C3 Mod SDK is so terribly slow. Well it's been six years since Bibber released his first C&C Asset Extractor and also six years since I had the original KW xml pack to do the modding, because then otherwise that KW Reloaded mod would have been impossible without that tool and the KW source codes.

Rather than developing another mod that is called Reloaded, why not start with a Revolution? I am now working on a much bigger project that's been WIP for quite some time , a new expansion mod called C&C3 Tacitus Revolution and this is the new logo for the mod:

CC3TR official small

Inspired from Nathan Maes' fan box art of the C&C3 Tacitus Prophecy and the other guys from CNCSaga, this expansion mod for C&C3 first started in 2008 (as Tacitus Prophecy) but was pulled back due to the lack of resources. Now resurrected with enough resources and tons of ideas added in (plus a better name), this expansion mod might become the next biggest C&C mod of all time, nothing like what Zero Hour, Yuri’s Revenge and Mental Omega would have had. All assets from KW Reloaded will be carried over to this expansion mod especially for those assets with given permission from mod creditors earlier shall be recalled for re-assessment. The mod I am creating may be the "mental omega" of C&C3.

The reason why am I developing this is because EA lacked Scrin and GDI campaigns for another C&C3 expansion pack. Eventually before this announcement, Gen.Zool, Carnius and their team are developing another C&C3 expansion mod, notably to be called as C&C5 Return of the Scrin, but I had no interest to integrate my ideas and support the mod because their story and gameplay are not quite what I expected.

This expansion mod according to my manual planout will have the following:
• 14 factions (GDI, Steel Talons, Zone Ops Command, Global Air Force, NOD, LEGION, Special Recon Forces, Noble Air Force, Scrin, Reaper-17, Shield-98, Traveler-59, Forgotten, GDI Russia) and a few custom factions
• 90 missions (including an epic 40-mission GDI campaign) + 10 additional GDI missions as future DLC
• 30+ Commander’s Challenge missions adapted from the ideas from RA3 Uprising
• Dozens of new multiplayer maps with several new game modes to play with
• Over 100 new units from KW, C&C4, RA3 and other modders (most used with permission)
• Over 1000 terrain textures and hundreds of civilian and neutral objects to use with C&C3 WorldBuilder
• New sky textures and zooming to all maps (imported from C&C3 A New Experience)
• Modified UI menus (with the purple theme -- also imported from C&C3 A New Experience) throughout the game
• New mouse cursors and some new functions to adapt to the battlefield
• New gameplay features:
o 50/50 macromanagement and micromanagement of base/unit building, harvesting and conquering forces.
o Like C&C and Starcraft, you can use power and credits as resources to units/structures as opposed to fuel/credits in Mideast Crisis 2, fuel/manpower in Company of Heroes, lumber/gold in Warcraft and crystals/vespane gas in Starcraft.
o Like C&C3 and RA2, you can capture a specific structure(s) which you can build special units when they are unavailable to build in your faction.
o Like C&C Generals and Zero Hour, units can be salvaged other than mechs and tripods. Only engineers can do that.
o Like Red Alert 3, most units will have at least one ability.
o Like Company of Heroes, most units require a cost to use their ability(s).
o Like Company of Heroes and C&C4, capturing strategic points in various areas to defend against enemies. Some missions require to hold all strategic points to accomplish one point of the mission.
o Like Company of Heroes and Starcraft, there will be some missions and skirmishes with command points as unit limits on the battlefield.
o Like Warzone 2100, very long artillery support is used, but only three factions get to use them such as Falcon MLRS, Rocket Turret and Artillery Tower.
o Like Mech Commander, capturing a turret control tower of a base or sensor outpost gets control of all defenses in that area.
o Researching upgrades gets more longer to upgrade with no less than 30 seconds.
o Collecting artifact crates gets more enforced as you pick up new intel throughout the campaign(s) similar to Warzone 2100.
o Like C&C Covert Ops, Counterstrike, Aftermath and Mental Omega 3, instead of huge SP campaigns in which I neither have the budget nor time for, all missions will be played as a mission pack in the custom missions menu, meaning you can play any mission in no particular order. However it's highly recommended you will play them in order of the story and missions.

So far....
Current manual planout status: 95%
Current expansion mod status: already WIP
First Release: 3/28/2017 (as a public beta version -- just in time for C&C3's 10th anniversary)
Full Release: when it's done

More additional details (including a brief story and other content of the expansion mod) will come later as I will be making a new Moddb page for the expansion mod soon. The expansion mod will not be done solo eventually because some assistance will be needed.

KW Reloaded Version 1.8 Final Release

KW Reloaded Version 1.8 Final Release

11 months ago News 7 comments

One of the biggest C&C mods of all time is here for the holidays with a blast!

KW Reloaded 1.8 Preview Changes

KW Reloaded 1.8 Preview Changes

1 year ago News 7 comments

This is the second revision of changes for KW Reloaded 1.8.

KW Reloaded 1.8 News Update

KW Reloaded 1.8 News Update

1 year ago News 7 comments

You thought this mod is finished for good, but no, it ain't over until it's over.

The final version of KW Reloaded released

The final version of KW Reloaded released

2 years ago News 13 comments

This is the very last news update for Kane's Wrath Reloaded and the ending has reached its final point.

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KW Reloaded 1.55 Final

KW Reloaded 1.55 Final

9 months ago Full Version 5 comments

The very final release for KW players who wanted just KW playable content.

KW Reloaded 1.8 (part one)

KW Reloaded 1.8 (part one)

11 months ago Full Version 0 comments

This first part of the mod contains the main files required to run the mod. A PDF readme is included in this part. An additional readme file for extra...

KW Reloaded 1.8 (part two)

KW Reloaded 1.8 (part two)

11 months ago Full Version 7 comments

This second part of the mod contains maps and misc files and is required to run the mod. An additional readme file for extra files is in this package...

C&C4 Art & Sound Pack

C&C4 Art & Sound Pack

1 year ago Other 9 comments

This C&C4 Art & Sound Pack contains most of the C&C4 units and structures and it excludes most civilian, neutral and other assets. Shaders...

RA3 Uprising Art & Sound Pack

RA3 Uprising Art & Sound Pack

1 year ago Other 1 comment

This RA3 Uprising Art & Sound Pack contains 13 units (plus the Shogun Executioner) for use with either the C&C3 Mod SDK and RA3 Mod SDK. This...

KW Art & Sound Pack

KW Art & Sound Pack

1 year ago Other 0 comments

This pack contains the unit/building art and sound assets from Kane's Wrath. Shaders not included. Please do credit me if you are using them for your...

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ztz2019 Jan 14 2015 says:

Hey!Gaga, let's be friend, OK? The CC forum seems to be shut down by EA now.

Do you have some ideas about CC3 aircraft taking off just like ZH? I mean first running up then flying to the air.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheGingerbread Jan 12 2015 says:

Oh,and the last question about the game itself - How come CPU allways sees what i'm doing all the time? It knows where my stealth units are without stealth detection ability, it knows where my engineers are on the field without scouting et cetera. This is what i noticed when i bought the game and it kinda ruins strategy planning.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheGingerbread Jan 12 2015 says:

Played through all skirmish maps with all factions. Few maps are crashing. But only few. Overall, the game is more fun now :) Love the Orca paladin now!

Few things that i want to mention:
GAF and Traveller factions are underpowered now since you added Salamander to Nod faction and that Missile tank to GDI. For example (Heroic) Argus goes down from a single Salamander and that seems kinda wrong considering that Argus is an epic unit and GAF air units are the main strike force of this faction. I really feel that i don't have the firepower to defend properly with GAF or Traveller now.

I noticed that Nod emissary can't be lifted by carryall.
I can't seem to understand how to use railgun accelerator. The game just doesn't allow me to use it on, for example, Mammoth tanks...
I'm not quite sure but The prodigy (or the Mastermind, don't remember) couldn't fire the EMP. I ordered it to EMP the Nuclear war head building but it didn't and got killed.
I also noticed that when you save and reload skirmish game, upgrades from, for example, Space command uplink are available again. So i'm able to upgrade two things. CPU also seems to be able to utilize this bug and becomes OP at one point.
And yeah, those Nod MLRS (sometimes) doesn't fire when heroic. Sometimes they do fire. But they are pain in the *** anyway lol.
Is it possible to deploy Reckoners or TW game engine restricts such thing? Undeployed Reckoners armor is just really weak.
Is it possible to add machine gun to Nod Redeemer since MOK Redeemer has liquid tiberium gun and BH Redeemer has flamethrower?
Oh, yeah and ZOCOM rocket pods unintentionally does friendly fire all the time. They act weird (shoots nowhere all the time) and does more harm than good.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Detective_Taco Jan 9 2015 says:

I think the Falcon's sight is broken since it keeps attacking enemies even though its out of it's range.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TeutonicKnigth125 Jan 9 2015 says:

There should be a wiki for this mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Forestsnow Jan 7 2015 says:

Hello PurpleGaga27! Thank you for a great mod! Me and my friends enjoy it! But KW 1.8 - is very unstable for us! We had some problems with synchronization in KW 1.7 on some maps but now with new version we have problems on any map... for example - Asteroid Battleground (Final V2) and Hurricane Desert. We face synch error every time when our units met on the map...10 sec and we lost connection.

Hope you can handle with that, we really like your work, you are talented!
And yes we use Tunngle to play.

+1 vote     reply to comment
PurpleGaga27 Creator
PurpleGaga27 Jan 9 2015 replied:

Since you're the first person to report this, I don't know how to handle sync problems on newer maps because I never tested them on MP. Because those maps are from Predatore, I might ask him about this.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MiBri1988 Jan 12 2015 replied:

Hi Purple,

My friends and me have the same issue with desynced MP games.

Till now we couldnt figure out a special reason why its happening.

after restarting the game sometimes we can play a few games without desync and afterwards it happens again.

+1 vote     reply to comment
snowdawn Dec 30 2014 says:

Thank you PurpleGaga27 and to those who help you made this mod. I downloaded v1.8 and so far good. I enjoy it. I love that you added a Trio Alliance faction :D
Very good Merry Christmas gift.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nyah23 Dec 29 2014 says:

Please fix the bug wherein the Nod MLRS would not fire when right clicking on enemy units when heroic.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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