Updated 6-8-2019 -- Mod is on hiatus (not cancelled yet). Anyone is welcome to finish on what I have started and it's better off with a new team doing this huge project that I could not handle on my own.

Version 0.52

C&C3; Tacitus Revolution 0.52 Beta

Source Code 0.51: Drive.google.com
Source Code 0.52: Drive.google.com (this lacked a readme but refer to the Source Code 0.51 readme for details)

Civ Source Code 0.5: Drive.google.com


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Currently the state of this mod right now is on a hiatus (it's not cancelled yet). I thought about cancelling it, but then I found some hope from a secret modder who might be promising what I may require. I won't tell you who he is yet, but if he did it I will tell you all about it. It will take some time. I was hoping for one more release before it's done for good, that unless I have a beefy PC with a solid state drive, or else it's done as it is. I am getting too tired to continue making the mod while the C&C3 community has pretty much diminished, until a C&C3 remastered version is in development. Right now I am unable to run the mod after a dozen fixes and inputting more new units due to unknown issues I cannot seem to fix.

My focus in the last year or two has been pretty much into YugiOh Duel Links, then simulating games in Cities Skylines, PC Building Simulator and Two Point Hospital, and now earning claimed cryptocurrencies. I wish a C&C game would accept Bitcoin (or another crypto) as a way to earn or pay in cryptocurrency, rather than paying real money onto microtransactions in Tiberium Alliances and C&C Rivals, because I am getting too tired of microtransactions and repetitive gameplay that doesn't bring anything else new. And yes, only twice in my life I did manage to pay microtransactions: $25 in C&C Rivals via Google Play gift card (that was the first and only time I actually did pay for a C&C game [and to EA] and not since 2001's Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge special game pack before winning a C&C Ultimate Collection in a C&C community raffle lottery more than a decade later), and $60 in YugiOh Duel Links via Google Play gift cards, all just to get better cards and speed up character EXP.

The work of this huge C&C3 mod is too complex that now it reminds me of how I managed to put too many mod assets in Cities Skylines, leading to long-loading times and save game crashes due to insufficent RAM. It's true putting too many mod assets in C&C3 slows down the game and may eventually crash due to "out-of-memory" issues unless you are using the 4GB RAM tool to force the executable to use up to 4GB RAM and that requires a 64-bit PC with 8GB and more RAM stored. It's obviously true that C&C3 may have a limit on how much add-on content one puts into the game. It sounds like my "mental omega" dream of this C&C3 mod may not come to fruition, and I haven't even had the time to create maps. But with my experiences on Cities Skylines, I might come up something on that part.

For the music, I have been addicting and riveting with new synthwave/retrowave music for a couple of years now. While Ferus Melek's Dune Riders was the first Dune retrowave track to be recognized last year, Turbo Knight responded with a Dune retrowave album of his own this year and I was stunned. Now I felt like C&C deserves some recognition for some synthwave/retrowave music and it has been long overdue.

Also I need to address the issues still occuring at this time for the mod:
1) Nod Mission 1 of the Nod Campaign
There are players reporting that the Fanatics could not destroy the wall or having the entire Fanatic squad dead before the wall is destroyed. This issue has been fixed but it's more actually of a mod issue. The wall health is back to original while the Fanatics get more damage per unit, not per squad.

2) Command UI screen ingame stretching out on other monitors/TVs not on 16:9 ratio
Unless you are on a HD monitor or TV with a 16:9 ratio, then I suggest you need to disable the TacitusAptUI_0.4.big line in the skudef file of the mod. If you are on a 16:9 ratio HD monitor, you need to run at HD compatible resolutions in order to see all of the UI ingame. There's nothing I could do to fix it, unless I reverse the command UI ingame back to its original state like in C&C3.

3) Out-of-memory errors
Like I said before, unless you are on a 64-bit PC and is using the 4GB RAM tool, you shouldn't be encountering issues. For those in a 32-bit PC or OS partition, I highly advise to upgrade or go to a 64-bit OS to run the mod. I no longer recommend a 32-bit OS for this mod. If you are playing online mode using C&C Online (not GameSpy) and if you are encountering this issue, I cannot help because I have not tried playing online yet for this mod. C&C3 may have limitations on mod assets ingame and overloading assets may crash the game.

4) Not showing Eurostyle font in-game
You need to install the Eurostyle fonts into Windows. Even if the font is in Misc.big, the font won't up ingame unless that font(s) is installed.

For those who are new to the mod, YOU MUST READ INSTRUCTIONS HERE BEFORE PLAYING: Moddb.com

Now onto future parts....
All the new units that EA threw out in C&C Rivals and Tiberium Alliances.... there's no one in the C&C3 community attempting to recreate those units in their own mods. As I said before years ago, I cannot draw but mod only.

Here's my take on the new units from C&C Rivals:
-- Jump Jet Troopers (technically only Carnius and one other modder have it in their mods), perfect for Steel Talons but if only I got permission from Carnius to use the unit in my mod.
-- War Dogs (never heard of this unit except in Starcraft II), perfect for ZOCOM as replacement to Riflemen Squad, rather than Zone Enforcer and might rename that to Zone War Dogs.
-- Drone Swarm (suicide units), perfect for GAF as suicide units as aircraft
-- Mohawk Gunship (I wish Gunship_MK_II create this to substitute the Harbinger Gunship in his SysMod), perfect for GAF but to rename it as Orca Mohawk Gunship.
-- Orca Bomber (well it wasn't in C&C3 and C&C4 until I got it in-game via another modder with permission)
-- MLRS (well it wasn't in C&C3 until I got it in-game as a Sandstorm from C&C4)

-- Laser Drone (more like the counter to GDI Drone Swarm), perfect for NAF
-- Cyberwheel, perfect for NAF and SRF as replacement to Attack Buggy.
-- Scarabs (I believe this exists in C&C4 but did not consider it)
-- Widowmaker (I believe this exists in C&C4 but did not consider it)
-- Rockworm (more like the Dune sandworm), perfect for LEGION
-- Giga Cannon (I believe this exists in C&C4 but was named with a different name and was not considered)
-- Phantom, perfect for NAF for attacking buildings.
-- Inferno, perfect for NAF for attacking ground and infantry units.
-- Mutant Marauder (LMAO -- I always consider them as a Forgotten unit, not a Nod unit)

Here's my take on the units/structures from Tiberium Alliances:
Offense: Rocket fist • Forgotten • Missile squad • Sniper team • Commando • Scooper • Bowler • Scrapbus • Mammoth • Thumper • Wasp • Locust • Smoker • Dreadnought
Defense: Wall • Forgotten • Machine-gun nest • Flak cannon • Demolisher artillery • Reaper artillery • SAM site • Barbed wire • Anti-tank barrier
Structures: Construction yard • Harvester • Power plant • Refinery • Tiberium silo • Command post • Factory • Trade center
Fortress: Colossus • Particle Cannon • Predatory Rocket Fist
Cut content: Bombard • Grinder

Not even CNC Labs has attempted to recreate them (except their own), and not even Carnius in which he prefers making his own content for the Forgotten faction. These left me stumped as no one has re-created a Forgotten unit in any C&C3/RA3 mod other than the Ironback and Scrapbus. I thought maybe Madin, GunShip_MK_II or Egozi44 could go for it, but Madin is focused on recreating almost every RA1/RA2 unit in his RA History Mod and GunShip_MK_II is pretty much busy into other projects, especially Generals Evolution. Egozi44 has pretty much focused on modding KW but hasn't said anything about a Forgotten faction in KW yet.

So with that, that's my announcement I have for now. Long live C&C.

C&C3; Tacitus Revolution Open Beta 0.5 Released

C&C3; Tacitus Revolution Open Beta 0.5 Released

News 3 comments

Prepare for the "mental omega" of C&C3;, because the unofficial second expansion pack to C&C3; is finally here.

Welcome to the first ever update of this expansion mod

Welcome to the first ever update of this expansion mod


This is the first news update on the newly mod page.

FAQs part two

FAQs part two

Feature 1 comment

This is the second Q and A for this unofficial expansion pack mod.

FAQs (part one)

FAQs (part one)

Feature 6 comments

This is the first Q and A for this unofficial expansion pack mod.

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C&C3; Tacitus Revolution 0.52 Beta

C&C3; Tacitus Revolution 0.52 Beta

Demo 18 comments

This 0.52 version of the mod is a full version but it's in fact a beta. Please read the docx file for instructions on how to install and run.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 136)

Epic mod.
If all bugs are fixes it will be perfect.
There are some bugs I found.
Tiberium troopers didn't show up ingame.
Enlightened will be cancelled when training finished
Nod(includes sub faction) Quad turrets main core disappeared when upgraded.
ZOCOM sonic tank has so low damage so just become useless.
Cyborg leg upgrade cannot be clicked.
Except the bugs this mod is awesome.
I love your RA3 and KW reloaded so much.
Hope you can finish this mod one day and this will be my favorite mod.

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Hope this gets a update soon, KWR has been my childhood and I loved it, I still do.

This mod just brings me back though :< I just couldn't resist to play it >_<

also cybernetic legs won't work, they just don't upgrade when they are supposed to

Also fix the MLRS range, its too big and it hits allies :<

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Amazing work my child, my banshees are back !

One vision one purpose.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I found some problems
Zone Shatterer damage too low....
And Enlightened cannot be trained....
The tiberium troopers do not show up on the battle field

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This mod is amazing!! Looking forward to future updates

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Which NOD Faction has the scarab? Also the mod is amazing despite the crashes and only the vanilla factions work with the AI

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
PurpleGaga27 Creator

The scarab isn't in the mod yet.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

in the next, update, can there be an option to move the UI back to the sides like in regular TW/KW menu back to the sides instead of the bottom, it is very annoying to have my discord notifications pop up and block the button when I want to unload infantry or do other kinds of things with my units

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

To play with the vanilla UI, open the folder where you installed Tacitus Revolution (for example, C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods\TacitusRevolution or something similar). Then edit the file TacitusA_0.52.skudef with a text editor, such as NotePad. The last line of the file should say: add-big TacitusAptUI_0.4.big Remove that line, save the file and run the mod, and you should be able to play with the vanilla UI. If you ever run into problems or major glitches with the vanilla UI, just insert back the line that you removed.

Since most monitors have much more width than height, the new UI in Tacitus Revolution is a really questionable development choice. I know it's a reference to games like C&C Generals and StarCraft, but with the way C&C3;'s UI is implemented, it is just cumbersome on the bottom rather than on the right.

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Yeah, this UI is annoying....
But you can delete it in the mod folder and play without it.

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