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Greetings all and belated happy 2015.

The Tides of War team had been rather busy over the last 2 months so its time to share the fruits of their labors.

Firstly our community manager, Darkforce has put together a code of conduct which is to be followed when playing on the Open Beta server. This can be viewed here:

The beta has also been updated with a few balance fixes and many fixes for bugs that our community has reported to us over time. This should lead to an overall more pleasant experience when on the server. the full list can be read below:

FriendlyFire wrote: -Tripled in-system hyperspace tunnel length.
-Eliminated YT-1300 "wreck", Z-95 Mark I and BTL-S3 Y-Wing from starter loadouts, replacing them with the standard YT-1300, the civilian Howlrunner and the Supa, respectively.
-Cleaned up old hyperjump buoys.
-Added mc90 normal map.
-Unified docking ability of freighters: transports can all use berths, freighters can only use large moors; corvettes and gunships may also use berths.
-Reduced collision elasticity.
-Removed Laseel from files as a base.
-Doubled baseline speed of mc90 and ISD.
-Fixed CC-7700 loadouts not having the gravity well projectors.
-Doubled interdiction range of Immobilizer-418 to 4x20k = 80k, tripled range of CC-7700 to 60k.
-Reduced capital weapon dispersion angles across the board, reduced muzzle velocity.
-Halved mag-pulse range.
-Decreased hull damage of mc90 super turbos.
-Increased damage of ISD turbos and energy damage of ISD ions.
-Increased explosion radius and damage of proton bombs, increased explosion radius of assault concussion missiles.
-Reduced max speed/range of proton bombs.
-Miscellaneous changes to effects.
-Player capital ships do not collide with NPCs, but collide with other players.
-Improved jump animation so the ship no longer "flips" around when docking; also removed the point where all objects in the system disappeared.
-Mag-pulses and ion-pulses properly cause the ship to drift.
-Reduced starsphere brightness to more sane levels and tweaked generation algorithm to look less pixellated.
-Moved many data files to My Games\Freeworlds, including all dump files, option files, logs, etc.
-Certain tips are now "blocking" tips and prevent other tips from popping over them, which makes it less overwhelming.
-Hyperspace tunnel is now of the correct radius.
-Removed "chance to drop" system from hyperspace: players now collide with the tunnel and take shield damage; when shields hit zero, the player is dropped off.
-Distinguish between a mag-pulse and an ion-pulse; ions are stronger and are the only ones that can affect larger freighters and capital ships. Successive disruptions stack in time.
-Proper, super shiny specular reflections on all ships.
-Changed lighting model a bit.
-A few more safety checks around hyperspace.
-Simplified and automated a lot of the background balance of hyperspace tunnel lengths and difficulty.
-Fixed numerous issues with hyperspace tunnel rendering, particularly at steep angles versus the +Z vector.
-Completely redesigned equipment regeneration on docking: should be more reliable, less likely to kick for cheating, less likely to replace valid equipment or double/triple equipment.
-If a player disconnects or F1's out while in hyperspace, the player is dropped as though their shields had failed.
-Staying idle or moving backwards in hyperspace deals shield damage.
-If a player fails to receive the exit packet for leaving hyperspace, they are moved to their destination before being kicked to preserve server stability.
-Characters are saved right before jumping in hyperspace.
-Completely overrode FLServer behavior for sending updates to the client about missiles. Missiles should move much more smoothly and should look like they connect with their target more reliably.
-Cargo is lost if player drops from hyperspace (whether through F1/disconnect or through losing shields).
-Shields are now dropped if the player logs in while in space. Docking/undocking will regenerate the shields. Log off docked to avoid this!
-Fully-fledged interdiction system is now in place. If a player crosses through an interdiction field, they will be dropped somewhere in the field. This is determined in real-time, not at buoy creation, so fields MUST be active at the moment of the drop to work. Players are guaranteed to drop at 75% of the interdiction radius or less.
-F1'ing in while in space causes a 5 seconds radar pulse that broadcasts the player's location to ALL other players in the system. Log off docked to avoid this!
-Dropping (as in, shield failure or F1/disconnect) from hyperspace causes a 10 seconds radar pulse.
-Increased hyperspace cooldowns slightly.
-Cooldowns do not regenerate while in hyperspace.
-Added lots of new UI elements, collectively named "Info". This includes detailed overlays on spawned gates showing time to stable/despawn and instability %, target tracking overlay, missile lock overlay, cruise delay info, hyperdrive cooldown info, hyperspace distance from tunnel edge, etc.
-Tradelanes are no longer dockable; instead, they indicate areas into which plotting a jump is free (no impact on cooldown, almost instantaneous stability). Attempting to dock with a tradelane will automatically plot a jump to the connected tradelane instead.
-As a result of this, interdictors affect precalculated hyperlanes as well.
-Hooked death cameras so they render properly!
-Hyperspace drop-out orients players correctly.
-Possible fix for phantom gate spawns.
-More leniency on hyperspace checks.
-Warning sounds for hyperspace.
-Decreased god rays sample count, increasing performance.
-More aggressive shadow rendering culling, resulting in significant performance gains.
-Smarter light equip culling, increasing performance.
-FPS may be as much as doubled or more depending on the circumstances!
-Sped up jump in/out animations
-Completely redesigned weapon linking, should now work for all ships on all configurations, even with weapons turned off
-Reset some reputations, Jedi and Sith are a lot more neutral now, Hutt may attack less (they will still attack an enemy's allies if the enemy shows up)
-Eliminated Jedi and Sith spawns from everywhere aside from their respective expected locations
-Hyperspace data now resets on undocking, which should help with the exploding on undocking bug
-As a stopgap measure, there should now always be missions across the Bastion system for Imperial players
-Removed all remaining fake atmosphere zones (producing the weird burning effect)
-Formos, Avon, Radnor now have a gravity well
-Resized Dathomir, Fresia, Garqi, Gamorr, Sleheyron, Teth gravity wells
-Corrected some infocard errors with many gates
-Removed containers from Sullust
-Unified all gravity wells to show up on navmap
-Eliminated gravity well for asteroid belt in Bespin
-Renamed Coruscant -> Borleias tradelane
-Golans deal 5x more damage and have infinite power
-New weapon linking works on K-Wing, YT-series
-Fixed YT-1300 guns having different rates of fire
-Moved Coruscant -> Kashyyyk jump to avoid jumping through a planet
-Added missing shipdealer to KDY base selling the Cloakshape, Toscan and Supa (KDY Military Research)
-Moved lane in Bastion to make it a bit easier to navigate
-Missile explosions against shields have been completely rebuilt, bypassing FL's standard setup; as such, missiles should now damage the shields of all capitals reliably (including mc90/Neb-B)
-Better wreck rendering
-Removed space dust
-Crashed sessions on the server should now get kicked when attempting to rejoin
-Fixed tradelanes requiring cooled down drive.
-Improved client-side stability in hyperspace.
-Corrected visual glitches in hyperspace tunnel.
-Cooldown notifier is properly updated when hyperspace plotting fails.
-Modified behavior of hyperspace plotting: will now attempt to jump towards the selected target, or the first waypoint if no selection.
-Improved weapon linking, now actually works when disabling weapons, attempts to keep using current fire mode if it can when switching weapons on or off.
-Removed erroneous jump to a dev system from Kuat.
-Fixed lighting error in hyperspace.
-Properly released hyperspace textures on device loss/game exit.
-Now using proper lock flags for hyperspace textures.
-Added additional check on Firemode loading.
-Permanently disabled 3D sounds. Do not try to reactivate them, please.
-Fixed conflict between mouse lag fix and star rendering.
-Rebalanced TIE Interceptor
-MC30c bombs and a few other ammo types are now available everywhere
-Possible fix for crash on dock, though we have been unable to replicate
-Fixed VSD energy drain

Also a reminder that both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire are still actively recruiting pilots to serve on the front lines. Anyone interested should register on our forums and contact the respective faction leaders for more information.

That's it for this update. If you like what you see, and have been playing, please don't forget to tell your friends, your communities you frequent and social sites like REDDIT/Twitter about this mod. Player word of mouth goes a long way and we'd appreciate any of the support we can get for this mod of ours! Thanks everyone!

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Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,139)

I wasn't confused, and I did looked into this mod. I know it has AI controlled ships, I just prefer a singleplayer game where u don't need to rely on a server or internet connection to play, 'cuz every server-sided game comes to an end. It's just my opinion. Multiplayer is always great, but as a optional mode, not as the whole game center-mode.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this still being worked on?
i have not gotten any mod watch update news in awhile.

or is the news being posted elsewhere now?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

They're pretty good about either releasing a dev blog or lore update (note mod diverges from legends-canon around 11ABY) weekly here:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

thanks for telling me!

now what time can i see the most people in the server?

i live in missouri if that helps you calculate

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Times really vary; players usually discuss between each other on the Discord server and work out times to play. You'd most likely see some European players on around noonish your time, and the other players mid-evening

Hope this helps!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So i cant accesss this mod without an internet connection?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Been following this game on and off for years, and it is still not really playable and still has no population to actualyl play with.

The mod itself is of great quality and the things they have done to the engine werenot thought possible. The people contributing to this mod are talented.

What makes me really sad is not only have I never really been able to play this mod, but that it's never going to live, it will forever be dead. Even if they finished it now, the population would not grow to a point where it would really be worth playing at all, and that is especially true because of Star Citizen or any games like it.

While star citizen has one of the worse communities I have ever seen in gaming, has developers who are money hungry and are taking a slow ride with this game's development in favor of producing more microtransaction content and more ways to squeeze money out of their fans, and have turned the game into a p2w mess with ships costing hundreds to thousands of real dolars. It still has potential to be a great game, and a modding scene has is already around planning out mods, including a star wars mod for the game.

It would be great to see these modders take a shot at star citizen (if that game actually ever releases that is).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TSP-FriendlyFire Creator

I have serious doubts that Star Citizen will ever have a strong modding scene. CryEngine is *not* mod-friendly and the game is so heavily focused on selling ships with real money, making mods available (and thus opening the gates for people just unlocking all ships with a mod) sounds counterintuitive. They also have been extremely evasive about what kinds of servers people could host - the current best guess is that you'd only have "deathmatch" servers, with the persistent universe being exclusive to the official (and thus unmodded) servers.

There's a reason why we're still on Freelancer: it remains the best platform for making a persistent universe space sim mod.

We've also not said our last word yet. We're just trying to round off the mod a bit so it's friendlier to solo players and new players in the hope of achieving higher player numbers.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

A year or two ago on the forums (I refuse to go back on there, it's way too cancerous) there were quite a few groups getting together to plan for various different mods, from star wars to warhammer 40k to star trek, there was quite a few cool conversion mod ideas. Will they ever actually acomplish their goals? No idea.

So far the only "modding" that is able to be done is make custom ships in the engine, they even had a whole crappy webseries dedicated to some competition for who could make the best ship, and the winner got to have their game put in the game which was then sold to the players and they (assumingly) made some percentage of that profit from it.

You are right that they refuse to really acknowledge or talk about the dedicated server/private server stuff, have only seen Chris Roberts mention it once. They seem to have made a promise they later did not want to back up and just kinda hope it gets forgotten about. Including the "sandbox" single player mode, and the co-op. And they keep insisting that buying ships is not P2W and that it's to "support the developers", including the ability to buy in-game money before launch as well.

But, assuming that they actually add the option to host your own dedicated servers, and mods are being released, I can't say many people are going to continue to be playing freelancer. Maybe people will come back once in awhile but most won't be playing it consistently, I know I won't be if star citizen releases and actually keeps it's word.

I remember them promising to release modding tools as well, so if that ends up being true, I can't see the game not having a modding scene, and attracting even more people over.

I love this mod, and all the work and dedication that has been put into it, but I just don't see it holding out against something like Star Citizen. But either way, the day you guys "finish" the mod, I will be there, and will stick around if theres others around too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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