The Battle for Middle-earth has just begun...

Return to the classic gameplay of the first Battle for Middle-earth, reimagined with countless new heroes, units and abilities. Journey deeper into Tolkien's world than ever before, relive the movies through meticulously crafted visuals and forge your path to victory in epic strategic battles.

New Factions

New Factions

Take command of seven unique factions and over 10 subfactions, with two more full factions underway!

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Edain 4.3.2 Demo Released

Greetings, Companions of Edain!

Today we released the Patch 4.3.2 for the demo of Edain 4.0. You can download it directly through the Update function of the Edain-Launcher.

If you do not yet have a previous Edain version installed, you can download version 4.3 as complete setup package by clicking on the banner. Please note that patch 4.3.2 still has to be downloaded through the Update function of the Edain Launcher.

edainsplashscreen 1462394558

If you encounter any problems, as usual pay a visit to our Support Forums!

New Features in 4.3.2:

- Edain 4.3.2 is primarily a bugfix and balance update to ensure smoother gameplay. Above all, game modes should now work properly without command point issues and Dwarven towers should no longer be built automatically around your forest.

- New game mode: Elite. This replaces the old Battle mode which simply granted doubled command points. Instead, Elite reduces your command points but makes individual troops significantly more powerful - a counterpart to the Legendary Heroes mode. We have realized we need two modes with reduced command points because they're based on the command point settings of the original game and two of those lowered the points. We decided to replace Battle because there's still Epic Battle if you want to play with greatly increased command points.

- Lorien is now playable on the Defense of the Shire map.

Balance in 4.3.2:

- Cost of all ranged units reduced by 100.

- Narin:
* Ceasefire moved to level 3, Battle Command moved to level 5.
* Battle Command: Now grants +50% damage, 50% reduced speed, but no longer improves armor.

- Gondor Knights, Ram Riders and Meduseld Knights: Health and damage reduced by 10%.

- Ram Riders:
* Attack range brought in line with Gondor Knights.
* Now additionally require Elite Equipment.

- Erebor Guardians: Armor debuff now only lasts 10 seconds.

- Battle Wagons:
* Increased command points to 60 and recruitment cost to 600
* Increased trample damage by 50%.
* Deceleration when crushing enemies increased from 3 per unit to 5.
* Speed reduced by 20%
* Armor and health reworked: Can take more damage overall, but is no longer immune to archers.
* Banner Carrier upgrade: Now requires researched Banner Carriers, cost increased to 300
* Ranged unit upgrades: Now require Elite Equipment, cost decreased to 200.
* Hearth upgrade: Now requires Siege Plans, no longer heals battle wagons themselves (they already have regeneration at level 2).

- Summoned Dwarven Mines no longer produce resources.

- Angmar structures:
* Now require two tribute carts for level 3.
* The Hall of the King's Men required more carts than other structures: Two for level 2 and three for level 3.

- Wolf Breeding: Now available at rank 1.

- Angmar outpost:
* Build cost increased to 1600.
* No longer produces resources (already covered through the spawning of tributes).

- Obelisk:
* Now only reduces damage and armor by 10% in the same radius as standard leadership.

- Angmar's troll summon:
* Calls one troll less.
* Can no longer be cast into enemy units (brought in line with other summons).

- Zaphragor: Armor brought in line with other heroes and greatly reduced. Damage by his own abilities remains unchanged, however.

- Mornamarth:
* Edict of Carn Dûm now only reduces cost of units by 25%.
* Blood and Iron moved to level 4, Dark Brand to level 4.

- Carn Dûm Pikemen:
* Lowered damage reflection to 20%.
* No longer reflect damage from heroes, magic, elemental attacks, buildings and siege units.

- Sorcerers:
* Fell Strength now buffs allies around the sorcerer instead of in the target area.
* Radius of Fell Strength reduced to 100.

Enjoy playing!

Edain Mod 4.3.1 Demo Released

Edain Mod 4.3.1 Demo Released

News 55 comments

Fixing bugs, improving the balance, introducing a reworked Dûrmarth and our largest-ever mission map.

Edain Mod 4.3 Demo Released!

Edain Mod 4.3 Demo Released!

News 90 comments

Edain 4.3 introduces the new Angmar faction and completely reworks the Dwarves, drawing more inspiration from the Hobbit movies. This download contains...

Helegwen, Winter's Arrow

Helegwen, Winter's Arrow

News 67 comments

Silent, determined and merciless, Helegwen is Angmar's finest archer.

Drauglin, the Beastmaster

Drauglin, the Beastmaster

News 29 comments

Hunt and kill your pray with Drauglin, the Beastmaster of Angmar.

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Edain 4.3 Demo

Edain 4.3 Demo

Demo 167 comments

This download contains all files you need to play the latest version (4.3) of the Edain Mod. If you experience any problems, please refer to the Readme...

Edain Mod Launcher [Edain Demo required]

Edain Mod Launcher [Edain Demo required]

Patch 117 comments


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Quick quesiton for anyone
when i disable the mod and load the Vanillar game, It get to the main menu and when i click "skirmish", the game instantly crashes! :(
any help?? thanks :)

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What are all the factions and sub- factions and how do I access them all please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The current available factions are Mordor, Gondor, Isengard, Rohan, the Dwarves, Lothlórien and Angmar; Imladris and the Misty Mountains will be released in the future, in form of new patches.

Almost all the factions have subfactions within themselves, implemented via outposts, settlements or other features. If you want to discover them, I can only advise you to play the actual game ;)

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Greetings from deep underground,

I have managed to escape the prison of that monster named Mornamarth with days of careful planning. Apparently he was called to action after a large army of foolhardy besiegers from Arnor magically slipped through the gates of Carn Dum for the twelfth time. While he was away, I changed back to my feral form to slip out of my bonds and squeeze through the bars. I sallied forth, unseen and unopposed.

I have since tried to find refuge in Mirkwood and the Gap of Rohan--but the invisible and malevolent force of destruction always seems to destroy my whole camp once I'm set up. And I thought the absurd "passing through closed gates" was a real problem to be fixed. How am I ever going to visit these beautiful forests and plains if I can't even start a game there without being instantly vaporized? One may as well be trying to buy clothes at the soup store.

My ring spoke to me to head for the Shire to wait for the chaotic bugs to be fixed, but my path was through the mountains. Stopping by a cavern to rest, I changed out of my fuzzy disguise and sat down. Then all I remember is hearing "Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!"

The ambush was unforeseeable for even a cunning lad like me. At first the guardians tried to jail me for trespassing until I told them about the gates of Carn Dum. In exchange for my freedom and a place to stay, I will now be living among the Dwarves, teaching them how to magically squeeze through Carn Dum's gates by exploiting that bug. Other than that, there isn't much I can do to earn my freedom back for inadvertently trespassing Dwarven territory. But what I am doing can suit me at least. Being underground, you'll be surprised that the Dwarves do have some agricultural practices. For regaining my freedom back, the coming days can only mean one thing... Mushroom farming.

I pray that Manwë will come soon to lead me home again,

-Festus, the Red Wizard

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Hey, really loving the mod, but I have a question, the way to get the armor for the nazgul is different. How do I get it now?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

you can get it through the spellbookpower suaron's deadliest servants

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which factions do you love to play most and play against which factions in current edain mod 4.0 ?

Me: Mordor and Iron Hills Dwarfs
Against mainly Elfs !!! Death to the Elves :D

and you ?^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Definitely Dwarves, didn't matter which faction.

I remember enjoying playing against Mordor, so I'll go with that one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Mainly Ered Luin dwarves against Elves/Rohan . (Uhh I hate siege weapons).
Sometimes I play with Isengard and other dwarf factions too. I rarely play with other factions.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Gondor/Erebor against Isengard (they make atleast some siege)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Highest Rated (114 agree) 10/10

You could think im exxagerating the value of this mod,but i can only tell you : try with your hands. Edain mod is without any doubt the best RTS based on the LotR series,and,but this is just my opinion,the best RTS overall. While being much more true to tolkien than any other EA's work,it combines great complexity with good-balance in an excellent way. But what,above all things,makes this mod stand out are the models of the units,heroes and buildings,just take a look to the gallery on the site…

Oct 19 2010 by TheMost

Lowest Rated (22 agree) 5/10

Mordor and other evil factions are overpowered including their heroes and ringheroes. Especially Lorien and Imladris are too weak and their ringheros are not powerful enough to be ringheroes (and Galadriel is far too weak to be Galadriel. Make it to be like in the Lone Wolf mod: two palantir and stronger powers, etc.)... All ringheroes should be as powerful as Sauron, because now it's not fair. Almost all good factions are underpowered. Ents should be better than trolls (except armoured ones), because…

Oct 17 2012 by TheLapari

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