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Return to the classic gameplay of the first Battle for Middle-earth, reimagined with countless new heroes, units and abilities. Journey deeper into Tolkien's world than ever before, relive the movies through meticulously crafted visuals and forge your path to victory in epic strategic battles.

New Factions

New Factions

Take command of six unique factions and over 10 subfactions!

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Castles & Settlements

Raise mighty castles, conquer settlements and outposts to rally your forces.

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The One Ring

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Unique Maps

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Epic New Heroes

Lead dozens of new heroes, including Thorin, Imrahil and the Necromancer, or create your own custom hero with new abilities.

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Support & Forum

Get the very latest news, discuss new ideas with the community and find solutions for problems and issues.

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Edain Mod 4.5: The Spellbook of the Dwarves

Greetings, companions of Edain,

Today we want to present you the next overhauled spellbook:


Naturally the dwarves also get a reworked spellbook. Because there are 3 different dwarven factions, but only one spellbook, it was not easy to find spells that fit all factions. But all dwarven houses have a focus on architecture and so does the spellbook. A few spells already led in this direction. But we also wanted to include the craftsmanship of the dwarves and their readiness to fight. So we removed 3 spells and added 2 new ones. One of these is the central spell, which is unique. Furthermore 4 spells were reworked.

You can read more about the new spellbook structure in general, including the new long-term and short-term strategic trees, in our first Edain 4.5 spellbook Update.


As you might guessed the healing-spell, "Dwarven Beer" is gone. It always was more a fill-in spell than a fitting spell for the dwarves. Also it was in too many spellbooks. The "Rallying Call" and "Carc's Ravens" are now the spells of the first row and we think they are quite fitting. We had the feeling that the ravens were often only used as a debuff and not for scouting. So we changed the concept of the spell.

Carc's Ravens: Control the ravens and send them to an own structure. Nearby enemies loose 25% armour and damage. Nearby allied buildings gain +50% armour and +200% sight. Does not affect walls.

Now the ravens have a more passive role, because you cannot control them actively. If you use the spell on a building the ravens change their location. So you can only move them if the spell is ready and you can only guard one building. The spell is in EG very good, because you get a lot of sight. Because of the debuff it is still useful in LG.

"Rallying Call" stays the same.


Both spells of the second row are already known and they barely changed. The "Lone Tower" fits perfectly in the left branch of the dwarven spellbook. Yes it is same as Gondors but also blends well with the other spells of the dwarves, like the "Dwarven Runes". Because of a slightly debuff, the tower should not be as powerful as before.
On the right branch there is also a building summon to strengthen the significance of buildings and defenses in the dwarven spellbook. "Undermine" is a well known and offensive summon, which can be used to surprise the enemy in the right moment. It costs 2 spellpoints now.


In the third row there are 2 spells from the old second row and there is also a new spell on the left:

Weapon Art of the Dwarves: Dwarven units with Heavy Armour and Forged Blades/Fire Arrows gain additionally +15% armour and damage.

It is a spell which focuses on the smithery of the dwarves, which was important for us in the new spellbook. This spell enables the player to upgrade his units in LG even further.

The "Dwarven Runes" were also reworked:

Dwarven Runes: Offers a variety of different runes, that can be attached to dwarven buildings.

There are 4 runes:

1. Rune of Inviolability: The chosen building gets +50% armour.
2. Rune of Inspiration: Allies nearby the chosen building gain +15% armour and damage for 30 seconds. As before the effect stays even if the units leave the area of influence.
3. Rune of Power: The chosen building gets every frequently repaired. Every 20s 500HP are restored.
4. Rune of Productivity: The chosen training building trains units 30% faster. Economy buildings produce 30% more resources.

Because of it's diversity the spell is useful in every game situation. You can boost your economy, train troops faster or generally play a defensive tactic. It also is a good spell to upgrade the dwarven defenses to get them as strong as they should be.
You can use all four runes on one building and all runes have their separate timer. So you can use them quite often, unlike Radagst. Runes do not work on the citadel.

On the right side there are two known spells. "Gandalf the Grey" did not change much, but got a light and stun effect when summoned.

The "Beorn" spell was strengthened, because it moved to the third row. Now there are 4 beornings and Beorn spawned, which can change their form.


It was difficult to find a central spell for the dwarves, because of the three factions. At the end we found a common ground: All dwarves fight to the last man.
The new central spell is:

Final Stand: Allies in the target area gain four times as much armour, are immune against knock-back and slow down cavalry twice as much for 20 seconds.

The central spell of the dwarves is special. It is the only one which is active. The spell can be deciding a fight, when your troops are surrounded or slightly weaker than the enemy. So even a hopeless battle can be won. We thought this is a good spell for the fiercely-fighting dwarves.


The final spells were already quite fitting for the dwarves. The "Summon Citadel" is the defensive spell and the "Earthquake" will be the offensive spell. "Earthquake" is a perfect finisher, because it also knocks down units.

We hope you enjoyed the update and look forward to your feedback.

Your Edain Team

The Road to Edain 4.5: Spellbook of Rohan

The Road to Edain 4.5: Spellbook of Rohan

News 43 comments

The new spellbook for Rohan has been finished after a couple of complications and is now much more focused and organized.

The Road to Edain 4.5: Spellbook of Isengard

The Road to Edain 4.5: Spellbook of Isengard

News 32 comments

The new spellbook for Isengard has been finished and has some interesting changes in it that complete what the core of Isengard represents.

Edain Mod 4.5: April Fools

Edain Mod 4.5: April Fools

News 13 comments

This update was just a joke. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Edain 4.5: Mordor's New Spellbook

Edain 4.5: Mordor's New Spellbook

News 35 comments

Along with the new spellbook tree structure, Mordor gains two entirely new spells and many smaller reworks and improvements.

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Edain 4.3 Demo

Edain 4.3 Demo

Demo 320 comments

This download contains all files you need to play the latest version (4.3) of the Edain Mod. If you experience any problems, please refer to the Readme...

Edain Mod Launcher [Edain Demo required]

Edain Mod Launcher [Edain Demo required]

Patch 153 comments


Comments  (0 - 10 of 64,572)

where can i get custom maps?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

That mod is soo dead, dead more then Sauron after the "one ring" got destroyed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

you are dead to be fun of edain go away

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Apply this metaphor to your sexual life because mod is still alive and well

Reply Good karma Bad karma+15 votes

What do you know about his sexual life? Lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Maybe they know eachother? If not it is really weird.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

My elf eyes have seen enough today.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Reading all this stuff is fun actually :D people are crazy

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I always wanted edain team to bring more contept from hobbit to edain mod too but thy always refused me or the ppl who felt like that.

Look at this picture now that will be in the game in the future in another mod:

I hope that edain team brings us cool things too :( We wait you for a long time without any words or screenshots or news from you for so long.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+11 votes

I have always been in favour of more additions from the Hobbit trilogy as well, like many other people that attended patiently and constructively almost all discussions in the forum encompassing the cinematographic rendition. There were quite heated debates in the past and harsh in equal manner, but all was necessary to bring worthy elements in the game, adding to the ones that had been planned from the beginning. The strenuous debate which arose, each time we would approach that kind of themes, has not refrained any passionate member of the community from forwarding his opinions in the best of the ways possible: concept-conceiving. This without the need of resentful wailing, vain complaining or passive-aggressive attitude. Thus, most of the proposals saw light and one may simply find them in the Edain Mod now. By the way, speaking about Hobbit-based content, this is a (hopefully) detailed catalogue of what has been hitherto implemented from the films, just to have a precise outlook and to let truth speak for itself.

- Dori
- Nori/old Nori
- Ori
- Bifur
- Bofur
- Bombur
- F铆li
- K铆li
- Gl贸in/old Gl贸in
- 脫in
- Balin
- Dwalin
- Thorin/Thorin with royal armour
- Thranduil/Thranduil with royal armour/Thranduil on his deer
- Tauriel
- Tauriel's guards/elk-riders
- Palace Guards of Mirkwood
- Mirkwood infantry and bowmen
- The entire visual concept of Mirkwood from WETA, including the halls of the Woodland King
- Ram Riders
- D谩in Ironfoot/King D谩in
- Bard
- Brand
- Lake-town infantry, archers and lancers
- Dale infantry, archers and lancers
- Lake-town as an outpost, fashioned exactly on WETA's own vision
- Dale as an outpost, fashioned equally on WETA's design
- Dwarven Forge
- Tom, Bert and Bill
- Great Goblin
- Goblin-town units in every variation
- Gundabad units in every variation, based on those from AUJ
- The Defiler (Azog)
- The Hunter (Yazneg)
- Fimbul (ability of the Hunter)
- Bolg (Keeper of the gaols of Dol Guldur)
- Dol Guldur as a ruined fortress, fashioned on the Hobbit trilogy's concept
- Dol Guldur infantry, archers and pikes
- Elrond's design from AUJ (robes and armour)
- Rivendell swordsmen, archers and lancers
- Rivendell banners
- Kham没l unveiled
- The Necromancer, both as a wandering shadow and as a spirit clothed with flames
- Radagast/Radagast on his wooden sledge
- Young Bilbo, during the Hobbit quest
- Goblin-town structures
- Ered Luin guardians, phalanx and bowmen
- Unburnt
- Erebor guardians, phalanx and axe-throwers
- Arkenguard
- Iron Hills guardians, phalanx and crossbows
- Dwarven Slayers
- Narin
- Murin
- Drar
- Veterans of Khazad-d没m
- The own design of the CaH Dwarven Wanderer

If you're interested, the new 4.5 patch is to add a little bit more from WETA's own designs. Other things more will perhaps succeed in being included, as many hoped when we crafted major proposals in the forum. Regarding the progress of the update and its pace, I won't repeat myself again, since tons of words have already been written on the matter.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+10 votes

That's a cool looking battlewagon!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+9 votes

That's what submods are for.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Fck, I issued good karma by mistake... :(

Dude, you are so out of place...

So yeah, Imladris swordsmen are not "cool things too"... Neither are Rohan heroes... Or new Ring mechanics, or new spell-trees... Nor are the functionalities of Mirkwood inside Lothl贸rien... Erebor (along with the Iron Hills and the Ered Luin) just "spontaneously" showed up into the game...

If you are too dumb to recognize all the hard work put in the above, you should not even be here; I for one do not welcome you around.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

Fck, I accidently wrote a comment to you. You don't understand my point mainly anyway, that's fine. Edain Team was harcorely refused to bring dwarf concept from hobbit movie and thy always argued with me or got non-sense comments from fans like you. But at the end they brought but when you know ? at mod of year contest. As I said before too, long time ago, we will get 4.5 patch mod of year for the competition. Is that so hard to communicate with international community or share some info or news or some screenshot or whatever ? Yes, we know thy have real life too but is it so hard to type something to fans like say " okay guys, we are busy in real life, we will bring new concept after 8 months of period this year; so do not bother to come and make comments or bring your ideas in forums or here ( we will do our own things as usual at patches ).

Thy do the modding for free ? Yes, it is free. But is it really free without getting any benefit for doing it as spending their time ? These people who are working in graphic designs, codings etc in their real life as possibly their jobs like gaming and other things. So, by doing these mods will give oppurtunity to show these in their CVs when thy enter to job interview or at least they can say this " I worked on these kind of things as hobby or other reasons that contributed to improve my skills on gaming development and modding ". Some people think really naive... I build real robots, drones in real life as hobby or for my job but I show all of them in my CV and other places that I build these robots and designed them myself that help me more forward and improve my skills individually and in my job.

I recognized their hard work always, I am an old fan here for a long time and I critize them for the things they made very good and for the things thy made mistakes etc too. If you praise them without any critism then something wrong with you... Noone is perfect at this world... And you say something is always perfect then there is a problem...

At least, other new mods are listening and caring their community and bring what everyone wants. That's why edain is not popular by community and most ppl went to follow other mods now. Edain brought its own destruction and thy still act like that. If I offend ppl for saying truths then it is fine. I always supported and follow the edain for years ( and I will continue to follow and support and critise positively and negatively when it is necessary to this mod, until it is dead ) but I would like to see the old edain spirit in edain development team really which thy cared their fan base more and thy were more active and so on positive things , unlike now...

Stop saying edain's good things always, why don't you say its mistakes too ? if you say it then thy might work harder and make edain great again.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I'm in disagree with you LordMaus, one thing than I hate is the fan service:
This is easy to understand, if edain begin to accept all the suggestions of the people the mod will lost his originality and value. This is the same thing in all areas of creation, look at all the series and movies which are victim of poor design because of the fan-service.

A lot of people want to see new siege weapons for the Dwarves realm, other people want to see their favorite heroes integrate to the game, and a lot of other suggestion not really thinked.
Edain Mod is by far the best mod I've played for some reason:
The gameplay of Edain mod is the most amusing of all the mods that I could play and this is because every units than you can use in Edain mod have their main goal in game, and if the Edain team accept to serve the fans the mod, we would quickly find units without proper function in the game like in the other mod.

A lot of mod introduce originals idea and concept, but everytime this is just a good idea and this idea is not exploited to the maximum.

I just finish three years of design studies and, during these three years I learned to make solid concept. we live all in consumers society all things in the world are made for the people like that people can go and buy without reflexions, even for the movies or series, all these thing answer to the ask of the people.

Why JohnSnow is now with Daenerys? game of throne had accustomed us to be more original, but the realisator chose the easy way to make satisfied people. Why the last saison of TheWalkingDead was without interest? because all this saison the whole season was based on the character of Negan and on the stupid demands of the fans who wanted to see Rick and Michonne together.

I stop here my example, but I wanted to show than it happens the same things all the time, everywhere. When a creator begin to accept all the suggestion of the people without reflexion, his creation become flat and fall in the mediocrity. Not because people make bad suggestions, but because when you accept to follow a lot of little way, you forget the own way.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


I have worked for years as a volunteer because I liked it and because I wanted to grow my CV. And because I did it freely that's why nobody could demand me anything.

The point of this thread is "Edain does not do what I want", and yes, that's exactly what happens, and no one is dying. Enjoy the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

1. FG said some time ago that they are working on the remaining spellbooks and on 2 other things and that there will be an update pretty soon. Isn't it enough?

2. The Edain Team never creates anything if they don't want to. So they also didn't change the dwarves to the hobbit design because you spammed them with your requests.

3.Yes, the Edain Team can put it in their CW like you do that, but nobody is in the position to demand anything from you like nobody is in the position to demand anything from the edain team because you never gave them anything so they don't have to give you anything back.

4. Nobody says that everything is perfect with the Edain team. The didn't post any article or picture for a long time. But they will take their time and come back, because they said they will.

5. I don't think the Edain community is smaller than before. It is even bigger. Now the community tries to bring new stuff in, for example the Edain Clan Wars or the Edain on discord etc.

6. And most important it wont help to criticize the Edain team or to demand anything, like it didn't help to demand the dwarven change. They just did it cause they wanted to. It will be the same again, they work on the mod and when it is finished they release it independent from your posts and critic here on moddb. The only thing that demanding or spamming the team to work or to do something brings us, is a bad atmosphere here on moddb which is misunderstood as a smaller communitiy than before.

I recommend to try to help the team with suggestions. In other terms you can't help if you don't want to become a team member.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
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You could think im exxagerating the value of this mod,but i can only tell you : try with your hands. Edain mod is without any doubt the best RTS based on the LotR series,and,but this is just my opinion,the best RTS overall. While being much more true to tolkien than any other EA's work,it combines great complexity with good-balance in an excellent way. But what,above all things,makes this mod stand out are the models of the units,heroes and buildings,just take a look to the gallery on the site…

Oct 19 2010 by TheMost

Lowest Rated (23 agree) 5/10

Mordor and other evil factions are overpowered including their heroes and ringheroes. Especially Lorien and Imladris are too weak and their ringheros are not powerful enough to be ringheroes (and Galadriel is far too weak to be Galadriel. Make it to be like in the Lone Wolf mod: two palantir and stronger powers, etc.)... All ringheroes should be as powerful as Sauron, because now it's not fair. Almost all good factions are underpowered. Ents should be better than trolls (except armoured ones), because…

Oct 17 2012 by TheLapari

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