The Edain Mod aims to take you deeper into Middle-Earth than ever before and turn the Battle for Middle-Earth II into a game worthy of Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's movies. In our quest for lore accuracy, visual quality and deeper gameplay, we overhauled every aspect of the original game to craft a new and immersive Lord of the Rings experience.

Master the One Ring

While the One Ring has no lord but Sauron, there have always been those who sought to use its power for their own ends. In Edain, you no longer bring the Ring to your fortress to unlock just Sauron or Galadriel. Instead, you can give it directly to select heroes who will attempt to draw upon its powers, with varying consequences. Each faction has different Ring Heroes, allowing you to discover what could have been if Saruman the White had attained the One Ring, or if Denethor and Boromir had foolishly decided to use it as a weapon against the Enemy...

Fight Side by Side with the Heroes of the Third Age

The fate of Middle-Earth has always been shaped by great heroes and villains, many of which never appeared in a Battle for Middle-Earth game before. Edain gives you the opportunity to stand in battle with new heroes like Thorin Oakenshield and his companions, Beregond and Imrahil or the sons of Elrond. Those with evil in their hearts may instead choose to share in the power of villains like Smaug or the Necromancer of Dol Guldur...

Furthermore, every existing hero has received new abilities and mechanics to more accurately represent his role in the books and movies. Aragorn, for instance, will start out as the ranger Strider and go from the defender of Helm's Deep to King Elessar of Gondor over the course of the game, gaining new abilities each time he takes a new step towards his destiny. Similiarly, Theoden will now accurately transform from a defeated pawn under Saruman's control to the heroic king who fought on the Pelennor fields.

Command New Factions

Rohan and Lothlorien have been split from the Gondor and Rivendell factions to form new factions in their own right. The Rohirrim are a people of riders, evidenced by their powerful cavalry units, including the Royal Guard. Their infantry and archery are poor, but they can receive signifant aid from the inn by recruiting Elven archers and Druadan warriors. The Woodland Realm, on the other hand, lacks cavalry altogether. To compensate, they rely on unorthodox tactics such as stealth, speed and elven magic coupled with their formidable archers. They cannot easily expand their base, but all buildings are manned by archers to keep invaders at bay. Units like the animal empaths, who slow down enemy cavalry, and elven chanters, who support your army through their songs, provide veterans with exciting new strategies to master. Both factions also come with a completely unique set of spells, including powerful finishers like the Rohan spell, Last March of the Ents, which summons Treebeard and a host of Ents to your side.

Rediscover the Old Factions

All factions have been expanded with a large array of new units. Among them are the Gondor Citadel Guard, Lurtz's Uruk Scouts, Haldir's Galadhrim from the Battle for Helm's Deep and Orcs of Minas Morgul. All in all, Edain allows you to assemble your forces from a pool of twice as many units as before.

Furthermore, almost all existing units and heroes have received visual overhauls to eliminate issues like golden armor on Orcs and bring the visual style closer to the movies. For example, Aragorn will now wield the actual Anduril blade upon purchasing the respective spell instead of getting an exaggerated blue glow around his sword. Head to our gallery for more examples of the improvements we have made.

Follow your destiny... Middle-Earth awaits.

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Last Alliance-Soldier and Imladris-Soldier Brand - King of Dale Soldiers of Dale
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62 comments by Ealendril on Feb 20th, 2015

The Road to Edain 4.0: Dale

Greetings, companions of Edain!

The work on the demo for version 4.0 is going forward, still we dedicate time to features of factions that will not yet be in the demo. Currently we are actively working on the balance and correction of prevailing inconsistencies but that's mainly coding-work. Meanwhile our graphics-department is by no means inactive and is already working on content for yet to come factions, that we don't want you to deprive of, although they won't be in the demo yet.
Today we want you to present an update that is centered around Dale and its implementation in version 4.0. In the course of this update we will refer to our previous announcements of Sea-Town time and time again, so if you want further information on the game play you should check out the previous announcement.


The film adaption of the Hobbit gave us an interesting design template that we wanted to use for Edain too. The dwarfs hereby present us with the opportunity to use different time flows: The dwarven realms of the Ered Luin and the Iron Hills for example are set in the time frame of the Hobbit while Erebor is set at the war of the ring. In our update to Sea-Town we already showed you how the mini-faction Sea-town is implemented with the dwarfs:
The player has the possibility, when playing dwarfs, to build besides the normal Dwarven Outpost the Town Hall of Lake-town. This Town Hall is a central building, which can be build up to a town, depending on the additional build houses. Overall, the player can build 4 different Lake-town buildings, consisting of one or more houses.

In that update we elaborated how we probably won't implement Dale, but we now want to revoke this statement. As you may have assumed from the title, Dale will be used in Edain like it was seen in the prologue of An Unexpected Journey. The previous problem laied in the fundamental question of how a rebuilt Dale could actually look like. This eventually lead us to the main theme of version 4.0: back to the roots. These lines of thought obviously are purely fictive but still there is a possibility that a rebuilt city of Dale would show the same features, like in a memory of those glorious now gone days.
Our intention is always to incorporate many elements from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, but only if they conform to our own notions and interpretations.

Therefore Dale will be exclusively available to the dwarven realm of Erebor, while Ered Luin and the Iron Hills will have access to Sea-town instead.
Yet the same basic mechanics like Sea-town will be used, i.e. as an option to the normal Dwarven Outpost you may build a central start building, namely the Dale-marketplace.
This building may then be upgraded with various other extension buildings, which will unlock more functions for the whole complex.
Overall the following extensions are available:


Militia house: Build a militia house that provides troops and the hero Brand
Housing area: Build a housing area that yields taxes in all three town houses
Watch tower: Build a defensive tower that fires arrows at nearby enemies
Fountain: Build a fountain that heals nearby units and offers a leadership to them

The Dale-marketplace generates money like a usual citadel. For each additional building (except for the fountain) tax is collected, which corresponds to a raised production for the player. At the same time even a city with every upgrade will be counted as one big complex, so if this complex is attacked or destroyed, the whole city falls. Each upgrade for the city costs money and may only be researched once. When this has happened, the city and with it the complex has grown.

In the following video you can see how this new system works in detail. Additionally you will not only see the new mini-faction Dale but also the new hero Brand and the troops of Dale, which we present hereafter:


The mini-faction Dale will be represented through the hero Brand, the grandson of Bard and son of Bain. He can be recruited once you've built a militia house.
In difference to Bard, Brand will not be armed with two bows but still has a comparable characteristic. Brand will be able to switch between a bow and a sword and shield, we developed independent new animations, based on the animation set of Faramir's.
Brand's design is oriented at that of Girion in the Hobbit movies. By this we not only could use an interesting design but also had a direct template which could be put to use fast and easily:

Brand primary will be a support-hero, whose abilities are oriented in an analytical way to those of Bard. This is important because we don't want the game play system to differentiate too much between the three dwarven kingdoms. So far we've agreed on the following abilities and already want to encourage you at this point to develop further abilities here at moddb or at our forums:

Level 1: King of Dale – Brand leads the troops of Dale into the battle.
While the Bow is equipped nearby Dale Bowmen gain +25% attack, while sword and shield are equipped, Dale Melee-Units gain +25% attack.

Level 3: Switch weapon – Switch between bow and sword/shield
Level 5: Brand's falcon – Brand lets his falcon rise into the air to scout the enemy territory.


Finally we want to present to you the infantry of Dale. At which we also stood true to the movie design. There will be the Dale-Swordsmen, the Dale-Bowmen and the Dale-Spearmen as possibilities for recruitment.

The soldier on the outer right shows the standard bearer version of the soldiers, although Dale won't have regular standard bearers but a captain.

We are very content with the implementation and integration of Dale and are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Edain-Team

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Edain Mod 3.8.1

Edain Mod 3.8.1

Aug 31, 2012 Full Version 613 comments

This full version contains all files you need to play the latest version of the Edain Mod. Please read the Readme before playing! The Readme contains...

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briandir1 Mar 1 2015, 10:22pm says:

I really like what you are doing.
I do have a question.
I have tried to use the war of the ring mode a few times now and each time, it crashes with a runtime error.
Is there something I can do to keep this from happening or is it just a work in progress?
I am using the "historical" war of the ring, by the way.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TiberiusOgden Mar 2 2015, 5:21am replied:

It can happen. Maybe you should better describe where exactly was a problem. War of the ring is little bit buggy. Edain team promised that on the War of the ring mod will focus, but it is not a priority.

+4 votes     reply to comment
DrHouse93 Mar 1 2015, 7:11pm says:

Just wanted to ask to the Edain Team: has the Aragorn's coronation system been reworked/improved? Cause IMO, right now it's just too common and not even worthy (in the end he just needs to level up and most of the times I don't even need to recruit him, being able to win with just Faramir and his Rangers, fully upgraded Tower Guards and occasionally Boromir), while he should have (and with him Gandalf, another hero usually not recruited) a more relevant and important role

+2 votes     reply to comment
TiberiusOgden Mar 2 2015, 5:18am replied:

Drhouse I think that it is about tactic. Yes, Aragorn is very complex but unique, you can use him from beginning through his strider role. It is important to learn how to play with complex hero. In the new version will be good example Celeborn as hero killer, very difficult to play with him but on the other hand he would be bane for other heroes.
When you are talking about Gandalf, yes, you have right. For multiplayer game heroes like Gandalf, Saruman, Galadriel or Witch King are too expensive. But when player has enough money in later game they can be very usefull against normal "spam units" from enemy. Everything is about strategy. It is great that this problem will be solved because in the new version all heroes will be under 3000. Also their role will be more precise.

+3 votes     reply to comment
DrHouse93 Mar 2 2015, 5:38am replied:

Glad to hear that^^
Even if I think that recruiting Aragorn from the beginning, beyond complicated it still remains unworthy, I'm pretty sure things will change in 4.0, since there won't be Inns and heroes will be cheaper^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
hoho96 Mar 2 2015, 7:02am replied:

In the new balance, Aragorn won't be an early hero (say like Faramir) and not a late one either (Gandalf) but more like a mid-late game. and he would definitely be essential to your army as he's a powerful hero-killer and can support your heroes and armies in one way or another (Athelas, Erandil,..) and I think he get's a powerful leadership once he became a king.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Guest Mar 1 2015, 6:42pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

TiberiusOgden Mar 2 2015, 5:07am replied:

Of course that they will stay, it is completely inovation created by Edain team. It is something unique and awesome :o)))
Some ring heroes stay and somewhere will be change. Good example is Rohan, when Radagast as current hero is no more. Logically there will be new ring hero. Another example is Angmar, where effect for Witch king is reworked:
I think that will be update about it. ;o)

+4 votes     reply to comment
DrHouse93 Mar 1 2015, 7:03pm replied:

I think the Ring-mechanic will stay as it is right now: each faction has its own Ringhero (or more than one). They can't pick up the Ring by themselves, it must be brought to them by other heroes or units

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dreadreign Mar 1 2015, 12:30pm says:

Very excited for the demo! Also very appreciative for the long hours you all put into this wonderful project.

Quick question - Do you use gmax with the renegade mod tools to make/edit your models? Seems to be what most people use for SAGE stuff. I've been following the BfME modding community for...god, 10 years now, and I was wondering if anyone had found a way to work in something better like Blender.


+2 votes     reply to comment
armorman55 Mar 1 2015, 11:47am says:

is there a way that i can use all good factions at the same time?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Mar 1 2015, 2:26pm replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

TiberiusOgden Mar 1 2015, 11:53am replied:

What do you mean?
In theory you can start map for more players and your friends (or AI) will play as other good factions.
Very unexpected question. :o))

+6 votes     reply to comment
Azog. Mar 1 2015, 3:24pm replied:

If you play with a friend and your friend leaves, you get command of his base
So you can play for example mordor and isengard at the same time, its actually kind of fun^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
Primer_Sartoris Mar 1 2015, 1:14pm replied:

maybe he means like in bfmeI last mission, were we could play as gondor & rohan at the same time.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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You could think im exxagerating the value of this mod,but i can only tell you : try with your hands. Edain mod is without any doubt the best RTS based on the LotR series,and,but this is just my opinion,the best RTS overall. While being much more true to tolkien than any other EA's work,it combines great complexity with good-balance in an excellent way. But what,above all things,makes this mod stand out are the models of the units,heroes and buildings,just take a look to the gallery on the site…

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Mordor and other evil factions are overpowered including their heroes and ringheroes. Especially Lorien and Imladris are too weak and their ringheros are not powerful enough to be ringheroes (and Galadriel is far too weak to be Galadriel. Make it to be like in the Lone Wolf mod: two palantir and stronger powers, etc.)... All ringheroes should be as powerful as Sauron, because now it's not fair. Almost all good factions are underpowered. Ents should be better than trolls (except armoured ones), because…

Oct 17 2012, 7:38am by TheLapari

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