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Age of the Ring is a mod for Rise of the Witch-king.
It's set during the final years of the Third Age of Middle-earth,
and features content from both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings film trilogies
and J.R.R. Tolkien's novels. Our primary goal is to represent the cultures,
warriors, and heroes of that era in a way that is accurate
to the source material, engaging in terms of gameplay,
and balanced around RotWK's 2.02 community patch.

Take a look at our community forums to learn more about what is planned.

Note there are no current release dates on future updates,

so please don't ask.

We are currently working on the Erebor faction.
Do you have questions? Make sure to check the FAQ to see if it hasn't already been answered.

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AotR logo medium

If you're on your phone, RIP your data

20180105125836 1

Aragorn with Halbarad and the Sons of Elrond

20180105133809 1

Recruiting the Dead Men of Dunharrow before the Black Stone of Erech

20180105141127 2

20180105141344 1

Noldorin Army at the Fords of the Bruinen, Late Third Age

20180105131528 1

Uruk-hai warriors in pursuit of valuable quarry, TA. 3019 (colorized)

20180105135248 1

Dunnish Outriders crossing into Rohirric lands

20180105131055 2

'Make Middle-earth Great Again!' - The Mouth of Sauron, convincing witless Easterlings

20180105144630 2

One Thirds

20180105130343 1

Kings Under the Mountain


Balin and Bilbo visiting a Dwarven marketplace

20180105133055 1

Idrial, reflecting.

20180105132837 1

'We should build a wall...' - Haldir, probably.

20180105143724 1

A quiet, pastoral retreat in the Riddermark

20180105143839 1

Greenwood Elves shooting rabbits

20180105143913 2

Equal Opportunity

20180105141919 1

Gil-galad's personal guard, SA 3428 (colorized)

20180105132227 1

Block Party in Moria

20180105135555 1

Nothing means anything, life is death

Age of the Ring - FAQ

Age of the Ring - FAQ

News 33 comments

A list of frequently asked questions. Please check below before asking your question.

AotR Trailer: Assault on Thorin's Halls

AotR Trailer: Assault on Thorin's Halls

News 15 comments

Today, we present the very first Age of the Ring trailer, showcasing Erebor and the Thorin's Halls map!

The Men of Dale in Erebor

The Men of Dale in Erebor

News 16 comments

An article announcing and detailing the Men of Dale in our Erebor faction

2017: Our First Year in Review

2017: Our First Year in Review

News 12 comments

One year ago today, we made our big announcement, and Age of the Ring was born. A lot has happened since then. This article will touch upon the past year...

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Patch 2.0 French Language File

Patch 2.0 French Language File

GUIs 2 comments

A fan made french translation done for patch 2.0 of Age of the Ring done by Ursidey and Dadoone. Installation instructions are included in the readme...

Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood

Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood

Full Version 80 comments

The second release for Age of the Ring, containing the completed Lothlórien faction and some reworks of the Gondor, Mordor, Isengard, and Misty Mountains...

Patch 1.1 French Language File

Patch 1.1 French Language File

GUIs 13 comments

A fan made french translation done for patch 1.1 of Age of the Ring done by Ursidey and Dadoone. Installation instructions are included in the readme...

Age of the Ring Patch 1.1 (2.02 v7 Compatibility)

Age of the Ring Patch 1.1 (2.02 v7 Compatibility)

Patch 46 comments

Contains fixes to ensure compatibility with the new 2.02 v7 patch as well as all AotR 1.1 changes. NOTE: This is NOT the Lothlórien release.

Age of the Ring Patch 1.1 (The First Hotfix)

Age of the Ring Patch 1.1 (The First Hotfix)

Patch 37 comments

AotR version 1.1 contains a long list of bug fixes, balance improvements, and optimized content. NOTE: This is NOT the Lothlórien release.

Age of the Ring Version 1.0

Age of the Ring Version 1.0

Full Version 55 comments

The first release for Age of the Ring, containing completed, extensive reworks of the Gondor, Mordor, and Isengard factions, as well as the new Misty...

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Balrog_of_Morgoth Online

I don't know what is wrong I can't play bfme2,rotwk or age of the ring mod. I bought a new pc and followed the steps which is installed bfme2 patched it to 1.06 then installed rotwk and patched it to 2.01 first then 2.02 and installed aotr mod. I can play it in my old pc without problem but in this one I can't open any of it. I click on shortcuts it loads then windows stopped running this program error pop ups and it quits.

Pls give me a solution because I can't find any. :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi guys :)

With this post i wanted to suggest you a small change to the recently shown Men of Dorwinion unit. Overall i love their design, especially the two feathers on the basic troop model as it is similar in style to the Numenorean/Arnor winged helmet, which nicely and visualy represents that the people of Dorwinion are the descendants of the Edain. The captain looks great too and looks impressive on his own, but i feel that his helmet with the centurion crest looks out of place visually and thematicly while standing near the basic line troops. What i suggest is that his helmet should be more similar with the Numenorian/Arnor commander helmets (Like Elendils, Isildurs and Anarions for example). In this case, the commander should have a single, large frontal feather instead of a metal plate. Thus the commander and basic troop helmet versions would have similarities in both their origin, design and material, allowing for a better visual and stylistic cohesion between the two.

For a better look on my suggestion i made a quick photo-shop image of the changes in order to better clarify my points mentioned above.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Nice. I think the single feather fits better in Middle-Earth than the Roman crest. Imo, they look Roman enough without the crest - it being a little too conspicuous rather than subtle in reference.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
MathijsRevora Creator

I quite like how that looks. Could do it for a variation to the regular helmet. The Roman crest is staying for the commander, though. It's a deliberate choice to reference it.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

I am very interests new unexplore units like Dorwinion, Jungle-troll and Lossoth in your mod.
I hope get possible new Orocarni dwarves, Drudain and Avari elves.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

mm dark elves, that sounds great, i've never seen them before in any mod. The problema is how, like a faction or sub faction? xd

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
MathijsRevora Creator

If anything, they'll be an Inn unit for Good factions on Rhûn maps.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yes, Orocarni dwarves would have been cool...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MathijsRevora Creator

It's not impossible.

Reply Good karma+2 votes


Glad to see where this mod is going and looking forward to the next version.

What triggered to write me was the Edain Submod who recently showcased the Golden King of Harad with a Persian Immortal Mask (from 300).

This reminded me to re-check all my previous "investigations" on what the Haradrim and Variags represent in the Tolkien Mythos.

How Tolkien always put it, Middle-Earth represents our world, in a very remote time. (See about ages here:http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Fourth_Age).

Therefore, almost every people in Middle Earth has its equivalent in real life(except for elves and orcs, which represent I believe pure good and pure evil respectively).

According to Tolkien,especially in his later writings (http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Blue_Wizards), the blue wizards were responsible for founding the "Magical Cults" in the East, and stirring rebellion among Easterlings against Sauron. This + the fact that Gandalf defines himself as a Servant of the Secret Fire (equivalent to Zoroastrian Atar Spenishta), I always assumed that especially Indo-Iranian and maybe Chinese equivalents in the Tolkien mythos never joined Sauron.

This led me to identify the Haradrim, Black Numenorean, Variags and Easterlings with North/Subsaharian Africans, Ancient Egyptians&Mesopotamians;, Pre-Arabic peoples and Turko-Mongol peoples. (I can pm you with arguments supporting these claims if you want).

So what I'm asking is if it's possible to follow these designs in the future Haradwaith Faction (obviously not changing the Variags&Easterlings; they're fine as they are), but if you want, I can also prepare a proposal for a Haradwaith Faction Plan (since it's still WIP and you haven't start working), supporting all my claims mostly from Tolkien's writings but also from African Myths (I have a slightly different idea for your Risen Carrion ;) ).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
MathijsRevora Creator

I'm always interested in ideas, so feel free to post them in our forum.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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G'day ModDB users!

This is the mod you are looking for if you enjoy high quality content, fun online games, brand new features and a fantastic development team.

I have enjoyed the rise of the mod and I hope to see more of it as they bring out new content and new factions!

Sep 9 2016 by MattTheLegoman

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