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NutManIV Aug 14 2009 says:

Seems cool. Looking forward to more info.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Mod
NutManIV Aug 6 2009 says:

Wanted to like it but it was too hard. Not challenging. Just retardedly hard for no good reason.

+4 votes   mod: Slums 2
NutManIV Apr 13 2009 says:

I remember a year ago when Abra said it was 99% done and would be released in a month.


Still looking forward to it though.

+1 vote   mod: A Global Crisis
NutManIV Mar 25 2009 says:

cant wait for this.

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
NutManIV Mar 13 2009 says:

Abra lol you LIAR! :P

Months ago you said you were 99% done.

0 votes   mod: A Global Crisis
NutManIV Jan 19 2009 says:

This is turning into the Duke Nukem Forever of C&C Generals mods. :P

+1 vote   mod: A Global Crisis
NutManIV Dec 30 2008 says:

Hmm. I tried 1.5 against AI opponents(because no one is online with it afaik) and it didn't work out so well...I put 4 AI on USSR and 3 with me on USA and they barely ever did anything. It seems like half of them didn't even play.

+1 vote   mod: No Hope
NutManIV Dec 20 2008 says:

Hmm your description just makes this sound like regular half life 2 but you play as a combine soldier...

Sandtraps? Nova prospekt? You destroy the citadel? Anticitizen?


+1 vote   mod: The Combine Forces Destiny DEAD
NutManIV Dec 17 2008 says:

This looks really cool! I'm gonna download it tonight and see what my younger siblings can do with it.

+1 vote   feature: Noesis Presents ModDB TV: Sandbox Interview
NutManIV Nov 18 2008 says:

Is there any chance of getting some better AI for the mod? If not then do you plan on getting a server soon?

This mod looks cool but theres nowhere to play it online and the AI sucks.

+1 vote   mod: Black Hawk Down
NutManIV Oct 12 2008 says:

what cant i choose what nation i want to play as?

+2 votes   mod: World War 2
NutManIV Oct 7 2008 says:

ANBU...? Lol like from Naruto?

+1 vote   mod: Rising Sun
NutManIV Sep 4 2008 replied:

Unreal 3 sold 1 million on the PC if I remember correctly. Its funny how the games end up doing well after the developers blame piracy for poor first month sales. Remember crysis doing SOOO bad at retail? Yeah it went on to sell a million. :P

I also wish Sony would put their games on the PC like Microsoft does. Why not? I really wanna play ratchet and clank but I'm not gonna pay $400 to play it! I already have a gaming pc and a 360. I can't afford a ps3 right now. I just don't understand why they can't do a PC version once its clear that the PS3 version has hit the limit for sales.

+2 votes   feature: Changing the Game... on Consoles
NutManIV Sep 2 2008 says:

All pics after the Israeli heavy APC aren't showing up for me.

Good update though. I hope this mod gets finished soon!

+1 vote   news: A Global Crisis – Update: Merkava tanks, Katyushas and Machine-Gunners
NutManIV Aug 31 2008 replied:

Halogen was shut down the day before Microsoft announced Halo wars. So actually i think it was 2 years ago right?

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Prophets
NutManIV Aug 27 2008 says:

5 months with no updates leads me to believe that this mod is dead.

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
NutManIV Aug 27 2008 replied:

yep. It was all a conspiracy to get into Russia for their oil! Too bad for Bush(He has a time machine duh) the plan backfired!

+1 vote   mod: Special Operations
NutManIV Aug 27 2008 says:

I wish you guys had a real server. It looks like a cool mod but I haven't been able to play it online and the bots are retarded on the somalia map.

+1 vote   mod: Black Hawk Down
NutManIV Aug 22 2008 says:

This is looking great. I'm glad I still have empire at war! It's funny because just the other day I thought "Wow I wish someone would do a Halo themed mod for Empire at war".

+1 vote   news: An Update and a new Rule
NutManIV Aug 19 2008 says:

QSN are you using babelfish or something?

I can understand if you think your english is bad so you want to use that or another translator, but it doesn't work...I don't think anyone can understand what you're trying to say.

0 votes   mod: Modern Warfare
NutManIV Aug 17 2008 says:

A korean war game would be amazing. Anyone who says otherwise has probably not researched the conflict. Think of the epic chinese human wave attacks. How would that not be fun in a game?

Anyway, this mod looks cool. Looking forward to it.

+2 votes   mod: Battlefield: Korea
NutManIV Aug 17 2008 says:

How long has this mod been in development? I remember being excited about this years ago. Or at least it feels like years... Who cares though. It still looks great.

Question: how do you guys do those live action news report things? Do you do them yourselves or have you actually hired people?

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
NutManIV Aug 14 2008 says:

Keep up the work abra! I've been waiting for this mod for what feels like an eternity so I can wait a little longer.

What is holding it up though? What is there that still needs done?

+1 vote   mod: A Global Crisis
NutManIV Aug 7 2008 replied:

Yeah it only happens on archipelago.


+1 vote   mod: Allied Intent Xtended
NutManIV Aug 5 2008 says:

Very good mod! The amount of content and professionalism with weapons, vehicles, maps etc is just astounding.

My one complaint: This is supposed to be a SP focused mod. Now granted ive only played two maps(gulf of omanv2 and archipelago) but the AI seems very...dumb. Like even dumber than before. They get in vehicles and have no clue where to go. I see them getting 'stuck' between two buildings because they keep bumping into both of them.

Then when they're driving other vehicles they just drive around aimlessly on archipelago with no real sense of direction. They get close to a control point and go drive 5 miles east to another one and then go back.

Ah well...Ill try other maps later. Regardless this mod is awesome.

+1 vote   mod: Allied Intent Xtended
NutManIV Jul 6 2008 replied:

Dude he's just taking the story from the game "Mercenaries" and using it for his mod. In fact his entire mod seems to be based around that story.

+1 vote   mod: Hell Blow Out
NutManIV Jun 15 2008 says:

Hey abra, im not trying to bug you or complain, but if you had to give a percentage for the mods completion what would you give?

60%? 80%?

+1 vote   mod: A Global Crisis
NutManIV May 10 2008 says:

Cool the final release! Downloading right now...My only complaint with this mod(and i assume it hasnt changed with v5) is that the AI still has all the original units along with BSG stuff. it kinda takes you out of it. It really sucks when the empire just builds a bunch of star destroyers. In past versions I rarely saw Cylon base ships.

+1 vote   mod: Battlestar Galactica-Colonial Wars
NutManIV May 8 2008 says:

I've been wanting a good Vietnam RTS for such a long time. Thanks for making this mod. I'm downloading this right now and I cant wait to try it out.

+1 vote   mod: Vietnam Glory Obscured
NutManIV May 8 2008 says:

Man this mod still hasn't been released? Geez abra I remember in Feb. or March you said it was going to be released within the next few weeks lol.

Well I hope it gets released soon because it looks great.

+1 vote   mod: A Global Crisis
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