An ambitious total-conversion modification for Relic's award-winning Company of Heroes® franchise, Modern Combat
transports players into the midst of a high-tech war between the current-day Chinese and United States armed forces.
Incorporating all-new factions, units, doctrines, gamemodes, artwork, music and maps, we aim to craft the most
immersive and enjoyable strategic representation of 21st-century combat possible on the PC.
Our team has adhered wherever possible to the unique and innovative gameplay mechanics that made Company of
the stand-out real-time strategy that it is. Players will need to rely upon a variety of traditional tactics in
order to succeed, whilst at the same time utilising to full effect the highly-advanced weaponry and equipment
employed by the militaries of today. Modern Combat caters to newcomers and veterans alike, and incorporates both
traditional and 'Hardcore' damage systems.
Modern Combat Full Installer 1.015


If you encounter any issues during installation or whilst playing, visit our technical support forum.

If you have any suggestions or wish to provide feedback, please do so via our official balance forum.


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Hi again everyone!

Just to avoid any confusion from the get-go: yes, it's been over five (!) months since version 1.019 went live... and no, this isn't in regards to a new patch.

There are two reasons for this announcement:



As some of you might already be aware, Modern Combat has now been Greenlit on Steam via the Company of Heroes Mod Initiative, and will soon be downloadable just like any other Steam game (a huge thankyou to SgtConti for setting everything up!).

This will hopefully sort out ~90% of all issues that people report regarding installation, particularly BAT file issues, directory misunderstandings and download interruptions. It will also make Modern Combat accessible to the entire Steam community (and hopefully give the mod's dwindling playerbase a shot in the arm).

There are several major obstacles that need to be addressed before the release can go ahead, but if all goes to plan (which it almost never does) then expect our Steam debut in approximately two weeks!

Upcoming Steam Release!

Beta version of the Modern Combat Steam page.



Several times over the past few months I've mentioned a proposed rework of Modern Combat. After many months of personal experimentation behind the scenes, I think it's time to elaborate.

The plan is to create - for all intents and purposes - a Modern Combat v2.0 for CoH1. This rework would involve a complete overhaul of factions, units and doctrines, all with the intent of:

  • Making Modern Combat truly stand out, and less of a stylistic imitation of the original CoH (with the implementation of unique game mechanics entirely new to CoH modding).
  • Breathing new life into the mod (taking the familiar and making it fresh again), as well as making a few select additions to the rosters of both factions. This would be an extremely efficient way to make full use of our existing assets whilst also giving the playerbase something novel to re-explore.
  • Merging the US Army and Marine Corps into a single US faction (no more half-arsed standalone USMC faction), and then offering players the use of both factions (US and China) regardless of the DLC they own (or don't own).
  • Taking the opportunity to incorporate long-requested additions and weed out the most unpopular elements of the mod.

I've already created a private demo build of the rework, and following small-scale internal testing have received some encouraging feedback, particularly concerning the unit overhauls and new game mechanics.

Experimental Air Superiority doctrine (as of five months ago). Read the description for details.

However It's currently a solo project, with vital team-members like Darkbladecr inundated at university and DMz and Beefy working tirelessly (not punny?) over at Eastern Front for the past few months. Very little can be done in the realm of 3D modelling and animating until/unless these team-members are able to return.

Nevertheless, should this rework end up going ahead as planned, I'm eager to involve the fans moreso than we did during the initial release of Modern Combat in March 2012. If the community seems interested enough in such a project then I'll upload the current faction design documents for everyone to scrutinise and discuss.


All the best!

~ Spoon, on behalf of the Modern Combat team.

Full Version v1.019

Full Version v1.019

1 year ago News 60 comments

CoH: Modern Combat re-release v1.019. This re-release does away with the old installer and instead requires manual extraction. It also includes several...

Patch 1.017 and the 2013 ModDB MotY Awards!

Patch 1.017 and the 2013 ModDB MotY Awards!

2 years ago News 20 comments

It's been ages since our last update (just over four months to be exact), and we'd like to apologise for the delay in administering some necessary fixes...

New Patch 1.016 with Updater and Launcher!

New Patch 1.016 with Updater and Launcher!

2 years ago News 35 comments

Hope you are all having a great summer and enjoying the sunshine! We are glad to announce we are releasing our new patch today. We have been working hard...

Fixed Installer and new Mirrors

Fixed Installer and new Mirrors

2 years ago News 22 comments

For those with a 32bit version of Windows you may have noticed that the installer does not work for you. This is now fixed and there are new mirror up...

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CoH: Modern Combat - Full Version 1.019

CoH: Modern Combat - Full Version 1.019

2 years ago Full Version 319 comments

Version 1.019 of Modern Combat, re-released as a single archive.

CoH: Modern Combat - Full Version 1.000 (OBSOLETE)

CoH: Modern Combat - Full Version 1.000 (OBSOLETE)

3 years ago Full Version 204 comments

This is the selfextractor file for the fullversion 1.000 of CoH: Modern Combat. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION TO FIND LINKS FOR INSTALL GUIDES

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stalkerforever Nov 25 2015 says:

Keep it a realistic damage system, why use an arcade damage system?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Campaigner 21hours 9mins ago replied:

Cause that's what people like and find more fun.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AAMC4 Nov 25 2015 replied:

MC mod had, has and will have always both damage system...

the arcade or vanilla damage system it is more compètitive for online challenge..

the hard core is more to people with more experience and more tactic...but unfortunately it is not good for online games...

+1 vote     reply to comment
stalkerforever Nov 26 2015 replied:

You players mostly prefer the arcade style, not that it is better..

+1 vote     reply to comment
AAMC4 Nov 26 2015 replied:

because the arcade is easier... you have lot of time to think, create and move troops...

with hard core, you can destroy and abrams with 2 or 3 shots and any other vehicles with a single shot ... hardcore is really challenging.

+1 vote     reply to comment
warhammerchaosgod Nov 14 2015 says:

If I am allowed to speak for Modern Combat mod as an internal tester, the damage system of MC 2.0 will be more ''realistic'' compared to vanilla Company of Heroes, but it will not be like Blitzkrieg either. Both damage systems have something to offer and both damage systems have advantages and disadvantages.

Unfortunately, Spoon has been working solo for quite some time now and that means that progress is slow. You'll have to be really patient as a community member. I advise you to do other things in the meantime as it will keep you busy.

Personally, I prefer the vanilla damage system over the Blitzkrieg system as well, since it gives the players more time to think and prepare their strategies and tactics since the game pace is slower. However, I feel MC 2.0 will definetely be worth a try, since it will be completely different! A different doctrine system, different damage system and different ways of playing.

If you have any questions that I could possibly answer, feel free to shoot them to me here or via PM.

Kind regards.

+2 votes     reply to comment
rosh Nov 25 2015 replied:

I think what if you implement smoke self-defense to the vehicles (all the classes: recon (humvee, lav), apcs, mbts; and more variations for the striker (mk19, and the tusk1 for the stryker smg tank) and for the humvee (like cal.50, mk19, atgm), and more tanks for both factions like: US (M60 PATTON) PLA (T59). And please make able the bradley to transport infantry squads as the stryker ifv

+1 vote     reply to comment
AAMC4 Nov 15 2015 replied:

well the good thing about MC mod against other mods are:

first: you have the choise to play with regular COH vanilla damage system or choose Hardcore mod if you preffer play with real damage system...any other mod have this option!

second: you can not find these units, vehicles, abilities etc in any other mod.

third: they usually add some community suggestions.. they are opened to new suggestions..

Spoon need lot of help I know it and I try to inform the community about it...

I would like some developer offer their help to Spoon, I would like to help but unfortunatly, I do not have enough experience to do it...=( i know DMz, Beffy amd maybe burtondrummerNY are helping... thanks to them, we have the 1019 patch.

About the new total rework, I think will be awesome... they will add lots of new things and a total command tree reworks...

I waited, I still waiting and i will wait here for the new patch...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Nov 14 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

psykogundam Nov 15 2015 replied:

(sorry i was logged out when i typed that)
Hi Warhammer, I have been playing MC constantly for the last few weeks and i gotta say, hard mode is way too hard.
When i play as chinese i steam roll the US. And buildings are not as protective as the loading screen tips say they are.
I mean, the game is spectacular, but those are the only real 3 things i would love to see fixed. Please check that out, because i'm not complaining frivolously. thanks man! (BTW i was a test for project reality, Black sand studios is the S***!)

+1 vote     reply to comment
AAMC4 Nov 15 2015 replied:

MC mod team does not work any more for BSS... if you want help, you should contact "I_AM_A_SPOON" writting a private message to him.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AAMC4 Nov 15 2015 replied:

All new suggestion are well received to help with the game balance...

Yes, the hard core mod, is really hard, i know! but it is more closer to the reality, a fight do not take more than few seconds at short range...

if you want to be successful in the battlefield you need apply these tactics:

first: against infantry use MG team.

second: the Infranty soldiers are used to avoid the MG team be flanked, to take point and advance on enemy territory.

third: against vehicles, you need AT team "RPG" or AT cannon, the Zbd2000 with 105 mm cannon upgrade is really good to destroy EEUU strykers vehicles...

fourth: you need Mortar team to kill enemy snipers or others mortar team out of MG range.

fifth: need a APC available on rearguard to reinforce troops when you suffer casualties...

sixth: Tanks are used to kill others tanks, MG team on buldings or heavy defensive position...PD: never use tanks against AT weapons, this is infantry work...

fourth: build Zbd 2000 with the 20 mm changun to destroy enemy airstrikes or air reinforce.

fifth: use snipers like recon units... to see what is there before send troops or vehicles, on this way you will know what weapon you should use to confront the enemy.

To be success, you need use a weapon combination...

+2 votes     reply to comment
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Fucking Awesome

Mar 13 2012 by Captain_Romulus

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I think it's a great concept and everything, but really it's just Vanilla with reskins and different voices. That's what I felt when playing it, though I am a Blitzkrieg follower I prefer my tanks to kill light armored personal cars in 1 shoot and not 4 shoots, I also experienced sligtly problems playing with infantry as PLA does a pretty bad job against Amerian infantry but when I get my tanks I dominate the Battlefield. It's like the AI never really deploys tanks but only light armored cars, even…

Mar 13 2012 by SMGJohn

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