This mod improves the Zero Hour game by fixing almost all bugs in the game, with tons of balances, improved AI, and many enhanced features. There are also additional stuffs for all factions and sub-factions including Civilians. This mod also including playable Boss General with fully functional AI.

The NProject Mod main features:

  • Almost perfect Zero Hour. It is what Zero Hour should have been in the first time, keeping the game's original look while greatly improving its content. Tons of bugs and exploits were fixed, the balance has been improved and retoned and the AI has been improved sightly. NProject Mod is the best patch mod you can get for Zero Hour.
  • Enabled Boss General to be played in skirmish and multiplayer with balance and playability added so it is not overpowered.
  • More than 35 new units, structures, upgrades, and special abilities. These new things were added to give each specific General more choices in tactics and preserve the balance among all factions.
  • More than 15 new maps for skirmish and multiplayer with improved AI. All existing maps also have been improved with better pathfinding, enhanced AI, and less lag. The Generals Challenge missions also have been enhanced, including the new Demolition General and Infantry General missions.
  • Small changes that makes big things. Several minor fixes and improvement have been applied as well. From the things like destructible props and trees, several improved explosion particles, to necessary model improvements.
  • Additional features for Zero Hour:
    - Expanded option menu, enabled the anti-aliasing, language filter, and draw cursor settings.
    - Integrated WorldBuilder Mesh Mold Tool, with several template shapes help the mappers.
    - Added the missing Generals Challenge missions, the Infantry General and Demolition General.
    - Complete Generals-Zero Hour campaigns, added with some extra missions. (soon)

Download NProject Mod v2.10

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RSS Articles
nproject update banner

Well first, this is embarrassing. I promised to make a new release last summer, but 2019 wasn't a good year for me. A bit retelling of real-life drama ahead, so please excuse me.

Okay, actually in the beginning I'm planning to do the release around the end of last winter, as I have presented in the last year update, I have done most of the work for the release, I even already have plans for doing some showcase for the next few weeks while finishing the release. But then sh*t happened in January: My house got robbed and my computer is gone, which include the works I have done for this mod. All those plans were ruined.

Top10 images that didn't age well

Luckily, I had a backup of the mod files so I don't need to redo everything from the beginning, it was still a lot need to be done though. Yet it's not only about the mod, I still need to work extra hard to recover what was lost. With such limited environment and (real) works to do, of course I had to postpone the release.

I predicted that I can make the new release in summer, but looks like I couldn't do it. So yeah, against all odds, here we go, finally a new version of NProject Mod.

as an open beta nevertheless

You heard that right: Open Beta. I have spent massive effort toward this project, and learning from the recent experience working for this release, I feel it is very risky to keep the dev build internally only and pile a lot of changes for big releases like what have been done so far. So starting from now, NProject Mod will have a more open development which in the future the new version build will be delivered in smaller scale, and hopefully more frequent. You can join NLS Discord if you are interested in getting the new updates firsthand in the future.

For now, grab the new version (v2.10) here first. You will need this version for the upcoming dev builds. See you next time! ...if there is any.

NProject Mod 2.10

ModDB PageNo Life Studios Discord ServerNProject Mod Facebook Fanpage#nprojectzh on TwitterEnlima Studios YouTube Channel
NProject Mod 2018 Update Addendum

NProject Mod 2018 Update Addendum

News 2 comments

You thought that's all for 2018, but wait, there is more!

NProject Mod 2018 Update

NProject Mod 2018 Update

News 6 comments

2018 is a long and productive year. Here's what happen this far.



News 5 comments

Year after year it's the same thing, so we're changing it up a bit!

NLS Public Discord Server

NLS Public Discord Server

News 11 comments

Otherwise known as the NLS Official Place for Everyone or NOPE for short.

RSS Files
NProject Mod 2.10

NProject Mod 2.10

Full Version 3 comments

This version of NProject Mod introduces a massive list of civilian asset fixes and balance changes among the other things. More detailed list included...

NProject Mod 2.9

NProject Mod 2.9

Full Version 32 comments

A new version of NProject Mod after it's long outdated "finished" state.

NProject Mod 2.8.1

NProject Mod 2.8.1

Patch 37 comments

Patch for NProject Mod 2.8 with its main feature the completed Generals Challenge with the new Infantry General stage.

NProject Mod 2.8 - No Installer

NProject Mod 2.8 - No Installer

Full Version 13 comments

No-Installer Version of NProject Mod 2.8. For Mac users, and also for people who cannot use the mod installer and launcher for some reason.

NProject Mod 2.8

NProject Mod 2.8

Full Version 29 comments

The third installment of NProject Mod. This version 2.8 has made another achievement in that each of the generals has received all of their new toys...

NProject Mod 2.7.1

NProject Mod 2.7.1

Patch 18 comments

Patch for NProject Mod 2.7 that adds the missing features in version 2.7 as well as several other tweaks, balances, and fixes as always. Requires NPM...

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Can't wait for navy update!!! WOHOOOO!!! I know it will release when it's dont but i just so happyy!! HAHAAAAAAAAAA

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Probably the best improvement mod I've played so far :-)

By the way, I might change the menu colours back to blue or something just for myself but how did you edit the .wnd files? I can open them with notepad but it looks like a pain to edit each colour.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey n5p29,Here are some questions.

1.Which unit's voice does GLA Sniper use? I try to find other the C&C series unit, but none of them found a similar one.

2.Colonel Burton of General leang was still in the T-pose when riding a Combat Cycle.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Anyway, how do you modify AI scripts? I can only transfer units from one faction to another. But not yet creating new units or creating AIs..

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
n5p29 Creator

tl;dr: use worldbuilder, there should be tutorials over the internet already

Reply Good karma+1 vote

May I add a suggestion regarding the AI maneuvers about capturing buildings?
So here they are:

AIs behaviours:
>AIs will always send 2 to 3 rangers for USA. Same goes with China - sending red guards, and for GLA - sending rebels. For infantry general though i think only 2 mini gunners will be fine, for toxin general will be two toxin rebels.
>If the tech building is already captured by their opponent, one of those units will attempt to capture the tech building while the rest of its companion will attack the tech building. (I somewhat see this system on some mods. They are sending two infantry units – one is capturing the building and the other is destroying it at the same time. I just don’t know what mod is it)
>AIs will consistently send this group of infantry until they finally captured or destroyed the tech building (so some triggers might need to be encoded on the AIs scripts for them to know if the tech building is neutral, or owned by either player. AIs will start to capture (and/or destroy) player’s building if all tech buildings are not possible for capture or destruction.
AIs will prioritize capturing (and/or destroying) tech buildings under this sequence: (again, triggers will need to be encoded for AIs to have better understanding of what it needs to do – and AIs will base their actions on the above listed behaviors.)
>AIs will try to search and capture any non-oil derrick buildings.
>AIs will look for and capture any oil derricks nearest from their own command centers.
>AIs will then look for oil derricks farthest from all players’ command centers. (friend or foe)
>AIs will search for other oil derricks that does not meet the location conditions.
>AIs will now start to capture (and/or destroy) player-owned building nearest to the infantry group searching for tech buildings.

I’m sorry for the very long explanation.. I just want AIs to utilize the best things they can use on the battlefield. If they control more supplies efficiently, then it is most likely that they can use all of the script created for their strategy. This is one thing I really want for AIs because most likely, their weakness in looking for available resources makes them ineffective sometimes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
n5p29 Creator

modifying AI is out of question at this point. they will get updated in the future but not anytime soon, at least not until the other things with higher priorities have been resolved (also depends if we have someone that can make AI proper when the time comes).

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can i rename these files into .npm files instead of .big?? Well,, just asking because even if i like to play this version of yours, i would still want to get back to the original one.. Well at some rare cases..

I'm sorry to bother but i would like to easily switch from one version to another without the need to uninstall and reinstall the necessary files.. I am also avoiding the creation of too many Zero Hour folders in the install directory because it really consumes to many storage space on my drive.. Like being able to play the mod versions using redundant files just to utilize the mods..

Sorry for asking

Thank you for your response..

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
n5p29 Creator

since version 2.9 this mod no longer use launcher that automatically rename the mod files, but if you really prefer to use such method you can try to install the older version with a mod launcher (like v2.8) then replace the .npm files with corresponding .big files from 2.10, so yeah, you can rename them as long as you have the older version launcher files.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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a very good mod over all

Oct 19 2010 by sgtdumbass


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Dec 19 2019 NProject Mod version 2.10 release! Check out the article for the download link #nprojectzh

Dec 13 2019

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