This mod improves the Zero Hour game by fixing almost all bugs in the game, with tons of balances, improved AI, and many enhanced features. There are also additional stuffs for all factions and sub-factions including Civilians. This mod also including playable Boss General with fully functional AI.

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It's awesome


a very good mod over all

amazing work, this is how ZH sould have been from the start

IMO the only true ZH enhancement mod. It doesn't add a lot of new units, but a lot of fixes and enhancements. It's Zero Hour but better!



a very well made and balanced mod which gives you the same gameplay experience as zero hour but with the little tweaks to get you hooked


NProject v2.71 -> preview
I've only played a few missions, but can already say that the mod not only does what it promises, but it happens in a gracefull way. The AI will also knock you of your socks, just like promised, because of the modified attack routines. The launcher works without a hitch, patching was easy and ZeroHour really is better in NProject mode.

I'll post more after some extra missions are played. Make sure you play the moon-map! That is a very weird and nice visual and gaming experience!


Gotta say it sticks to it's word. The balance is amazing, and it fills in the holes Vanilla Zero Hour mod. Not my favorite mod, no. But it's just so laid back and simple that you'd want to play it more. Some mods are over the top but this is the most "down-to-earth", so to speak. It is so much like Zero Hour, but it feels so much better at the same time. It's not the flashiest mod, but it's simply perfect.


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Neatest mod in General ZH!

Best balance mod ever

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a very good mod over all

Oct 19 2010 by sgtdumbass