a.Cancel the Science precondition,Cost:1600→1400,BuildTime:25s→15s
b.BunkerBusters upgrade cost:1500→1200,BuildTime:40s→30s


TOWmissile damage:30→25,Hitair damage:50→40

USA All infantry can be combat Airborne

a.SEARCHANDDESTROY No longer lift the weapons range,Vision enhancement 20%→30%
b.CIAIntelligence Transfer to DetentionCamp

It is necessary to upgrade RepairCrew in the strategy center to repair vehicles.

a.LaserGuidedMissile Shortcut key is changed to T。
b.Change into a desert yellow camouflage(Include Ranger)

1s aiming time is required before the attack,Weapon Attack rate: 2s→4s

Ironside and Landforce general,Avenger Cost:2000→1750

Weapon damage:60→70

Unit and upgrade cost reduction

Microwave tank:
a.Use the new modle
b.Armored type Tank is changed to Toxintruck
c.The weapon range of the clear garrison by 125 to 175

You can train RemoteControl in the strategy center, and the Tomahawk can respond to attack.

New unit:Rocket humvee(Model come from Shockwave)
Launch a long-range rocket to attack the enemy and upgrade the anti interception rocket launcher.

New unit:Pillbox(Model come from Shockwave)
An early effective defense unit against infantry.

Restore DetentionCamp,POW trucks. Rigid bullets upgrade,Ranger can capture enemy soldiers.

Aircraft field can be upgraded by helicopter repair

All infantry initially increased medical package skills and upgraded bulletproof vest to improve blood volume.

General power:
a.Spectregunship health change:Lv1\Lv2\Lv3→600\800\1000
b.Us carpet bombing recovery
c.The non AF camp also has carpet bombing skills,(5 star general)

Initial damage of single missile:125→112,The damage does not change after upgrading the lasermissile

a.Using the original model and icons
b.Can be upgraded fuelbomb at the Strategy Center


Training premise:Warfactory to the airport

a.Carpet bombing moved to the Samsung general
b.Upgrade ghostly bomber stealth at the policy center
c.The paratroopers have a shorter cooling time

The defense of the aircraft's laser point is weakened,Increased fighter lock device, unable to be attacked by enemy during lock time.

Microwave tank:
Advanced microwave weapons,The range is farther and the weapon is more efficient.

Advanced LaserGuidedMissile。

Gamma-ray bomb upgrade,Increase the 25�mage of tanks and laser guns

The upgrading of the Humvee and the sentrydrone laser gun

Laser Ranger and laser commanche recovery: (Model come from Shockwave)

Laser Paladin tank, laser Colonel recovery

Laser PatriotBattery:
Power Require 5→4
Cost:1000 → 900


Alpha aurora;
Weapon damage:400/900→300/700。

Tomahawk storm recovery:
Launch a large number of missiles, countdown the countdown for 5 minutes

CruiseMissileLauncher recovery:(Original Model)
Launch a ballistic nuclear missile, countdown the countdown for 6 minutes

Tank is restored, but expensive, without compositearmor upgrade.

The cost of soldiers is raised by 10%

【US-Land force】 -- Bradley

Start to CombatVest

UN humvee(Original Model)

Start to paladintank

Paladinlord tank(Original Model)
HeavyTanks;Laser Point Defende Sytem;Second Weapon Laser Cannon

Medic Start to RepairCrew

155mm Cannon Upgrade,Paladin Tanks Damage+25%

Launcher Training

CommandCenter Radar Need Upgrade

High cost of aircraft

Aurora Need General key

a.Machine guns can be upgraded through the Propaganda center
b.Nuclear tank upgrade more speed up
c.Uranium shell escalation weapons with radiation
d.All battlemaster upgrade experience and kill experience were reduced by 10%.

a.Bayonet activation
b.StunBullets activation(upgraded through the Propaganda center)
c.Can upgrade the bullet and raise the fire

a.Can switch between free fire and hold fire modes
b.Aperture effect recovery(When hold fire)

a.Failure building is changed to failure carrier
b.Death sound effect correction

a.Special effect recovery of investigation
b.Add a scanning skill

a.Nuclear tank upgrade more speed up
b.Uranium shell escalation weapons with radiation

Propaganda center :
a.Speakertower has been activation
b.The value of life doubles
c.Cost2000→2500,give POWTruck
d.Can Training Chinese chemical suit
e.EMPNeutronbomb upgrade

Horde Update:
NormalHorde\Nationalism\Fanaticism WeaponRate:50%\25%\25%→25%\25%\25%

Toxindeath and Firedeath Sound effect correction

b.Restore flash effects (other nuclear weapons also restore this effect).

Bombupgrade cost800→600,No longer enter the initial cooling.

POWTruck StunBullets activation,StunBullets and powtruck kill the enemy soldiers and become prisoners of war

New unit:SiegeSoldier(Model come from Shockwave)
a.Launch a long distance mortar

New unit:IndustrialPlant(Model come from Shockwave)
a.-10% vehiclecost
b.Production line:More rapid production of battlemastertanks and troop carriers

New unit:EMP Bomber(W3D come from Shockwave)
Launch emp bomb

New unit:Anti chemical soldiers

General power:
a.Normal china Increase the veteran's battlemastertank training
b.Emergency repair is the effect of continuous repair ,Duration 3s\6s\9s by Lv1\Lv2\Lv3
c.FRENZY Damage 10 0%→200@%,No longer have the function of opening the field of vision.
d.NapalmStrike activation

a.Upgrade autoload and activate machine guns at the same time,cost 2500→3000
b.Upgrade autoload Weapon damage:40→60



a.Can response SubliminalMessaging
b.Hule model correct

a.-15% vehiclecost
b.Tank Production line
c.Reactive armor upgrade,Battlemaster and Emperortank Resistance to AP and infantry rockets +20%

General power:
a.Tank Drop Number1/2/4→2/4/6。
b.Add to GattlinTank Elite Training,cancel redguard Veteran Training


b.New icons

a.Cost:350→300,There is an icon display after the response chaingun is upgraded
b.HitAirforce Weapon damage:10→6,Fire animation position error correction.
c.Two times more experience and upgrade experience

a.Cancel the speaktower
b.The maximum load of 8 is reduced to 6

The maximum load of 10 is reduced to 8


initial has been speaktower

Fanaticism use the new icons

RedGuard Return

New unit:Conscription Center:
a.-25% infantry cost
b.Production line of trooptruck,More efficient production troop and AssaultListeningOutpost

a.FusionReactorsUpgrade Return
b.WGUraniumShellsUpgrade Return

a.Initial moving speed 45→40
b.Modification of icons, voice and text instructions
c.Response fusion reactor upgrade to improve moving speed
d.In response to the upgrade of weapon grade uranium projectiles, the range of radiation caused by the main guns is larger.

a.Using a new model and icons(Original Model)
b.Initial moving speed 40→35
c.Response fusion reactor upgrade to improve moving speed
d.In response to the upgrade of weapon grade uranium projectiles, the range of radiation caused by the main guns is larger.

Uses radiation guns to clear the garrison, and upgrade radiation rockets.

A rocket with small radiation

Weapon can upgrade nuke AP

Set Small nuclear bomb,Cost:725

Set Normal nuclear bomb,Cost:1750

New unit:Large nuclear reactor(Model come from Shockwave)
A large amount of electricity is supplied and destroyed, resulting in small nuclear explosions.

ChinaBlackNapalm Have been cancelled

【CHN-Flame Weapons General】-- General Mau:

Start with the BlackNapalm

BlackNapalmGamma upgrade

Flamethrower(Model come from Shockwave)

Flamethrower defense tower(Model come from Shockwave)

Flame Battlemastertank(Original Model):
An initial flamethrower

Flame Overlordtank(Original Model):

Start with the Firestorm NapalmStrike

High cost of infantry aircraft and vehicle

a.SabotageDuration and StealCashAmount Doubling

a.The hijacking can escape and activate the escape voice after the hijacked vehicle dies.


a.The effective damage radius is greater
b.Training time:15s→10s

Dual mode attack interval adjustment:0.75s→2s

c.Weapon damage+25%

The initial increase of high explosive rocket skills can launch a range piercing armor piercing rocket.

Response defense building upgrade

a.Radarjammer upgrade recovery,Can be trained by black market
b.RadarVanScan Transfer to the palace

Anthraxbeta and AnthraxGamma upgrade Cost and training time are unified:2000/45s

Prison,POWTruck,TranqDartsupgrade recovery

Prison activation Demoralize skills

New unit:Scrap car
COST:150,Can make Carbomb,It can't be crushed by normal vehicle. The success rate is 100%

New unit:Airpad(Model come from Shockwave)

New unit:Balloon(Model come from Shockwave)

General power:
Add to GLASalvageDrop



Warhead equipment toxin

Use the correct weapon and model(ToxinRebel ToxinRPG...)

No longer improve AP rocket damage


ToxinTunnelDefender recovery

Toxin Fake building

The cause of pollution is greater

DemoCharge recovery

High explosive missiles have greater damage

Weapon damage(Single shot):600→550

Demolition recovery

Demolition JarmenKell use the new icon

Demolition battlebus recovery(Model come from Shockwave)

Fake building more damage

General power:
a.Anthraxbomb Change to BlackmarketNuke
b.Rebelambush was changed into a terrorist group

Prerequisites need ArmsDealer

SniperBullet upgrade recovery

RadarJammerupgrade Prerequisites to ArmsDealer

Sniper recovery

Increase the escalation of infantry fireproof clothes

【GLA-Salvage Junk General】 -- Haleeb

Scrap car Lowcost

Tank Lv2 starts

Tank can be upgraded to Lv4

Starts to JunkRepair

Fortification Response to JunkRepair

Starts to ScudLauncher

GLASalvageDrop level to 3

Unable to UpgradeAnthraxbeta and limited camouflage

High cost of infantry

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Continue V1 02 EN

Continue V1 02 EN

Players Model 4 comments

[Installation instructions] 1.Delete data folder for 1.04 2.Copy all files into your Zero Hour

continue v1 02 patch

continue v1 02 patch

Multiplayer Map

[Installation instructions] Copy all files into your Zero Hour Continue mods.(The patch need continue V1.0 or 1.01) [V1.01] 1.Fix GLA task 3 error problem...

Zero Hour ContinueV1.0+1.01   EN

Zero Hour ContinueV1.0+1.01 EN

Multiplayer Map

Continue V1.0+1.01 Fixed icon loss, text loss, image loss and other issues Like this mod!

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A Hidden Gem

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You can find a complete playthrough of the campaign here: Youtube.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
taofaikwai Creator

Thank you for your support for this game. Maybe a new version will be released soon and more interesting units will be added.
The game system decided to support up to 12 generals for Challenge Mode, so it couldn't be achieved.Twelve generals are already very limited.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Would it be possible to create a patch that replaces the three Commanders-in-Chief with the Salvage, Flame, and Land Forces Generals? Not as a permanent change to the mod, but as an optional patch? That'd be great. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
taofaikwai Creator

First of all, it's a huge project, because every map has to be redone.
The next three prototypes of the new generals were actually based on the modification of the ordinary camp, which would be very unstable to join the challenge, so I suspended the plan

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ah, that's unfortunate, but understandable.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's a pretty decent mod. I like that a singleplayer campaign is included, though I wish you could play the Challenge Mode with the some of the new generals such as the Napalm General.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I was going to say the EXACT same thing, seriously having Paladin Lords to counter Leang's annoying stream of Overlord/Battlemaster Tanks along with its 155mm upgrade to help balance against the annoying Depleted Uranium Shells her tanks are outfitted with, really. The only real issue of course is having an effective counter-artillery unit for those annoying Siege Troopers/Inferno Cannons, seriously, trying to expand out to the east area is like trying to fight against a swarm of pirahna, yet at the same time your forces can be an equal pack of piranhas, just not as advantageous since you have to rely on your small pool of resources generated mostly from Supply Drop Zones and even then they're at risk from being Art'd from Leang after some time has passed whereas her supply ports on her base have a RIDICULOUS amount of money to exhaust, not to mentioned the annoying Tri-Napalm Jet power she has once enough of your forces have fallen to her, seriously, the Land Forces General Bradley would be absolutely PERFECT to nearly counter everything she throws at you (Again "nearly" being the key word since those VERY annoying Siege Troopers and Inferno Cannons REALLY annoy the **** out of you when you can't even counter them properly, seriously... DX ), if only you could counter them properly with an equal infantry sieger to help counter those ********, Tomahawks can only do so much and it seems their forces REALLY are attracted to them, drawing forth their fire when the opportunity arises, so yeah... Long story short: General Bradley would REALLY help tip the scales in that stupid Challenge, seriously.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yes, fighting Leang is painful. However, I had more trouble with Deathstrike. Deathstrike himself isn't so bad, but on his map, you have pretty much no space, he attacks immediate, and his SCUD Storm is highly dangerous due to the limited space.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Deathstrike wasn't that bad imho (And before you ask, yes, I DID have it set to "Brutal" <This mod's version of 'Hard' for the Challenge Mode it seems.> difficulty.), the only real issue was his annoying Bomb Trucks ruining my Fire Base and two Patriot Missiles near it to balance it since infantry doesn't seem to heal inside of it while the Fire Base isn't under fire like usual for some reason, so that's why I placed two Patriot Missiles there mainly for Anti-Armor purposes, and while his SCUD Storm is indeed annoying, for some reason he waits for a bit before launching it once it's ready to fire, thus giving one some time to prep up counter-SW(s). (Using an Ambulance to quickly clean up the toxins left behind by both Antrax Bomb and SCUD Storm helps IMMENSELY to help reforge your defense after his SCUD Storm tears through it of course.) And for some reason, after his SCUD Storm launched and some time passed of fighting off his attacking forces, he just stopped sending them for a good long while, with the only actions he was doing was using the Rebel/RPG Trooper spawn and Sneak Attack (Though for some reason after the first one is used it seems to never spit out any enemy units, very strange but true from what i've seen.), thus letting me build some Supply Drop Zones to help recover my VERY low cash reserves, since the third supply dock is near a small forward outpost to the south with two annoying Stinger Sites near it, so yeah... ^^;

Also, Shin Fai was merely annoying since, despite his claims of "using only infantry", he uses aircraft and vehicles as well, and the only real annoying fact was stopping his constant stream of infantry whilst having my helping mobile defense units move away in time to avoid the same annoying Napalm Airstrike Leang used in her challenge whenever you see those three Chinese planes of course.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I wasn't lucky. He launched the SCUD Storm the second it was ready, and also launched the Toxin Bomb and Rebel Ambush at the same time. He also started attacking with Rocket Buggies about six minutes in. I had to micromanage every attack perfectly to stand a chance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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