Simplex is a sister mod of Complex. It has incorporated the merits of Path To Victory along with many other mods through a long history of R&D. This mod aims to excavate the full potential of the Homeworld 2 engine and will simply blow your mind with incredible fun!

This credit list gives special thanks to all the known contributors of this mod. If you find yourself should be on this list too, yet unseen, just speak out and you can have your ads in this mod in any way you want.

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=============SPECIAL THANKS=============
mololu and IPS -- The leaders who made the fantastic Path to Victory mod, which is my favorite! Three new races (Kadeshi, Turanic Raiders, and Progenitor) have been introduced from this mod, plus many models, effects and some scripts. Great thanks to mololu and IPS for their work! Also thanks Sinigr (the sound designer of the Turanic ships in PTV) for contacting me and providing me some instructive advice on fixing the Turanic ship chatters.

Pouk -- The creator of R.E.A.R.M mod from whom in the original Complex mod many things are borrowed, including:
Ships: "hgn_defensefieldturret", "vgr_advassaultfrigate", "vgr_longrangeartilleryfrigate", "vgr_resourcecontrollerdouble" and "vgr_supportfrigatearmed".
Subsystems: "hgn_destroyertorpedosilo1",
Badges: "vaygr2 grayscale chevron", "vaygr2 red chevron", "vaygr3 fangs white", "vaygr3 fangs", "vaygr4 victorious white", "vaygr4 victorious", "vaygr5 black triangle", "z bentus", "z hiigaran1" to "z hiigaran6" and "z tree"
(Although some contents have been removed as Pouk requests)

--The owner of Higarrian SuperScout mod, from which the model of piranha bioship is borrowed. Post-modern deconstructionism! :D

evillejedi --The owner of Star Wars: Warlords mod, from which the model of Coruscant (planet) is borrowed, plus some map backgrounds. In fact those planet models in the original Complex mod are also borrowed from this mod.

Battlecry and Sagyxil
-- The owners of Tactical Fleet Simulator mod, who made the models of vgr_srm, hgn_bombervette, hgn_lbomber, hgn_sram, hgn_srdm and hgn_guidedrocket, and hgn_strategicbomber.

BloodFleet -- The owner of Homeworld:Evolved and Homeworld:Cataclysm Remix mod, from which some converted map backgrounds are borrowed.

The Homeworld:@ Team -- the maker of Homeworld @ which is a Homeworld 2 mod with all kinds of fantastic HW1-style ships. Many ship models (including the exotic ones found only in crates) are borrowed from this mod, together with some visual/sound effects and backgrounds.

Continuum Corp -- the leader of the highly accomplished Star Trek: Continuum project from which some background/fx/planet stuff is borrowed.

fairy_queen and Fimilins -- the designers of the absolutely mind-blowing yaodumod from which some ships, subsystems and weapons effects are borrowed.

9CCN -- the team who made the epic FX - Commander mod, which is determined to become the epitome of all Homeworld series. Ship models such as the Taiidan Mothership and the new Vaygr Artillery Frigate are from this mod.

Olmys -- the creator of Territories Mod who can't be contacted for a long time. I'm trying my best to integrate this entire mod into the Complex Simple, while causing no interference to the exisiting functions. I decide to do so, because several players told me that the Territories game type is very attractive and they really want to play in this way.

HW_Lover -- the designer of Free Mod from which the music player function and the pilot mode are introduced. Free Mod is a very exotic mod, try it and you'll be amazed just like I was!

T-Mckenney -- the developer of The Price of Freedom from which the models of Troll Destroyer and Refurbished Destroyer are borrowed.

czacen -- the leader of Wing Commander 4 from which the models of Black Market and Arms Dealer are borrowed.

Enterprise-E -- the modeller who allowed me to use his gorgeous Taiidan cruiser models.

Broken Line Studios -- the maker of Homefront from which the Halo and some turrets on Refurbished Destroyer are borrowed.

moleman2009, whisper2me, Starscream and chris80502 -- the contributors of Homeworld Universe from which some ship models are borrowed as derelict, while according to them, Sands of Time should also be thanked.

Mr.Thi -- the maker of the amazing EVE: RTS mod, from which I learned that map backgrounds can be replaced by sky boxes for the first time. According to Mr.Thi, the backgrounds that I borrowed are actually made by the HWBP team for Homeworld: Blue Planet.

Erayser -- the co-founder and CEO of Phoenix Interactive Inc. who made the amazing Mass Effect Reborn mod. The style of Complex Simple's webpage on ModDB is fully based on their beautiful CSS templates.

Dondelium -- the maker of HW2 Advanced Mod: Revived from which the new model of Hiigaran Heavy Interceptor was adapted.

Mikali -- the maker of Mikali's Multiplayer Map Collection from which some interesting map designs and functions are adapted.

_mickey_ -- maker of the Homeworld2:EVOLUTION mod, also made the repair beam fx, aurora fx, crate fx, some hulk and turret models in this mod.

nwmi -- an enthusiastic player who has helped me improve this mod by sharing his game play videos.


GJ for doing this.

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