FSFC gameplay is intended for a fast paced, competitive multiplayer format. Players take the side of Terran, Vasudan, or Shivan fleet commanders and attempt to dominate their opponent with speed, firepower, and skill. A countering systems helps define the role of each type of ship- and fleets composed of many different types of vessels can take advantage of more one-dimensional opponents. Each faction has unique traits in their choice of warships and research options that differentiate them from their opponents. Almost all ships are modeled off of canon FS2 vessels, and their weapon damage, speed, and health are all adapted from the Freespace 2 game files. FSFC maps are usually randomly generated with a mixture of asteroid fields, cargo depots, dust clouds/nebulas, and jump nodes for a diverse and exciting experience. Players can choose to fight in the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis for a completeley different experience, or fight a gauntlet of AI enemy forces.

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Patch 3.30 RC3
-Turret laser damage reduced against bombers. Turret laser accuracy reduced against bombs slightly.
-Rakshasa armanent updated, cost and builtime increased
-Stiletto II missile HP reduced.
-NTF Iceni has a built-in Sprint drive.
-Hitbox issues should be resolved.

Patch 3.30 RC2
-Flak damage values adjusted slightly; long range flak now more reliable at doing damage (as intended)
-Capture values tweaked
-Bomb speeds and turning rates tweaked
-Collision detection for certain subsystems should be improved
-Hecate modified to work as intended.
-Orion Heavy Flak upgrade implemented.

Patch 3.30 RC1
-Adjusted turret performance and costs to match intended gameplay, as well as slight increases to turret laser ranges.
-Enabled explosion damage.
-Added upgrades for Sentry Gun armor and accuracy. Sentries can now shoot down bombs.
-Added upgrades for Cruisers and Capital ships, enabling them to shoot down bombs.
-Altered values for Flak turrets to make them more appropriate.
-Altered tooltips for weapon subsystems to make them more accessible.
-Added Corvette Armor and Sprint drive upgrades.
-Altered fighter missile researches to be more distinct and appropriate.
-Added Nav subsystems for Corvettes.
-Added support for new win conditions. Sentry Deployment freighters may no longer count for win conditions.
-Aten is now buildable without Light Photon Beams, but needs it to turn on its' beam cannons. Vasudan beam researches have been standardized with other factions.
-Added small explosions for Trebuchet and Stiletto, helping them damage small turrets.
-Corvettes and cruisers now have modeled beam subsystems.
-Some cruiser costs and buildtimes slightly adjusted.
-Multiple fighter armanent balancing adjustments to align themselves more closely with FS2 stats.
-Bombs now have proper blast radius, damaging subsystems without requiring a direct hit. Subsystems have been rebalanced to make maximum sense.
-Reduced Fighter and Bomber jump costs, reflecting jump timer changes.
-Capture vessels may now disable Shivan ships upon caputure, instead of being useless.
-Range of cluster munitions increased to reflect proper characteristics.
-Stiletto and Stiletto II now have increased HP and added homing abilities.
-Loki now has EMP adv. upgrade
-Resource drop-off weapons and HP altered.

3.23 Release

3.23 Release


Version 3.23 is out! Read the changelog for details.




This is an updated .big file with all the latest updates. The Command line parameter -overrideBigFile should NOT be used when using this new file.

3.21a HOTFIX

3.21a HOTFIX

News 2 comments

This is a quick hotfix for some issues that have come up after release.

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FreeSpace: Fleet Command 3.31

FreeSpace: Fleet Command 3.31

Full Version 10 comments

Fleet Command 3.31 is the final release for Homeworld 2. This mod is the definitive FreeSpace strategy experience. 3.31 is compatible with both retail...

Game Timer Script (v3)

Game Timer Script (v3)


Place this game timer script into your /bin folder and it will automatically display ingame.

ATI Graphics fix (v3)

ATI Graphics fix (v3)

Effects GFX

This is a .dll file to be placed in your bin/release folder in your Homeworld 2 directory if you experience graphical stutters or crashes when running...

FS2 Badge Pack (v3)

FS2 Badge Pack (v3)


This is a pack of badges from the FS2 squadrons and other insignia for use with FSFC.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 88)
Mobius89 - - 438 comments

Sooner or later I'll get Homeworld and test this FreeSpace mod. I'd really like to see how FreeSpace ships behave in other engines. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,194 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

AlexN26 - - 12 comments

Any chances to relive this mod? I mean, I know is complete, and it's fantastic!!! But Classic HW2 is so unstable... No plans for Remastered?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Deathbane - - 5 comments

Really looking forward to the remastered version of this mod. The old engine has alot of limitations, and would be nice to get it moved over.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zweistein000 - - 68 comments

Same here. The FS1 era keeps going out of sync. But the infinite beams of Ravana still please me greatly.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
jonsin1459 - - 1,009 comments

Is there anyway to turn off the really bad starfield in the background?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RT2... - - 3,305 comments

SmillaEnlarger-0.9.0 comes to mind for texture work also....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RT2... - - 3,305 comments

Just thoughts if you are going to expand it into Remastered engine.

simple Macromedia Flash vector rescale on the current textures as I believe they dont have alphas.

I am of the mind the models dont need a turbomesh smooth.

The knossos and Jump Points would be an easy integration into the RP system they are babbling about.

Another thought is, what I wouldn't mind seeing is an asteroid base that could manufacture some of the OOP Descent models. For sheer cannon fodder or as an alternate race were it all began. :) Pipe dreams. :)

I am guessing most of your work would be focused on balance.

I am currently lost in X3-TC coding scripts for fun. :)
Am also about to finish off a script changes in Star Wolves 3, to get more playability out of the pirate factions. :)
Freelancer Modding is giving me some fun with Multiboxing hellstorms on these PCs.

Another happy gamer with your efforts. :)
Dont think what you do isn't appreciated, :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Raykilla6669 - - 18 comments

check out this great video Homeworld 2 FREESPACE 2 Terrans vs Shivans Massive Fleet Battle HD 60fps Youtu.be

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
vinch - - 5 comments

Hey! I just jump in to say that this mod is an absolute gem!

Freespace is one of my favorite IP and i always wanted to play it at a strategic level. Did you ever considering contacting MatthTheGeek for expanding into the BLue planet arc?

Anyway keep the good work guys can't wait to see a remastered version!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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