Bienvenue sur le groupe dédié à la France. le but principal est de répertorier toutes les créations Françaises. N'hésitez-pas à nous contacter pour ajouter vos créations.

Rise and Fall Civilisation at War en Français COLONELWOG --- Rise and Fall Civilisation at War

Crysis mod | phalksen Coming Dec 12, 2018 crystal-fog

My Giant Friend - A New Agent (Fan Game)--- Cpt-Thoom --- My Giant Friend

Stargate Space Conflict --- Homeworld 2 --- Phoenix Interactive Inc. ---
Mass Effect Reborn --- Homeworld 2 --- Phoenix Interactive Inc. ---
Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander --- Homeworld 2 --- Phoenix Interactive Inc. ---
Rome : Mod total conversion Command and Conquer Zero Hour --- COLONELWOG ---

I Am The King --- The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim --- LRCM ---

The Dark Army : Uprising --- Return to castle Wolfenstein --- TITEUF-85 ---

Star Wars : Mod total conversion Command and Conquer Zero Hour --- COLONELWOG ---

Silent Death : Prologue Mod : Crysis original --- Andersen ---

Wilson Chronicles : Mod Source Engine, Half-Life 2 freredarme Sortie : 15 aout 2010 (Demo uniquement) , mod prévu pour 2012

Space Hulk Mod : Total Conversion Mod : Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 2 : Kornelord

Stargate San Andreas Rebellion : mod pour grand theft auto san andreas : Onikage56 /

StarGate Atlantis :Mini-mod : GTA San Andreas : Gaï-Sensei

Alien Wave : Orange Box (HL2): Bioko :

Stargate no limit : un jeu fait sous l udk :darknigthmare and Speedy37 :

BFC : Battlefield Commando sur Battlefield 2.: Soronelite :

Liandri Tournament Orion System --- Stylersnico --- Predator Studio

Warhead FPS booster pour Crysis Warhead --- Stylersnico --- Predator Studio

Crysis FPS booster pour crysis --- Stylersnico --- Predator Studio

Unreal Effects pour Unreal Tournament 3 --- Stylersnico --- Predator Studio

Hellzauber pour unreal tournament III --- chienpuant --- Mutants at work

UNDERGROUND pour Half life 2 deathmatch ---tery5000 ---

Moshanyana --- C'est un Jeu et non un Mod --- Immudelki

Clear sky Reloaded pour Stalker Clear sky --- Clear_strelok --- /

Mad Cow --- Starcraft 2 : Wings of liberty --- VodQa ---

La traduction du mod Eastern Front pour Company of Heroes nico97one --- /

C-Projects --- Half-Life 2 --- noladu95 ---

EXIL --- un jeu développé avec l'UDK --- Froyok --- /

Ground Complex --- Half-Life 2 --- Bioko ---

Infernal Souls - Indie - Par stylersnico666 ->
New Star Wars mod for GTA San Andreas - Guitaradict -

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IFSCL 4.4.X Announced!
IFSCL 4.7.X [Code Lyoko Game]

IFSCL 4.4.X Announced!

IFSCL 4.7.X [Code Lyoko Game] 1 comment

A new IFSCL Trailer has landed. Deep dive into the real world locations of code lyoko, and discover the large amount of updates brought into the game.

Witcher Kings - Sub-Mod, I recruit testers !
Crusader Kings II

Witcher Kings - Sub-Mod, I recruit testers !

Crusader Kings II 1 comment

Good evening everyone! I need testers to "test" the file that I will publish soon (see the other post).

English Release
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

English Release

Combat-Alpha 2 comments

Hi, this news is about bugs on english version that be repported to me by players. Please read and inform me of any problems about Combat-Alpha. Thank...

Designated Days Lore: CW: The 31st Cavalry
Star Wars Battlefront II

Designated Days Lore: CW: The 31st Cavalry

Designated Days 3 comments

The very first Moddb article related to Designated Days lore. In-depth exposition of their history. Many more articles to come in order to explain all...

Logistique Release Date & Trailer !

Logistique Release Date & Trailer !

News 4 comments

As some may have noted, the Logistique page has been a bit quite lately... We were preparing a little something for you : The release of the mod !

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orcus_35 - - 399 comments

Eh ben on est pas sortis de l'auberge...

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Emperor_Napoleon_III - - 234 comments

bonjour mon ami

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TimuridsHumans - - 26 comments

hey!, your Firefox? READ THIS ON DOWNLOAD ISSUES: This article is about the Angry Birds franchise. For the original video game, see Angry Birds (video game). For the 2016 film, see The Angry Birds Movie.
Angry Birds
Angry Birds logo 2015.svg
The Angry Birds wordmark, used since July 2015
Created by Rovio Entertainment
Original work Video game series
Print publications
Cook books[show]
Documentary books[show]
Activity books[show]
Story books[show]
National Geographic
Angry Birds Comics
Super Angry Birds
Angry Birds: Flight School
Films and television
The Angry Birds Movie (2016)
The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019)
Animated series
Angry Birds Toons[1]
Piggy Tales
Angry Birds Cheetos
Angry Birds Blues
Angry Birds BirLd Cup
Video game(s) Angry Birds Series
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Star Wars II
Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Epic
Angry Birds Transformers
Angry Birds Fight!
Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds Action!
Angry Birds Blast!
Angry Birds Evolution
Angry Birds Match
Angry Birds Blast Island
Angry Birds Dream Blast

Bad Piggies
Angry Birds Stella
Angry Birds POP!
Angry Birds Champions

Angry Birds Trilogy
Original music
Angry Birds Rio Samba Tune
Angry Birds Space Theme (feat. Slash)
Bad Piggies Halloween Tune (feat. Major Lazer)
Plush Toys
Board Games
Angry Birds Soft Drinks
Parks and Attractions
Angry Birds Land[show]
Angry Birds Space Encounter[show]
Angry Birds Activity Park[show]
Official Website
Angry Birds is a video game franchise created by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. The series focuses on multi-colored birds which try to save their eggs from green-colored pigs, their enemies. Inspired by Crush the Castle,[2] the game has been praised for its successful combination of fun gameplay, comical style, and low price. Its popularity led to many spin-offs, versions of Angry Birds created for PCs and video game consoles, a market for merchandise featuring its characters, a televised animated series, and a feature film. By January 2014, there were over two billion downloads across all platforms, including both regular and special editions.[3][4] By July 2015, the series' games were downloaded more than three billion times collectively,[5] making it the most downloaded freemium game series of all time. The original Angry Birds has been called "one of the most mainstream games out right now",[6] "one of the great runaway hits of 2010",[7] and "the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far".[8] An animated feature film based on the series was released by Columbia Pictures on 20 May 2016, and the first main-series sequel, Angry Birds 2, was released on 30 July 2015.

The first game in the series was initially released in December 2009 for iOS.[9] At the time, the swine flu epidemic was in the news, so the staff decided to use pigs as the enemies of the birds.[10] The company released ports of the game to other touchscreen smartphone operating systems, including Android, Symbian, and Windows Phone, and PCs.

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Captainstar17 - - 140 comments

salut les gens,j aimerai savoir si il y des personnes qui peuvent m'aider à créer un mod sur Battlefront 2? Merci

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Annihitor_the_Incred - - 126 comments

Salut la commu'! Beaucoup d'hommes marchent bien. À la lune toute beaucoup plus! Je demand passage!!

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Juju44330 - - 1,989 comments

Salut la commu' !

Demande pour le créateur de la page, j'aimerai bien que l'on rajoute ces mods (fais par moi), svp :

Made in France les gars ! ;)

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deleted10101 - - 7,257 comments

Salutations à vous tous les gens de France

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michael89 - - 72 comments

Le fu? :o

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Bonjour mes ami :p

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Le fu?

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