Phoenix Interactive Inc. is an incorporated non-profit association, which publishes and develops free games and mods. The association has been founded by 2 friends, Thibault Testart and Yves-Marie Taveau. It was originally created as Phoenix Entertainment, but was renamed few months later as Phoenix Interactive, to reflect its shifted focus towards interactive products.

We rely on an extensive background in development. We're gamers first, we make the games and mods that we would want to play, and it's a safe bet you'll approve. We're dedicated to making and promoting the best free games and mods out there we can. We've developed, we're still developing... But what you must remember is that we've just started our journey.

As of October 20th, 2014, the association had 40 permanent full-time members and 20 temporary full-time members worldwide. Our best-known modifications are certainly Battlestar Galactica : Fleet Commander, Mass Effect Reborn or Stargate Space Conflict.

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Mass Effect Reborn

Mass Effect Reborn

Real Time Strategy

Mass Effect: Reborn is a total-conversion developed and published by Phoenix Interactive that aims to recreate the universe of BioWare's Mass Effect franchise...

Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander

Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander

Real Time Strategy

Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander is a total-conversion developed by HW2BSG Team and published by Phoenix Interactive that aims to recreate the universe...

Stargate Space Conflict

Stargate Space Conflict

Real Time Strategy

Stargate Space Conflict is a total-conversion developed and published by Phoenix Interactive that aims to recreate the universe of the Stargate franchise...

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Hello to everyone, i just have one question, will you release your mods only in english, or in more languages?

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Some of the textures flicker in Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander, which may have been a result of a recent update to Homeworld. A quick fix would be useful sine Gearbox may not be updating the Homeworld Remastered Collection anytime soon. This is for the Workshop Release on Steam, including the Remastered Collection from Steam.

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Waswaf, sorry to pop your dream, but don't get your hopes up.

Phoenix Interactive appeart to have the policy not to work on their mods until the next big update from Gearbox comes out. Expect god knows how many months of downtime until they finally decide to move a finger.

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Sixth Creator

The mods are still being worked on.

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Let's see:
1) In November/December Gearbox released an update that messed up existing mods

2) You guys pointed that out and commenced a strict policy of absolute radio silence until last tuesday.

I don't wanna be THAT guy, but if a modder does that, the first thing people would assume would be that the modder got tired of his work and abandoned the project.

So PLEASE, if you face such a situation, even if development isn't going anywhere, show us you are still here (and don't wait 6 months for doing so)

Either check in at least once a month or leave us with an announcement that you'll be away for a number of months. This is FAR better than last 6 months' radio silence

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Sixth Creator

I do understand why people think the projects have been abandoned, I would too. I would like to apologize for the radio silence. There really hasn't been anything to share. We did, however, make an post saying that development was still happening on our Facebook page, in May. I know 3 months of nothing is a lot, but when there isn't anything to talk about, it's hard to make a post. I personally will try and do a better job of keeping people updated.

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Thanks a lot.

I just wanna point out that you might wanna stick to twitter. Not about to advertise or something, but twitter updates are listed on THIS page, so people are less likely to overlook them.

you're welcome.

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Look bro I hate to be that guy but like you, we are all entitled to our opinions. First I will say I am NOT at all associated with phoenix-interactive, I am just another member like this "yesWeCant" person, which is who I am addressing this post to.

I observe how you are unhappy with the progression of this mod and I can't help but wonder why I keep seeing these small minorities of people who have to get narky because something didn't meet their personal expectations.

So what do I think about that?
Communication is key, this is an important skill in any aspect of life. But where is the line that distinguishes your need for the developers communication and somebody else's personal choice to make something for others, as a general hobby - it's rare that any modder is paid for his/her work. I certainly doubt You are paying these guys to mod this game..

Yet as a general user of Mod db who is wondering who phoenix-interactive are checking this page for the first time, it's simply off-putting to see other members like you who have to literally hold one of these guys to account about your own upsets/crisis, telling other people to not get their hopes up.. What I'm saying is your words are bad advertisement to these guys who probably do a great job *when it suits them* which I'm fine with modders like that and if they want a break then it should be a privilege to be notified, not an expectation. The beauty of modding is being able to change a game in your own personal time imo.. Where as I wonder whether your "friendly-advice" is just simply a mask for the pedantic attitude you have. - Again this is just my opinion right. "friendly-advice" to you sir.

Thanks for reading this and your response is welcome.

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How to increase unit cap in battlestar galactica fleet commander?

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To Galactica, best ship in the fleet! Modeled and textured by @jstubbles, lead designer on BSG:FC.

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