SUPERHOT is the first person shooter where time moves only when you move. With its mesmerising gameplay and unique, stylized graphics SUPERHOT aims to finally add something new and disruptive to the FPS genre.


The winners have been announced

Mod DB has join forces with the developers of SUPERHOT and their friends, to offer two award categories with some huge prizes, including cash, and a massive $50,000 (USD) publishing contract.
The terms and conditions and judgement criteria are below, but we want you to take inspiration from SUPERHOT, whether it be from the art, gameplay, style, maps, storyline, or even the UI! What SUPERHOT inspired creation you make is entirely up to you - make a standalone game, a mod for your favourite game, or perhaps you'd prefer to show us your awesome artwork.
When you upload your mod or game to Mod DB, simply mark your upload by adding the #MAKEITSUPERHOT tag on submission. You can tell us a bit about what you've done if you'd like to, but we'll be judging entries based on playability, fun factor, creativity, and how much inspiration it takes from SUPERHOT. We'll be considering entries on their own merit so if you've got a great idea do what you can to show it to us. Get creative! Improvisation and workarounds have created some of the most interesting and memorable gaming experiences we've ever had, so don't be afraid to show off your ideas in whatever way you're most able to.
  • 1x GTX 1080
  • 1x i7 CPU
  • 1x Oculus
  • $5,000 cash
  • Trophy
  • MSI Keyboard, mouse, swag
  • GOG swag & $60 game
  • $2,000 cash
  • 1x i7 Processor
  • 1x Oculus Rift
  • MSI Keyboard, mouse, swag
  • GOG swag & $30 game
  • $1,000 cash
  • MSI Keyboard & mouse
  • GOG swag & $15 game
  • XBOX One
  • $550 cash
  • Trophy
  • MSI Keyboard, mouse, swag
  • GOG swag & $60 game
  • Gear VR
  • $350 cash
  • MSI Keyboard, mouse, swag
  • GOG swag & $30 game
  • $200 cash
  • MSI Keyboard & mouse
  • GOG swag & $15 game
When you upload your creative to Mod DB, simply mark your upload(s) by adding the #MAKEITSUPERHOT tag on submission. We'd love for you to tell us a bit about your creation, but this isn't necessary to enter the competition. Also, if it's relevant to your creation, you may want to upload various angles of photos, or even a video, so that we can get a better sense of what you've made. We'll be judging your work based on originality, skill or technique, creativity, and how much inspiration it takes from SUPERHOT. There's no one type of creativity we're looking for here so, whatever your talent - whether it's dancing, knitting, drawing, or anything else - we want to hear from you!
If you submit a game or mod, you may be awarded a $50,000 publishing contract* with global publisher and developer IMGN.PRO whose lineup includes such titles as Expeditions: Vikings, Seven: The Days Long Gone, and SUPERHOT itself.
Latest Entries
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OVERDRIVE: sHOT GAME OVERDRIVE: sHOT SUPERPUNCH GAME SUPERPUNCH UNDERHOT GAME UNDERHOT ONESTRIKE GAME ONESTRIKE SuperDoom BETA2 FILE SuperDoom BETA2 MakeItSuperHot (updated) IMAGE MakeItSuperHot (updated) Breach the forest IMAGE Breach the forest Pigeon Fight  - Superhot Edition FILE Pigeon Fight - Superhot Edition SH archive prototype GAME SH archive prototype Superhot Contest Art Category IMAGE Superhot Contest Art Category animation VIDEO animation SUPERHOT IMAGE SUPERHOT Welcome Home. IMAGE Welcome Home. Make It Super Hot: Rewind GAME Make It Super Hot: Rewind superhot hq shortcomic IMAGE superhot hq shortcomic HOT Qore IMAGE HOT Qore COLDSUPERHOT GAME COLDSUPERHOT HotScape GAME HotScape HOTFEET GAME HOTFEET SUPERCOLD GAME SUPERCOLD Time Recoil GAME Time Recoil Trepang2 GAME Trepang2 ÜberHot GAME ÜberHot SUPERHOT ARENA GAME SUPERHOT ARENA SUPERMOD MOD SUPERMOD uHOT MOD uHOT Statics/Dynamics VIDEO Statics/Dynamics Statics/Dynamics IMAGE Statics/Dynamics Statics/Dynamics IMAGE Statics/Dynamics superhot tc MOD superhot tc Statics/Dynamics IMAGE Statics/Dynamics Statics/Dynamics VIDEO Statics/Dynamics superhot entry IMAGE superhot entry The Red Dude GAME The Red Dude Turn them SUPERCOLD IMAGE Turn them SUPERCOLD Zombies move only when you move IMAGE Zombies move only when you move SuperFast GAME SuperFast dying light: superhot edition IMAGE dying light: superhot edition WILDGON GAME WILDGON Polygonal Army Men IMAGE Polygonal Army Men SUPER Army Men IMAGE SUPER Army Men Paint me like one of your red girls IMAGE Paint me like one of your red girls MakeItSuperHot IMAGE MakeItSuperHot SUPERSQUARE IMAGE SUPERSQUARE Loco Motion GAME Loco Motion Super GOD SMITE! IMAGE Super GOD SMITE! SUPERHOT 8bit GAME SUPERHOT 8bit SUPERROGUE GAME SUPERROGUE Time Controller (Proof of Concept) GAME Time Controller (Proof of Concept) Super Hax GAME Super Hax Lost in Space GAME Lost in Space Super Hot Kitten Club IMAGE Super Hot Kitten Club Hot Shock GAME Hot Shock Superhot moving wallpaper VIDEO Superhot moving wallpaper Superhot IMAGE Superhot Super DODGE! IMAGE Super DODGE! Incredibly Warm GAME Incredibly Warm HotDodgeball GAME HotDodgeball Exe.cs GAME Exe.cs Mind Blown IMAGE Mind Blown Articool GAME Articool SUPERHOT Animation VIDEO SUPERHOT Animation time to start MOVING, move to start TIME IMAGE time to start MOVING, move to start TIME The Precipice IMAGE The Precipice Katana IMAGE Katana SUPER HOP GAME SUPER HOP Blue-Grey IMAGE Blue-Grey Super Hot Dog IMAGE Super Hot Dog Car Chase VR GAME Car Chase VR Super Hot Baseball IMAGE Super Hot Baseball chrlsdrwn.exe IMAGE chrlsdrwn.exe Kinect SUPERHOT GAME Kinect SUPERHOT Super Portal (Chell) IMAGE Super Portal (Chell) Peer-2-Pizza GAME Peer-2-Pizza Super-Space Shooter GAME Super-Space Shooter superhot IMAGE superhot super hot hacked and deceased GAME super hot hacked and deceased Ringtones Pack by NIGHT VISION PROJECT FILE Ringtones Pack by NIGHT VISION PROJECT Techno Track: NIGHT VISION PROJECT - OBEY AUDIO Techno Track: NIGHT VISION PROJECT - OBEY Breakbeat Track: NIGHT VISION PROJECT - JUST KILLING RED DUDES AUDIO Breakbeat Track: NIGHT VISION PROJECT - JUST KILLING RED DUDES SuperDESTINY GAME SuperDESTINY Make it super hot IMAGE Make it super hot Tabasco GAME Tabasco SuperHot: Doom MOD SuperHot: Doom HOTMAIL MOD HOTMAIL SUPERHOT Quake MOD SUPERHOT Quake Scorching Fists of the Time Master GAME Scorching Fists of the Time Master Place of Silent GAME Place of Silent SUPERHOT IMAGE SUPERHOT RetroHOT GAME RetroHOT SUPERHOT Title Sequence VIDEO SUPERHOT Title Sequence SUPERCITY IMAGE SUPERCITY SUPERPROP IMAGE SUPERPROP DUALHOT GAME DUALHOT Work Hard IMAGE Work Hard EVERY SINGLE KILL IN: “Superhot” VIDEO EVERY SINGLE KILL IN: “Superhot” superhot IMAGE superhot SUPERHOT Fallout MOD SUPERHOT Fallout Shuta GAME Shuta SEWPERHOT IMAGE SEWPERHOT Style On 'Em GAME Style On 'Em Supra Hot - Divine Cybermancy IMAGE Supra Hot - Divine Cybermancy SUPERHOTline Miami Deluxe GAME SUPERHOTline Miami Deluxe Supergeil IMAGE Supergeil what if IMAGE what if Super Hot IMAGE Super Hot Super Hot IMAGE Super Hot tankhot IMAGE tankhot SUPERSMASH MOD SUPERSMASH the Forceful Dude in Red. (Special Secret) IMAGE the Forceful Dude in Red. (Special Secret) A Clown Without a Bicycle (Superhot) VIDEO A Clown Without a Bicycle (Superhot) SUPERHOOK GAME SUPERHOOK Way Too Hot IMAGE Way Too Hot My body is holding me back IMAGE My body is holding me back Super Poker At Bar IMAGE Super Poker At Bar Tick Tock Bang Bang GAME Tick Tock Bang Bang Super Hot ( really sexy) IMAGE Super Hot ( really sexy) OVERHEAT GAME OVERHEAT SUPAHOTIII IMAGE SUPAHOTIII 1987 - A #MAKEITSUPERHOT Submission VIDEO 1987 - A #MAKEITSUPERHOT Submission CrystalHot GAME CrystalHot Creating an Army IMAGE Creating an Army Steam Profile Package #SuperHot IMAGE Steam Profile Package #SuperHot Headshot(with sound) VIDEO Headshot(with sound) Headshot. VIDEO Headshot. Every time i hear that line IMAGE Every time i hear that line Pumped and ready to go IMAGE Pumped and ready to go chosen GAME chosen KEANUWARE GAME KEANUWARE Super Hot Dog GAME Super Hot Dog SUPERHOT CONTEST 3 IMAGE SUPERHOT CONTEST 3 SUPERHOT CONTEST 2 IMAGE SUPERHOT CONTEST 2 NEOHOT GAME NEOHOT SUPERHOT CONTEST ENTRY 1 IMAGE SUPERHOT CONTEST ENTRY 1 animus.exe IMAGE animus.exe Super Hot ( really sexy) IMAGE Super Hot ( really sexy) super hot hot IMAGE super hot hot SUPERSPIN GAME SUPERSPIN Ummmm VIDEO Ummmm Cinnamon IMAGE Cinnamon Ross Elliott IMAGE Ross Elliott #MAKEITSUPERHOT IMAGE #MAKEITSUPERHOT super hot IMAGE super hot MAKING REAL SUPERHOT HQ VIDEO MAKING REAL SUPERHOT HQ REAL SUPERHOT HQ IMAGE REAL SUPERHOT HQ Rush Hour IMAGE Rush Hour Out of Time IMAGE Out of Time Walking IMAGE Walking POSTAL^2*SUPERHOT MOD POSTAL^2*SUPERHOT SuperHot grindhouse IMAGE SuperHot grindhouse makeitsuperhot IMAGE makeitsuperhot Hot - By Jules IMAGE Hot - By Jules superQWOP IMAGE superQWOP The Arkham Knight IMAGE The Arkham Knight SUPERHOT Pixel Art IMAGE SUPERHOT Pixel Art SuperForce of the Grid GAME SuperForce of the Grid DyingSuperhot IMAGE DyingSuperhot superhot IMAGE superhot SUPERHOT Comic IMAGE SUPERHOT Comic SHiRO 011 GAME SHiRO 011 SUPERSHOD GAME SUPERSHOD SuperFun IMAGE SuperFun SUPERCOLD IMAGE SUPERCOLD SUPER. TRAP! VIDEO SUPER. TRAP! meme IMAGE meme Outside the Battlefield IMAGE Outside the Battlefield SUPERHOT ENTRY IMAGE SUPERHOT ENTRY RA3:Invasion MOD RA3:Invasion Super Hot Image IMAGE Super Hot Image MISH GAME MISH SUPERHOT! 2D REMAKE GAME SUPERHOT! 2D REMAKE Far Cry Art IMAGE Far Cry Art Stalker aka My Passion IMAGE Stalker aka My Passion More SuperHot Stuff VIDEO More SuperHot Stuff SUPER HOT IMAGE SUPER HOT SUPER HOT IMAGE SUPER HOT SUPERHOT Holding Bat & Shooting IMAGE SUPERHOT Holding Bat & Shooting SUPERHOT 1 VS. All IMAGE SUPERHOT 1 VS. All DESTRUCTION. IMAGE DESTRUCTION. SuperDOOM IMAGE SuperDOOM SUPERPUFF & SUPERMON BY Shad0wFade IMAGE SUPERPUFF & SUPERMON BY Shad0wFade MakeItSuperHot IMAGE MakeItSuperHot Becoming one of us. IMAGE Becoming one of us. Superhot1J IMAGE Superhot1J Assault (logo-less) IMAGE Assault (logo-less) Super Hot Walpaper IMAGE Super Hot Walpaper Assault IMAGE Assault OneOfUs_SuperHot IMAGE OneOfUs_SuperHot super hotter IMAGE super hotter SUPERSOUND - TRAILER FAN ART SOUND DESIGN VIDEO SUPERSOUND - TRAILER FAN ART SOUND DESIGN Ubercold GAME Ubercold CODE HOT IMAGE CODE HOT SUPER CODE IMAGE SUPER CODE BE DIFFERENT IMAGE BE DIFFERENT WATCH YOU IMAGE WATCH YOU MIND IS SOFTWARE IMAGE MIND IS SOFTWARE SUPERHOT Lego's IMAGE SUPERHOT Lego's Turned IMAGE Turned Glass Kind GAME Glass Kind Becoming Superhot IMAGE Becoming Superhot SupaHot IMAGE SupaHot superHOT IMAGE superHOT Werewolf IMAGE Werewolf SUPERHOT IMAGE SUPERHOT Fractle SuperHot IMAGE Fractle SuperHot alley1 1030x579 IMAGE alley1 1030x579 superhotcontest IMAGE superhotcontest SUPERHOT Paper Foldable IMAGE SUPERHOT Paper Foldable Red and Black IMAGE Red and Black SUPERHOT HEADSHOT IMAGE SUPERHOT HEADSHOT SUPERDOOM MOD SUPERDOOM Break Your Shell IMAGE Break Your Shell SuperDodge IMAGE SuperDodge Virtual Hot - Virtual Hot IMAGE Virtual Hot - Virtual Hot Super Hot Phone Case IMAGE Super Hot Phone Case Simple. IMAGE Simple. MAKEITSUPERHOT IMAGE MAKEITSUPERHOT ExtremelyCold IMAGE ExtremelyCold dragonsredblu6 IMAGE dragonsredblu6 superhot IMAGE superhot SuperGreen GAME SuperGreen Mirror's Edge meets SuperHot | Art Style FILE Mirror's Edge meets SuperHot | Art Style Sender GAME Sender Endless War: Demon's Touch GAME Endless War: Demon's Touch ModernHOT MOD ModernHOT #MakeItSuperHot IMAGE #MakeItSuperHot Superhot Minimalist Poster IMAGE Superhot Minimalist Poster Floral Hotte IMAGE Floral Hotte Gysroid Goddess IMAGE Gysroid Goddess HOT Shirt Design IMAGE HOT Shirt Design Super Hot ART IMAGE Super Hot ART Dragon Stone FILE Dragon Stone Superhot mod for GTA V #MAKEITSUPERHOT MOD Superhot mod for GTA V #MAKEITSUPERHOT superhot vr IMAGE superhot vr Fully loaded IMAGE Fully loaded Raining Red IMAGE Raining Red SUPERHOT - Story Trailer VIDEO SUPERHOT - Story Trailer SUPER DAD IMAGE SUPER DAD SUPER HOT IMAGE SUPER HOT SuperPixl IMAGE SuperPixl SuperHotDrive GAME SuperHotDrive SUPERHOT OFFICE INTERIOR DESIGN IMAGE SUPERHOT OFFICE INTERIOR DESIGN SUPER HOT IMAGE SUPER HOT Caustic Console VIDEO Caustic Console Galactic Mail GAME Galactic Mail Super Hot - Rio de Janeiro IMAGE Super Hot - Rio de Janeiro Faca na Caveira IMAGE Faca na Caveira SUPERHOT IMAGE SUPERHOT Fate IMAGE Fate gatufoto 20130209 IMG 2677 IMAGE gatufoto 20130209 IMG 2677 Super 80s Wallpaper IMAGE Super 80s Wallpaper SuperHot Fan Poster #MAKEITSUPERHOT IMAGE SuperHot Fan Poster #MAKEITSUPERHOT Make it SUPERHOT: RUN GAME Make it SUPERHOT: RUN Shattered Souls IMAGE Shattered Souls A Superhot Story by Gina L FILE A Superhot Story by Gina L Hot but not quite SUPERHOT VIDEO Hot but not quite SUPERHOT Broken. [SuperHot Edit] /Eleventh\ VIDEO Broken. [SuperHot Edit] /Eleventh\ Speedy Bartender VIDEO Speedy Bartender PORTALHOT MOD PORTALHOT SUPERGRAV GAME SUPERGRAV shooting till the end IMAGE shooting till the end Super Broken IMAGE Super Broken kill em good IMAGE kill em good Don't trust them... IMAGE Don't trust them... superhot supersong (german) VIDEO superhot supersong (german) SUPERHOT in Stellaris!! MOD SUPERHOT in Stellaris!! Superburnout IMAGE Superburnout SUPERHOT in CS:GO MOD SUPERHOT in CS:GO Honeypot Espionage GAME Honeypot Espionage SuperHOT IMAGE SuperHOT SUPER TRUCK GAME SUPER TRUCK SUPERHOT VR IMAGE SUPERHOT VR Mr Anderson (360) IMAGE Mr Anderson (360) GTA SA SuperHot Mode CLEO MOD GTA SA SuperHot Mode CLEO SHOOTOUT Inc. GAME SHOOTOUT Inc. SUPERTITAN clear screen IMAGE SUPERTITAN clear screen SUPERTITAN's IMAGE SUPERTITAN's Super Hot Werewolf - Black IMAGE Super Hot Werewolf - Black Super Hot Werewolf - Red IMAGE Super Hot Werewolf - Red Red Dude sketch IMAGE Red Dude sketch SUPERQOT DEMO SUPERQOT
Judging will be final and done by representatives from:
  • Mod DB
Games and mods entries will be judged based on:
  • Playability
  • Creativity
  • Fun Factor
  • How much inspiration it takes from SUPERHOT
Arts and crafts entries will be judged based on:
  • Originality
  • Skill or technique
  • How much inspiration it takes from SUPERHOT
Users can vote for their favourites for a chance to win a copy of SUPERHOT, though these votes will only be used as a guide.
You must follow the rules below to be eligible. SUPERHOT, ModDB & IMGN.PRO reserve the right to change these rules at any time:
  • Your entries MUST be tagged with #MAKEITSUPERHOT.
  • No obscene or illegal content prohibited by our terms of use allowed.
  • ORIGINAL content only, you may not submit another persons work or IP under any circumstance without explicit permission. We have a presskit of content available to help get you started.
  • You are allowed to make more than one submission but spamming may result in disqualification.
  • Any submissions after the February 26th 12:00AM UTC deadline will be disqualified.
  • Judges from ModDB, SUPERHOT, and IMGN.PRO will pick the Top 3 winners in both categories.
  • The publishing contract Special Prize will be awarded at the discretion of IMGN.PRO, and is subject to their terms and conditions which can be found here.
  • View all competition rules
  • You will automatically be eligible for the Special Prize by entering into the Games & Mods category. You don’t need to submit your creation twice.
  • Pre-existing content is eligible for submission in the competition.
  • While a mod/addon may alter a pre-existing game, the contents of the mod/addon itself must be wholly original.
  • Winners in all categories will be announced on ModDB before 30th March 12:00AM UTC.
  • You may advertise your entry, but spamming any community or forum is not acceptable. Getting removed/disciplined for spam on a 3rd party site may lead to judges invalidating your entry.
  • Your entry MUST be uploaded to ModDB even if it already exists on workshop.
  • Your entry MUST include install instructions, or an installer which works with the game and/or operating system it is built for.
  • All content is allowed including fan inspired, but we shall adhere to any DMCA takedown requests and will remove content if requested by the copyright holder.
  • Winners must be able to supply Mod DB with their email, home address & shipping location within a week of finishing the contest, to be eligible to receive their prize.
  • Any tax, customs, duties or other fees will be the responsibility of the competition participant.
  • Prizes will be delivered on a best effort basis, we cannot circumvent any laws or restrictions that prevent us from delivering prizes, but will attempt to deliver digital keys of an equivalent value should such a situation arise.
  • Prizes will be distributed by SUPERHOT and the competition sponsors, and neither Gamer Network or DBolical are responsible for ensuring their delivery.
  • By submitting an entry, you agree that you legally represent all of the creators and that you agree to comply with all the Rules, the Terms of Use and all decisions of the Contest Judges.
  • Mod DB, SUPERHOT & IMGN.PRO reserve the right to disqualify an entry at their discretion if they believe it has broken one or more rules of the competition.
  • By participating, entrant agrees to release and hold harmless Gamer Network, SUPERHOT, IMGN.PRO, DBolical and sponsors and their respective parent companies, affiliates, service agencies, subsidiaries, independent contractors, and the officers, directors, employees, investors, agents, and representatives of any of the above organizations from any injury, loss, or damage to person, including death or property, due in-whole or in-part, directly or indirectly, to the acceptance from or use/misuse of a prize or participation in any promotion-related activity.
  • This Contest shall be governed as to all matters, including validity, construction and performance of the Contest General Rules, by and under the Laws of the Australia and the State of Victoria and the sole venue for resolving all questions related the rights of the Entrants and winners in this Contest shall be the courts located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • Violation of any of the above terms will disqualify you from the competition.
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