Prepare for a unique non-stop action, from RA3:Invasion!!!

On this AI Mod you found the Commanders: Allied:Krauss - Soviet:Gideon - Japan:Ronin, which can have economic advantage up to 12 times! They like to make expand and can take the entire map if you let them! They are fearless and like to push from Land Air Sea from multiple locations, sending their forces forward, destroying everything on the way...

Your mission, if should you choose to accept it:

- Repel the incoming forces and expand your base...
- Find your way to enter and destroy the enemy base!

- Complete your mission on higher difficulty level, with less start money, at less time!

Good luck Commander...

RA3:Invasion Series

RA3:Invasion keep you non-stop under pressure, with clean brutal action. AI act based who you act!
RA3:InsaneInvasion is a modified version of RA3:Invasion and the building system is 80% faster, plus more energy and money, for more hardcore gameplay!
RA3:InvasionRaise is Exactly version of the RA3:Invasion, plus the Uprising Units!
RA3:InsaneInvasionRaise is Exactly version of the RA3:InsaneInvasion, plus the Uprising Units!


Allied: Krauss (v12c)
Soviet: Gideon (v12c)
Japan: Ronin (v12c)

Enemy's Mission: Invasion

- economic advantage from 1 to 12 times...
- capture, infiltrate, steal, expand...
- and can take the entire map...
- its fearless and unstoppable...
- push and go forward destroying everything on the way...
- expect him from 3 to 12 different locations...

Your Mission: Impossible

- repel the incoming forces...
- expand your base and capture everything help you...
- enter and destroy enemy base as fast as you can...
- use higher difficulty as you can...
- with less start money as you can...
- win at less time as you can...

AI Difficulties

The AI Difficulties: Easy Medium Hard Brutal, it is all the same!

That means the easy is not easiest from the brutal, all difficulty modes have:
the same difficulty,

the changes is on the teams, money and units:

All Difficulties:
Opening Auto, Training Units Auto


On Difficulty brackets is the Maximum Units and on Commander brackets is the Money.
That's mean can you have up to 28 different difficulties, from the easiest to unbeatable!

How to choose difficulty

- If you like tactical play: choose Startup Money 10000, start with Difficulty EASY & Commander EASY and level up Difficulty Modes...
- If you like massive play: choose Startup Money 100000, start with Difficulty BRUTAL & Commander EASY and level up Commander Modes...
- The harder Difficulties is too hard for one Human Player, this Difficulties is for one two three Human Players vs one AI Player...
- The given Difficulties is just sample, depended of your skills, find your Difficulties and beat them...

How to choose AI on your team

If you want Invasion AI on your team for help, the Difficulty Modes for your AI Teams must be the same with Enemy teams, the Commander Modes must be the half or less from Enemy teams, that's mean from Commander Hard(x3) to Commander Easy(x1) based on your skills...

How to choose Money

Start with desired start up money and if you beat easy your chosen difficulties, level down the money to reach the 10000!

For training...

Remember to level up Difficulty Modes, no matter what Startup Money and Commander Modes you choose...

To level up Difficulty modes, more Attack Teams can come to you on Multiple Locations and that force you to do more things, that help you to improve the Multitasking Abilities who is important for RTS Games. Other important is the Actions Per Minute(APM) but that is something different... And one note here: the APM must be unique and not repeated, that is unnecessary actions... For closure, of course and you need Strategy and Tactic... The RA3:Invasion, with the way i maked, help you to training all this!

In order:
Strategy > Tactic > Multitasking Abilities > Real Actions Per Minute = General!

Amazing Gameplays!

Exist 28 different difficulties, what's why is important to understand how the difficulties work. When you choose the right difficulties based on your skills, the number of friendly/enemy teams, the gameplay you want: tactical or massive, the map who choose to play and the money, then can you have amazing exciting gameplays!


Note 1:
- The Commanders: Krauss - Gideon - Ronin, is Solo Personalities!
- That means you can play against, you can have on your team, but cannot ask for help, from the top left corner on screen...

Note 2:
- Opening Auto mean: the AI decide how open and what and how much buildings build out...
- Traning Units Auto mean: the AI training everything he like, when like and how much of them like...
- Max Units mean: the maximum units who the enemy training and based on teams send to you...
- Max Teams mean: the maximum teams who the AI can make, also the AI decide how use the attack teams, he can use all the teams only for land units, etc...
- The rest units stay on alert and protect the base when needed and for enemy base is: Everywhere he has structure!

Note 3:
- The Max Teams x Max Units per Team give you the maximum number of units who can attack you! But is not the only units/teams.
- The Scooting Dogs/Bears/Drones, the Guard Dogs/Bears/Drones, Engineers, Infiltrators and Commandos is extra teams, also exist defensives teams!

News & Updates:

- Commander Krauss - Gideon - Ronin is Completed...
- Work perfect on: Only Land - Land Water - Water Land - Only Water Maps!
- You can found and the Uprising Maps...
- Please read all text for the changes...

The RA3:Invasion, is perfect to training you, for online skirmish games and for the tournaments... ;)
You can put your replays here: - Red Alert 3 Replays !

If someone make a good gameplay and put it on youtube, give us the link or the replay to see it...
Give me feed back: it's too easy , too hard , it's ok?!

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Red Alert 3 Invasion AI Mod


The first Hybrid AI Mod!

Half Skirmish & Half Campaign Gameplay! Skirmish because ok, you play against other teams, Campaign because you need find and how to enter on enemy's base like is the final boss... And each map is different challenge!

After countless tests and many changes that is...
Easy enough, Hard enough, Challenging enough!

If you like the long time hardcore games, with suspense, who you don't know if you win and when like it is thriller, you are at the right place!

You cannot win only with force...

You need to try... fight... expand... and all this with hard way!
You need to use all units... abilities... and all support powers to win!

You need to use strategy, you need to find the tactic, who can make you to win...

This is an AI:Gameplay who can training you...

Reactive Gameplay

AI play based how you play! Except if you play with full money who is for quick fun games, if you play with lower level of money, can you see how the AI choose and use the units against to you and successfully stop you from anything who you planned...


No more the same, again, and again, and again opening, no more the same start buildings, no more the same start units... Expect any opening like real person, from totally noob with very slow opening, to totally pro with fast opening with mass buildings and units!

The enemy can attack you, from with only one type of unit to all of them, at any time he like and can you see amazing crazy combinations...

Unique openings and unique use of units from the first second, push you without let you take breath... But any time can change the tactic and the units who use and at the time you thing he is sleeping and you have the change to win, he waiting for the right moment and send you again unstoppable the forces destroying everything... Each game can be more unique and unpredictable who ever see and the Challenge begin from Commander Hard(x3)!


Up to 28 different difficulties so all can play, even if it is your first day on RTS Games or even you are hardcore Pro Player, even you like Tactical play, even you like Massive play, even you like play alone or even with friends, you can find the difficulty who can fit to you!

Strategy & Tactics

AI's main strategy is Pushing, start from his base till reach your base, destroying everything on the way. As secondary strategy stay on alert and attack you when you are unprotected, everywhere on the map!

Total use:

Offensives Tactics:

- Light (rush)
- Medium (balanced)
- Heavy (steamroll)

Defensive Tactics:

- Base Defenses, if exist threat
- Defensive teams, if is under attack
- Heavy Base Defense (turtle) when is danger

Special Tactics:

- AI use Engineers, Spies, Commandos themselves or with help from any transport to capture, infiltrate, steal, kill, destroy everything!

Extra Tactics:

- Allied: fast Tier 2 Units
- Soviet: Crusher Crane for faster building
- Japan: quick Expand for money

Secret Protocols & Super Weapons

- AI use with any order, the Secret Protocols
- Also use the Super Weapons & Advanced Super Weapons


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RA3:Invasion v12c

RA3:Invasion v12c

Full Version 3 comments

RA3:Invasion keep you non-stop under pressure, with clean brutal action. AI act based who you act!

RA3:InsaneInvasion v12c

RA3:InsaneInvasion v12c

Full Version 2 comments

RA3:InsaneInvasion is a modified version of RA3:Invasion and the building system is 80% faster, plus more energy and money, for more hardcore gameplay!

RA3:InvasionRaise v12c

RA3:InvasionRaise v12c

Full Version 10 comments

RA3:InvasionRaise is Exactly version of the RA3:Invasion, plus the Uprising Units!

RA3:InsaneInvasionRaise v12c

RA3:InsaneInvasionRaise v12c

Full Version

RA3:InsaneInvasionRaise is Exactly version of the RA3:InsaneInvasion, plus the Uprising Units!

XXX v1.7

XXX v1.7

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

This is an XXX gameplay which has everything: Strategy, tactics, multitasking, micro! (30 Maps)

Super Comp Stomp (SCS) v1.5

Super Comp Stomp (SCS) v1.5

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Survive as long as you can or kill the Enemy to Win! (2 Maps)

Comments  (0 - 10 of 27)
txc2004 Creator

Coming soon newest, updated version of Invasion AI Mod, with remaked AI's Money Opening and Difficulties, hopefully to work better and harder...!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Here is a replay of me beating Brutal Gideon x12:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
txc2004 Creator

Hi, Nice! Also try with less money. I like your presentation and explaining how you thinking. Make and other replays with same way, not necessarily with my mod, it be useful and help others to learn...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

But I didn't intentionally monetize the video. I was just wondering what you meant by 'less money'. Does my video show that it was monetized?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
txc2004 Creator

No, on the video i see you start with 40000, try to play and with less start money on game... :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

txc i have a suggestion... are you able to make a invasion mod for tiberium wars 3? if you could that'd be nice also i really love those big scaled battles you can have. its amazing for large maps and such. and i really like it! you should recomend a compstop request to this youtuber: he loves compstomp with his friends. and id like to see his point of view with your mod. i really love it and what i have trouble with the most when versing ai is the fact that they love to spam giga fortresses xD. They Overwhelm My Dreadnoughts (Yes I Use Them To Kill The Enemy Early Game) i usually back them up wiht bullfrogs and akula subs but those rocket angels are the bane of them. XD also when i went and did another match i was expanding then suddenly i got rushed by wave force tanks and oni's so what i did was i sent my cryocopters and freeze the oni's since i didnt have effective weapons for them. then with the wave force i use mirage tanks. the ai is very challenging especially on a full on assault they utilize lots of methods to beat you. This Mod Brings The Ai Terminology "BRUTAL" To A Real Level! I Was With A Group Of Olegs And Kenji's On A 4V4 (8) Map i did 7 vs 1 (1 one was the enemy computer) and my allies/co-commanders all died Lol so then i went to plan b century bomber and aircraft carrier spam! So They Countered 5 mins after the attack with strikers and mecha tengu's (Lol very smart to switch between air and ground and they are fast vehicles) they took out some of my Carriers And The Defender Cores Took Out My Century Bombers All Of Them And I Had Two Airfields. But Then I Used My Proton Collider To Weaken Enemy Defenses Then I Went ALL OUT! (HARBINGER AND FUTURE TANK SPAM) then i had pacifier fav artillery to back me up then i beat them! but other than that its a really great mod very challenges and for those of you reading this comment and are new to this game This is the mod for you also. like txc said. start with easy and work your way up, use lots of strategy's and counters! (Human Allies Recomended Since These Computers Can Go Full On Ragnarok On You With Oni Spam And Giga Fortress Spam XD) so youll need lots of help with this. Also I Would Love To See Mad Animal Do This Thanks! Love It!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
txc2004 Creator

First for all thank you for the good words for my mod!

1, invasion mod for tiberium wars 3:
I like the idea, and i have all ready thinking, but first i dont have good enough pc to play games, and thats why the RA3 is the only game i play, as example even i dont have enough hard disk space to instal other games and for the modding i need the double space for the current game... After install the game, need to play to learn the game, learn very well the units so can make the mod. So i think is not something for the near future...

Form Tiberium Wars i like the maps and the large scale of battle, the ideal for me is the RA3 Units on Tiberium Wars maps with long distance firing power and all other exactly the same... For me, that's awesome!

2, you should recomend a compstop request:
MaD_Animals friend ItzTeeJaay know i have this mod, so i think and both know it, and if no play it all this time, probably no like it.

The most people prefer only something who can beat with no thinking and try, if i make as example a mod with changes like double power the super weapons then all like it, but i want to make something who give more challenging...

3, i really love it and what i have trouble with the most when versing ai ... This Mod Brings The Ai Terminology "BRUTAL" To A Real Level!

That is the point of this mod, so i think work very well, can be better but exist many limitations, as example game has many bugs and i am not expert modder to fix all that...

4, Giga Fortress Spam XD
Yes this is amazing, at the first you think is only 1-2 and its ok you can beat it, but... Hahaha xD! And not only, he can spam and you lose form anything, even from dogs and peacekeepers only! And for some reason with uprising units is more harder...

5, On A 4V4 (8) Map i did 7 vs 1
How to play 8 positions map? on RA3? I want to make and already try it, but the game no see the map so can choose the map and play...

6, start with easy and work your way up, use lots of strategy's and counters!

Yes like i say, if someone want to see the power of this mod need to play with less start money can.

If you start with full money, you can build all base quick, and AI build based with what you have at that time, but if you start with less money you open slowly and AI have the time to see that changes from you and he also change the way who play and that's why he is so good!

AI need some fix if the start money is 10000, i try it on next version, and with 2-3 more ideas i think is and the last version, because its perfect at it is!

7, I now i am almost every day and play online, i have the same nickname, if you like find me to play together...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Also I Noticed Something... They Dont Aim For Your Power Plants "First" Slight Miscalculation... But Thats Usually Only When You Have A Fortress Worth Of Defenses :D Thats All!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
txc2004 Creator

The AI, how when and what target, is up to him at the current moment, that make it so changeable and unique, so i don't think i can do something, but i have keep it on my mind and i check it...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

where do I extract this file?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
txc2004 Creator

Pls look at this videos:
- Red Alert 3 Tutorial - Installing Mods:
- How To Install Red Alert 3 MODS for all windows user's:
And if you want more help tell me...

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I found some problem:
1. I don't have mods folder should I create it by myself?
2. if yes I already finish create that folder and run until I click Browser game in RA3 launcher for some reason Runtime error

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
txc2004 Creator

i try to find something, but don't know where the problem is, is not on the mod the problem, probably is, between the game and your windows...

you need to check everything...

- you have the version 1.12 of the game...
- you have the version 2.0.7 of C&C Online...
- you are sure the mod folder path is correct...
- try again from directly Shortcut of the game, without C&C Online...
- delete the folder who make, and try again...
- delete the last replay...
- try and another mod...

up to:
- uninstal and reinstal the game

Also download and instal:
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
- DirectX...

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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