I am a graphic design student from Lviv, Ukraine. What I like to do is drawing and designing different stuff, taking good and interesting photos and playing music sometimes. Also I like playing games, listening to music, reading books, meeting with interesting people and developing myself in all possible directions.

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That woman with the unbutton jeans... She wearing underpants?

Give her some boy briefs. Pull them up the waist a lil' almost like she got a front wedgie or something (gotta see them undie lines) and bingo! You've hit the HOTSPOT. It just looks interesting to see a girl in boy undies and jeans for some reason...

Oh and then make her red and polygonal cause' I like mah tomboys....


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I enjoy playing games for a loong time. Bioshock, Assassin`s Creed, Dishonored, Dying Light, Silent Hill are my favorite ones. And then there`s SUPER HOT.
It was actually something new for me. This game looks like a classic Hollywood shooter, combinated with chess.
And the visual style is beyond awesome - nothing superfluous, pure action in minimalistic-sterile environment.
But there is one more important feature in this game - its philosophical meaning. The scene where my player kills himself made an indelible impression on me and just opened my eyes. And I`m really thankful for that.
Playing this masterpiece got me thinking about quitting playing games at all and switching back to reality. That`s why I call it masterpiece.