Experience all the sights and sounds of fabulous New Vegas, brought to you by Vault-Tec, America's First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation. Explore the treacherous wastes of the Great Southwest from the safety and comfort of your very own vault: Meet new people, confront terrifying creatures, and arm yourself with the latest high-tech weaponry as you make a name for yourself on a thrilling new journey across the Mojave wasteland.

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New Name Same Great Taste

Fallout: New California BETA 231 is live!

Download Fallout New California BETA 231 FULL GAME INSTALLER - Mod DB

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you install the fixes for Vanilla New Vegas: New Vegas Tick Fix and New Vegas Anti Crash. Nearly all vanilla crashes and stuttering can be solved using these two mods along with FNC 231.

Recommended Mods -- Discord Server -- Facebook -- Wikia

PayPal Donations -- Nexus Mods -- Patreon*(new)

Since FNC was released in October 2018, thousands of bugs have been fixed, the world has been improved, and adjustments to game-play balance have made the experience much more smooth and enjoyable. This update's change-log is 7 Pages Long.

We re-compressed the meshes and textures, so this is a full re-download. Not a small patch. These new NIFs should avoid random crashes, caused by the way the meshes were originally exported from 3dsMax to Nifscope, a 3rd Party mod tool not issued by Bethesda or Gambryo, which were prone to corruption. Same with the DDS textures, also with no official tools, and had introduced incorrect MipMapping (the way the computer scales textures that are further or closer on your screen) that caused performance issues. This has been an ongoing situation and why we had to rebuild and re-release the full game 3 times (the 3 in BETA 231.)

231 also contains a great deal of world map adjustments and new exploration content, and overall improvements to the look of things outside the Vault. New notes and discoverable locations now pepper the world, and your bridge to New Vegas after the end of FNC should be smooth as butter, no matter how many mods for vanilla you have adding junk to Doc Mitchell's house.

Subtitles have been corrected universally and a lot of small issues and bugs have been fixed regarding conversations that lacked cohesion and needed to match voice files.

Grenades have universally been removed from mutant load orders and "infinite spawns" of background actors during large events were reduced.

Post-Apocalyptic Linguistics!

FNC is now localized into:

Mandarin Chinese



And Brazilian Portuguese is underway in our Discord.

The Game Was Rigged From the Start...

Loading Screens for BETA 200

No new quest content or character expansion has happened since 2019's BETA 221.

I (Thaiauxn, Brandan Lee) wrote a 1.0 Design Document as a postmortem, (You should read them!) and left it up to the community to implement the rest. So far no interest from the modding community has materialized to implement that new dialogue, which would expand the companions and replace the ending encounter with the Father.The work would be difficult technically, and very expensive hiring 7 new actors and implementing their voices, but would seriously improve the mod's story-line and tone.

The work isn't impossible, but the intimate tying into existing scripting requires you study FNC's codes and level design, with many very delicate scripts and trigger boxes that if implemented poorly would cause a cascade of broken events and bugs, which need to be fixed as you go. Replacing the dialogue is easy, but it's adding wholly new characters in place of the ones that already exist while splicing them into the main quest that checks to see if they are present or not in multiple branching paths.

Again, it's not impossible, a dedicated modder could follow my design documents, implement the dialogue, and script the variables. Most of that work is already done for you. But it's a matter of willpower community volunteers putting in the efforts together.

I wrote the companion & ending update to address the criticism FNC received on launch from New Vegas players, especially on Reddit, but I knew all those issues were there looooong before release. There just wasn't much we could do about it. This mod was a massive sacrifice for us, and adding even more content to it was a crippling prospect. It had to be a community volunteer effort, and with so many big mods fiercely competing for talented modders, so far no one has taken on the challenge.

Remember, 99% of large mods fail, as was reiterated by Josh Sawyer in that FNC live stream. Making it to a BETA release is big deal. That just doesn't happen often.

Not working on FNC has allowed me to publish a physical card game with some friends, write the main quest for a Tycoon game, develop a RimWorld mod that may well be a game in its own right, and start a new Indie Game that I've always dreamed of creating.

If that 1.0 content ever gets its patron? That'll cap it off for good for me, and I'd come back to work on it a little more around Project Morningstar.

Otherwise, I'm still on this page daily updating for 232 and beyond, and doing tech help on our Discord. Our discord has helped thousands of players get their game running. If you need help feel free to drop by and ask in one of the channels set up to do just that.

The Lonesome Road...

enb 2017 11 09 21 49 43 37

Check us out on our: Discord.gg. You can also keep track of us on ModDB, Fallout Nexus, or Facebook. We've got an online community centered around each one.

Also watch us on our new Patreon! It's unrelated to our mod's development, but instead focus on the development of our card game STAVE and our indie game Project Morningstar.


[Fallout: New California] BETA 221 is Live!

[Fallout: New California] BETA 221 is Live!

Fallout: New California 9 comments

It's been 7 months since the last update. This is the next major stop of the roadmap to 1.0. One update will remain after this and then the mod is complete...

Fallout New California BETA 213 Update

Fallout New California BETA 213 Update

Fallout: New California 21 comments

A brand new EXE based installer. Patch your New Vegas to perform as expected and install the mod and compatibility patches all in one file. Check it!

[Fallout: New California] Patch 2.0.3

[Fallout: New California] Patch 2.0.3

Fallout: New California 22 comments

The latest patch fixes hundreds of bugs and improves performance, crashes, and many other bugs! Plus, new installation and modding guide videos!

Fallout: New California BETA 200 RELEASED!

Fallout: New California BETA 200 RELEASED!

Fallout: New California 64 comments

Fallout: New California BETA 201! Out now! Come get it! :D

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Ammo Recycling - NV Style

Ammo Recycling - NV Style

Full Version 1 comment

Recreation of the Ammo Recycling system from New Vegas.

FPGE   Lucky 38 NCR Removal

FPGE Lucky 38 NCR Removal

AVeryUncreativeUsername's FPGE Mods Full Version

Removes the NCR's presence from the Lucky 38 in the NCR ending.

FPGE - Legion Ending Tops Damage Removal

FPGE - Legion Ending Tops Damage Removal

AVeryUncreativeUsername's FPGE Mods Full Version

Removes the damage to the Tops in the Legion ending. I cannot guarantee it will work retroactively.

FPGE   Keep Your Companions

FPGE Keep Your Companions

AVeryUncreativeUsername's FPGE Mods Full Version

Allows you to keep your companions after the ending.

FPGE Allies Securitrons Only

FPGE Allies Securitrons Only

AVeryUncreativeUsername's FPGE Mods Full Version

Only makes the Securitrons friendly depending on your ending.

FPGE - Allies

FPGE - Allies

AVeryUncreativeUsername's FPGE Mods Full Version

Makes certain factions allies to the player depending on your ending.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 85)

New to the game mod community
MO2 shows missing master projectbrazil.esm even after being un-installed and
re-installed with the standalone installer. Also did a complete whipe of my system and re-installed everything all over still didnt fix problem HELP!!!!!!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Here’s a simple modding guide for New Vegas to get you up and running:

1) If you don’t have the game already, I suggest the Good Old Games version. You’ll need all DLCs.

2) You should use a mod manager instead of wasting your time with manual installations. Your options are: Fallout Mod Manager fork (most stable), Nexus Mod Manager 0.56.2 (easiest to use) and Mod Organizer 2 (most advanced). Do not use new versions of NMM or Vortex.

3) Enable your mod manager’s Archive Invalidation function.

4) Install the basics:
* NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash
* New Vegas Stutter Remover (a great plugin but doesn’t work well on Windows 10)
* JIP-LN Plugin

5) Install esp-less mods:
* Enhanced Camera
* Collision Meshes FNV
* Worn-Out Scopes (use the “non-severely” version)
* Improved LOD noise Texture
* Wasteland Flora Overhaul (use the esp-less version and delete treejoshAnv.nif, treejoshBnv.nif, yuccaAnv.nif, yuccaCnv.nif, nv_euroaspen02.nif, nv_redced02.nif, nv_westjuniper03.nif)

6) Now install the main mods using this load order:
* NVCE Ultimate
* Better Pickup Prompt
* SafeAutoSave
* Barton Thorn Alternative Trigger
* Heroin Zero Weapon Fixes
* NVCE Ultimate - YUP Patch
* Unofficial Patch Plus
* NVCE Ultimate - UP+ Patch.esp
* Mojave Music Radio - Extended
* Mr. New Vegas' Secret Stash (hard to find, search the Internet)
* Honest Hearts Letter
* Simple DLC Delay
* 5 Level SPECIAL
* Harvestable Cave Fungus
* Vanilla Intro Plus
* Main Story Alterations
* Outside Bets
* Expanded Medical Clinic
* JSawyer Ultimate Edition
* JSawyer Ultimate Edition - GRA Merged
* NVCE Ultimate - JSUE.esp
* Throwable Weapon Fixes
* Vanilla UI Plus

7) Play the game!

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I just downloaded it and added it through Vortex, works fine.

Didn't use any of the mods you have listed tho.

Just the multicore threading fix with 4gb NVSE
and an ENB with sweetfx.
Plus a few basic mods.

Running it in 1440p no issues so far

The stuff from step 4 I never use or the unofficial patches.
May try a few you have listed later.

The ones I have are:

Multicore Threading Fix
Patched 4gb NVSE

Weapon Mods Expanded
Sprint mod
some beauty packs hd teeth and eyelashes
Type 3 body types

Much shorter list.

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I`ve just found How to get the Benevolent Leader Achievement with one Settler. Maybe it will be useful - Gamespedition.com

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hi everyone, we just began with the development of our game.
I would really appreciate it, if you would give us your opiniion about it on our page. https://www.moddb.com/games/evangilion-the-game
thank you very much

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Anyone can recommend me some mods? I just reinstall my Vegas and don't know where to start.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes


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good game right here

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

Does anybody know of a mod that have a pacman and q bert arcade game in it I have been looking for it for a long time now but dont know the name so any help would be great

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think that would be NVInteriors.
It was just the unit though, there's no playing pac-man unfortunately. :p :(
Look it up on the nexus, it by a guy called ChuckSteel.
Good luck, PM me if you get stuck.

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Interesting plot
The return of the companion system is great specially making their related quests.
Better developed environment compared to FO3.
The Karma and reputation being separated makes the player decisions more simple when facing relationship and moral issues.
Hardcore mode for the win.
Weapons, lots and lots of them.
Consistent fluff with previous FO games, unlike FO3 (eg. NCR expansionism and BoS being the dicks they always were).
Combat armor is awesome once again.

Nov 16 2010 by SlayerX3

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