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I just wanted to say firstly, hello to everyone.

For video's and setups goto my Youtube channel

Cleaning Up Aliasing and Smoothing Lines

Correcting Grainy Pixalated Pictures or Rough Edges

Fixing Oversaturation and Darkness issues

Altering the settings files

Update March 2019

I have updated all ENB and SweetFX add-ons with the below changes for Windows 10 Compatibility. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with any add-ons.

Update Oct. 2018

Update Nov. 2018

If using Reshade with SweetFX setups and wanting to update the Reshade. Use versions 3.4.1 or under to update.

Original notes below.

I wanted to give a short explanation on the add-on section I have with the ENB and SweetFX setups.

False positive warnings: If you recieve a browser alert reguarding this file type, it is a false positive.

Virus or Malicious software warnings:

Winrar (.rar) is not a virus, it contains Heuristic simularities that can cause some scanners to flag this file type.

Definition: Heuristic analysis is a method employed by many computer antivirus programs designed to detect previously unknown computer viruses, as well as new variants of viruses already in the "wild".

I have fully scanned them as well as downloaded and checked them after upload to the servers and in both cases the files are the same and no viruses or malicious content has been found.

2017 01 17 142941

2017 01 17 143822



ENB and SweetFX. No binary files are used for installation, this is a Place and Play. Extract the contents as directed on the descriptions. This does not change or overwrite any game files.

2017 01 17 181546

Just remove the same files that were placed in the game to uninstall.

Make your games look like new. Works with most DX9 games and supports some DX10/11 features. Win10 compatible.



This can be used in combination with any texture packs, DLC, mods or add-ons.
Game cache verification will not effect the files or their functions.
No plugins.

Use shift-f12 to disable/enable ENB effects.
Use PauseBreak to toggle sweetFX On/Off

First, after placing, adjust your ingame settings.

Once installed, SweetFX can easily be altered by downloading and substituting the presets file for the sweetfx, with alternate ones found in the SweetFX Database located here:

Just be sure to alter the name in your SweetFX_preset.txt file to match the new one being used.

Alternate installer method for Reshade and SweetFX.

If the place and play version causes issues (remove the files), use the installer version
Run it and direct it to the game exe in the game folder, it will then install the files and say ready, close the bar.
After the installer completes, take the SweetFX_settings.txt from this mod in the sweetfx folder and place it in the game folder, sweetfx folder overwriting the generated one, this will then update the settings to mine. Check the sweetfx\docs for hotkeys and bindings.

If using in place of an ENB, copy the active lines and settings from the preset file into the SweetFX_settings.txt, activate and set only the active lines from the one to the other. Check the SweetFX\Docs for hotkeys and bindings.

Reshade version, the sweetfx settings file is found in the sweetfx\SweetFX_settings.txt.

Customizing, this information should help.


If you find the game is to dark or the glare is too strong, simply change the settings under [HDR settings]. By altering the values under define HDRPower (lighting)and define radius2(White Glare). Altering these values can reduce glare and alter game lighting.

If the game appears dark also try define HDRPower 0.9901 and define radius2 0.7998. Alter the lines until you are satisfied with the settings.

As well sometimes turning off or on (depending on game) SMAA will cause the game to lighten or darken.

Vsync can also effect the graphics output, sometimes offsetting the color. So check with and without it.

In some cases it is also required to turn off in-game Anti Alias, but try a split-screen first. If you do not see the split-screen turn AA off and it should start working. If AA works ingame, then it is best to use Multi-Sample, or MSAA if available. Disabling it altogether can sometime result with the best overall effects. As well some may find disabling dynamic shadows in some games also helps to improve the game.

This link will also help with adjustments

The same goes for the ENB found here:

Look here to learn to adjust your ENB

In some cases the specified ENB for a certain game, may not work properly. If this occurs simply substitute an alternate D3D9.dll from the various ones provided Many are interchangeable and work with multiple games.

Also just because you do not see the ENB text at the game start, does not mean it is not working. If you are able to get SweetFX to work in split-screen, then this verifies that ENB is working properly, as it is injecting the SweetFX in the Proxy Settings and SweetFX is chained to it, through it's settings. Normally an injector file would be required but is not in these setups, as it is all done through the settings files.

Each one of these can be used with multiple games, and they have been setup to load and chain from one another, allowing ENB and SweetFX to work as they do. Enb being the injector for SweetFX and ENB also being the chained graphics to the SweetFX. In this way one and the other are integrated for better function and display. To verify that both are working correctly in-game, simply enable the split-screen line in the SweetFX preset file. This will allow for a visual comparison and also verify everything is working properly.

Using the Printscreen button should also generate screenshots found in the same folder as the placed files. Origin users should now be able to take ingame screenshots.

Using steam printscreen will show DSR/VSR effects but not the add-on effects, use the printscreen. This can make for easy comparitive pics. Take a printscreen then take a steam screenshot, one will have the effects the other not, but both will be the exact pic.

Convert them to jpg using Faststone Image Viewer found here

Using the numpad * will bring up the FPS counter in most setups.

There are many combinations and setups for your games and programs, that can be used with the ones provided. Feel free to experiment also.

Lastly, if you are a Windows 7 through to 10 user, some of your Direct-X will not be installed by default. If this is the case simply download and install the complete Direct-X package found here.

ENB USERS WIN10 (Troubleshooting.)
If you experience a d3d11 error, to fix the d3d11 error you just rename the dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll

If you experience issues with the ENB D3D9 try this: CTD, Graphics issues.
Replace the d3d9.dll with one of the alternates provided.
Contains altd3d9 folder with alternate ENB launchers included.

To Uninstall: Simply goto the game folder and remove any file references (D3 or DX files, reshade, enb and sweetfx files) Check game files first before placing to determine if the game has any d3 or dx files, do not delete these on removal of add-on.


Nvidia Users. Enable DSR in your Nvidia control panel (as shown here), under the global settings. (I checked all the boxes to allow for all the resolutions).

ATI Users: Enable VSR here.

If using DSR/VSR.

ENB and SweetFX
Make this alteration to SweetFX settings.txt in the sweetFX\Preset folder. Change the define USE_SMAA_ANTIALIASING to 0. If game is dark after, change back to 1 or vice-versa.
Also, open enbseries.ini in the game folder and change the line under [GLOBAL] AllowAntialias=1 to AllowAntialias=0.

Check add-on descriptions as they are not all the same.

Start the game and goto your graphics and alter between the new resolutions that should be available ingame.

Nvidia users check here for MFAA information

I hope you find these programs and adjustments helpful at making your games more enjoyable.


Thanks to Christian Jensen ( and Crosire for reshade and sweetfx.
Thanks for enb by Boris Vorontsov.
Thanks also to Mod DB and the Mod DB Community.


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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

carinth01 Creator

Hi All, nice to meet you.

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Hey I've been trying to learn how to mod AvP 2010 and I'm having difficulties using the Asura engine extractor, specifically exporting the chunck files. I have tried to research solutions, but found none.Any help you could give would be much appreciated.

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carinth01 Creator

Give this a try, it should help. and

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Yea I have followed all of the steps but once it says to click on Export Chunk I run into problems because that option doesn't appear on my AsuraEngineExtractor. Maybe im using the wrong version, the link they provide no longer works so I had to get it from another website. If you could let me know where you downloaded the extractor from maybe I could figure it out. thanks for the help!

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carinth01 Creator

It seems alot of the links are gone. I checked and some of the linked sites are closed down. You can download this tool

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