I’m a mod author with a long experience in role playing games. I’ve played and dungeon mastered Grayhawk by Gary Gygax, and Call of Cthulhu. I do not consider computer games to be on par with real RPGs because they can’t capture the feeling of storytelling between friends. Exceptions such as Ultima Underworld or Fallout (up to New Vegas) do retain the element of role playing choice however, and modding can also retain the element of creative contribution. I’ve modded several aspects of Skyrim and New Vegas and my experience in modding sums up to this: modding should be free and enjoyable. By “free” I don’t mean that mods should be considered a public domain, but rather that copyright law should be used to ensure that freedom is propagated.

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I've been asked this question for the 10th time, so I better post a public answer. Yes, I moved Vanilla UI Plus to ModDB during the Fall of 2017 for the following reasons:

  1. It was difficult for me to use Nexus Mods after they changed fonts at the comments section. Their new fonts were thin, gray, and on top of some graphite background. Considering the popularity of VUI+, I had to constantly visit the comments pages to support users. This started to literally give me headaches, probably due to my partial color blindness.

    There were other readability and usability issues, many users including myself tried to point them out, but we were ignored. What a contrast to ModDB, where I filed an issue related to my partial color blindness, and Scott Reismanis, the ModDB owner fixed in within a few hours!

  2. During that time Nexus Mods blocked unregistered users from downloading files, even small ones. ModDB on the other hand allows public access to files of any size, and I want my mod to be freely downloadable. (This is something that I enforce in my license, which means that VUI+ forks cannot be hosted at Nexus Mods.)

    ModDB also allows guest comments, so people are entirely free to both download my mod and request my support without being forced to agree to some weird terms. Which brings us to...

  3. ...again during that time, Nexus Mods had silently modified their terms of service to demand an INFINITE license to a very broad set of rights. When I first read it I thought it was a mistake, but Robin Scott, the Nexus Mods owner, confirmed its validity by stating that “You give us every right short of outright ownership of your work”.

    This is most serious. I can understand why a modding site would request rights pertaining to its function, but I would never surrender such rights for an infinite duration. ModDB has no such “infinite” clause.

My first consideration for relocation was Arthmoor’s site, AFKmods. It would provide a more sensible TOS than ModDB, but it didn’t have a New Vegas category. I didn’t realize that I could contact Arthmoor and ask him to create one. It’s actually a great option, despite being relatively unknown, and definitely great for pluralism and competition.

In the end, this is what is about: competition is the only way to prevent behaviors that benefit the site owners but harm the modding scene in general.

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Been using the Revelations UI mod for a while now, since it's a nice change of pace from the vanilla's green HUD. It's nice having less files to sort through in Mod Organizer. Thought I'd leave a thank you for helping the author in fixing it up. :)

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Axonis CreatorSubscriber

I also plan to integrate more menus with Revelation, but I'll probably do this at the next summer :)

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Welcome to my friends list: Axonis
And I wish you a happy new year as well!

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Axonis CreatorSubscriber

Your homepage was an inspiration! I'll definitely take up your offer for help at some point.

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