Making its debut in 1998, the first generation Unreal Engine integrated rendering, collision detection, AI, visibility, networking and file system management into one complete engine.

With the level of integration used, some trade-offs were necessary to maintain performance levels with the hardware that was available at the time.

For example, Epic decided to use cylindrical collision detection over the IK collision detection system in an effort to maintain playable framerates on systems that were common at the time of its release. Internally, Epic used this engine for Unreal and Unreal Tournament.


  • 32-bit fully colored soft animated dynamic lighting
    • Multicolored lighting
      • with true colored intermixing of fuzzy shadows
    • Supports raytraced and enveloped lighting
    • Radial, cylindrical, spotlight, searchlight, ambient, spherical, shell, and 20+ special effect lights
    • Caustic effects such as "fire waver", "watery shimmer", and the like can be applied to lights
    • Supports lens flares and coronas
  • Extensible BSP and portal technology
    • Mirror surfaces
    • Semireflective materials, such as marble surfaces which partially reflect light
    • Non-euclidean, redirectable "warp" portal effects for seeing through teleporters
    • Seeing through windows into an infinite sky zone in which a sky, planets, mountains, and other objects are constructed
    • Skies and backgrounds with independent coordinate systems for independent translation and rotationz
  • Curved-surface rendering support
    • with an adaptive level-of-detail subdivision surface rendering algorithm
    • eliminating polygonization
  • 32-bit colored 512x512 size texture support
    • Emboss bump mapping
    • Multi-texturing
    • Dynamic range scaled detail textures
    • Procedurally animated textures
  • ClipTexturing
  • Multiple channels of vertex animation support
  • Skeletal animation support
    • Smooth-skinned Geometry
  • Facial animation
    • With lipsync animation
  • Hardware brush with static meshes
  • Height-mapped filed terrain support
  • Decal support
  • Light bloom
  • Fog volume
  • Distance fog
  • Volumetric lighting
  • S3TC texture compression
  • High resolution texture 1024x1024 size support
  • Environment mapping support
  • Multy-skybox system
  • Very improved multi-skybox system
  • Complex particles system
  • Extensible particles system
  • Fully digital audio based module sound system
  • Digital music, MP3, CD Audio, module music, s3m, etc support
  • Doppler shift
  • A3D support
  • Software 3D sound
  • Surround sound
  • Dynamic Music System
  • Improved support on A3D, EAX, DS3D
  • Newly highly enhancing A.I. algorithms and BOT A.I. and teamwork A.I.
  • Newly very improved network code
  • Real-time recording of in-engine footage as replayable 'demo' files
  • Enhanced demo reconding system
  • GUI editor
  • Imploved GUI editor
  • Native support for localization of text to 8-bit languages, via CODEPAGE 850 and replaceable fonts
    • Built-in UnrealScript and C++ support for externalization of all text, enabling non-programmer translation to all 8-bit languages
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Big thanks to Epic Games who have joined the 2014 Mod and Indie of the Year awards. Every year we recognize some of the hardest working and most creative game development teams in our players choice awards. Many do it for the love of the game (especially the mod makers), so it is great to be able to give something back. While our focus primarily is showcasing and promoting all of the mods and games on the site (as we know nothing beats finding new players and fans who appreciate your work), Epic Games have offered something a little extra.

At the conclusion of the awards, 100, 30 day engine subscriptions will be given to the players choice top 100, and 10, 12 month engine subscriptions to the players choice top 10 (in both mod and indie events). That is 220 Unreal Engine subscriptions total worth a combined $8000. The winners will be contacted with their code via their development groups email address (or member email address) after the top 100 and top 10 have been announced.

Oh and for those who are not creating a game or mod and are just here to play, we have G2A.COM giftcards for mod voters, so don't forget to vote and check back on December 11th for the top 100 to give yourself a chance to win. Xmas 2012 Mapping Contest
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Deus Ex - 10 Years of sunglasses at night.

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How do I download this engine with a .zip file?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

UT 1999 is freaking awesome and have some awesome weaps

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think they should release this engine for free...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

yarp. but epic fears the UE1 modders... they really do

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes

Unfortunately even to this day the engine isn't free at all. I wonder why considering how UE3 can be used freely for free projects.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


where is the GUI editor?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


UT 99 and all the others are the same...
COD is shoot kill....
GOW is shoot kill....
Face it retard all shooters are the same pretty much..
And it is not just shoot kill if you have mods or make mods(most likely you dont).

Reply Good karma Bad karma-6 votes

Your a retarded if you wanna know

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

this really need to be rewritten first it says this :

32-bit colored 512x512 size texture support

then further down it says:

High resolution texture 1024x1024 size support

i know for a fact that the first release of this engine only supported up to 512x512 textures and only later in 1.5 they included the 1024x1024 support
(never released only for tech demos)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

with an advanced renderer the unreal engine 1.x CAN draw textures up to 4096x4096 pixels (8-32 bit)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The thing is -- Unreal and UT99 used raw UNCOMPRESSED textures!
Imagine that!
The engine actually could support much higher res textures at that time :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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The mother of the Unreal engine tree, which is the most used one by video games. It does a good job in both Deus Ex and Unreal Tournament.

Mar 17 2011 by Mendozacheers

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