Unreal Tournament is the sucessor to the awesome game that was Unreal. Boosting the most advanced gaming engine when it was released, this game kicks some serious arse.

Unreal Tournament's got it all without a doubt: ton's of amazing levels, kick-ass weapons, brain-melting modes of play, unbelievably deadly bots, and a slew of other features bound to have your happiness glands working overtime!

I have not even mentioned the mod's either, and boy are they bountiful and bloody brilliant, with titles such as Strike Force. So give this game and spin, then crank up a few of it's mods and you will be wondering how you lived without this game!

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HDUTSkinsLogoTop v2

After much anticipation, UnrealHD 3.0 with the brand new UT99 HD Skins is out! For those not familiar with this Unreal/UnrealTournament project, it is a mutator that will replace all those old, pixelated Unreal/UT99/RTNP skins with detailed high-resolution, yet faithful, counterparts. This is especially geared toward those who enjoy playing Unreal Single Player and want a higher quality experience, although this will also work offline with bots. An online friendly version may come later!


  • All Unreal Tournament '99 skins now in HD! This includes the weapons and inventory.
  • Dozens of custom skins found in various Single Player maps are now also in HD. This includes popular packs like Xidia, 7 Bullets, Operation Na Pali, Project Zephon, and Deja Vu.
  • The longstanding FOV issue present in UT99 (the ginormous Redeemer bug) has been fixed on widescreen monitors. If you are playing on fullscreen or use a default FOV of 90, no change will take effect.
  • The Unreal Automag and Shieldbelt skins have been almost completely redone.
  • MipMaps were added back in, as virtual memory errors should be eliminated thanks to the DX11 renderer and the new UT version 469 patch (check the Readme file or Moddb page for more information)
  • Many "accessed none" bugs have been fixed, thanks to yrex.
  • Optional Random armor mod has been included that will change the UT99 classic armor to Red, Blue, or Gold armor with different sounds and attributes.

UT99 HD Face 1

About this Release:

I am proud to say that this version of UnrealHD is at last complete, covering all the inventory, decorations, and monsters of Unreal, Unreal Tournament, RTNP, and dozens of custom single player packs! Any future release of this mod will merely be for improvements, compatibility updates, bug fixes, or support for online play. To see what Unreal can look like these days, check out the new video by 314Reactor showcasing the new HD skins alongside other Unreal enhancements, including the new DX11 renderer:

More screenshots of new content from Version 3.0 of UnrealHD:

UT99 HD Redeem Armor

UT99 HD Health ThighPadsUT99 HD BioRifle

UT99 HD Sniper

Finally, I also recommend checking out the fantastic new world textures by Ahaigh01. His new HD4k Extreme Resolution Edition V3 is meant to work flawlessly alongside my HD Skins! Make sure to read installation page carefully!

HD UT SkinsIcon


This project was conceived by, managed by, and mostly done by me (Lightning Hunter), and a majority of the skinning was by me. Ahaigh01 also helped out immensely and did quite a few skins for UnrealHD as well. There are other people listed in the readme file and project description credits, so please check it out!


NOTE: Please read the included text document or description on detailed installation instructions!
I don't want questions asked of me that are already answered in there.

Nali Weapons 3 in UT v469

Nali Weapons 3 in UT v469

Nali Weapons 3 1 comment

Last year, a small team has started to work in a new UT99 patch: v469. This patch already fixes many issues, including the ability to raise NW3 to max...

Unreal HD 2.1 High-Res Skins Released

Unreal HD 2.1 High-Res Skins Released

News 5 comments

UnrealHD 2.1, a High-Res skins mutator for Unreal Gold 227 and Unreal Tournament, has been released! This version now has player skins along with many...

Unreal HD Textures 2.0 released

Unreal HD Textures 2.0 released

News 15 comments

The updated and completed version of the Unreal HD textures is out after 10 months of daily work. This pack fills in all of the previously missing textures...

Squidy (standalone release)

Squidy (standalone release)


Squidy is a simple living weapon which shoots sticky explosive squids and attacks with its tentacles at close range, and it was first developed to enter...

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UnrealHD v3.1 Full

UnrealHD v3.1 Full

High-Resolution Unreal Skins Full Version 14 comments

This is UnrealHD 3.1, a High-Res skins mutator for both Unreal v227 and Unreal Tournament. This will replace all those old, blurry skins of Unreal/UT99/RTNP...



High-Resolution Unreal Skins Full Version 1 comment

LOWER QUALITY EDITION (for much slower computers or severe virtual memory error crashes): This is UnrealHD 3.0, a High-Res skins mutator for both Unreal...

Maximum CD (February 2000)

Maximum CD (February 2000)


This is the February 2000 issue CD-Rom from the Maximum CD series by Future Publishing, Contained within this disk are demos of Final Fantasy VIII, Quake...

DM CampersParadisePSX fixed

DM CampersParadisePSX fixed


Updated DM-CampersParadise map. Fixes BSP hole present in original release.

Unreal Tournament HD Texture Pack 3.0
Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament HD Texture Pack 3.0

Unreal Tournament HD Textures Full Version 3 comments

Unreal Tournament HD textures 3.0 are here. This release is focused on completing all of the UT99 specific texture packages that were incomplete. UT99...

DirectX11 Renderer for UT,UG,Rune, HP1&2, ST, CBU and DX version 1.6.1
Unreal Tournament

DirectX11 Renderer for UT,UG,Rune, HP1&2, ST, CBU and DX version 1.6.1

Unreal DirectX11 Renderer for UT, UG , Rune and DX Full Version 49 comments

DirectX 11 renderer for the following Unreal Engine I games: Unreal Tournament, Unreal Gold, Harry Potter 1 &2, Clive Barker Undying, ST:Klingon Honor...

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when this game out, i, m sad not unreal2, so i turn and play quake 3,after u2 out, even more sad, but ut2k3 really great, made me back again

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Just recently realized that the website no longer hosts the mods dedicated to Unreal Tournament. Any vital reason behind this whatsoever?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey! great job!

btw can you use this in the single player campaing as well?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

If you're referring to the HD skins then yes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Arena FPS Games > Battle Royale Games

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

HL, Q3 and UT are my top 3 favorite FPS games of all time. Reinstalled UT 436 and wow plays even better now on a faster stronger rig.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I can think of many more better retro games than those.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Regarding my previous question, I found out that with unreal4ever you can create a medieval weapon theme by only adding the melee weapons, throwing knife and bow. Pretty fun.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Is there a medieval weapon mod for this game? Like with swords/axes and/or bows? I found some medieval maps and a medieval weapon mod would be absolutely awesome for them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Medieval maps are a bit easy to find du to original Unreal's theme
But as a medieval mod you have Thievery which is based on the game Thief. But you can't play with the weapons alone
As far as mods go you can take a few combinations of U4e, badlands (bow, melee weapons), Chaos UT (sword, crossbow)
You only need to use stuffswapper with those mods and you get somewhat a medieval arsenal

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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This Game is still one of the best games on earth.
You get a short adaptation phase and therefore a quicker feeling of success. The Level-editor is provided right from the start.
This means thousands and thousands of community made content.
Down to the present day are still mods developed around the world.

Look for the UT-community-SDK.

and other mods... as the Food Fight mod (^__=)

Oct 22 2010 by papercoffee

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