Unreal offers a complete world for you to roam -- a world of incredible beauty and realism with the most detailed environments ever to grace your PC screen. In one seamless flowing world, race across vast outdoor and indoor environments, enter enchanting cities, mysterious temples, glittering mines, shattered ships, and crystal clear waters. Unreal delivers this cutting-edge realism on computers using a Pentium 166 or higher. And for those of you lucky enough to have a Pentium II, MMX technology or a video accelerator, the Unreal realms will become your reality.

Not that it’ll be easy: with Unreal's array of fierce new fully polygonal enemies stalking your every move, it’ll be a struggle just to survive. You’ll have some help, of course: with an arsenal of incredible new weapons at your disposal, you should at least have a fighting chance against the Skaarj and their allies. But with over 300 frames of animation apiece, and monster AI (that's Artificial Intelligence to you) from Steve ("ReaperBot") Polge, your adversaries will be smarter, meaner, and more alive than any you’ve ever faced. Which means that just when you think you've got them beat, they'll retreat, team up, and take you out later.

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Keep in mind... this is just a prototype but you can see how close to Unreal the fists are. That's because I've taken them from the AutoMag model.

Automag from Unreal before comparing them:

Unreal Level Screenshot

Fists in game..you noticed how close the fist look.

Fist Prototype Screenshot

My secret on how I got that apart and in game, is a secret for now. Because I want to focus on tweaking and making the graphics to fit this into Unreal Gold yet be original content. Stuff like removing the guns from the Brute and adding models and other graphics to represent accessing the fists. Seems small or no big deal but it is because to make the mod more accessible and less confusing. Can't have a dispersion pistol pick up model and draw a set of fists, can I? It would be confusing.

Concept art again, show you how close I planned the models for the game, you thought I was messing around when I drew and added this:

Brawling Concept Art

This is real, like any fight I've been in, I don't play around with fighting mechanics like in real life. An In game screenshots of the prototype at work. (Note: Not photoshopped)

Fist Prototype Screenshot

So, if you want a different challenge in Unreal and you think the aliens don't deserve to be put out of their misery by being shot at. You may instead want to beat the crap out of them with your bare hands, here's your chance in Brawl to Unreal, which is still in development.

I used Blender to export in the original models from the game, remove all the parts of the model I don't want like the gun itself, so I would be left with a fist:

Fist at work

The program I used doesn't take the original animations, but it doesn't get out of the way because using Milkshape allows me to re-animate the models any way I want, so I decided to put the models a more of a punching motion. So I put that back into the Unreal Gold game and tweaked the animations with the Dispersion Pistol with the tweaked monsters and there's your fist fighting in Unreal. I am going to use this method to maybe put the hands into the models I made for my other mod, Salvage Storm to make it more Unreal like.

Fist at work

I now plan to maybe add melee weapons like Knuckle Duster and Knifes to smash the Skraaj faces in and rip their insides out and make them suffer more like idiots that they are. They look stupid, they would look more stupid if they get punched in the face and smash their teeth in like what is featured in the video. Let's make it happen!

Maybe I'll make some Skraaj teeth models and add them in the game for great effect also. It would look interesting but that's for another time. Who knows! The game wouldn't go "Mortal Kombat" on them but that would be a great dream.

Maybe also make use of the inventory system, maybe add steroids also for power and fight boost and whatever. So much I can change to make this campaign for Unreal Gold totally different.

Announcing Brawl to Unreal

Announcing Brawl to Unreal

Brawl to Unreal

Melee only fighting in Unreal Gold. Want more Unreal but another challenge other then guns? Then Brawl to Unreal would add something new to the Unreal...

The direction I'm taking Salvage Storm into

The direction I'm taking Salvage Storm into

Salvage Storm 2 comments

A more steeper direction with how my Unreal Gold Mod should look.

Introducing Unreal Safari

Introducing Unreal Safari

Unreal Safari (working title)

Unreal Safari for Unreal Gold aims to entertains the fans of the game with a change of tone in the original Unreal World.

Salvage Storm Weapons Released

Salvage Storm Weapons Released

Salvage Storm Deathmatch

You get to transform all the weapons in Unreal for an entire different experience.

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Unreal PSX Rise of Jrath Episode 1 Part 2 LITE

Unreal PSX Rise of Jrath Episode 1 Part 2 LITE

Unreal PSX Rework - Rise Of Jrath Demo 1 comment

Basically, a rushed out LITE release without the final level of E1... Due to heavy IRL problems and having to "hit the road", more in LITE.txt in help...

FLP Intro Fix

FLP Intro Fix

French Level Pack Patch

Hotfix for the possible S3TC palette issue with SpaceFX...

French Level Pack

French Level Pack

French Level Pack Full Version

This is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Unreal, and especially UDC (Unreal Design Contest), which was the first serious Unreal level design contest...

UT2004 Skins Redirects Files

UT2004 Skins Redirects Files

UT2k4 Skins (Males, Robots and Skaarj) for Unreal Full Version

Redirect files for Unreal 227i or 227j (not tested) servers. NOTE: This is not the actual skin pack.

UT2004 Skins (Males, Robots and Skaarj) for Unreal

UT2004 Skins (Males, Robots and Skaarj) for Unreal

UT2k4 Skins (Males, Robots and Skaarj) for Unreal Full Version

This is a UT2004 Skin pack for Unreal 1 tested in 227i version. It brings all the original UT2004 characters along with original animations from UT2004...

Unreal Doom - DoomPawns.u fix

Unreal Doom - DoomPawns.u fix

Unreal vs Doom Demo

Thanks to []KAOS[]Casey from www.oldunreal.com who has updated the DoomPawns.u file and hopefully fixed any issues related to the game hard crashing to...

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Great music and level design....

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For those interested; the official Unreal homepage October 18, 1996

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Amazing game. Such atmosphere. The music gives me chills.

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This game was truly unreal.

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still sells in new zealand for 20bucks ea and minihendrix gets Unreal UT99 and ut2k4 for 2.18 pfft thats 60bucks all up for me :|

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This game is fun!
Best thing is that it even runs on PII, so its no problem to establish an home network.
lots of maps and other stuff you can get for this game!

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considering the PII was the hottest thing in existence at the time of its release it'd be a crime to NOT get Unreal working on the PII.

It does work okay on a P166MMX though, but the difference between a Pentium and Pentium II is night and day, especially with a 3d card it literally slaughters a Pentium that's also equipped with a 3d card.

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Hoooorible graphics, but this is the best game of its time.

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thats cuz this game used 1998 technology

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Truly a masterpiece.

Sep 14 2010 by asvigny

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