The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. Worst of all, an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes they exist. No one but you.

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What is The Nameless Mod?

The Nameless Mod is a period piece of a Matrix-like world that occurs within a forum. The basis of TNM is specifically the forum of back when GameSpy ran "planets" for popular games. Each forum is influenced by the game it features, so Forum City for PlanetDeusEx looks like assets from DeusEx. Goofy concept to be sure, but a welcome one to make some fun things throughout the game. Red greasels that shoot fire? Why not. Sentient cleaner bot? If that's what you want your avatar to be, sure. A gun that expands the fatness of someone until they explode? Madness, evil science, yeah... that fits.

Every facet of TNM is based on something within Deus Ex, from the conspiracy side of things, strategies you use in Deus Ex, to technical aspects of the game being represented within the world.

What Does 2.0 Mean?

The Nameless Mod 2.0 is a revamp of the original The Nameless Mod from 2009 on the same engine. The 2.0 update aims to update the visuals of the mod. Speaking as the lead level designer on the original team, and now the project leader of the 2.0 project... things get tiring. There was a lot of disconnect due to level designers of varying ability, and a lot of fatigue presented in the maps. 2.0 aims to unify the maps in quality, and add a lot to the gameplay aspect in regard to creating multiple paths where there were none (despite it being Deus Ex), and interesting flare to keep it engaging. As the 2.0 team grew, so did the scope, and it also includes a multitude of bug fixes and quality of life. This primarily consists of:

  • All 58 levels redesigned to be up to a higher standard
    • All levels designed with stealth and combat in mind.
    • Multiple routes and solutions added for every obstacle.
    • Some levels are more compact but with more material to interact with, leading to approximately 80% less time solely running from point to point in some cases.
    • Some levels have been expanded to have more memorable sections and gameplay mechanics, including some levels doubling in size.
    • Improved visual design to have a cohesive vision.
  • Two brand-new secret levels and one not-so-secret new level to be found.
  • New side missions integrated into some levels.
  • Quality of life features from Deus Ex: Revision and Deus Ex: Transcended.
  • An additional 7 years of bug fixing and refinement.



Chapter 20:

  • Added a note for the notepad about the noobz.
  • Added an anti-softlock for if people have placed the blackbox, have no multitools, and no credits to buy one.
  • Angering the Llamas while in the temple for the first time should make DT message you without Abom talking.
  • Black ICE no longer stops you if using ICE Breaker v1 after using the virus on it.
  • Bogie no longer flees.
  • Changed camera angle of initial Yardbomb conversation so it doesn't clip into the ceiling.
  • Changed JustAnotherFan's animations.
  • Despot's infolinks no longer show the portrait static.
  • Disabled the FOV effects for ShadowCode's insanity.
  • Doppelganger carcasses now get gibbed by the crushers.
  • Fixed a llama not becoming hostile.
  • Fixed Abomination becoming permanently hostile.
  • Fixed an NSC firewall walking into a door.
  • Fixed being able to see rain colliding with the skybox in PDX HQ floor 2.
  • Fixed Bogie being able to get gibbed.
  • Fixed datalink trigger clipping out of the DXI digsite walls.
  • Fixed getting stuck in BlackICE's conversation.
  • Fixed infinite skillpoints from EMPing hotel jammer, and made EMPing it more reliable.
  • Fixed missing shelter sounds for subway and Nosferatu.
  • Fixed OSC laser turrets not aiming correctly at times.
  • Fixed slums DXI elevator triggerlight.
  • Fixed softlock if knocking out Abomination early.
  • Fixed softlock if re-entering Despot's.
  • Fixed the doppelganger teleporter breaking if a karkian fell into it first.
  • Fixed the llamas becoming permanently hostile if you step in Abomination's room instead of being caught inside.
  • Fixed window in OSC not being solid.
  • Gave Whoever theft barks.
  • Having Symgeosis' floppy disk when talking to Kunio Kun for the first time now gives you the 275 credits you'd normally get.
  • Implemented Hoover's angry PM.
  • Implemented some unused ShadowCode PMs.
  • Improved audio in downtown shelter zones.
  • Knocking out the Noobz, arresting Kale, and then killing the Noobz should tell you to return instead of telling you to kill Kale.
  • Made Despot not react to carcasses.
  • Made HnS bImportant.
  • Made Nosferatu immune to ricebags and stun fists.
  • Made Nosferatu take full damage when out of energy.
  • Made Shawn's door bIsDoor.
  • Moved the 3rd red biocell to Grub's office.
  • New Hoover icon.
  • Phas now moves any items you dropped to the lobby too when he confiscates your items.
  • Prevented the end of OSC 2 explosion happening multiple times.
  • Reduced goat provocations.
  • Reduced Grub's skillpoint reward from 500 to 300.
  • Scara should no longer tell you to meet him after telling you he will have you BURNED INTO ASHES but before formally allying with PDX.

Chapter 20/22:

  • Added tranq mines and regular mines to grenade vending machines.
  • Changed Phasmatis' password in PDX HQ from Antithieus to Antitheus.
  • Fixed a window floating outside the PDX HQ 2nd floor.
  • Fixed Goat City wanted signs breaking on save/load.
  • Fixed some fog in the sewers.
  • Fixed the DXO camera.
  • Fixed WCID agents not having a melee weapon.
  • Gave all DXO members keys to their chests.
  • Made Jonas's carcass not emit.
  • Male Llamas no longer talk to you about joining them when you're allied with the Goats.
  • Melk you can swim in now acts more like melk.
  • Redesigned the weapon shop lockers.
  • Swapped stun and lethal glove positions.
  • Transition to the WC sublevel should be instant.

Chapter 21:

  • Added anti-softlock datacube for players with no computer skill that immediately kill Beeble.
  • Beeble no longer talks to you about the metal detectors if you didn't allow him to talk to you.
  • Breaking DXI HQ glass now sounds the alarm.
  • Delthreads no longer usable after destroying the threads.
  • Disabled collision for BSP rebuild triggers.
  • Fixed an infolink playing when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed Beeble's static not appearing in some levels.
  • Fixed DXI elevator/generator lights.
  • Goal to destroy the power box is now primary.
  • New DXI datavault images.
  • Redesigned Gwog's disappear effect when scared away.
  • The DXO DXI quest should now become active after accepting the blackbox instead of after the multitool.

Chapter 22:

  • Added EMP gloves to day 2.
  • Added goal to take the helicopter to ABI if you tell Midashand you want to wait.
  • Added kill Kevo achievement to PDX side.
  • Changing water level makes objects in the water float.
  • DXE's cameras now work.
  • Entering the temple on day 2 after knocking out Beefman on day 1 plays an angry PM.
  • Fixed Athena not respawning when in water due to drowning.
  • Fixed Athenas turrets not working.
  • Fixed DXE BDE spawnpoint attachment.
  • Fixed issue for killing Athena early not completing the goal.
  • Fixed Jonas not getting upset if you steal the aug on day 2 before he gives you it.
  • Fixed Kevo-sama having a placeholder line.
  • Fixed Kevo-sama not saying any lines while WC aligned.
  • Fixed Midashand hanging around during the outro cutscene when he should be in the helicopter.
  • Fixed Raving's thugs sometimes fighting PDX.
  • Fixed Scara's door being pickable.
  • Fixed some extra dialogue in real ZP's convo.
  • Fixed some security bots spawning without weapons.
  • Fixed the ATC bots so the ID card alters their IFF as described.
  • Fixed the cults summoning you to do their last quest if you already did it early.
  • Fixed the WC lobby robot not having its alliance set.
  • Fixed weapon shop LAWs being grabbable without paying.
  • Implemented an infolink where Evil Invasion makes it more clear that the firestaff can be picked up.
  • Knocking out Beefman on day 1 makes the interior of the temple angry on day 2.
  • Made MadMax immune to gas.
  • Redesigned the cargo crates.
  • Sol's witness interview no longer happens if the crime's been solved.
  • Zoned DXE.

Chapter 23:

  • Added ballistic armour to ABI barracks vending machine.
  • Added flare darts for WC players.
  • Added Kylie's missing infolink.
  • Can now manually fire the cerberus every 15 seconds.
  • Cerberus no longer fires if its operator is dead.
  • Doubled leviathan rotation rate.
  • Fixed a commando not patrolling properly.
  • Fixed A2 not staying still when ordered.
  • Fixed Black ICE quest lingering in this chapter.
  • Fixed carcass with aug upgrade sometimes spawning it in the void.
  • Fixed leviathan not having rocket ammo.
  • Fixed missing login for security console.
  • Fixed the broken radish mirror being pitch black.
  • Fixed the gray texture on Treskton if using coat model.
  • Fixed Trestkon not switching weapon after his weapon runs out of ammo.
  • Fixed truck doors not both being unlocked at the same time.
  • Increased Treskton walk anim speed.
  • Leviathan prioritizes barricades over other targets.
  • Leviathan troops now look at the leviathan while they talk.
  • Made Midashand/Kevo leave ABI once you change level.
  • New, up to date satellite image.
  • No longer give snow wolf quest update before getting quest.
  • NPCs can no longer open the space-tech door.
  • Point defense no longer stops plasma.
  • Treskton gets the spydrone aug if the player has it.

Chapter 24:

  • Completing the APG puzzle and then closing the puzzle prematurely will remember it being complete.
  • Fixed a line with DD being said twice.
  • Fixed a shine on eye textures.
  • Fixed an oversight allowing you to leave the level before the PDX ending started.
  • Fixed Phaser effects lingering if they changed state during teleport.
  • Fixed phasers running out of ammo and made them more annoying.
  • Fixed the platform rotation puzzle showing the wrong graphics after loading a save.
  • More efficient compass code.
  • No human screams from these enemies in vortex grenades.
  • Phasers no longer float.
  • The LEETs getting blown up no longer throws you while you're in the air.

Chapter 25:

  • Added an NSC segment for denouement when the cult parts talk about it.
  • Andreus is no longer made a moderator during the ABI ending.
  • Changed the delay for fading in characters during Narcissus ending from 3 to 2 seconds to allow all to be seen.
  • Fixed the ending breaking if you carried a body as the game ended.
  • Kylie appears in the ABI ending if left alive.

Radish Adventure:

  • Fixed issue when starting a new game after Radish Adventure.
  • Radish Adventure now requires 8 eggs and has a message box to explain what it is to new players.
  • Reset Radish Adventure variables when restarting that mode.


  • Abomination is now immune to the riot prod.
  • Added additional Narcussus flags.
  • Added lights to spydrone.
  • Bosses now have the spydrone aug.
  • BSP turrets now respect radar transparency.
  • Cameras now never go into stasis.
  • Coffee gives a message for energy restoration,
  • DD no longer uses his flamethrower on immune enemies.
  • EMP gloves work on vent spiderbots now.
  • Fire extinguishers are now thrown when out of ammo or the reload button is pressed.
  • Fixed potential for scopes to have a scaling size of 0 on 4k monitors or when height was larger than width.
  • Fixed robot eye heights.
  • Fixed shotguns having an accidental 40% nerf.
  • Gave Kylie environmental resistance and energy shield augs.
  • Helmets now reduce non-lethal damage instead of nullifying it.
  • Increased Kylie's run speed to match male characters.
  • Increased named katana range to match DTS.
  • Increased sword range to match baton.
  • Katanas now equip faster scaling with skill level.
  • Made civilians more inaccurate with their weapons like in vanilla (but not as much as vanilla).
  • NPCs no longer activate the alarm after briefly spotting you but not getting into combat.
  • NPCs no longer blind themselves when using a fire extinguisher.
  • Ported fix for toggle crouch loading.
  • Prevented the AI from looking through some more objects.
  • Rebalanced random ammo pickup to be higher for 7.62mm.
  • Reduced synthetic heart energy cost by 80%.
  • Scuba divers continue to breathe and don't drown while unconscious.


  • A2's lines now immediately stop when he's disabled.
  • Added bigger lasers beams for BSP turrets.
  • Added CheatMenu cheat.
  • Added throwing sporks/foons to item refusal.
  • All previously missing and unused books, magazines, and emails are available in the world in at least one instance.
  • Allowed backspace/delete to edit keypad codes.
  • Allowed dragging of molotov materials onto each other to craft.
  • AllWeapons cheat gives all gloves.
  • Altered Kylie's texture.
  • Bolted System Shock trashcans to the ground.
  • Carcasses now align with ramped terrain.
  • Carcasses now immune to doors.
  • Change Ammo UI button changes fire mode for Trestkon's pistols/napalm launcher.
  • Changed info to show % bonus before multiplier.
  • Changed upgrade skill hotkey from R to U to avoid conflict with reset.
  • Changed vortex appearance.
  • Coloured names for unique weapons.
  • Conversation gesture animations can no longer interrupt pre-defined animations.
  • Disarming a tranq mine with NVS' screwdriver now plays a sound.
  • Displayed message in IRC when collecting an easter egg.
  • Doppelgangers now immediately gib from encroach damage.
  • Enabled more idle lines from characters.
  • Fixed a bad character in the golden spork description.
  • Fixed a prison cell number texture.
  • Fixed chemical bottle large icon being too large and belt icon not being centred.
  • Fixed dropped animal carcasses having collision.
  • Fixed firewall walk animation rate.
  • Fixed fists darkening after cloak.
  • Fixed Frob the Builder texture.
  • Fixed images for WC Floors 2/3.
  • Fixed issues when applying weapon mods in the inventory.
  • Fixed issues when trying to drag items with real-time inventory.
  • Fixed Jackie instantly gibbing on doors.
  • Fixed Kylie sometimes gibbing in a vortex when she shouldn't.
  • Fixed legend's music player not working in levels.
  • Fixed molotov skin.
  • Fixed not seeing how much of something you received from a carcass (ammo/credits).
  • Fixed objects floating when the thing under them was picked up.
  • Fixed red biocell skin.
  • Fixed sabot damage being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed some computers not having applications when they were meant to.
  • Fixed some enemies using vanilla weapons instead of TNM versions.
  • Fixed the incoming PM icon lingering during Despot's PM.
  • Fixed the molotov wick not looking burnt when ignited.
  • Fixed the note "Find" text using the wrong colour scheme.
  • Fixed the trioptimum crate having a flipped texture on one side.
  • Fixed Trestkon's idle animations not working.
  • Fixed typo in ricebag description.
  • Fixed vending machine item descriptions spilling off the page.
  • Implemented unused laser mine animations to make its base rise when the beams start and lower when they finish.
  • Improved office printer animation.
  • Increased datascreen collision.
  • Letterbox subtitles are meant to use a larger font but only when resolution is 800-1280, added an option to use the larger font.
  • New datacube skin.
  • New EMP pistol icons.
  • New firewall death sound.
  • New ketchup bar icon.
  • Normalized CD audio volume.
  • Overrode item refusal in conversations.
  • Punching a switch now activates the switch.
  • Redesigned napalm launcher screen.
  • Removed note from Jaime Reyes on synthetic heart aug.
  • Restore defaults button now defaults sound to 16-bit and surround sound off.
  • Scuba divers now ambiently breathe like vanilla.
  • Slightly improved Ricemanu's infolink icon.
  • TNM's old autosave system should no longer save during PMs.
  • Updated some credits names.
  • Walking around with a weapon in the rain slowly cleans the blood off it.
  • Weapon idle anims cannot overwrite other anims.
  • Weapon mods in vending machines now tell you how many you should buy.

What comes next?

We had to go from 5 total patches for the main game to be done, to 6. Day 1, DXI, Day 2, ABI, and HTTP, followed by the Content Patch. This newly planned Content Patch will contain the current Day 2 secret level, updates to the Radish Adventure, and any bug fixes that people report during the current HTTP patch!

It amazes me that it has taken the current TNM team almost the same amount of time to develop the classsic 2009 release, but it became a labor of love for a team 1/4th the size of the original team!

This patch is the entire mainline campaign updated to the 2.0 assets, and we look forward to bringing the final touches of the 2.0 experience with this next Content Patch. See you in Forum City!

The following aspects are planned to be changed in a future update:

  • Up to date datavault images for the final chapter.
  • A revamped version of Radish Adventure with more levels and mechanics.
  • A general cleanup of any issues reported from this update.
  • The final secret level.

Join our discord here.

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I'm obliged to replay this at least once every year.

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I did it! I did it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I just did a write up on one of this game's best mods here:

And I also wrote one here for The Nameless Mod:

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I always run into a problem, D3d10, Opengl, kentie and new vision keep giving the same damn problems with shadow and lighting color banding / dithering.
Its driving me nuts when trying to install DX on another computer (managed to somehow solve this on my desktop's modded version of DX, but can't figure out how I did it.)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

you are playing in 32 bit and not 16 bit right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Can someone pls tell me why my kenties launcher is crashing. I have dx gog v112fm patched. everything is fine. I did a fresh clean install. But nothing works. It gives me an error message: Cant find 'ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine in configuration file

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

does it crash all together or does kentie launcher open and when you press play it crashes if so check the settings of kentie launcher if it totaly refuses wel first off you need kentie launcher in your deusex system folder and second check if the file engine.u even exists

if not get it here

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Hi, i'm new here.So i'm making my mod. But there seems to be a problem. I'm editing a custom modeled weapon. Decreasing it's shot time from 1.0, to 0.6. However, when I start the game, nothing happens. It's a custom model from 2027. So i think there is default shot time. Can someone tell me how to edit the shot time. I want to make my weapon fire faster. =)

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you need to make your weaponpistol binstanthit=true/false or ingame for example (admin set weaponpistol binstanthit 1/0)
then you can change the shottime

shottime = (value)
admin set weaponpistol shottime (value)

this wont mean it wil continue shooting bullets per second for that you need to add bautomatic=true/false

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What a game.

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