EDuke32 is an awesome, free homebrew game engine and source port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3DDuke3D for short—to Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, several handhelds, and to your family toaster. We've added all kinds of new renderers, tons of cool features and upgrades for regular players, and thousands of additional editing capabilities and scripting extensions for mod creators. EDuke32 is completely free, open source software.

First brewed in August 2004 by Duke community leader Richard "TerminX" Gobeille—joined in 2005 by NVIDIA software engineer Pierre-Loup "Plagman" Griffais—and incorporating work by 3D Realms/Ken Silverman/Jonathon Fowler/Matt Saettler, what started as a learning experience and an excuse to learn C soon rose from obscurity to become pretty much the best Duke Nukem 3D port ever. We think you'll agree.

EDuke32 screams bad-ass so loud, you'll think Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson got uppercut in the balls by Freddy Krueger. We acknowledge that that is possibly the most ridiculous statement ever made, by us or anyone else—and we don't care!

You even get Mapster32, a hacked up and enhanced version of that good ol' BUILD editor you remember fruitlessly trying to make maps with way back in college—when you were sober enough to see the monitor, that is. Yee-haw!

EDuke32 is licensed under the GNU GPL and the BUILD license.

Get Duke for $5.99! Download EDuke32!

Windows users:

Click that big download button above!

Ubuntu and Debian Linux users:

See for APT repository and installation information!

Mac OS X users:

Download third-party binaries for Mac OS X or read compile tips here!

Need help?

Join us on IRC at or visit our forums

Looking for the source code?

Snag it from our Subversion repository—
svn co eduke32

You need a copy of Duke Nukem 3D to use EDuke32.

Alien bastards shot up your copy of Duke? Come get some for just $5.99! You need Duke Nukem 3D to use EDuke32. Support continued EDuke32 development by purchasing your copy of Duke through us... it's even easier than torrenting it, it's an immediate download, you can re-download it for free for life and you don't have to worry about losers that don't seed!

logo Why is EDuke32 so great? What about other ports or the original DOS version?

EDuke32 has several advantages over any other version of Duke Nukem 3D we've ever seen, notably:

  • It runs natively without relying on emulation of any kind. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, whatever -- it'll run on it. Linux is also well supported, either natively or with Wine.
  • It runs at crazy resolutions like 3072x2304.
  • It allows you to choose between a modernized, hardware accelerated OpenGL renderer or the classic, warped software mode you grew up with
  • It fixes an insane amount of programming errors which were harmless in the days of DOS but are fatal with modern protected memory models
  • It's been the only actively developed and maintained Duke3D port for years
  • It features Plagman's brand new "Polymer" renderer as a replacement for Ken Silverman's "Polymost" renderer, adding:
    • Fog density (sector visibility) support—corrects the dull appearance and extreme lack of contrast in early OpenGL ports like JFDuke3D
    • Support for colored fog
    • Real time dynamic colored lighting and shadow mapping
    • Fullbrights and glow maps (for glowing red pigcop eyes, et cetera)
    • Support for detail textures
    • Specular and normal map support
    • Blending between model animations
    • Rewritten translucent surface sorting
    • Advanced brightness control allowing individual brightness/contrast/gamma adjustment
    • Full widescreen monitor support plus manual fov and aspect ratio adjustment
    • VSync support
    • ...and much more—all in addition to standard md3/jpg/png/tga support, of course.
  • An incredible number of new extensions to the game's scripting system, allowing gameplay mods that rival even modern games. This one has a gravity gun.
  • It runs the HRP with support for all features, most of which require EDuke32; no other port can run the HRP with all features enabled
  • Adds a full-featured console, including Quake-style key bindings, command aliases, advanced tab completion, comprehensive command history, colored text and more
  • Hundreds of code rewrites, optimizations and fixes for rare or annoying bugs in the original code
  • Adds tons of optional new features that make the player's life easier including modern status display/HUD, support for loading mods from the startup window, and modern, WSAD-based controls with mouse aiming so good, people stopped complaining about it!
  • It supports Ogg Vorbis sound and music
  • It's developed by people who have been in the Duke3D scene since the beginning:

    I first saw Duke3D running on a computer in a Wal-Mart in late December of 1995. I was 11 years old. Unknown to me, it was an illegally distributed beta of what was to become Duke Nukem 3D 1.0, released in January of the next year.

    After seeing Duke in action for the first time, I was hooked! I had seen games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Heretic before but this was different. Not long after that, we got the first family computer, and I got the first episode of Duke on CD-ROM.

    I immediately got nosy and said "hey, what are these 'CON' files?" Atomic Edition came for Christmas that year. The rest is history!

  • It lets you play that game called 'NAM' you saw at the dollar store 10 years ago
  • It makes sandwiches

Once you've downloaded EDuke32, you'll probably want to read our wiki page on installation and configuration, as well as the FAQ if you have any problems.

BUILD engine originally by Ken Silverman. All rendering and engine technology used in EDuke32 available under BUILDLIC.

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R&R - - 168 comments

Is there bots for eduke?
or a mod that add in ai companions?

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JMcclaned - - 13 comments

When I try to go to the page to download Eduke 32 and HRP My anti-virus says that it´s not safe. Is it true?

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RodVeska - - 135 comments

Howdy all! Hope all is well. I just penned a tribute piece for Duke Nukem 3D as it turns twenty. I'm going to be reviewing mods for the game in the future. I've already reviewed Duke Forces, and The AMC TC. If you have a mod you'd like me to review I'd love to know about it.

Check out the article:

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Dukenukem1234 - - 38 comments

can some one message me everything i need to make weapons in eduke32?

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EDave32 - - 4 comments

I personally wish there was support for Shadow Warrior but that's a matter of taste. Excellent source port regardless.

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LandyRS - - 55 comments

Eh, the 3D models aren't anything special. It's cool to see them running on EDuke but the animations are choppy, so it's not that amazing to me. Oh well, they look pretty good anyway!

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Blablablub100 - - 67 comments

Are they some germans tutorials for this engine?

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can someone show me how to make a game on this engine? I have no experience.

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