Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Sound suppressors
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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Aug 18 2011 says:

To clarify I would like to split the single default 'multi purpose silencer' of the game into 2 or 3 different variants. But in what way should they be varied? (See my approaches in description).

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Blakluma Aug 18 2011 replied:

Hey you should make silencers for specific guns to if you can like a 7x51mm silencer for the M14 dmr and a MP5SD modification kit for the MP5 (MP5SD is a entirely different gun you can just put a silencer on the gun)and also Approach C, use some of the silencers from the Arsenal mod like Bioshocker said and just port them from SHoC to CoP

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OmeG Aug 18 2011 replied:

Both A & B, The more you have, the more realistic the game becomes.

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frank.kar98k Aug 22 2011 replied:

I would say have a separate silencer for every different caliber of ammunition. One for 5.56x45mm weapons, one for .45 ACP weapons and so on. If you really want to get technical you could have special sub-sonic ammunition for use with silencers. Cartridges such as 5.56x45mm are supersonic and their sonic-boom makes a silencer useless unless you use special low-velocity ammunition, however this sacrifices stopping power.

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wcb7 Jul 18 2013 replied:

can M24 SWS equipped with suppressor?

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GrayBeard Aug 18 2011 says:

Looks good, one for each pistol and rifle.

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cooldude1313 Aug 18 2011 says:

Maybe pistol, hostoric rifle, and modern rifle would be pretty good.

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ClearVall Aug 18 2011 says:

Heh, the best way is like it is done in Arsenal Modification - 9mm Silecner, .45 Silencer, 5.45 Silencer, 5.56 Silencer...

Otherwise, if it is too difficult - one for pistols, one for rifles (but not only US Gov. - it would look stupid on, for example, Fort-12).

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Georg_Ravioli Aug 18 2011 replied:

I second that. The same thing has been done in Sigerous Mod, and it works very well, because you had to hunt for the right suppressor for your weapon, you couldn't just find any pistol suppressor and put it on your gun. On a second and random note, I hope you guys will work on having realistic scope models for various weapons (ACOG, the real NSPU-3, and I'll work on finding x2.7 and x1.6 scopes). Having just different ui_icon_equipment icons for each scope really sucks in my opinion.

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Teemuslayer Aug 18 2011 says:

Unless you want to do 1 per each caliber, then how about:
-one for pistol-caliber weapons
-one for assault rifles
-one for large caliber rifles ?

In short, 3 is better than 2!

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Astyr Aug 18 2011 replied:

it should have one for historic weapons too.

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Rolfisalinas Aug 18 2011 says:

First of all you need to tell us wich guns will use a silencer, if every gun can have a silencer than i think that it should be 1 for pistol, 1 for rifles and 1 for assault rifles .... Having 2 pistol using the same silencer may be nice but having a L85 A2 using the same silencer than a sniper rifle doesnt fit (at least for me), or you can do 1 silencer per each caliber and we are done :)

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Thryker Aug 18 2011 says:

I wouldn't mind seeing it done by calibre, but doing it by nationality may be an idea.

e.g. one silencer for eastern block pistols/ one for rifles
The same for western rifles/pistols, and for historic weapons.

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nashathedog Aug 18 2011 replied:

Doing it by nationality would be a different appproach but not a realistic one. How are they done in real life? If you want to keep to the realism goal then really you need to follow the real life example and use what is used for real. I dont know much about guns which is why I never piped up about helping with them but if real silencers are categorised by gun type go with it, if its gun calibre go with that. One thing that will matter in the decision is how many different silencers do you want to include? If it is not enough to cover what you need you need to think again about how to do it. Especially considering the quantity of guns added. Personally I like the sigerous approach as already mentioned but for that you are gonna need around ten or more at a guess probally more. they would be 3 types of vanilla pistols and however many more your adding with different calibres, the viper uses the pistol 9x19 one ,then theres three ar ones, so you would need 6 for just the vanilla guns. and it would build up from there by how may more calibers you add.

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Derranged Creator
Derranged Aug 19 2011 says:

I was thinking about doing the same thing for my modification. You beat me to it though so good job.

It should be a good addition to the mod.

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Aug 19 2011 says:

There's an important factor here and that is the fact that MISERY is not going to contain thousands of bullets per caliber. That results in you having to shift to weapon alternatives once in a while. Let's say that I'm going to make a suppressor variant per caliber (10+ in total)
Now imagine this: You favour the silenced lr300 and set out to explore. You run out of ammo and have to change to the AK47. Now you can't use your silencer and that won't ruin a fluid game for you? 
The situation is authentic but would it make a better game for us with... say 4 different sized silencer kits (small, medium, large and huge caliber sized fittings)?

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ClearVall Aug 19 2011 replied:

If I will talk about your situation (LR 300 and then AKM (NOT F&CKING AK-47!!!!!!!) then it would be a looooot more interesting - save your bullets for using the silencer you have, and then, it you didn't - well, you have to use a knife. Or a pistol with a silencer for it. It is a lot better, N.Aaroe.

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Rolfisalinas Aug 19 2011 replied:

Thats true, is just like ammo, if you don keep a few xtra mags on your backpack, you're dead, but the game is suposed to come with an adapter so 1 silencer can fit in every gun .... I'll say it again, 1 for pistol, 1 for rifles and 1 for assault rifles would be nice

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aytabag Aug 19 2011 says:

1 for pistols
1 for historic rifles
1 for modern rifles


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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Aug 24 2011 says:

Okay, decision time. With all the good feedback from you it seems as if we should aim for much realism on this part also. This means that I will not only be deviding the silencer into 3 different types but make a silencer variant for each caliber size in the game

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ClearVall Aug 24 2011 replied:

Great, brother. Good choice.

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davidka91 Aug 24 2011 says:

If you don't mind over-realism suggestions, I'd have some:

What do you think about adding a "quality" meter to the silencers? Ideally, the amount of damage would affect the suppression factor. If that is not codeable, then just make them depletable/consumable items which could be repaired.

Also, please consider the implementation of separate subsonic ammo. A supersonic one with a suppressor will still sound friggin loud

Cheers, David!

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Aug 24 2011 replied:

All suggestions are welcome. I will add these to the "Maybe Do" list as those are pretty time consuming ideas to realize.

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Guest Jan 24 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Atten Sep 14 2011 says:

Please add a PBS-1 and PBS-5 silencer for the AKM/AK47 and the AKS74U respectively. Authentic looking Warsaw Pact silencers are something literally no other STALKER mod has.

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Stalker vanilla contains a single sound suppressor model for All the guns. But that is not the case in MISERY.

To enhance the authenticism of this aspect I'm going to make more variants. With all the good feedback from you it seems as if we should aim for much realism on this part also. This means that I will not only be deviding the silencer into 3 different types but make a silencer variant for each caliber size in the game

Aug 18th, 2011
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