Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Stealth info (display)
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blah1334 Jan 24 2013 says:

This mod just keeps getting better and better.
Keep up the awesome work devs! :D

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Jan 24 2013 replied:

I know tell me about it. They just keep the updates rolling out like radiation from the CNPP on the day of 26 April 1986!

+17 votes     reply to comment
N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Jan 24 2013 replied:

There are those who think that we are fools for not having released version 2.0 back in late 2012. Personally I can't see it any other way than what we've been revealing the past few months are worth the wait. Keep in mind that majority of gameplay elements require a new game start once developed. And to date we are still finishing up on several already mentioned elements that we see as obligatory content of version 2.0.

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grazegrabber Jan 24 2013 replied:

And there are those who totally agree with the way you have managed MISERY.
Fools? Not a chance. If people can't wait patiently that is their problem.

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DarkMajor21 Jan 24 2013 replied:

Despite my excitement I enjoy an excellent product more then a good product.

+8 votes     reply to comment
PuddingDeity Jan 26 2013 replied:

I completely agree,this is how it should be.But oh god,as soon as I read "Worth the wait" all i thought of was the non-existant Half Life 3

+1 vote     reply to comment
BanzaiBearze Jan 26 2013 replied:

TO: True Zone (c) and all involved Modders Testers Friends and Family,
Thank you so much for putting up with us. the whiners, the impatient ones, the eager ones, the odd ones, crazy, zany etc. deep down no matter who we are we cant wait (actually we can because we have to :P) but we are grateful for your efforts and works! on behalf of all of us in the "Still Waiting" line, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
BanzaiBearze - KimYojo Studios

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GrimSheeper Jan 24 2013 says:

Wonderful. Exactly what this game needs, enemies are way too smart in unfair ways, always knowing where you are as soon as they are alerted.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Expack Jan 24 2013 says:

How will you be presenting this information to the player? I don't mean by using HUD indicators - that would likely make things too easy; rather, I mean aurally (audio-wise). Different materials will occlude sound in different ways - such as the wooden door example already given. What about concrete? Stone? Metal?... Also, some materials echo sound better than others.

In my mind, letting the audio be affected by walls and their materials would add greatly to both the stealth and (perhaps) suspense elements in the game. For example, what if the player is walking down a corridor in some old bunker, and a monster following the player undetected knocks down a container? That might echo through the hallway, letting the player know they're being followed - if not also giving the a scare.

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Geez21 Jan 24 2013 says:

oh em gee

0 votes     reply to comment
coap Jan 24 2013 says:

Yes. Yes. Yes. I will give CoP all my love when Misery 2 will be realesed <3

+2 votes     reply to comment
Roh Jan 24 2013 says:

The awesome you guys are displaying makes being a patient fan very hard. :p

+2 votes     reply to comment
Hardliner Jan 24 2013 says:

will be there new quests?

+2 votes     reply to comment
eiri Jan 24 2013 says:

I hardly can believe, this kind of magic works here. Vanilla stealth was ****** up to the top level.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Cry_Wolf Jan 24 2013 says:

So, it looks like the phrase "The thunder is the sniper's best friend" will make sense now.

Keep up the good work!

+4 votes     reply to comment
EddyGamer Jan 24 2013 says:

wow this is very good Stealth info like it

+2 votes     reply to comment
HDKramer Jan 24 2013 says:

Sounds really perfect. I can't wait to get my recon class now! But just one question : now there's a utility to get a suppressed makarov instead of a Colt : ok but... We'll be able to 1 Headshot = death with this little makarov? Cause I would use the Colt to get the assurance of 1 shot in head my ennemy. One of the thing I hate in Stalker is emptying my Colt 1911 in the head of a guy and just because he has an helmet : 5 rounds are not enough...

+2 votes     reply to comment
0rpheus Jan 24 2013 says:

OMG this is awesome (I know I keep saying this about MISERY over and over but there's nothing I can do, it just IS awesome)

+5 votes     reply to comment
cykososhull Jan 24 2013 says:

You guys just keep amazing us. I think the people are fools for thinking your dev team are fools for not releasing in 2012. This is why so many games are crap. They develop to a time and not a standard, whereas your team cares about the product that is being released. Kudos.

+5 votes     reply to comment
GabeTheKid Jan 24 2013 says:


How do you guys have the nerves to hide all thie stuff? :D
i mean that right there is a huge milestone in the history of stalker modding! i cant express how much i want you to feel good about yourselves :D
amazing work!

+5 votes     reply to comment
[TZP]LoNer1 Creator
[TZP]LoNer1 Jan 26 2013 replied:

It indeed is kinda hard to keep our mouths shut, but, we all have the discipline to do so ;)

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Alundaio Jan 24 2013 says:

Guys, don't forget there is a video in the description. This image has like 100 times more views then the video does. Someone's missing out. :(

+5 votes     reply to comment
kalidrone Jan 24 2013 says:

Finally... I got so sick of that MGS-styled Alert Mode where when one spots an enemy, it alerts all others so yeah, thank you so much, really. XD

+2 votes     reply to comment
Hell_Diguner Jan 24 2013 says:

Odd how this image isn't at the front of the gallery, though it's the most recent.

The speed you're releasing promo content is stunning.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Duckhead666 Jan 24 2013 says:

Make sure you take into account the muzzle velocity of the bullet rather than its size. That's what will make the key difference in sound when firing suppressed.

+2 votes     reply to comment
harry80 Jan 25 2013 replied:

9mm Makarov is not more silent than a .45 acp their muzzle velocitys are allmost the same (depending on the bullet weight).

+2 votes     reply to comment
Snoozle Jan 25 2013 says:

sounds awesome, can't wait. hoping for thunderstorms when shooting a sniper rifle *;D

keep up the great work and take your time, we will wait in patience ! Well most of us *;D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guided_Meditation Jan 25 2013 says:

Just to make it clear, the fog make visibility reduced for NPC ? I though I read a post from Alundaio saying that he wouldn't waste time doing this, am I wrong? Please, tell me I'm wrong, because this is so, so awesome!

With all this, the recon class is useful now! I wanted to play it so hard, but stealth in vanila STALKER is terrible.

"night patrol teams" ? :o

+3 votes     reply to comment
trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Jan 25 2013 replied:

Yep - situation with fog changed as we've found a technical way to actually make it count a lot (custom scripting by alun had be involved for this as vanilla didn't offer any good solution).

As for general a-life overview and types of squads, locations and overall degree of tweaks refer here:
(note that improvements from above state are vast and numerous)

+5 votes   reply to comment
Guided_Meditation Jan 25 2013 replied:

Alundaio and you are the scripting gods.

+6 votes     reply to comment
Killboy10 Jan 25 2013 says:

This is it. This is what I was waiting for. I can finally put the Recon class to good use as it always bothered me that stealth was definitely S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise's weak side. This is going to change the gameplay so much! Thank you for this awesome mod.

+4 votes     reply to comment
VitaminK Jan 25 2013 says:

uhm a 9mm is a lot louder then a .45 just fyi even though its a smaller bullet its the speed its going...

+2 votes     reply to comment
Swirekster Jan 25 2013 replied:

Yep. .45 is really easy to silence, because of its slow movement.
And it kicks like a hammer.

+1 vote     reply to comment
harry80 Jan 25 2013 replied:

9mm Luger or 9x19mm is much faster than .45 acp but 9mm Makarov or 9x18 is about 315 m/s so its still subsonic.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Anarcieath Jan 25 2013 says:

Holy ****, this is the best update I've seen so far. I can't tell you how many times I got ****** off sneaking by some people only to have them turn around and light me up where I knew I should've been next to impossible to see, behind bushes or in the shadows of a building. I'm hoping thunder can mask shots too, would be nice taking people out without being instantly spotted after my first shot. But what about mutants though?? I assume they have heightened senses that make it easier for them to track prey, how is heavy fog and rain gonna affect them??

+2 votes     reply to comment
Alundaio Jan 25 2013 replied:

Mutants did have their "senses" increased but they are not affected by these changes. Mutant A-life in STALKER works somewhat differently then Stalkers. They are pretty generic and I have no plans to do much with them which hasn't already been done.

+2 votes     reply to comment
gotimas Jan 25 2013 says:

there is nothing else i could ever think that would improve the game
can't wait to see what you guys are going to add next
btw, good job making the perfect survival fps

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jan 25 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Cyborg_Putin Jan 25 2013 says:

This is my favorite addition yet, specialy because I'll use the Sniper in 2.0. Excellent work guys!

+2 votes     reply to comment
WetWargasm Jan 26 2013 says:

Hot Damn! This is looking Goooooooooood! Keep it up! I really appreciate the attention to the Weather effecting the sounds.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jonex_ Jan 26 2013 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Le_Smee Jan 26 2013 says:

utterly speechless, I think as of the moment I read this this mod has addressed every single wish I ever thought of while playing cop, don't know what kind of reaction i might get for saying this but, I would value the staggering efforts this mod makes in refining cop more than a new s.t.a.l.k.e.r. release.

+2 votes     reply to comment
BanzaiBearze Jan 26 2013 says:

Pants (Equipped)
Condition: Soiled
Durability: 0/100
Repair Cost: 9001

+1 vote     reply to comment
stavik96 Jan 27 2013 says:

From the sound of it i can fianlly sneak into the mercenary camp and kill everybody stealthly. I remember shooting one guy not being noticed. Then i sneaked up and tried killing a second guy with a pistol and i was noticed, i then tried using my knife and still they used their "hive" mind to tell the rest of the base of not just me being there but my exact location.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Alundaio Jan 28 2013 replied:

If you are talking about the Water Processing Plant they are actually scripted to "find" the actor if one is alerted. Pretty stupid since it's a stealth mission. I corrected this. This entire area has been enhanced for stealth. It would be wise to examine the area from a safe distance with binoculars to plan your mission beforehand.

Keep in mind it's hard coded that if you enter combat with a stalker his entire squad will enter combat. Killing NPCs before you are in combat with them or triggering their alert mode without being spotted will not trigger this effect.

It's actually easier to get detected if you are noisy, but if you are quiet and choose where and when to kill your enemy you can successfully stealth. Weather, positioning and time-of-day all effect stealth.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Komm Jan 27 2013 says:

I just have to say, a properly suppressed .45ACP is absurdly quiet. Its quite possible to fire a MAC-10 on full auto with its suppressor with no ear protection actually, and the only chatter heard is from the bolt slamming around from firing off 1000rpm.

+2 votes     reply to comment
NPAsurvivor Jun 5 2013 says:

it says use weather to your advantage so as in if your a sniper pull the trigger when thunder goes off

+1 vote     reply to comment
kalidrone Dec 21 2014 says:

I just hope Misery introduces a system where the enemy NPCs won't be able to see/shoot right through thick bushes of grass and such, got so tired of them being able to shoot and see me right through heavy bushes whereas I couldn't see a damn thing thanks to those annoying bushes, seriously... DX

+1 vote     reply to comment
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Huge credit to Alundaio and trojanuch for master scripting of the stealth elements in the game.

Be sure to watch the Teaser video also:

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Jan 24th, 2013
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