A single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements. The goal is to make gamebuilding as fun as playing a game, with intuitive menus and guides to help anyone make their own open-source rpg/adventure game, without prior knowledge of programming or 3D-modeling.

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SabiCube 1.2

The 1.2 release will focus on automating the gamebuilding-process, and add several new features like npc-persuation, updated alchemy-script, and an initial test of the "npc-dialog-creation-kit".

Some additions to SabiCube 1.2 might temporarily break support for existing games, and if you find a bug, please leave a message on moddb.

SabiCube is tested on 64-bit (Kubuntu 13.10) and 32-bit (Linux Mint 15 Xfce), and installing should be fairly simple, just extract the zip-file and place the sabicube-folder in your home-dir. If you haven’t played games on your computer, you might need to install some dependencies, an easy way to get them all, is to just install Sauerbraten from your repository. To start the game you just execute sabicube_unix. If you have problems, just follow this guide: Github.com

SabiCube 1.2

Changelog 1.2:

alchemy, making health-potions
update-script (a work in progress)
weapon aim/zoom
mw-like menus
bribe-function for npc-disposition
hotkey2-0 icon placement fix
updated ZetaProject, new quests and maps
lava burn instead of instant kill
melee combat takes energy, cant strike when exhausted
added arena to sabitest-map
new npc animations
ZetaProject should be playable again

SabiCube 1.1

SabiCube 1.1

2 years ago News 1 comment

A single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements. The goal is to make gamebuilding as fun as playing...

SabiCube 1.0 released

SabiCube 1.0 released

2 years ago News 7 comments

SabiCube is a single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements. This package includes first chapter of...

SabiCube 1.0 rc1

SabiCube 1.0 rc1

2 years ago News 0 comments

SabiCube 1.0 rc1 is ready for testing in the github repository

Summer Update

Summer Update

2 years ago News 0 comments

I'm currently working on improving the player-models, might take me a while, so I thought I'd share my roadmap for SabiCube. It's obviously not written...

SabiCube 1.2

SabiCube 1.2

1 year ago Full Version 1 comment

A single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements. The goal is to make the gamebuilding process as fun...

SabiCube 1.1

SabiCube 1.1

2 years ago Full Version 1 comment

SabiCube 1.1 A single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements. The goal is to make gamebuilding as fun...

SabiCube 1.0

SabiCube 1.0

2 years ago Full Version 14 comments

A single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements. This package includes first chapter of the game ZetaProject...

SabiCube Beta2

SabiCube Beta2

2 years ago Full Version 0 comments

This is the latest Beta of the engine and the game Zetaproject. New features include: new skill-tree, item-weight, encumbrance and quite possible a few...

SabiCube Beta1

SabiCube Beta1

2 years ago Demo 9 comments

Lots of new stuff, more menus for editing options and improvements to the hud. Level 1-3 of the game ZetaProject is complete and I have added a dungeon...

SabiCube alpha2

SabiCube alpha2

2 years ago Demo 3 comments

Installing: I have tested on 64-bit (Kubuntu) and 32-bit (KXStudio), and have provided a binary for both, so it should work, if you are lucky :-) If you...

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belmont53 Feb 19 2015 says:

Wish this was for windows,looks much better than platinum arts sandbox!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
northstar-2 Oct 18 2014 says:


great job!!... you've been able to do what i've seen many fail on with cube2 (eisenstern)... you go gurl (figure of speach)

i have to wait a week to rate... in the meantime, keep your blade sharp... :-)


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Guest Aug 17 2014 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

homey_da_clown Jul 7 2014 says:

Me and Trench just started into the Cube2 engine. I'm on Linux and he is a Windows guy.

Found this project, looked interesting. Problem was no download for Win binaries. So here they are (32 and 64bit):


Removed anything not critical to keep the size small as possible (Thank you 1992 upload speed). So Sandsound if you could grab it and toss in your touches and repack it would be great. Removed /src, /docs, readme's and other things. I would personally feel better when you do, especially the credits.

As for the bootable image of Sabicube, if there is enough demand for it, I will take the time and create it for you no problem. Would be best as a USB image based on TinyCore or maybe Puppy.

In other thoughts, great work to you Sandsound and those who helped you. As me and Trench get more involved into Cube2 related things, mind if I send you some fixes and engine improvements?

Currently planning/working on deformable terrain, improving the terrain engine (might rewrite it from scratch, current system is not that great), particle effects need help, real-time movable and volumetric lighting, and a lot of other things.

Well take care and hope the win binaries are helpful.

+1 vote     reply to comment
sandsound Creator
sandsound Jul 10 2014 replied:

Thanks :-)

I didn't get much response to the 1.2 release, so I was thinking about dropping the project. It's my first real C/C++ project, and thou I do get some helpful hints from my husband, it's hard to do this alone without input from others, so I really appreciate any help I can get.

I would love to hear your ideas regarding deformable terrain, I have been trying to fix the model-collision, but I'm a long way from having anything usable.

I just tried downloading the file from filedropper, but it seams empty?
Do you have a github or similar site for your work?

+1 vote   reply to comment
homey_da_clown Jul 12 2014 replied:

Well, me and Trench have only been using the cube2 for 3 weeks(?) and already hitting some brick walls on limitations of the engine. Perhaps we will be moving along as well :(

This is an early video of our project

Since that we have increased greatly the geometry detail, added many more entities (trees ect..), and completely redone the lighting (adding several hundred light sources). As well as expanded the map size 4 times greater.

Now we are both getting slow downs, light map glitching, insane terrain issues, and random crashes every few minutes. Tested with Sandbox, Sauerbraten, and SabiCube ports.

Started digging into the source code for the engine and found little to no notations... example: drc[] array.. what is it? where is it generated? what is it for? This makes it very difficult to patch the terrain generation as there are 20+ values with no clear information as to what their meaning is. With no visible naming conventions used for... well anything, along with no notations, it becomes a game of "find the smell" so to speak. Not sure I'm going to dedicate the time to tracking everything down. And that's just for the heightmaps.

I will create the algorhythm and function for the heightmap generation (oh no, not math!), but someone with a firm understanding of the source will be needed to 'plug' it into the engine code. (Perhaps I will donate it to the Tesseract project..)

If you leave the project or not, you should be proud of what you have accomplished with SabiCube. Not many could have went as far as you have.

As for the win binaries, yeah, filedropper seems to have borked the upload. I will put it up on my server (/bin & /bin64 only) here soon.

Have been mauling a crazy idea around in my head, ...making a co-op editor for Ogre engine.. But that's for another day.

Take it easy, and I'll have the binaries up asap

+1 vote     reply to comment
sandsound Creator
sandsound Jul 14 2014 replied:

Thanks for the kind words, and the win-binarys :-) I'll add them to my next upload. I have been working on a classical rpg-style game that I hope to finish soon.

Regarding the code, some portions are better explained than others, and I had to do a lot of trial and error myself. I have tried to use explanatory names for things I have added myself. From what I understand, a shorter name might speed up execution (depending on your compiler), but imo it should still be possible to make them human readable.
Most of the documentation is scattered around the web, but I found this site to be very useful in understanding the mapformat, even if it isn't up to date: Incoherency.co.uk

The map-size have always been a problem with Cube, I have tried to work around it, but it makes it almost impossible to make an "open world" game. I have some ideas on how to make preloads faster, and use a lot of small maps tilled (like morrowind or half-life), but havent figured out how to make the monsters follow me from one "tile" to another, at least not yet.

I have thought about moving to TheDarkMod's engine, but even thou they have a lot of nice things, it's still a lot of work, so I'll stick with what I have for now, and try to find a way around the shortcomings of Cube2.
But if you ever manage to make a co-op editor for Ogre, I would love to see it, and the function for heightmap generating sounds intriguing, I love math, thou I might not always understand it :-)

+1 vote   reply to comment
homey_da_clown Jul 12 2014 replied:

Windows binary:


+1 vote     reply to comment
sandsound Creator
sandsound Apr 1 2014 says:

I expect to release SabiCube 1.2 some time this month (mid April).

1.2 contain some nice new additions, and ZetaProject should be playable again.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, you can access the development-version on github.
It would be nice if someone tested it before I release it, so I can iron out the minor bugs, and if you want to help improve the hudguns, I have included a .blend of the playerhands, and a md5-export Script for Blender 2.63 in the "tools"-folder.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarkStarAngelo Dec 14 2013 says:

Can I ask you something? Will you be bringing this mod to Windows and Mac? It's just that I don't have a Linux and I would really love to see what you've made here. Or is it something you would do (Or get a friend to do) once it's all been ironed out in a later build?


+1 vote     reply to comment
sandsound Creator
sandsound Dec 21 2013 replied:

I'm looking into making a bootable image with SabiCube and a small distro, but I'm not planning to release anything new before the npc-dialog is complete, so you might have to wait a couple of months.

atm. we are only two working on the project, and none of us use win/mac, so unless someone else manage to build it (or make a manual for others), the prospect of a win/mac release is very unlikely.

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