A single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements. The goal is to make gamebuilding as fun as playing a game, with intuitive menus and guides to help anyone make their own open-source rpg/adventure game, without prior knowledge of programming or 3D-modeling.

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Basxto says

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The levels look cool and I await with great anticipation RPG features in cube2


northstar-2 says

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cube 2 has been modded many times over the years, and RPG has always been the problem child (eisenstern etc)... it also has had many quite talented programmers working hard to produce what sabicube has accomplished on it's first try... this is one talented programmer imho... it rates a good careful look... northstar-2


Buffalox says

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The game that is included is actually quite decent, but the real magic is in the changes to the engine.

There are a lot of cool additions to normal Cube2, and I don't think there are any RPG engines that are open source and as advanced as this, and relatively easy to use if you know a bit of Cube2 already.

I'm going to play with it a bit, and see what comes out of it, if it's worth anything I will of course contribute it back.

The thing most missing is good animated characters, there are some, but more and better would really make a difference, if anybody could point to anything or have made something themselves, I know from the maintainer herself, that it would be much appreciated. ;)


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