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Feb 5 2011, 9:55pm Anchor

When you are done with the revamp mod,I think it would be cool if you could do some custom units such as maybe a War of the worlds Tripod from the movie Steven spiels berg made,if you need some good images of them i will provide the link.another idea is a mod that was made for the original Supreme commander like Experimental wars.

Feb 6 2011, 1:49am Anchor

Creating new models is some think i am working on but wont be doing for some time, maybe after i have finished the final 1.0 release :).

Feb 6 2011, 7:30am Anchor

what about porting the Mavor? the ultimate artillery?

Built time : 15:00 minutes
Cost : Mass 55000
Energy 100000
Research points 100
Tagged as artillery

Feb 6 2011, 9:20am Anchor

I'm looking into porting it but i need the time to create a new projectile for it 1st.

Feb 7 2011, 6:17pm Anchor

would it be possible to make a version of the hoplite that had a light beam weapon on it instead of the rockets? Was thinking something like just one of the beams off the Megalith 2

Mar 3 2011, 3:22pm Anchor

If you import the Mavor, I would suggest making the projectile look like a flare almost, but traveling very fast.
-Oops, I posted this before I downloaded the final version of Revamp Expans.-

Edited by: ATaco

Mar 3 2011, 7:17pm Anchor

A Tripod Experimental for the Cybran would be cool.The one from war of the worlds Steven spielsberg movie.The UEF got the mavor,the illuminate got the awshaw,so let the cybran get an Experimental pod walker :P

Mar 3 2011, 8:43pm Anchor

Gosh Grievousc2 that is an awesome idea! And the legs could be flexable like in War of the Worlds. If you want OverRated I could draw concept art for it.

Mar 8 2011, 4:53pm Anchor

Still think the Tripod idea is good?

Mar 9 2011, 6:21pm Anchor

I have an idea, howabout a new fatboy for the UEF, call it the fatboy 3, give it the same look, except make it bigger and with more armor and the main guns will be like the guns on the UEF experimental dreadnaught. Also it should have more range than the fatboy 2, and should be slower. :)

Mar 10 2011, 11:51am Anchor

Even if i created a new fatboy the tracks would still not work so if i do get time to create a unit will be one with legs.

Mar 10 2011, 12:19pm Anchor

I meant give it the body of the fatboy 2, unless that is what u meant, in which that sucks.

Mar 10 2011, 9:29pm Anchor

cant edit or create sc2 models only fa ones which the tracks dont work on.

Edited by: OverRated

Mar 11 2011, 8:02pm Anchor

Or overrated.I just watch the movie Battle L.A.I got the idea of a flying saucer that spins around with turrets mounted around the side.They would shoot the same projectile as the Super Triton experimental Dreadnout.Could use the Czar or Darkenoid model?

Mar 15 2011, 3:44pm Anchor

I have an idea for an experimental for the UEF. Go to google images and type in "armored core for answer Spirit Of Motherwill". You think maybe you would be able to make that for the UEF? The weaponry it has is: 6 main heavy cannons, and more missle launchers than you could count. I'm thinking about this maybe being a game ending weapon that takes maybe 20 to 25 minutes to build. What do you think?

Edited by: Cheesepuff

Mar 16 2011, 4:15am Anchor

I just got done watching what the "armored core for answer Spirit Of Motherwill" was and I have to say that it is a wonderful idea.The 6 main Cannons.If i were to make it i'd have 2 of the cannons be the King Kriptors main guns.and the other 4 be like regular artillery from the fatboy 2 and fatboy.And the missle launchers could be those of the Spearhead mobile missile unit.Just my opinion.But a form of AA would also be nice since it would be the end tier in Air units tree.I do hope you think about Cheesepuffs units because it would be Awesome.and my weaponry as well eh he? (Raises brow and smiles).

Mar 16 2011, 3:19pm Anchor

The game "Armored core for answer "has a lot of amazing things. Maybe if any of you have time also look up "armored core for answer AF Stigro. and from the same game, AF Cabracan. These two other units are also amazing, and was thinking that the stigro could go to illuminate, and Cabracan could go to cybran. Sorry for really poor grammer and typing, I mainly us my Iphone to put up my posts. :). Also, in The game, the motherwill's missles can attack air and ground thouh I'm not sure that's possible in supcom 2. Actually just go to google and type in "armored core for answer arms forts". And open up the wikipedia page on them there u will get a description of each one and pictures of each. I hope atleast one of my ideas comes to fruition. :)

Edited by: Cheesepuff

May 9 2011, 5:51pm Anchor

UEF walking sniper bot, increase the rang of the Cybran Kraken,


UEF "Experimental" sniper bot.

May 17 2011, 10:07pm Anchor

So whens that Tripod for the Cybran coming? the one from Steven Spielsberg War of the worlds?

May 18 2011, 3:13pm Anchor

The walking sniper bot idea sounds awsome, I hope to see it ingame.
Also, I have an idea for a unit aswell I was thinking along the lines of a huge carrier type experimental For the UEF, that walked on two legs and was tall but had a stumpy look about it. Also I think it Would be cool if it had to lock down in place to produce units, air and land, and that when it does lock down that two large jackhammer unit cannons would come out of it's shoulders, one on each side.

Edited by: Cheesepuff

May 19 2011, 11:13am Anchor

@ Cheespuff
like WALL.E with legs yeah I might...

@ Grievousc2
were still getting some kinks out of rigging but its on the way :)


UEF "Experimental" sniper bot.

May 19 2011, 11:50pm Anchor

Cool,thanks for the reply Avitus12.I can't wait to command my own army of Tripods!

Another cool idea is a flying experimental that has some laser weapons,Anti Air,missiles for ground and even a weapon it uses every 15 seconds or 20 seconds,faction is up to you.

May 31 2011, 4:33pm Anchor

I had an idea for the shield generators for the UEF, they should have an ability that would disperse the shield in an EMP blast, and then the shield would have to reload, but enemy units in the immediate vicinity, (including experimentals) would be 'stunned'. I also think the UEF mobile shield generator would be a bit more useful with this ability, since its shield is worthless and it doesn't do anything else....


~Monocled Sniper~

May 31 2011, 11:13pm Anchor

@ Grievousc2 & Foxglove.

I'll look into it and i really like the sound of a UEF gunship that could almost go to to to with Cybran Soleripper.


UEF "Experimental" sniper bot.

Jun 1 2011, 7:31pm Anchor

I think it would be really cool, if there was a UEF unit that had the ablity to lay powerful minefields. The minefields could both damage and slow down the enemy crossing over it, for those times when the enemy rushes your base really quickly. Just a thought. :)

Also, maybe some sort of experimental aser cannon for the cybrans? It could be propelled by treads, but would have to lock down to fire, four stabilizers could come out, one on each corner, and it could be called the Aurora.

Sorry about all the ideas i keep posting it must get annoying, but I think about the possabilities for this game constantly.

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