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Sep 9 2011 Anchor

Quick idea

Attack Bot
Built time : 0:20 minutes
Cost : Mass 50
Energy 58
Research points 2
Small robot armed with a machine gun, good for horde attacks or distractions, but could never win a game

Sep 13 2011 Anchor

As it stands the Cybran navy are rather underwhelming when it comes to experimentals, so here is my answer to that!

"Island Class" Experimental Assualt Barge
Build Time : Quite long
Cost : higher than that of the tempest and Dreadnaught

Basicly a massive Barge style boat, teeming with weaponry.
Thinking maybe
6 Proton Cannons(what the Galaxy has 2 of atm)
many small close range lasers(similar role to the tritons gauss cannons)
4 EFFECTIVE AA weapons
No torpedos.
Can repair nearby Boats.
Has the ability to build small boats and aircraft(stores the aircraft just like the atlantis)
Has a very large shield, big enough to protect multiple naval ships nearby.
As far as HP/shield goes, I was thinking like 400k HP and a 300K shield.

Its pretty much a fatboy of the sea. In terms of sheer firepower the Dreadnaught would very likely win 1vs1, but this is more a support role behind an army.

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Sep 26 2011 Anchor

I had a few ideas for units that came to me in the shower. As it stands I'm gonna steal Pyro's format for putting them down.

"Palintonon" (A Palintonon was a Greek catapult similar to the Roman ballista.)
UEF mid-XP Static defense or mobile artillery.
Build time: Appropriate for a middle class XP.
Cost: Likewise. ^
Researched alongside the Noah if Static, or before the Jackhammer if mobile.
The Palintonon is designed to be efficient against many small units. It fires a volley of rockets that land in an arc, yet close enough together to have overlapping explosions.
In my head each rocket does damage equal to around half the health of a basic assault unit, (A Rockhead for example) as well as area damage, making it far less powerful than the Jackhammer.
If the unit is mobile then I suggest it unpack like the Jackammer.

My apologies for a bad concept of the firing statistics.

Something like this (USA level three artillery in ToySoldiers Cold War), but far more futuristic of course.

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~Monocled Sniper~

Sep 26 2011 Anchor

@ Foxglove
This I like, in fact I might do up some concepts for it in the next few days XD.


UEF "Experimental" sniper bot.

Sep 26 2011 Anchor

Cool beans. I just thought we dont have enough area attack units. I'm coming up with some others that you might be interested in.

And might I ask are you making it static or mobile?

I honestly can not say that I remember the costs for unlocking different units in the Mod, having been unable to play for some time. So I'm giving the burden of deciding research point costs over to you.

Illuminate Major XP conversion submarine.
Build time and cost should be appropriate to a major XP.
Researched after battleship maybe, I'm not very knowledgable about the Illuminate's research tree.
The Siren is a submarine with no direct naval weapons, instead it has plenty of health, a personal shield, and can capture units in a radius around it.
The main tactic is to drive this guy into your enemy's fleet and watch them turn on themselves, it's "Radius of affect" allows it to convert multiple units at the same time, and it can act while submerged.
While not submerged it can also convert ground units and buildings, but not air units. Thus it has two moderately powerful AA guns on the back.
The area of affect should be around 1/2 that of a regular submarine's attack range.
When I picture this unit in action I see a forcefield pulsing out from it to convert enemy units.


I remember an idea being tossed around about either Engineers gaining the ability to "resurrect" wreckage, or a new unit that had such an ability. So these next few concepts are all just Faction based variants of a "Resurrection Unit"
They are all amphibious and should all cost quite a large amount of research to unlock, as much as a Mini XP at least.
The amount of time it takes to "revive" a wreckage is dependent upon the unit that is being revivified. The wreckage of Experimental units takes a considerable amount of time compared to regular Tier 1 assault units, just as with the current "Reclaim" ability. The affects are stacking as well, as with the traditional Engineer the more you have the faster the process. The Illuminate Martyr is not affected by either of these though.

UEF resurrection unit.
Cost: Twice that of an Engineer.
Build time: Same as an Engineer.
Researched after the Field Engineer.
The UEF resurrection unit "fixes" a wreckage at a faster rate than either the Illuminate or Cybran equivalent and is far cheaper and faster to build, but, it may only target a single wreckage at a time. Thus the best strategy is to create a few and have them working on the wreckage of individual XP units.

Cybran resurrection unit.
Cost: Three and a half times that of an Engineer.
Build time: Nearly three times that of an Engineer.
Researched after the upgrade that gives Engineer's a personal cannon.
Unlike the UEF variant, the Gravedigger "Resurrects" units in a radius around it, but at an affectively decreased rate. This unit is far better for reviving multiple small units to create a cheap and still effective army.
The Gravedigger is equipped with jump jets like the Loyalist as well as the "Hunker" ability.

Cybran Resurrection unit.
Cost: Four times that of a regular Engineer.
Build time: Twice that of an Engineer.
Again I do not know when it should be researched, but I do know that it should cost far more than the other two in research points and should be far along the tree.
The Martyr does not revive in the same fashion as the other two, as it sacrifices itself in the process. But, also unlike the others it's affect is instantaneous, so in the end it is possibly far more cost effective. It also has a "Support" ability, where it can be assigned to a unit, reviving it when it is destroyed.
The Martyr has the "Teleport" ability as well as "Reclaim".

Hmm, I dont know why it put that last post as an edit version of the last one, I posted it the next day...

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~Monocled Sniper~

Oct 3 2011 Anchor

Personally id like to suggest some mobile anti shield units like the one the aeon had in FA, for balence they could have a short range, so presents the danger of death.

Could i also suggest some changes to the factory upgrades? what i dont like is how you can just upgrade everyting, i'd personally like it to be more for what situation the factory is in, and specilise it to that.

For exsaple: Tactical Defence: 2 AAGuns, 1 sheild, 1 anti-tactical. Or: Tactical Offence: 1 Tactical Launcher, 2 PD, 1 Sensor. Maby even: Stealth Operations: 1 stealth emmiter, 1 Sensor, 1 AA Gun, 1 PD.


Oct 14 2011 Anchor

I have an idea for a UEF experimental thing, it would be a mobile flying land/air factory that would beam down the land units and just let out the air like normal. I would like this very much but it is just an idea.

I think the UEF should have a experimental that has lasers like the monkey lords but are blueish white and are against air.:pcthrow:

I was wondering if somebody could make a UEF experimental that would counter the monkylord's power because I think that the monkylord is over powered.

Oct 15 2011 Anchor

I nave an idea for a air strike basicaly building that, like the novax, spawns a giant super powerful bomber but it can only be used onece then you have to build it again, like a nuke.

Oct 16 2011 Anchor

wat about a unit for the cybran that swoop da woops

Oct 16 2011 Anchor

Please keep these threads clean guys. There is no excuse for having spam on them. Post if you actually have a useful unit that isn't already in the game.


Hey, take this into consideration. Would fit the Illuminate due to the white tinted glow. If you've ever played Mass effect 2 then you are well awarw of the hardest enemy in the game, The YMIR heavy Mech.Missile launcher with a gauntling gun.

Oct 23 2011 Anchor

I think that Aeon could benefit from having a T3 bomber that would be dedicated anti-air anti-experimental unit for hunt of fying experimentals, but would be quite useless against light units (it's weapon would deal heavy dammage, but would be short range and have long refire), it might have 1 or 2 defence turrets and flare launcher.

Also Aeon could have a hover experimental that would launch a devastating shockwave in front (about 90-100 degree arc) that would be effective against lighter units (both land and sea) - it's weakness would be no-air defence (but this is not a problem considering that Aeon have dedicated anti-air mini-experimental)

Revamped FA strategic bombers could be dedicated anti-ground anti-experimental units that drop heavy bombs at them (apart from Aeon one that would use heavy missiles that are designed to be use against both ground and air experimentals). Those bombers would be vunerable to fighters and AA units so using them against anything but experimentals might be expensive.

Also there could be T3 mobile ground SAM units.

As much as I love the Foxglove idead, I think that EUF has enough experimentals, so experimental mobine MLRS would be better for Cybran or Aeon (as right now they lack any new units).

I think that there could be a place in Cybran or Aeon for mini-experimental that would be mobile artillery unit, it would be slow vunerable to air and close combat, but it would be useful to create a mobile firebase.
Overall design would fit both Cybran and Aeon, basically a big gun on spider legs for cybran, or hover platform for Aeon.

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Oct 23 2011 Anchor

I had an idea for the cybran i was thinking that you could make a dedicated building for monkeylords and have them in different versions: the microwave laser one, one that had a giant gatling laser against air and a rapid fire artillery version. it would give the cybrans some new experimentals and also i'd be pretty cool.

Oct 27 2011 Anchor

I got an idea for a cybran experimental well it more a re-work of cybranzilla.
If possible can we get a version that acted and looks more like death saurer from zoids

thank you for taken the time to read this. Great mod by the way

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Nov 3 2011 Anchor

i ve got a little idea (exxuse the uninspired name)
Cyranasaurus 2
Mass: 7000
energy: 250000
health: 100000
I got the idea from the chiera of greek mythology. The model would look similar to the cyranasaurus but bigger and with more robotic elements. Its rear could have a tactical missle launcher (but with increased damage and rage, not by much though) its 3 heads would have a more powerful flamethrower, one with a long rage cannon and high splash damage, and the last would have a powerful laser. I envision this being a very powerful unit, on par with that of the moneylord. Would say it would also make a good game ender syle unit.
Hope you like the idea, thanks

Nov 4 2011 Anchor

Although the idea is cool, they already stated that they don't have the tools to create another Experimental like the Cybersaurus rex.

Nov 14 2011 Anchor

Aeon mobile artillery
Mass - 80
Power - 75
Research Points - 4
Health - whatever is balanced

I got the idea because Aeon has no actual artillery, just missiles, and they can be destroyed. so a hovering tank like chassis, with energy Artillery ontop

Nov 17 2011 Anchor

We don't have many new Tier 2 or 3 Aeon land units yet.

Maybe the harbinger could be more muscular looking like a horse. It could fire it's weapon from it's forhead and have no eyes.

Would be great if the Obsidian was a hover tank but looked similar to the way it does in FA. Also, it looks like you could pack it up. Would be fun to see that. Maybe it would be a version of hunker for Illuminate land.

An Illuminate sniper gunship would be fun.

masterx285 Ryzuke
Nov 30 2011 Anchor

The runation rapid fire sniper bot
Description. The advance version of shotja. shoots a anti-matter rapid fire sniper shot.the range is a little bit more than the shotja.
Time to biuld 30 sec
Has a similiar look to shotja but its cannon is a little longer you can chose how he looks.

i forgot to mention Research 5

Dec 17 2011 Anchor

@kgocb001 Thanks. The UEF is having a lot of work on it right now but I forsee this little craze being shortlived, or possibly already dead. ;)
I'd also like to point out that the Illuminate AA experimental has the same problem as your suggested T3 bomber. It dishes out quite a lot of damage, but has a ludicrously short firing range and may only target one unit at a time (Considering the amount of seperate guns it has... well... come to your own conclusion.) This would be fine if the unit could destroy a regular Aircraft in one hit from all it's guns, but last time I played with the thing it seemed to be around three shots and then boom. All in all only suitable for minimal air defence and single high level air-unit hunting. The AA guns on it are cannons though so I see this as being easily remedied by adding splash damage to the guns. :carefree:

@Bastilean The illuminate XP gunship, Sooprizer, has been coined as a sniper gunship. It was released in the DLC...

I feel like a dev replying like this. XD But I've been gone for a long while and I do like to comment on things.... Oh my fatal flaw. :rambo: :rolleyes:


~Monocled Sniper~

masterx285 Ryzuke
Dec 18 2011 Anchor

Well these are my ideas( all of them are for illuminate)
1 The world destroyer xp mega nuke silo. biulds super nukes.
Mass 1800 Energy 7000 Research 90
2 The ruination tech 3 heavy assualt bot. A shielded assualt bot that comes with a mobile missle and anti air and a anti matter beam in one hand and a plasma partical blast.
Mass 150 energy 450 research 10

Jan 4 2012 Anchor

just a few ideas
1 Im not sure if this is possible but i was thinking that if you wanted you could add the seriphim by adding 2 researches at the begining of every illuminate tech tree: one for the seriphim and another for the aeon then you could follow a path to pick a side and maybe block out the other one. then you could add them sort of.
3. think that a few units from ta would fit very well into sup com 2 (ie FARK, sumo, can, morty, and a whole bunch of others
is that since the uef is the turtle faction persay i think that they should have a strong t3 anti air structure to deal with air
4. a support tank with a weak nanolathe for repair (and nothing else) good aiti air (missles?) and some kind of an long range sniper style weapon
since its suportyou could also add sheild although then the price would have to go way up as it would have to have very light armor as a counter to it multi purpose functionality.
5.sort of simple, i think you should add the anti air upgrade to the anti air guns in order to keep them useful in the late game.

Jan 8 2012 Anchor

Hay I have an idea for a experimental how about a UEF T5 Star King supreme Battle Cruiser with artilory,cannons, rockets,land and air torrents basically every thing you need to rule the skies and rained down a godly hell storm on your enemies below it will also have a massive shield around it and it will be a mobile factory but it will not make air units no,it will make land units that can be unloaded any where this will be a awesome but massive experimental unit because essentially its a spacecraft that you can use on the battle field think about it and if you decide to make it, make sure it shoot a lazer out of the front of it like that spacecrart on HaloReach thank you.

Jan 8 2012 Anchor

what about a swimming long range artillery platform? like a swimming disruptor station with some torpedoes and cannons but no AA so you have to protect it.
it also should be able to built smalls ships

Jan 9 2012 Anchor

I was thinking of an aeon sniper turret for t2 and 3.. low rate of fire, medium damage, long range (like 1.5 range to normal turret in that tech level)

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Jan 9 2012 Anchor

Personally I do not know what the devs for this mod are doing for these units but i feel as though something to define the new Illuminate is in order. Please keep in mind that all statements made here are solely of my own opinion and this is my way of trying to contribute :D!

The Illuminate are a spiritually wondering people right now. They have lost their Princess, for the greater good no doubt, to the fires of war. As such the majority of the Illuminate people have lost their appetite for war. The few people willing to step up and be the warriors of the Illuminate faction still view war as an abomination and as such try to end their fights as quickly as possible with streamlined specialized weapons. The Universal Colossus for example is a terrifying unit on the ground and a threat to any commander. Sadly, it lacks any and all air defenses and thus would be neigh on impossible to use if the enemy dominates the air. However, thanks to their connection to The Way they have found new and mysterious technologies and/or abilities that not even the most advanced Cybran technicians cannot as of yet decipher.

This specialization comes at a price, some may believe one too steep for any other commander. Such as abandoning artillery, units with a single or perhaps dual purpose at best, the loss of a navy, and relative unit fragility. However, anyone who underestimates the power of an Illuminate commander because of these supposed weaknesses would be foolish indeed. Illuminate commanders may not enjoy war or relish it, but they are just as capable as any other commander of devastating any enemy who dares to try and and bring harm to the Illuminate or the Coalition.

Since the Cybrans and UEF have gotten so much attention already all of my ideas will be directed at the Illuminate.

Temporal Sentry
T2 Base Defense
Associated Costs: you all decide I'm not good with game balance
Description: A building with about the same footprint of the basic power plant. Has no "offensive" capabilities, but any land or surfaced naval unit in its AoE has its movement and shooting speed (possibly projectile speed too but then this thing would prolly be bumped up to t3 then) reduced to a near crawl like rate. Friendly units are unaffected. Has an effective AoE that is about 3/4 as large as a standard shield.

T2 Base Defense/ upgrades to T3
Costs: Dev's Decision
Description: The nova is a weapon that only fires once every 1.5 seconds but it deals roughly 650 damage (when first built. Also I do not know if this is a high or low number. I am aiming for the damage to be able to clear T1 assault bots in one shot) in a medium high radius around it (mainly meant to assist normal pd's in defense of swarms.)

T2 Mobile Support unit
Costs: Determined by Dev's
Description: The nurse is a T2 unit that releases a nanite cloud periodically that greatly increases unit health regeneration, boosts armor significantly, increases rate of fire, and provides a boost to damage done. Can boost experimental defenses but cannot affect their offense (we really don't need that now do we :P). Movement speed should be roughly equal to the base tank. Maybe have a power drain cost that allows it to also affect buildings at a reduced rate?

Goliath Hunter
EX Experimental hunter
Costs: Significant
Description: The Goliath Hunter is a land based hovering experimental hovercraft (meaning it floats not swims.) The idea of this is that it should have medium health for an experimental of its level and a shield that VERY slowly regenerates but has an ability similar to the UEF experimental shield that you can click the button and pay a bunch of energy to instantly refill the shield. I like the idea of this unit having the same weapons as the Willfindja but each pod should have to be individually built to a maximum of say 10 (too much?). Other than the pods it come stock with a Nannite cannon (a cannon that deals decent direct damage but it also does proportional DoT), four t2 level land guns, 2 T2 aa guns. Maybe this thing could be a walker too but personally I think Hover crafts are awesome :D. Oh yah it should have high mobility so it can bring down heavier experimentals like the UC and Monkey Lord that would probably otherwise crush it in an otherwise "fair" fight. Should be vulnerable to swarmies.

T3 Base Defense
Costs: Really I am no good at these things :(
Description: My vision of this unit is a T3 point defense that packs all the power of high end artillery in a direct fire "sniper" form. Should have significant range but the fact that its a direct fire turret should limit its abusablity. Rate of fire should be similar to artillery of its level. The round it fires should be "explosive" and have a respectable AoE (one shot being able to take care of four or five units if bunched up close enough)

T3 Sniper bot
Costs: ...
Description: Take the sniper bot and crank it to 20, add a nanite shell, and you have this unit. Basically the shell should hit do alot of damage then after a second or two the nannites kick in and do their thing.

T3 (ex?) "artillery" structure
Costs: Really guys you should know by now
Description: The retribution is an artillery structure but unlike most others it cannot fire unless directed to do so. It mus also "build" each shot (costing 5000 seems reasonable to me) and can store as many as the devs think reasonable. The kicker to this unit is that its "shots" fire through shields and drops a shell similar to their t3 arty from FA but with an added nannite effect (im really trying to push this nannite idea can you tell? :D). Its maximum rate of fire should be no more than once every four or five seconds. (I don't know what the dev's are planning but this in my opinion should be the ONLY arty Illuminate have)

Experimental EMP Device
Costs: Appropriate for an experimental
Description: This unit is required to deploy in order to use its ability (deployment time should be similar to the pullnsmash). When it deploys it unleashes an EMP wave in a radius similar to the base unmodified long range point defense of supcom2 (I remember that being fairly large if not then it should have a range that can occupy a small base Iguess. I don't know) Anything in the AoE when the pulse "hits" is disabled as if hit by the Disruptor's emp shell. This experimental has no other offensive or defensive capabilities. This unit should probably also not distinguish between friend and foe because it affects every unit in its radius regardless of air, land, sea, or submerged). If this is not a balance concern then freely make it affect hostiles only and allow friendlies to be unaffected :D

T2 Hover tank
Cost: Idk
Description: An average tank for its tech level. But when it dies it releases a number of nannite swarms (I'm thinking six but I that could be op) that as soon as they are "spawned" rush the killer of the tank that spawned them and do their nannite swarm thing. If no unit is present (for instance the unit was ctrl+k'ed or the units died a simultaneous deaths) each nannite targets the nearest perceivable unit and goes for that. If there are no units within perceptive range then they spread out and search for targets. If no targets are found within 30 seconds they simply wink out.

And now I'm out of idea's for now. more later

Edit: stupid Spoiler tags not working... just let me know if you guys want me to take down my first little rant

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