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Jul 27 2011 Anchor


Experimental War Barge

Built time : 1:00 minutes
Cost : Mass 5000
Energy 6000
Research points 40

Aeon Floating War Platform armed with anti air turrets, torpedoes, heavy gun battery and transport capability

this shape, futuristic and anti air guns at the corners, and a heavy gun battery in center

ps. Rhyfel is welsh for war

Experimental Spider Bot

Built time : 3:00 minutes
Cost : Mass 6000
Energy 1800
Research points 85

Cybran robot spider with laser mouth, is big anough to walk in water (its top pokes out) and some anti air guns

Siege King
Experimental Mobile Siege Cannon

Built time : 1:00 minutes
Cost : Mass 7000
Energy 8000
Research points 100

UEF Long range artillery, on a fatboy II body!

Land Units
Siege Robot

Built time : 0:30 minutes
Cost : Mass 250
Energy 200
Research points 16

a small, but still pretty tall, aeon siege robot with 2 arms, 1 with a laser beam, one with a plasma launcher, and a shoulder anti air sam!

Mobile Artillery

Built time : 0:50 minutes
Cost : Mass 200
Energy 160
Research points 20

A fast small 6 legged robot, with a long range (but weak) artillery gun on its back.

Amphibious Tank

Built time : 0:70 minutes
Cost : Mass 180
Energy 120
Research points 20

A hover tank with a cannon much like the basic UEF tank, and underslung torpedos for anti sub combat.

ps. make it seem like a platypus, give it the long body of one

Air Units
Air Scout

Built time : 0:20 minutes
Cost : Mass 100
Energy 100
Research points 10

A cloaked air scout for the aeon, unarmed except for a bomb that does no damage, but leaves a clearing in fog of war for limited time

Missile Bomber

Built time : 0:80 minutes
Cost : Mass 120
Energy 600
Research points 60

A quick firing UEF Missile Bomber, with heavy armour, but slow.


Built time : 0:60 minutes
Cost : Mass 500
Energy 400
Research points 8

Cybran Air unit. Fast moving dog fighter armed with air to air missile and plasma guns

Sea Units

Built time : 1:00 minutes
Cost : Mass 500
Energy 700
Research points 30
Aeon Frigate armed with torpedoes and anti submarine lasers

Heavy Battleship

Built time : 1:50 minutes
Cost : Mass 800
Energy 1000
Research points 50

Cybran Battleship with heavy ship to ship naval guns and tactical missile launchers

Landing Craft

Built time : 0:80 minutes
Cost : Mass 600
Energy 800
Research points 20
Transport Capacity: 10

UEF Hover Transport, with single rapid point defense near back

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Jul 28 2011 Anchor

I like your ideas Omega, sound useful.


~Monocled Sniper~

Jul 28 2011 Anchor

i like to please people with mod ideas. i just wish i had the capability to mod for supreme commander myself, but theres no model plugins for blender that allow you to make models for supcom2. and coding is too difficult.

Jul 28 2011 Anchor

Dont we all wish we could do that? :tired:


~Monocled Sniper~

Jul 29 2011 Anchor

yeah, i can model, its just the program i use is a free one and theres no plugins for it to allow modelling for supcom2, otherwise i would ask to join your team...although i can still do concepts and, possibly, concept art

edit: maybe not a team member, a community contributer. :P

i did some work on an idea for the Hellfire Heavy bomber idea i did.
but this was a crappy 5 minuter, and i've never done vehicles before, in my modelling time.
User Posted Image

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Jul 30 2011 Anchor

Your still better than me. XD All I can do is picture my stuff. Maybe sketch a laughable concept idea for it... But thats it.


~Monocled Sniper~

Jul 30 2011 Anchor

lolz. i like the latest gunship though, who's idea for an AA gunship?

Jul 30 2011 Anchor

No idea, but it kinda defeats the point if you ask me.... o.o


~Monocled Sniper~

Jul 30 2011 Anchor

@ Omega_Pyro,I brought the UEF AA Gunship exp up to Overated.I guess he liked it lol.


Aug 3 2011 Anchor

Ach. >.< I forgot a very important Idea for Supcom.... The Horten flying wing, a Nazi Experimental (Literally) fighter jet and bomber. I think it should be adapted as a stealth (Ability activated of course) mini experimental fighter/bomber.

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~Monocled Sniper~

Aug 4 2011 Anchor

Foxglove wrote:Ach. >.< I forgot a very important Idea for Supcom.... The Horten flying wing, a Nazi Experimental (Literally) fighter jet and bomber. I think it should be adapted as a stealth (Ability activated of course) mini experimental fighter/bomber.

quite scary the nazi' that had technology. thank god it never made it to the battlefield, it was still being perfected.

Aug 4 2011 Anchor

That was Hitler's vital problem. If he had waited five years before waging war the Germans would have been years ahead in technology compared to the Allies, but he couldn't wait, his political campaign relied on the unease over WW1. By the time they could have won the war decisively he would not have been able to gain power. Maybe if he had installed the Nazi regime but not declared war so fast he could have won. I'm not sure, but I'm glad it didnt happen.

I am miffed that this plane was destroyed by the Allies though, the Nazi's had actually gotten it to work....


~Monocled Sniper~

Aug 5 2011 Anchor

All the more reason for us to get it to work in game :P

Aug 15 2011 Anchor

i think the fatboy needs to be redone in game, its guns are next to useless(they should atleast be a tad more accurate) and its shield defo needs to be stronger/larger.

Aug 15 2011 Anchor

@Barfualot. You must take this into consideration.Scroll down and look for the picture of the new redone Fatboy.Much better and more fitting.Hope it helps

Aug 16 2011 Anchor

no no, i seen that texture, and i think it looks amazing, cant wait for it atall but its the actaul fatboy performance that i have an issue with.

its gun are just decorations, they really do need more accuracy, and its shield is far to weak/small. imo its shield should be buffed from 7k to 20k and it should cover a larger radius.

Aug 16 2011 Anchor

You do realize that Overrated said he would remove the fatboy since the new tanks comming out make it obsolete.

Aug 18 2011 Anchor

really? the Fatboy 1?

will the balance issues be getting fixed? alot things HP is just not right and the prototype def is gamebreakingly overpwerered

Aug 18 2011 Anchor

Lol,install the Revamp balance mod.Fixes everything you just stated.If you already have it then tone the AI level down.

Aug 21 2011 Anchor

ah, here i am playing with percivals with 25k hp vs a megalith II with 15k :D

does that balance mod fix the ahwassa? It dosent work in my version atm atall.

Aug 21 2011 Anchor

The Ahwassa doens't work for me as well.I have the balance mod installed,.

Aug 22 2011 Anchor

Grievousc2 wrote:The Ahwassa doens't work for me as well.I have the balance mod installed,.

Like i said 3 months ago when this got brought up i released a small fix for it you can download it here.


Aug 27 2011 Anchor

i cant get that fix to work :S

Aug 27 2011 Anchor

Make sure your using mithy mod support and the DLC with it.


Sep 4 2011 Anchor

i was thinking of a new anti experimental turret that maybe fires 3 tactical missle equivilents but only every ..say minute and a half
also it would be cool if you could port a few units from ta like the can and the sumo
Thanks alot and great job i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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