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Jul 18 2012 Anchor


Would it be possible to implement a "God" level experimental?
Unique to each faction, what the titans are to Sins of a Solar Empire.
Dreadnoughts that excel in their role, devastate anything on their path and annihilate with a primary weapon.
A signature weapon.
A weapon that defines the concept of its respective faction.

Incredibly expensive, slow and cumbersome. Like something that was thrown together in a last ditch attempt to survive.
Something twice the size of the largest unit and can only be used effectively on expansive maps.

UEF- Long-Distance bombardment
Cybran- Heavy hitter, on the front lines
Aeon- (got nothing on this one)

None should have a specific weakness. That would pretty much ruin it.

Jul 19 2012 Anchor

For Aeon's it's not too hard to try a few things from mythology or sci fi.I know what ur thinking though.

An Ultimate Unique Faction Unit.Essentially, a Ultra Class Unit,that outsizes, outguns and outtechs the enemy.

But honestly, i feel that there should and shouldn't be such a unit.

Artillery,Nukes,Armies,and EXP.

These four are the main end game means of Supreme Commander.But by adding this 5th option, you might be narrowing it down.
(Honestly, i don't really like the focus entirely on EXP units,i like having more end game options,than just UBER UNIT.)

Jul 21 2012 Anchor

I had an idea while playing a match a while back. I like to capture the engineers of my enemies and research their units to have a multi-faction military force. Anyway, I always have a massive amount of research points approaching late game after I've researched everything. What if there were a building that could convert research points into mass, or energy, or both?

Jul 23 2012 Anchor

Actually, scratch my previous comment, it is a good idea.

Here's a UEF suggestion from me


Experimental Assault Fighter Plane

Like it's name suggests, it is a Air Experimental that is a Fighter/Bomber that looks like a bird.
But unlike the Ashwassa, it's dedicated to being Anti Air instead.

Aug 28 2012 Anchor

I was a big MassEffect and is a SC2 fan and I would really Appreciate if u created a Cybron Reaper unit that looks just the Reapers on MassEffect so I can finally have the pleasure of destroying a Reaper cause I know now that I will never get this pleasure through MassEffect, I can only imagine how it would look destroying hordes of Cybron reaper units with my UEF units but I know for sure it would feel d&#xmn; good so please think about it and u do decide to make them as big as u can and make them powerful cause I don't want to kick their asses too easily.

Oct 24 2012 Anchor

Could there be some synergy in the tech trees with naval unlocking amphibious land and air units suited to supporting naval units?

Mobile aircraft carriers in the Air tree?

and transports/mobile factory/amphibious boats in the land tree?

Oct 24 2012 Anchor

new unit ideas for the win!
1. pretty simple a high speed low dps (constant stream) aa with long range. The normal anarchist could be configured as flak, this would be for punishing swarms of gunships if the player used pure gunship and for defending your rear. They could kite the gunships but would be vulnerable to bombers

2. a close range high health flame tank for uef at t1, along with counterparts:the cybran could have a lightning tank and the aeon one could shoot a stream of plasma

3. and aa gunship, no ground attack, a long range missile carrier that could sit outside the asf battles and contribute a missile barrage every so often

4. cybran gunboats (that can walk on land later on) with aoe aa and tac missile that can hit subs (like missile torps), as well as some kind of riot gun for close in.

and that all I've got for now, thanks guys

Nov 3 2012 Anchor

Will the UEF satellite be a different type than air units? Like not targetable by anything that is normally used for anti-air? Like not air but space or something like that.?

If so, then satellites could attack each other.?
Also there could be a specific unit or preferably a building for each faction that may do other things too, but it could also take down satellites with a few shots.

With manually (which could be switched to automatically) buildable projectiles; at once could store enough to take out a single satellite.
If it could gain levels then as it could become stronger, so less and less projectiles would be needed against one fully upgraded (if it will have upgrades> ) and max level (if it will be able to gain levels> ) satellite.

Depending on how much research points the Novax would need to be buildable, this could be as suggested above a building or it could be just an ability to the existing anti-nuke buildings.

If so (ability to these buildings) then it could be either like they would be stored separately from the existing anti-nuke missiles so both missile types could be built and/or stored at the same time, or it could be like they would be able to store missiles of one type at a time - so the player could decide what to build, anti-nuke or anti-satellite projectiles.

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Dec 10 2012 Anchor

didnt know about this subforum, I guess it will be easier to see my idea here than on the main page

I have a unit idea, now those alien drones are quite awesome, however a ground drone unit would go well with those

here are some concepts that you could use:

the names I can think of for this unit would be "Guard" or "Warrior", and the air drone can be renamed to "Sentry"

Also, a Kind of moving Land/Air factory would also be a cool thing, that builds both the air and land drones, the Soopriser experimental gunship of the illuminate would be a good design idea

of course it is all up to you

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Dec 13 2012 Anchor

I agree with the idea of Titan Super Ultimate units whatever you want to call them. Make it so you have to have researched everything in land, air, naval, structure, and acu. Then make it cost 99,999 mass and 99,999 energy and give it 5 million health, 2.5 million shields and loads of guns. Just a thought.

Jan 26 2013 Anchor

I want a tripod from War of the Worlds. Don't care what faction, I've just always wanted a tripod to wreak havoc with. :D

Feb 14 2013 Anchor

I have an idea for a T3 unit for the UEF or Cybran (up to the community).

THE UNIT: A unit with the general body shape of a hexagonal prism, on the front is a large drill allowing it to submerse into the terrain. One of the most durable units with only enough firepower to hinder enemy expansion. Weapons are dependant on the faction. If UEF, give TAC missles. If Cybran, give it megalith 2 lasers (but not as powerful). This unit is NOT ment to inflict large amounts of damage. While underground, the unit is cloaked from enemies vision and unable to attack. It acts like a submarine on land (when burrowed, and just a normal tank on the surface.

About the GOD Class experimental, there should be two types: GOD Class, and Ultimate Experimental Class.

GOD CLASS: (I struck gold on this one) An experimental ACU upgrade that can only be conducted at a special building. In the case of the UEF, the acu will recieve the ultimate upgrade to put it on the front line. It is now slightly taller than a King Kriptor, and the ACU's firepower has scaled with it's new size. The unit now repairs from it's feet, and deals 8 times more damage with Overcharge. Ejecting from the ACU takes 10 seconds, during which it is inactive. Bunker now generates an Aegis shield. Aeon ACU will scale in size just as much as the UEF scaled, as well as Overcharge multiplying in damage. The Aeon GOD Class ACU will generate a passive cloud of nanites around itself dealing damage like a virus and provides greater HP regeneration for nearby friendly units. There must be one more ability like an instant EMP nuke around the ACU or the ability to rapidly capture enemy units or some death ray from it's heart. I would add more about a Cybran GOD Class but I am running out of time to post. All original construction and de-contructive abilities are still part of the unit and will also be enhanced.

ULTIMATE EXPERIMENTAL: Only one may be active at any given time per player. The super weapon of any experimental arsinal, larger than any other unit. These are doomsday machines extremely difficult to kill. Find some inspiration from another RTS game called 'Rise of Legends' if I recall correctly. It escessially has the same idea, every faction having one major unit that only one can exist per player at any given time. One was a floating city of lightning death, another was a steampunk spider bot that could drill from one location to wreck havok after arriving at it's destination, it would apear out of nowhere. Another faction has a dragon made of glass that was colossal. These are all old memories, I cannot confirm any of this but it may give some ideas. Another game with the Super Unit concept is 'Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion'.

Are orbital units possible?

EDIT 1: I have been cracking away at some influential shapes for units, a praying mantis experimental. But with lasers in it's eyes. A thin, narrow, but towering unit. A shield emmiting from it's abdomen that acts as any other mobile shield, 3 lasers in each eye ( of the two eyes, there will be 6 independant lasers at lobg range). When enemy units close near the mantis, it's arms reach out to sweep a frontal 30° cone of microwaves, incinerating enemys nearby. This unit is easy to kill, but generates damage beyond any other T4.

Cybran variant: spiky lookin', trash shield (2000 hp capacity), weakest hull of the three variants (26,000 hp), but highest damage by 40% than the UEF variant.
Ability: Burrow: submerses the mantis within the ground after 6 seconds of trenching. Now invisable, regenerating hull and shields quickly while unable to move. After burrowed state is deactivated, the ability is put on a 5 minute cooldown and the mantis moves slower at 80% maximum speed for 20 seconds. Burrowed state has no duration, it ends after manual deactivation.
Toggled Ability: Shield to Laser: Drains mantis shield by amount of additional damage dealt and amplifies outgoing damage of the mantis by 18%. Upon untoggle, cannot reactivate until shields have regenerated to 60% of maximum capacity.

Aeon variant: hovers, and teleports. Average shield (6000 hp capacity), strongest hull of the three (52,000 hp), but weakest damage by 20% less than the UEF variant.
Ability: Teleport: instantly (yes instantly) teleport the mantis up to vast distances. Cost of 1000-energy, cooldown of 6 minutes.
Toggled Ability: Shield to Propulsion: Drains mantis shield by 270 hp/sec and increases maximum speed by 45%. Upon untoggle, cannot reactivate until shields have regenerated to 50% of maximum capacity.

UEF variant: Emphisize the shield generator, and very hydraulic. Powerful shield (26,000 hp capacity), standard hull (34,000). Standard damage in comparison to the other variants.
Ability: Missle Barrage: A flurry of 10 fast tac missles that randomly find a target (including air), dealing reasonable damage at a cost of 20-mass and 300-energy with a cooldown of 20 seconds
Toggled Ability: Strider form ~ Gunship form: after a 5 second transformation, the mantis becomes a flying unit, still able to activate Missle Barrage, and moving 20% faster than maximum ground speed. The shield reverts to a personal state and only protects the mantis, and is draining at 300 hp/sec while in the air. Upon untoggle, cannot reactivate until shields have regenerated to 20% of maximum capacity.

I HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED READING THIS CONCEPT! Any questions for clarification, just reply.

If you decide to implement one variant, please try to implement the rest as well.

Apr 10 2013 Anchor

i have an idea for the cybran arty experamental i love the scathis from sup com but it was very expensive and when your enemy got one well game over so i propose an artilary unit though cheaper it still has it affective capabilitys
this arty will have the legs of a brackman and the gun but the barrel will be longer (not sure what the turret will be) for main ammo it fires a shell that breakes up over target area doing light damage with heavy emp for the second "ability"(costs energy) you can fire a shell that does massive damage and i sprays tiny shells under it clearing a path to where the shell will land!
i got this idea off your cybran army pic
when looking left of the cybran comander i first see the wing of the dragon but i always thought that was an exp artilary i hope you see what i mean.
you know wouldent hurt the mod i gess???
:carefree: hope that wasent to direct just an idea

Jul 20 2013 Anchor

hi everyone

I think I had a fight like ACU ACU is fragile we do not often sends fights would ACU without a build option but instead it would be a weapon on each arm a lot more pv the shield depends on your imagination moijmimagine well the new acu Cybran with the main gun of each dimension is Serer epic den envoiller a front line should remove the explosion nuclear course too dog lose all the uniter around when i would have a dyingthank you to post and read davoir desoler if it is not readable I'm french is jOperation google translation

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